Nicle Vite
Nicle Vite 2 minuta më parë
Jazz Morg
Jazz Morg 3 minuta më parë
Camilla that ugly looking troll over Diana wtf were you thinking Charles
jesusloves 5 minuta më parë
It’s a pity he didn’t put his mother the Queen, & country first isn’t it?
Cyber_Rosa 6 minuta më parë
I hope they do a second one 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤓🤓🤓🤓
Jim Hogg
Jim Hogg 22 minuta më parë
Just watched Mirage (Durante la tormenta) (2018). The theme is of course similar to Frequency (Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel), but this is more complex, put together better and has several surprises along the way, as changes to the past disorient the present life of the main character almost to breaking point. Had me on the edge of my seat at times. . .
Lindsey Nicole
Lindsey Nicole 24 minuta më parë
Man I love Liza Koshy 😍
Lucieli Caetano
Lucieli Caetano 25 minuta më parë
Genesis Avila
Genesis Avila 25 minuta më parë
Hola el video es super bueno pero es una pregunta aire que a grabar ellos no otros por eso asen videos no es para robar a otros por si no saben
Harper Welch
Harper Welch 29 minuta më parë
How fun is this?? To watch them chat. So comfortable and not threatened by the camera.
Nino Leon
Nino Leon 33 minuta më parë
Murphy Destiny-Ella
Murphy Destiny-Ella 35 minuta më parë
Missy about to dye a Capella and her mom weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cannnnnnnnn beeeeeeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooossssssssssssassss
Bloof Hoondr
Bloof Hoondr 39 minuta më parë
i bet the adults are like" what am i doing with my life"
Julian Fadullon
Julian Fadullon 41 minutë më parë
POV: Elder Pryce came back a changed man
Tobias Bühner
Tobias Bühner 41 minutë më parë
Ì hear he movie oll day
M G 43 minuta më parë
I've always wondered if that was real because the actors are in hysterics lol
静かな 43 minuta më parë
The message is true and good .... But if you don't want children to be sexualized do not sacrifice real children act inappropriate as an just actresses and say you're against it you could've made a book ... You just invited a pedo saying they're not objects but make them act inappropriate do you think pedos will take the message ? Or they'll only focus on the girls twerking and think dirty and ignore your message You could've sent the message more appropriate than that
Jeanette Lenoir
Jeanette Lenoir 59 minuta më parë
The problem with all white producers and all white media companies is this entire scene that capitalizes on our degradation of self, and exacerbating problems amongst our culture. It's time we control our own narrative, tell our own stories and highlight our greatness as Black people.
Kaitos Creeps
Kaitos Creeps Orë më parë
This is basically like this one black mirror episode
Grodan Ramsay
Grodan Ramsay Orë më parë
I would definitly watch more films like this. Bravo ma'am
Amie Christian
Amie Christian Orë më parë
That.. was........... sooooooo coool
Kamryn G
Kamryn G Orë më parë
I think most are okay. I don’t watch many though, so I can’t say for sure. I usually watch the depressing “the fault in our stars rip off” movies. But I’ve seen the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movies and “Never Been Kissed” and I think they’re fine. But like “After” romanticizes cheating and abusive relationships, and “The Kissing Booth” has an issue with lack of communication in a relationship that leads to disaster.
Taylor Handy
Taylor Handy Orë më parë
Omg 🤯
Rs232 Rj11
Rs232 Rj11 Orë më parë
Ever click on a video just to dislike it? That's what I'm here for.
Yasi P
Yasi P Orë më parë
So Netflix is deleting comments now?
Lacaran White
Lacaran White Orë më parë
Laniyah Jacobs
Malak OURAMTANE Orë më parë
Se film et le meilleur
E.csnnentnfwnbenhenkelvd dnfndmebenemfmfnkburi
Maliyah Whaley
Maliyah Whaley Orë më parë
We can be hero's just one day I like missy an a caplla
TomSuntotheMax Orë më parë
If only netflix knew how to make really good movies.
Alonso Hernández
Alonso Hernández Orë më parë
Star wars: The rise of the failed marriage
phoenixrising7777 Orë më parë
Max is the best character in the series. Change my mind.
FRedTM.i Am
FRedTM.i Am Orë më parë
Is this just 🇺🇸 or does netflix uk 🇬🇧 get the same pls
elinida senkoro
elinida senkoro Orë më parë
Ele é incrível, amo os filmes dele e a amizade que ele tem com o Chris e Sebastian 😍
Pamela Morales
Pamela Morales Orë më parë
Porsuoto a gop
Pamela Morales
Pamela Morales Orë më parë
Hola le. Samo
Guadalupe Rivera
Guadalupe Rivera Orë më parë
Awesome my daughters love this movie
Pamela Morales
Pamela Morales Orë më parë
Pamela Morales
Pamela Morales Orë më parë
Kalpna Thakur
Kalpna Thakur Orë më parë
Adarsh Gourav really did a good job.. sometimes you pity sometimes you hate him...but you just gonna blown away with his acting... Rajkumar have very good eye for pictures... obviously priyanka is love❤️
Vera Lúcia
Vera Lúcia Orë më parë
Ele interrompeu demais Sofia Lorem.
Kat Televised
Kat Televised Orë më parë
I watched this movie on a flight. I hope my neighbors enjoyed cause I sure did
Nadiyah Williams
Nadiyah Williams Orë më parë
Can I be in part three plz
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 2 orë më parë
Pesci, the absolute king of f-bombs in Scorsese movies, is just looking on at Pacino and nodding in approval.
Elizabeth Yeh
Elizabeth Yeh 2 orë më parë
alien leader: take away her water guppy POV: oh hell noooo
Hazel E
Hazel E 2 orë më parë
I so could see a remake staring Zendaya and Ryan Destiny. Man that would be EPIC!! Just a thought.
jane jones
jane jones 2 orë më parë
This dance and song had me crying but there both beautiful
Jasmine Sharkawy
Jasmine Sharkawy 2 orë më parë
Its my favorite movie!!!!
Liv Luvlife
Liv Luvlife 2 orë më parë
who's your favorite? (mine's guppy. She's adorable and i'd love to have her powers)
Liv Luvlife
Liv Luvlife 2 orë më parë
this is my favorite movie on earth. well, that and matilda. im 9 years old.
Hazel E
Hazel E 2 orë më parë
It’s crazy when I hear stories of black families telling their children to only bring home a light skin or I hear of light skin girls thinking their better because I didn’t grow up like this. My family didn’t ever bring up colorism, and I never heard my light skin cousins talk about their complexion and hair texture as if they were better. Yes I heard colorism jokes by my peers and I saw a light skin and dark skin girls fighting each other but I never thought colorism was the reason because it was never bluntly said. These colorism insults that are in the movie I never heard be said in real life. I know colorism exist of course but where I’m from it wasn’t as blantant as they show in this movie. Colorism was way more hidden where I’m from.
Brittini Forman
Brittini Forman 2 orë më parë
I love it
shine dance love
shine dance love 2 orë më parë
I think I like the one when you made it look like they were floating
Siara Talks
Siara Talks 2 orë më parë
Take 1 all my money
shine dance love
shine dance love 2 orë më parë
I really do like that movie it's my favorite one
Jasna Otasevic
Jasna Otasevic 2 orë më parë
Straggler8 2 orë më parë
Marty is without a doubt the best director in the history of cinema. I love Wes Anderson movies, but Martin's are on a different level
Cecilia Boesveld
Cecilia Boesveld 2 orë më parë
This me fafo
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez 2 orë më parë
I Love you Capella i wish i can see you one Day 💜
Sally Mohamed
Sally Mohamed 2 orë më parë
I love this we can be heroes
Myrlande Percinthe
Myrlande Percinthe 2 orë më parë
Google Smells
Google Smells 2 orë më parë
This has to be one of the most awful woman on earth. She was promoting war when India attacked Pakistan. Saying long live the Indian military, while being the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Then she was promoting skin bleaching cream while tweeting out Black lives matter. Then taking selfies with the islamophobic prime minister of India Modi, who passed a law taking citizenship away from Muslims. Such an awful human being. SMH
Divya Mohanan
Divya Mohanan 2 orë më parë
Why would you not speak abt Raj Kumar Rai who is also a phenomenal actor?
Lai Tulip
Lai Tulip 2 orë më parë
OrangePlayzBG 1
OrangePlayzBG 1 2 orë më parë
SOFIA Calderon
SOFIA Calderon 2 orë më parë
I saw the hole movie
manuela zapata
manuela zapata 3 orë më parë
Alba Guerrero
Alba Guerrero 3 orë më parë
100 I like it I will give you 100% percent sent
AzualHD 3 orë më parë
i met ariana before for like 2 years ago I hav still the foto i posted on instagram
ComeAtMeBro 3 orë më parë
The epitome of colorism
ComeAtMeBro 3 orë më parë
Marwa Samy
Marwa Samy 3 orë më parë
We are planning to make something special for Yusuf’s birthday who came after 6 years. We got an idea to make a video from over all the world just saying “happy birthday Yusuf” Please consider the below : 1- Duration is 7 to 10 seconds maximum. 2- Children only from 3 to 10 years. 3- Mention name of child and county. 4- Video should be outside with landmarks for your county. 5- All countries are available for now. 6- You can share it via Twitter: @marwaabohagar , instagram: marwa_abohagr or email: [email protected] 7- Our target is 100 countries. 8-Deadline will be On 5 Feb 2021 9- You can add photo for Yusuf in your video “just drop an email and we will reply a photo” Yusuf’s 3rd birthday will be On 18th Feb 2021 Thanks to like this comment to keep it up....
Razane Hind
Razane Hind 3 orë më parë
I love it. s
Nishka Hana Bissessur
Nishka Hana Bissessur 3 orë më parë
I loved this movie
Mr Someone
Mr Someone 3 orë më parë
Alicia Jolly
Alicia Jolly 3 orë më parë
Cfbkgz yvkhf jfi kxcusoc
Official Whale
Official Whale 3 orë më parë
The best part is that the characters in the movie are somewhat self aware to how people just randomly start singling & dancing
KUSH PAUL 3 orë më parë
Priyanka is everything 😍