Dan San
Dan San 11 orë më parë
Classic problem Intanon is endurance
sora roxas
sora roxas 11 orë më parë
Kinda sad for intanon
Emir Q.
Emir Q. 11 orë më parë
All gangsta till momota comes in👀.
Marco Wong
Marco Wong 11 orë më parë
Chou is not aggressive enough, maybe because getting old
Levi Bautista
Levi Bautista 11 orë më parë
Good games ladies! Worth watching both of you bringing out you the best in you.
kenny koh
kenny koh 11 orë më parë
Zii Jia could have won, he played really well in this game... a bit of unlucky shade at the end.
Intan Yuli
Intan Yuli 11 orë më parë
doods20 fer
doods20 fer 11 orë më parë
Wow this is the match of the day, I hope TTY still has some energy for her finals match against Marin?
Outsider Paragon
Outsider Paragon 11 orë më parë
Momota is coming back in March. He’s probably the only player right now that can give Axelsen some challenges.
Lincoln Fineblanket
Lincoln Fineblanket 11 orë më parë
@jiadong shi I am legitimately worried that momota will beat axelson into bad form again. I love when axelson is like this, we haven’t seen him like this since 2017.
jiadong shi
jiadong shi 11 orë më parë
the correct term is beat the crap out of axelsen
B. K. CHEN 11 orë më parë
Badminton at the highest level. This comeback is almost as good as the one against Marin a few years back.
kehlye teoh
kehlye teoh 11 orë më parë
Classic game! Congratulations Tai Tzy Ying!
JIA LE 11 orë më parë
omg CTC mom very noise...
kkvvv04 11 orë më parë
Impressive display by axelsen, as it stands I don't see anyone else beating him although chou could have put up a better fight today
Lincoln Fineblanket
Lincoln Fineblanket 11 orë më parë
I agree with you, however we still live in the reality where kento *axelson killer* momota exists.
The Messenger
The Messenger 11 orë më parë
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JediMaster5664 11 orë më parë
U tripping
JIA LE 11 orë më parë
3:28 加油你可以哦🙄CTC MOM
JIA LE 11 orë më parë
translate:Come on, you can!
Daniel Slime Relaxing
Daniel Slime Relaxing 11 orë më parë
I guess maybe Marin will win tomorrow became Marin is in the peak condition 🤔
Keyaan’s Kitchen
Keyaan’s Kitchen 11 orë më parë
Intanon i was so confident that you will het this match under ur belt. m sad 😢
arni ariffin
arni ariffin 11 orë më parë
ginting mental dan fisik diasa lgi
Adam Arifin
Adam Arifin 11 orë më parë
TTY energy, accuracy, footwork and stamina is amazing!!! 👏
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers 11 orë më parë
the screamer annoys the fans the most, i cannot watch games with screamers some are fist pumping towards their opponents, which the umpires are allowing these players need to shut up and turn away, i'm getting fed up with stupidity
SocialOne Step Ahead
SocialOne Step Ahead 11 orë më parë
Everyone that won the match today was the one on the left side, what are the odds
Tri Yunarta
Tri Yunarta 11 orë më parë
TTY mentally very amazing
zam persie
zam persie 11 orë më parë
amazing malaysian 😛
Chenguang He
Chenguang He 11 orë më parë
小拉这个体力问题, 已经两三年了, 没有一点进步...戴局长这边跑了三局, 明天估计打马林也没体力了...最后还是马皇后三连冠
ayeyeg Figo
ayeyeg Figo 11 orë më parë
Fredy Lombok
Fredy Lombok 11 orë më parë
Go the Daddy .. never old to win the game ... Congratulation 👍👍👍
Arman Simamora
Arman Simamora 11 orë më parë
Tran Nguyen
Tran Nguyen 11 orë më parë
TTY seems still having full power after long long rallies while Intanon looked so tired. TTY physically and technically demonstrated and confirmed herself as No.1. Great match to watch!
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata 11 orë më parë
The fury axelsen!!! Thought he so relieved passed ctc...
洪鈺舜 11 orë më parë
Es la mejor. Bravo.
doods20 fer
doods20 fer 11 orë më parë
Wow Axelsen's too tough right now, I think only Momota has the chance to beat him at this rate
Hanif Ikhwan
Hanif Ikhwan 11 orë më parë
who win?
Chen Xavier
Chen Xavier 11 orë më parë
Tai Tzu Ying
HSUAN Happy 11 orë më parë
ngocanh Đỗ
ngocanh Đỗ 11 orë më parë
yong yao
yong yao 11 orë më parë
Omg the composure and precision by TTY is crazy.
Hao 11 orë më parë
Without Momota, this guy is just a demolishing machine. Please Don put Ginting into this debate. 😉
مرسلين 11 orë më parë
itu pemain mlaya yg tengilin kevin dulu tp ujung2nya kalah🤣🤣🤣
Mizz Aniz
Mizz Aniz 11 orë më parë
Hi, Im from Malaysia but im a big fans of u TTY..💖
IRZA Production Content
IRZA Production Content 11 orë më parë
R.I still not in good fitness after injury. The best rival so far . TTY always in good fitness.
janar halink
janar halink 11 orë më parë
Amazing skill for TTY
Dede Suhendar
Dede Suhendar 12 orë më parë
All Danish Final..👍🏽
Trimai Luzi
Trimai Luzi 12 orë më parë
Andai ada minions..mm gk pp lah....
Trimai Luzi
Trimai Luzi 11 orë më parë
@Muzamil Mel gk tau juga sih..
Muzamil Mel
Muzamil Mel 11 orë më parë
Trimai Luzi minions lagi injury ke ?
Trimai Luzi
Trimai Luzi 11 orë më parë
@Muzamil Mel ya setidaknya bisalah md juara klo ada minions..
Muzamil Mel
Muzamil Mel 11 orë më parë
Knpa minions gak ikut sama ?
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders 12 orë më parë
Three Danes in the last four. Not bad for a 6 million people country... Those Vikings are ravaging and pillaging in men's badminton! Antonsen seemed not 100% today. Was he not feeling well for this game?
doods20 fer
doods20 fer 11 orë më parë
he just recovered from Covid, he's not 100%
Mizz Aniz
Mizz Aniz 12 orë më parë
I love TTY.. I like her style.. Always pleasing on camera 💖
Brian Liew
Brian Liew 12 orë më parë
did Chou TC bring his mom instead of his coach? She is one hell of a fan
Fredrik Carlsson
Fredrik Carlsson 11 orë më parë
She is his physio, I dont think he has a coach
JIA LE 11 orë më parë
his fans
Shelluq's Kitchen
Shelluq's Kitchen 11 orë më parë
Shes very loud tho😁
doods20 fer
doods20 fer 12 orë më parë
keep improving ASY, Marin is still tougher than you right now but more practice & you'll beat her next time
CassaX ASMR 12 orë më parë
Very consistent
Jun Zhi Yang
Jun Zhi Yang 12 orë më parë
What does that music in the beginning call?
Regina A'prillee
Regina A'prillee 12 orë më parë
Berasa tuan rumah ye wkwkwkkwkw suporter nya the best 😆❤️🤍
Emy Ayu
Emy Ayu 12 orë më parë
Congratulations Lee/ Wang, Good job the Daddies...!
Akef Ismail
Akef Ismail 12 orë më parë
Victor Axelsen got it all.. He's absolute beast.. Good match..👏🏻
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 12 orë më parë
I think CTC has really strong legs but sometimes he plays like he’s doing a drill or casual game... and in my opinion he needs more variation at his front court, he can’t be taking the net shorts late all the time, its just too easy for viktor axelsen to cover the court, not to mention he’s already a really tall guy with such a long reach!
台灣魂 12 orë më parë
Lincoln Fineblanket
Lincoln Fineblanket 12 orë më parë
Marin looks unstoppable. I particularly liked how she apologized for yelling right in front of ASY; that was a nice moment. If TTY doesn't bring out ALL the shots, she is doomed again tomorrow.
Dillon Song
Dillon Song 12 orë më parë
Had JJS not injured, they would have won the game.
Callum 12 orë më parë
I am fed up of seeing people comment about Marin’s scream on every video, just don’t watch the video
Qidong Xu
Qidong Xu 12 orë më parë
Even her opponents said they were not bothered by her scream. Only the people watching complained.
Yi Seng
Yi Seng 12 orë më parë
With his present form Anthony Ginting would find Peter Axelsen hard to beat in the World Tour Finals. And Ginting have to be at his best form if he wants to beat Axelsen and ends up as the champion.
Hao 11 orë më parë
U got me with Peter😂😂
Enisa Nilasari.
Enisa Nilasari. 12 orë më parë
Owi Butet💜
Yi Seng
Yi Seng 12 orë më parë
With Kento Mamota out Peter Axelsen is all set to dominate world badminton.He could well emulate the achievements of past Danish greats Erland Kops,Svend Pri,Morten Frost and Fleming Delfs.
Farhan Mohamed Eusuff
Farhan Mohamed Eusuff 11 orë më parë
His name is Viktor bruh 😎. Viktor Axelsen
Sakti Da birma
Sakti Da birma 12 orë më parë
skill out and mind
cat man
cat man 12 orë më parë
chou lost because he didn't shout
Khairul Asyraf Rosli
Khairul Asyraf Rosli 12 orë më parë
40:45 Coach Herry Ip: Nembaknya jangan nafsu bro 😂😂😂
Lou Ong
Lou Ong 12 orë më parë
I heared that he injured his leg last year and miss out Denmark open which Antonsen won.
神鼬鼠 12 orë më parë
I don't get it why marine put her hand on the umpire's knee?
Kah Keat Goh
Kah Keat Goh 12 orë më parë
Lol the coach
iam fa
iam fa 12 orë më parë
Axelsen wait ginting in WTF!!!
Rockin Sage
Rockin Sage 11 orë më parë
@weiwei4e nova klw penyakit error nya kumat bisa dipastikan
Rockin Sage
Rockin Sage 11 orë më parë
@riki gun iy msh inkonsisten dia mah
riki gun
riki gun 11 orë më parë
@Rockin Sage ginting tu klo lagi lempeng siapa aja bisa dibabat, cuma klo lagi angin anginan ya gitu
weiwei4e nova
weiwei4e nova 11 orë më parë
First round ginting sudah tersingkir
Rockin Sage
Rockin Sage 11 orë më parë
@riki gun klw dia ketemu lawan yg gaya main nya sama kaya dia type cepat fotwork nya pluang nya 50-50 bang kaya kanthapon, kalong angus,lee chek yu, tapi klw ketemu lawan macam chen long, yg pemain type rally pluang 75-25 bwt ginting yg menang itu mnurut ak sih
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith 12 orë më parë
It'll be an all-Danish final tomorrow.
riki gun
riki gun 11 orë më parë
danish very strong in MS
unyu unyu
unyu unyu 12 orë më parë
coba momogi main, axelsen jd peyek😂
weiwei4e nova
weiwei4e nova 11 orë më parë
Hahahahahaha, klau momota ada, ginting sama itu jojo bungkus first round
Inner Peace
Inner Peace 12 orë më parë
As far WS badminton goes, it rarely gets any better than this...
Flibbertigibbet 12 orë më parë
The German players too covering their mouths & speak to each others as if the Indians could understand German haha !?
Titansteel 12 orë më parë
TTY's footwork was very tight compare to Intanon. In the end Intanon just ran out of steam. Pity no full audience to cheer her on. Very good match indeed.
J WK 12 orë më parë
Without kento momota axelson is king
Izz abdul aziz Rohaizad
Izz abdul aziz Rohaizad 11 orë më parë
@Remero Russ yupppp
Remero Russ
Remero Russ 11 orë më parë
@Die for Something without Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan is empty and bored
Fredy Chandra
Fredy Chandra 11 orë më parë
@Die for Something wtf you bring lindah is here???
Die for Something
Die for Something 12 orë më parë
Without Lin Dan Axelsen is Joker
B kuyH
B kuyH 12 orë më parë
Malaysian but i love Japanese pair strong defense & skill. They keep chasing the shuttle non stop. Hope to see them played again in 2021 game.
Insil Suh
Insil Suh 12 orë më parë
Brilliance of Lee Sohee! Congratulations on the victory! Looking forward to watching the women's final tmr.
Titansteel 12 orë më parë
TTY's footwork was very tight. In the end Intanon just ran out of steam with those extra steps.
Nur Aini
Nur Aini 12 orë më parë
Kesini grgr indomie
Sardi Sardi
Sardi Sardi 12 orë më parë
Woy ..klian para tunggal putra / putri bulutangkis indonesia apa tdak bsa klian mncontoh mental/permainan tai tzuying ini.
문정민 12 orë më parë
서승재 선수... 국제경기 몰빵 극복이 시급해보입니더... 리턴이 죄다 짧으니 앞에서 다 끊겨버리니 ... 최솔규 선수가 뭐 할게 없네요 그리고 혼복을 계속 해서 그런가 가끔 혼복치는 느낌의 공이 좀 보이는데 하나에 집중하는게 필요해보입니다.
Chun Loong Ku
Chun Loong Ku 12 orë më parë
very nice match . TTY has a very very strong mental .... nice play for Intanon too !
Developed country Republic of Korea
Developed country Republic of Korea 12 orë më parë
Watanabe's play is too timid and powerless.
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata 12 orë më parë
Whaaatt a gorgeus game of two world badminton queens!!!