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Grant Hoggan
Grant Hoggan 19 orë më parë
So proud of myself for getting the one that none of them even guessed at
Sky 20 orë më parë
Eminem’s real name is Emmus Innus Emmus
Grant Hoggan
Grant Hoggan 21 orë më parë
Never heard of Joust, crazy to me that it wasn't the highest amount
Russ Enrique
Russ Enrique 21 orë më parë
Is James wearing a necktie without long sleeves?
Daniel Block
Daniel Block 22 orë më parë
It's sad still over two months removed now they hiring biased people and people I dont like very well extra sad.
Melonypanda 22 orë më parë
this one was super easy
Melonypanda 22 orë më parë
i knew all of those except the number of white stripes
Brenna Boss
Brenna Boss 22 orë më parë
Ayeee! Go professor Gilligan!
Ahmad Hanifurrohim
Ahmad Hanifurrohim 23 orë më parë
"a memelord is a mastwr of the memes" such wise words
timicus2 23 orë më parë
Got em all right!
Rebecca Senecal
Rebecca Senecal 23 orë më parë
The Jeopardy Comedy Hour should become a real thing. Then they can do it in honor of Alex Trebek
A Grumpy Old Man
A Grumpy Old Man 23 orë më parë
I respect Ken's accomplishments on the show, but I have not always liked him. However, that was a very, very classy intro and a wonderful way to honor, Alex. Well done, Ken.
tazmon122 Ditë më parë
press "f" to pay respects.
lip1978 Ditë më parë
Aaron Rodgers has done that a lot this season, and it’s fitting he will be a guest host.
revin hatol
revin hatol Ditë më parë
_Dedicated to_ *Alex Trebek* _Forever in our Hearts_ _Always our Inspiration_
Barok Espinoza
Barok Espinoza Ditë më parë
supper of a scrawnier victor would have also been accepted
TheTrueBeast Ditë më parë
JamieReillyMusic Ditë më parë
What is The Feels.<\3<3
Andrea Fuga
Andrea Fuga Ditë më parë
I wish Alex was still with us too... Ken is very humble and I like how he knows how it feels to be a contestant. If he is going to be the new host permanently, he would get my vote, I like him.
Ben Jason
Ben Jason Ditë më parë
10 people don't have hearts
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Ditë më parë
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Ben Jason
Ben Jason Ditë më parë
thanks for not showing it
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Ditë më parë
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Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Ditë më parë
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Pickle Johnson
Pickle Johnson Ditë më parë
Tom really feeling himself huh
Manuel Diaz
Manuel Diaz Ditë më parë
Just sold this guy some high quality cannabis. He had great energy! And, picked up some quality product. Saltute! Enjoy the pot sauce!
Andyroo Hollaway
Andyroo Hollaway Ditë më parë
The first time i got an entire category right
sølary Ditë më parë
Spell: Feraligatr
MichaelBrookham Ditë më parë
For those of you wanting to see Alex hosting Jeopardy, watch it on CBS on Saturday evenings. They are reruns, for some reason.
Ben Jason
Ben Jason Ditë më parë
I know it seems like Jeopardy wanted James to win but judging on how close it was its hard to think the game wasn't rigged the day he lost
sirius Ditë më parë
justin was my 12th grade english teacher and he shows this off as a flex its so funny 😭😭
Blue Rain
Blue Rain Ditë më parë
2 out of 5.... great category
Crystal Kitten
Crystal Kitten Ditë më parë
oh boy my favorite : )
goldenagenut Ditë më parë
Well said. Ken has always seemed like a good guy, he's done a fine job as guest host, really.
Beth Gordon
Beth Gordon Ditë më parë
Producers, PLEASE don’t ruin the show by trying too many Hosts! Give Ken Jennings the job, and make him promise to stay 10 years!
B A Ditë më parë
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Walter Koziol
Walter Koziol Ditë më parë
With that homage I think he cinched the job as host permanent host. Who here thinks Ken Jennings should get the job? "Click thumbs up" if you do.
Jonathan Falkowsky
Jonathan Falkowsky Ditë më parë
Another Canadian clue - This is your host and yours truly and the best host of jeopardy ever. Answer: Who was Alex Trebek?
J Johnston
J Johnston Ditë më parë
Laika. Checkers was Nixon's dog. Its a shame viewers don't win money from watching the show
henryh10x_ Ditë më parë
Imagine if Alex gave the dollar right there on stage.
Sarah Burggraf
Sarah Burggraf Ditë më parë
Alex is in heaven saying ok lets get on with it already 😃
Ivan Butler
Ivan Butler Ditë më parë
I think they handled that pretty well
Michael Cimato
Michael Cimato Ditë më parë
RIP Alex
assmane999 Ditë më parë
What’s the deal with women taking out the greats? Ken, James , and Rogers. Good job ladies!
Harriet Davis
Harriet Davis Ditë më parë
I'm seeing a side of Ken that I did not know existed. A sense of humor. And respect. Thanks, Ken.
Richbutnot Wealthy
Richbutnot Wealthy Ditë më parë
This is probably the only time where Couch Potato Commandos knew more than the contestants!
Joshua Collinge
Joshua Collinge Ditë më parë
Make him permanent host,why dick around with these other guest hosts
Cody Allen
Cody Allen Ditë më parë
He a won nobel peace prize for?????????
Dalton Wilkinson
Dalton Wilkinson Ditë më parë
Lauren needs to chill tho
Mike Du Pont
Mike Du Pont Ditë më parë
Alan Davies is shook.
MickeyTheFlüffy Ditë më parë
Watching moments like these just really show how cool Alex Trebek was. Miss him.
J D.
J D. Ditë më parë
How long did she last?
Robert Golda
Robert Golda Ditë më parë
Rip, Alex Trebek was the GOAT, sorry Pat Sajak
Denise Vickers
Denise Vickers Ditë më parë
You brought it home Dhruv and said what most of us want to have said to Alex. Good for you! Alex was a treasure.
Cindi Verbelun
Cindi Verbelun Ditë më parë
Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.
DenInVR Ditë më parë
0:00 Jeopardy needs to bring back that noise. It’s so relaxing.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
I suggest Ken Jennings should be the next host of "Jeopardy!".
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Farewell,Alex. 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Rest in Peace,Alex. 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
RIP,Alex, 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
So long,Alex. 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Goodbye,Alex. 1940-2020.
Adam G.
Adam G. Ditë më parë
Car clue makes me sad
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Goodbye,Alex. 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
So long,Alex. 1940-2020.
Jalen Roland
Jalen Roland Ditë më parë
Farewell,Alex. 1940-2020.
Ron McMartin
Ron McMartin Ditë më parë
There are 2 kinds of people in the world--Those who play video games, and those who are smart enough to go on Jeopardy.
Julio Guillen
Julio Guillen Ditë më parë
Wtf!!!!!! They don’t know 4th down signal!!!
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Ditë më parë
the opening of this episode. While nobody could ever replace Alex, you most definitely can (and I dare say, should) succeed him as host.
Emily Bronk
Emily Bronk Ditë më parë
Watching Jeopardy was and always will be my favorite thing to do daily with my family. It wasnt until I saw this tribute on tv that I realized how important and amazing Alex Trabek was. He had such a warm and inviting force about him that he felt like more than just a TV host. He'll be deeply missed.
Gabrielle Nesci
Gabrielle Nesci Ditë më parë
I was shaking my head in disappointment this entire video lol
Gee Wiz
Gee Wiz Ditë më parë
Love how Alex high roads, saying a greatest of all time reference at the end. Still letting him know he was way off saying, "ghost" instead of "g.o.a.t."
Werewolf Korra
Werewolf Korra Ditë më parë
Hey! Arthur! I follow him on Twitter. He's cool.
Cooliotopnotch Ditë më parë
No one will ever be Alex, but Ken is doing a 10/10 job. Make it permanent!
David McKelvey
David McKelvey Ditë më parë
Is no one pointing out that Ken thought FedEx was a firm?
Papa Khan
Papa Khan Ditë më parë
Ken was a great guest host this last week, I hope he comes back permanently
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II Ditë më parë
As a millennial, I just had to shake my head in disgust that none of them knew the Scorpion King answer.
Dale Wasson
Dale Wasson Ditë më parë
Nobody even knew what McLaren was
Francoise Mcarthur
Francoise Mcarthur Ditë më parë
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