Semisonic - Secret Smile REACTION
Rick James - Mary Jane REACTION
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19 ditë më parë
Brought My First Car / Vlog
%% 3 minuta më parë
Otis never got to hear the final version that we are hearing.
karin van genderen
karin van genderen 3 minuta më parë
You must try, franky goes to Hollywood whit the power of love. The most beautyful chrimas song ever!!!!!
Rae PENNIX 6 minuta më parë
I walked down the aisle on this Song
Chandra Boone
Chandra Boone 7 minuta më parë
Your response mimics mine when I first heard this song too!!
Jared Mize
Jared Mize 7 minuta më parë
He was playing with his teeth. A legend
ashunt29 9 minuta më parë
I wonder why they never had these things before other than being religion?!?!? Do they have a video about their upbringing?
Annie Wilkinson
Annie Wilkinson 12 minuta më parë
You said MOZEL TOV COCKTAIL and I damn near lost my shit!! 😂😂😂 I’m never saying Molotov cocktail again.
Lord JHarden
Lord JHarden 14 minuta më parë
I love watching them learning about music history, I am learning from them how to listen to music!!!!
Puffy McDuck
Puffy McDuck 16 minuta më parë
Yall should hear Andrea Bocelli with time to say good bye!! They played that on my grand mothers funerall 😭❤️
Olivia Hull
Olivia Hull 18 minuta më parë
Good song to sing
ashunt29 18 minuta më parë
The twins were probably made off of a Jodeci song.
Jasmin Godfrey
Jasmin Godfrey 20 minuta më parë
I grew up listening to Roberta she is brilliant.. check out Jessye Norman falcon soprano one of the most powerful voices you will ever hear...
telephonic 20 minuta më parë
They are from a town in North West England called Wigan.
BootyRace 23 minuta më parë
Guys you NEED to hear Firestarter by The Prodigy !!!!!!!!!!
Rúben F. Gomes
Rúben F. Gomes 24 minuta më parë
he's playing with his teeth
Oleda Cooke
Oleda Cooke 26 minuta më parë
Also check put their version of Silent Night. The harmonies are just out of this world. That Ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh oohhhhhhhh at the end....sounds like a choir, but it's only four people. They stay slaying vocal arrangements and are masters at it. They can not only sing, they understand music, how to write it, how to arrange it, how to play it, and how to just smash it when they sing it. There's no R&B group better than Boyz II Men.
Lisa Monk
Lisa Monk 28 minuta më parë
I feel you honor women in your reaction .
joemack1965 30 minuta më parë
You need to watch the live version. Your mind will be blown!!!!
Denise Wheatley
Denise Wheatley 34 minuta më parë
i love fleetwood mac, but id love to see their reaction to paolo nutini. just a suggestion!!
Patricia Kupiszewski
Patricia Kupiszewski 35 minuta më parë
This is a jam! I met him years ago in New York when he was in the broadway show "Hairspray". Let me tell you he still got it! He was the nicest, sweetest person and even took a pic with my friend and me.
Patrick Pierson
Patrick Pierson 39 minuta më parë
REACT to Boyz II Men's "The Birth of Christ." A MUST for the Christmas season!!!
Julia Rose
Julia Rose 39 minuta më parë
Try out some meatloaf or Dr Hook!
Oleda Cooke
Oleda Cooke 39 minuta më parë
They just released a 2020 version of this yesterday. So, there's the original, the 1998 version and the one that just got released. I can't think of any other group who can sing the same song, switch it up to make it sound different while keeping the core of the song in place, and make me say that's my favorite song. 20+ years later after releasing the original, their vocals are still pure perfection. They sound even better now than they did when they were young. Love them.
Taleka Carson
Taleka Carson 41 minutë më parë
Mary did you know by Pentatonix
Raena Jennings
Raena Jennings 41 minutë më parë
Love your humanity
Smoove Fit
Smoove Fit 42 minuta më parë
Ready or not by after 7! Y’all gonna vibe to it already know it
Joanna McPeak
Joanna McPeak 46 minuta më parë
❤ ❤ ❤!!! Enjoyed the singing😀
Evangela Kelley
Evangela Kelley 46 minuta më parë
Did NOT know that! It has Prince written all over it! ! 👍 I miss him
monique copeland
monique copeland 48 minuta më parë
Jagged edge l wanna be
Keith Klein
Keith Klein 49 minuta më parë
Wedding song. This song is one of the most lyrically beautiful songs of all time!!!!!!!!!!!
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 49 minuta më parë
My favorite band/singer ever. One of my friends said that he just shows off his voice. Made no sense. The best should be shown off. Like the fastest car, the best athlete the most beautiful woman ... Why not the best voice?
Linda Smart
Linda Smart 52 minuta më parë
The Temptations-Silent Night!!!!!!!
Denise Wheatley
Denise Wheatley 52 minuta më parë
do they realise that he sadly passed away in the early eighties? He was just amazing!! Cant listen to him without thinking of the sun and the beach!!
Barbiejen Dawson
Barbiejen Dawson 53 minuta më parë
Perfect! Thanks for sharing, you guys have a nice Christmas too.
Daisy Sue
Daisy Sue 55 minuta më parë
Pick HIS video so u can see how talented this kid is! Next time, listen to "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do"😃👌
Toruadrian Coleman
Toruadrian Coleman 55 minuta më parë
Glad to see you put that on your playlist!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 56 minuta më parë
Check out "Yeha Noha" by Tatanka!!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 57 minuta më parë
Check out "Sara" by Starship!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 57 minuta më parë
Check out "Dreaming of You" by Selena!!! It's really good!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 57 minuta më parë
Check out "Soul of My Soul" by Michael Bolton!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 58 minuta më parë
Check out "Yeha Noha" by Tatanka!!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 58 minuta më parë
Check out "Sara" by Starship!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 58 minuta më parë
Check out "Dreaming of You" by Selena!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 59 minuta më parë
Check out "Soul of My Soul" by Michael Bolton!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker 59 minuta më parë
Check out "Yeha Noha" by Tatanka!!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker Orë më parë
Check out "Sara" by Starship!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker Orë më parë
Check out "Dreaming of You" by Selena!!! It's really good!!
Jed Parker
Jed Parker Orë më parë
Check out "Soul of My Soul" by Michael Bolton!!! It's really good!!
lhollwall Orë më parë
Not a good choice. I have a son with a disability.👎🏽
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson Orë më parë
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Your Precious Love Keep On Lovin' Me Honey What You Gave Me If This World Were Mine
O.A. Agile
O.A. Agile Orë më parë
Timpani. The "bass"
Tina Kover
Tina Kover Orë më parë
You have GOT to react to the live version of this. It will BLOW YOUR MINDS.
Lulú Arauz Castex
Lulú Arauz Castex Orë më parë
guys, dont pause a song DONT EVER PAUSE A SONG you ruin the natural reaction to the whole thing, just wait till the end to talk...
Priscilla Dodrill
Priscilla Dodrill Orë më parë
I recommend anything from *NSYNC's 1998 Christmas album! They definitely have a nice, similar R&B vibe with some of their songs.
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson Orë më parë
Roberta Flack has a long list of hits : I'm The One Feel like making love Where is the love If Only For One Night....
pprims Orë më parë
You guys are the best. I must suggest anything by Chic if you don’t know them. Particularly “I Want Your Love” or “Good Times.”
MsBDunham Orë më parë
Check out Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden!!!
Niyah Jordan
Niyah Jordan Orë më parë
Giordan Gibson
Giordan Gibson Orë më parë
Gentlemen, Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings referenced your video today at the Racial Justice in Education and Society Conference #RRJConference2020! We watched the entire clip. Continue to express yourself and never change your true selves. Grow Black boys, grow!
The 1 For 5
The 1 For 5 Orë më parë
So glad yal found this. I was thinkn about yal when this came on the radio the other day.
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones Orë më parë
boys, this is what you call music
Carol Ann Rubin
Carol Ann Rubin Orë më parë
Wish they had watched a live recording of her - they would’ve gotten the real punch of her soulfulness ✌️
Stephanie Guadian
Stephanie Guadian Orë më parë
Let’s head back to the 80’s with Pat Benatar and Heartbreaker. Fasten your seatbelts!!
jessica webster
jessica webster Orë më parë
I just love chris he is so funny .hey love the channel big fan of u guys.
sherri copeland
sherri copeland Orë më parë
awwww merry christmas guys
Corey kimes
Corey kimes Orë më parë
Tevin was a child when he sung that song! He was compared to Michael Jackson. You guys need to listen to alone with you by Lil Tevin Campbell!
Jackie Harris
Jackie Harris Orë më parë
Consider reacting to Aaron Hall, I Miss You
wndrlnd _
wndrlnd _ Orë më parë
Talk about chills, Silent Night by The Temptations is the best Christmas song ever made in the history of Christmas Songs. Please listen to it.
carole stanier
carole stanier Orë më parë
how many of us want another Phil Collins reaction. How about reacting to Mama - Genesis/Phil Collins. He's had a massive impact on your amazing journey
Sommer Aldridge
Sommer Aldridge Orë më parë
Check out Let's Chill by Guy and All I do is think of you by Troop! Those are BANGERS!
Sandee Beraz-Robison
Sandee Beraz-Robison Orë më parë
The twin are really coming into their own.
Brynne Holt
Brynne Holt Orë më parë
Mariah Carey O Holy Night Brian McKnight and Christina Aguilera - don’t remember the song, but it’s a Christmas song Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song Donny Hathaway - This Christmas Whitney Houston - Joy to the World Whispers - Funky Christmas In no particular order, but definitely THESE singers of these songs
Jill E
Jill E Orë më parë
You guys are so fun to watch! and, you MUST react to Lenny Kravitz tine Are you Gonna Go my Way. Thanks for being you
A Salas
A Salas Orë më parë
If yall haven't ever heard All-American Rejects, listen to "Move Along" and "Gives you Hell"
Corey kimes
Corey kimes Orë më parë
If you guys really want a Berry White show, do Secret Garden!!!!!!
nita reddy
nita reddy Orë më parë
The original recording, I believe.......Definitely the one I heard first
jessica webster
jessica webster Orë më parë
Omg i love u guys love them play them every day.
Pamela M
Pamela M Orë më parë
I was in the fourth grade when this came out. Little girls would point to our breast, waist and hips/butts when he said 36/24/36. We weren't even wearing training bras. Our family members, parents,aunts/uncles and cousins would just laugh at us. We didn't really know what it meant. Good times. They were buzzing because they had been drinking and playing spades.
Doctor Memory
Doctor Memory Orë më parë
Donna Summer - MacArthur Park
A Salas
A Salas Orë më parë
Yall should definitely give "Country Roads" by John Denver a listen, or either version of "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel/Disturbed