DAP | adult swim smalls
5 ditë më parë
DOG-E | adult swim smalls
12 ditë më parë
CHUNKY CHUNK | adult swim smalls
This is Branchburg | Sweet 16
TRUSTWORMY | adult swim smalls
BREAKFAST | adult swim smalls
lilcupid200 5 orë më parë
This show and disenchantment and the hole are by far my favorite animation shows
eksiarvamus 5 orë më parë
Pretty good parasite, who buys your whole family vacation tickets...
AMV Ninja
AMV Ninja 5 orë më parë
i dont get this pls explain if you can.
xan mercy
xan mercy 5 orë më parë
Marc Aguilar
Marc Aguilar 5 orë më parë
This hurts to watch
John Vance
John Vance 5 orë më parë
This is amazing but man it looks so weird since they got a budget
Oniliva Rasoanaivo
Oniliva Rasoanaivo 5 orë më parë
Fuck you Jerry
Matt Yucht
Matt Yucht 5 orë më parë
So nice seeing vewn animation 😊
Jek Porkins
Jek Porkins 5 orë më parë
Kids have been creating their own toys since the dawn of humanity. Nobody ever needed to buy an overpriced concept toy with $10 words from a college professor inscribed on it. I'm with Mr Potato Head. I hate these pricks.
Toon Angst
Toon Angst 5 orë më parë
Who tf needs Metalocalypse when you got this show!
KvnDWr 5 orë më parë
"Racist Great White Shark Files for Divorce from African Sea" 😂😂😂
gamer7916 5 orë më parë
Why is there an American flag in the court room even though the movie takes place in Britain?
Parker Fitness717
Parker Fitness717 5 orë më parë
Great ad lmao
sllaall spspeneow
sllaall spspeneow 5 orë më parë
Why dont they just use the docter's chin ?
Mecks089 5 orë më parë
I honestly expected the PS5 to sprout robotic claws and terrorize them, bully Morty or some ridiculous science-fiction shenanigans to happen. This was boring, it's nothing like the crazy Pringles commercial, nor the Wendy's one.
Josh Callejas
Josh Callejas 5 orë më parë
I’m not sure how I feel about you guys changing from the old intentionally shitty style to the new Steven universe/cal arts intentionally shitty yet fluid and marketable style.
inaldi Huels
inaldi Huels 5 orë më parë
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Marisa Marquez
Marisa Marquez 5 orë më parë
Thank you adult swim!!! Fck Netflix they been on some bs!!!!
Toon Angst
Toon Angst 5 orë më parë
Love the music in this show. The song playing at 6:43 fucking slaps.
TRAINS & SIRENS & CATS & TRACTORS 2 5 orë më parë
This is what kids are watching these days
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal 5 orë më parë
I love how they censor slang halfway into it.
Truper B
Truper B 5 orë më parë
Is what happens when you fall asleep during band
KvnDWr 5 orë më parë
Bruh, Jasper is fucking hilarious 😂😂
Toazel 5 orë më parë
'Run, Morty, Run! Wendy's is trying to appeal to the youth with poorly thought out roasts on Twitter!'
Chase Rebecca
Chase Rebecca 5 orë më parë
Ok so, this is Steve Universe grown up, voiced by the guys from Tender Touches and with special animation from Vewn. How cool!
Nam Thu
Nam Thu 5 orë më parë
Tom Smurf
Tom Smurf 5 orë më parë
I was like "man, that's a really good impression of woody" and then I looked it up and its Tom Hank's brother
Jasmin D
Jasmin D 5 orë më parë
“Smell like bitch in here!!!!” 😭😭😭😭😭
Xuong Ghe
Xuong Ghe 5 orë më parë
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
MrCade 5 orë më parë
This video can turn 10 am into 2 am
legofan101 5 orë më parë
I know a guy who worked on this.
Kentrc11 5 orë më parë
What... What even... Idiot What even is this cartoon What even is...
ryan fafaa
ryan fafaa 5 orë më parë
Must have been the same time he got arrested in real life
IsinXx 5 orë më parë
Why have I never seen this and why is it so fucking hilarious
Benjamin Bernath
Benjamin Bernath 5 orë më parë
1:08 lmfao just leaving it there
Greensoul Sufi
Greensoul Sufi 5 orë më parë
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations 5 orë më parë
1:04 welcome to shroomsville
Chris Benson
Chris Benson 5 orë më parë
0:28 Middle panel is Arin Hanson? Right panel is Danny Avidan?
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations 5 orë më parë
This show looks interesting
NatalKOG 5 orë më parë
>This show is lame >3:32 LOL >Nah, it's alright
Pigen 5 orë më parë
“It’s funny to say they are big, it’s funny to say they are small. Wouldn’t you agree, mando?”
AleNekra Vilar
AleNekra Vilar 5 orë më parë
This is kinda like Girlchan in Paradise..
Clutch UwU
Clutch UwU 5 orë më parë
Do you have a bathroom in your womb?
FatYoda 5 orë më parë
Anyone who has grown up in a narcissistic household know that this behavior isn't really too outlandish.
Dan 5 orë më parë
absolutely amazing
Andrew Mihovich
Andrew Mihovich 5 orë më parë
That guy in the mental hospital who both up-played his "crazy" demeanor to confuse people and had at least the one actual mental disorder? Where you can see him getting too-excited and making himself calm down? ... He was in that movie in the description.
TheBlackestRose 5 orë më parë
Noa Kalter
Noa Kalter 5 orë më parë
2:27 adult swim predicts covid
Kentrc11 5 orë më parë
This was in my notifications? I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of Neo Fighter Dream Crisis on ALpost
Hector Salamanca
Hector Salamanca 5 orë më parë
This could very well be a great 2 hour documentary.
Kraft Dinner
Kraft Dinner 5 orë më parë
Okay so I think Claire sneaks outside everyday and sits next to the billboard until it’s dark out and then sneaks back in, this time she accidentally stepped on a wrapper when she would usually just silently go up the stairs, that’s why the grandfather comments on her smelling strange cause she’s been outside all day. Also, her father probably didn’t look like that when he got turned down cause in he destroyed his skin in order to be beautiful which means he did that to himself.
Jero ._.
Jero ._. 5 orë më parë
ojala no hayan mas temporadas de los simpsons...
Alexander Alex
Alexander Alex 5 orë më parë
We didn’t get Wish weasel But we got this what the fuck
A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Treason
A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Treason 5 orë më parë
my name is tyler and I am pretty damn creative but I feel like this mfer took the whole lane. Maybe I can change my name to Kevin.
J I 5 orë më parë
Whoops mastodon. Don’t get involved with the ACLU!
Miles Derek Aquino
Miles Derek Aquino 5 orë më parë
Snu snu
Timid Creator-02
Timid Creator-02 5 orë më parë
I'm dead, this was so silly 🤣
Jiro Gyro
Jiro Gyro 5 orë më parë
David Omosa
David Omosa 5 orë më parë
Huh Ari’s first time in adult swim
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 5 orë më parë
8:08 is Billy Drew Gooden?
Frank Tillman
Frank Tillman 5 orë më parë
YOU SICK BASTARD! I will NEVER spend another penny on you.
Erika myers
Erika myers 5 orë më parë
Jango Is Bored
Jango Is Bored 5 orë më parë
Why wasn't this a damn show show
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell 5 orë më parë
Absolutely love that Gamusetto is being continued, not necessarily happy that everything is actually drawn well now
Jarodjr 5 orë më parë
I think the creator said he would change the art style with each new season, kinda like how JoJo does it.
Tale 5 orë më parë
Sou Brasileiro 😐
Big Faxxx
Big Faxxx 5 orë më parë
I really dont think Hannibal knew that was coming lmao
Kentrc11 5 orë më parë
This whole series is basically season 2 Neo Fighter Dream Crisis on ALpost lol
Redwan Ahmed
Redwan Ahmed 5 orë më parë
added this to my "play this when you're high" playlist. Thanks again adult swim
Mangolicious Fruit
Mangolicious Fruit 5 orë më parë
he was so unprepared for this.
noodles 5 orë më parë
Alex 5 orë më parë
Isn't she underage
هیول فضایی
هیول فضایی 5 orë më parë
A year and a half waiting till s5
Riley Burnsworth
Riley Burnsworth 5 orë më parë
I'm really glad jack is getting the fame he deserves.
Kyle Ocasio
Kyle Ocasio 6 orë më parë
“oH rEaLLy?!”
Sparkle Plenty
Sparkle Plenty 6 orë më parë
Oh and let me be the first to scream CONGRATULATIONS! This is dope 🔥🥳
Animatish Place
Animatish Place 6 orë më parë
Bigggggg fan of adult swim 😍😍😍😍
Tik Tok
Tik Tok 6 orë më parë
She’s the girl from cheeseburger family !!!
WALTER C.L 6 orë më parë
WALTER C.L 5 orë më parë
@Valiant Thor saludos recibidos XD
Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor 5 orë më parë
Saludos desde Texas 🤠
jonjonblazezany808 6 orë më parë
Is that voice Matt Watson
jonjonblazezany808 5 orë më parë
Matt Watson voice in a Ryan Magee body
Shiver Arts
Shiver Arts 5 orë më parë
Yo wtf, seriously
trawler360 6 orë më parë
This show is freaking me out and I love it. My brain says it works?
trawler360 5 orë më parë
Its giving me perfect hair forever vibes