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8 ditë më parë
JC Denton
JC Denton 16 orë më parë
All I have is a candy bar... A *glowing* candy bar. Maybe a deathstick?
Zatt56 16 orë më parë
Fun fact: "Unfinished Business" aired on the final day the world was normal.
danny117fc 16 orë më parë
its ok if your white you have not to buy it the writer said... so i wont thanks for telling me what i like and dont like again Disney
Finnacles 17 orë më parë
What garbage...
minion70000 17 orë më parë
Your still failing. LMAO !
minion70000 17 orë më parë
Your still failing. LMAO !
Diamond Gatidis
Diamond Gatidis 17 orë më parë
I am gonna say this, even if i take a hit, i prefer prequels much more sequel trilogy because in these movies i see a great story and in sequels i only see the usual terrible sequels of great movies!!!
RyftedFN 17 orë më parë
The negotiations were short
fabmus 17 orë më parë
I'm glad i couldn't warch the movie when it came out bc this would've spoiler the entire thing
Jamaicanator27 17 orë më parë
So... is this a movie, show, cartoon?
Robbe Symons
Robbe Symons 18 orë më parë
Please Disney keep on going this is the way
Darryl Nepinak
Darryl Nepinak 18 orë më parë
Infinite Action Gaming
Infinite Action Gaming 18 orë më parë
I love this movie, better than all 3 of the sequel trilogy film's
COz 18 orë më parë
Where did it all go wrong Pablo?
Al Lex
Al Lex 18 orë më parë
I recently had my second sit through through Rebels right after Clone Wars and I must tell I don't mind the filler at all. They always have a purpose in the end be it more characterization or some gimmick in the final fight etc
Al Lex
Al Lex 18 orë më parë
I recently had my second sit through through Rebels right after Clone Wars and I must tell I don't mind the filler at all. They always have a purpose in the end be it more characterization or some gimmick in the final fight etc
Al Lex
Al Lex 18 orë më parë
I recently had my second sit through through Rebels right after Clone Wars and I must tell I don't mind the filler at all. They always have a purpose in the end be it more characterization or some gimmick in the final fight etc
Just Some Forrest Ranger with internet Access 2
Just Some Forrest Ranger with internet Access 2 18 orë më parë
Meanwhile in 22bby the most purest Jedi,Master Fay allows herself to be guided by the force through out the galaxy and ends getting decanonised by disney.
Palpatine Gaming
Palpatine Gaming 18 orë më parë
This is pog
Mohzart 18 orë më parë
Why are they on horses? It didn't look cool in the last movie, it won't look cool here...
Carabus 03
Carabus 03 18 orë më parë
Don't like the film or director but love this.
no hassle
no hassle 19 orë më parë
I was about 16 when this movie came out. Long time ago.
BATMANS VIDEO CAVE 19 orë më parë
1:00:53 nice to see george removing his glasses n taking part in the singing 🤣😎
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU 19 orë më parë
The two guys speaking could play any character without a costume...
f00dify 19 orë më parë
I love obi-wan's reaction "wait he's actually going with diplomacy for once?"
The Silent
The Silent 19 orë më parë
Too bad they ruined his character in sequels. At least Mandalorian did it right.
EAS Adventures
EAS Adventures 20 orë më parë
I mean... we all knew how it ended. Soo
Sahin Derun
Sahin Derun 20 orë më parë
Saying "Star Wars is not about Jedi" is no different than saying Mc Donalds is not about hamburgers. These people make me laugh. You can shove your infinite number of republics up your rectal sectors.
Wiktor Laskowski
Wiktor Laskowski 20 orë më parë
So I went to see how is Justina Ireland , what sort of books she made Me reaction : o no no no no no , that's can't be happening
Ádám Carlaw
Ádám Carlaw 20 orë më parë
This is the best star wars blips episode :)
Tommy Edwards
Tommy Edwards 20 orë më parë
Justina Ireland is a racist man hater and forces her political views on ppl which has destroyed this book! Disney will you ever learn? Go woke, go broke!
dojufitz 20 orë më parë
Daft.... tone deaf celebrity - reveal yourself for the Winning Move.... Daft.
Aylmer Johnson
Aylmer Johnson 21 orë më parë
I found my Waifu, Bo Katan 😍🌟
xwingman 23
xwingman 23 21 orë më parë
lol they included fortnitw bruh
Кот учёный scientist cat
Кот учёный scientist cat 21 orë më parë
И что это было?
just another person 777
just another person 777 21 orë më parë
So does this replace the old republic in canon Ooooooorrrrrrrr?
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez 21 orë më parë
Boulder The Fat
Boulder The Fat 21 orë më parë
Imagine a Buddhist monk saying I’m going to control enlightenment itself. You’d probably doubt his intentions no? 😂
Jordan Webster
Jordan Webster 22 orë më parë
Honestly cannot wait for the shitquel retcon
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 22 orë më parë
Disney: Well the clone wars is over Dave filoni: Hello there
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button 23 orë më parë
Thrawn is an all time great fictional character for me. Well done Mr. Zahn!!
Andres 23 orë më parë
Siraphob Atamakoolsri
Siraphob Atamakoolsri 23 orë më parë
So this is how boomers feel listening to old songs
Piotr Morgwai Kotarbinski
Piotr Morgwai Kotarbinski 23 orë më parë
can we now all agree that it was basically THE ONLY star wars movie made after the original trilogy? ;-)
Kiefer Carbino
Kiefer Carbino Ditë më parë
I had to come back to the trailer because I couldn’t remember a single thing that happened in this movie
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand Ditë më parë
Carolyn Bellion
Carolyn Bellion Ditë më parë
Thank you youtube recommendations, for this nostalgic trailer
doliio volay
doliio volay Ditë më parë
Kind of sad that you guys don't seem to remember any of your games before you gave the license to EA.
Mizuki Hattori
Mizuki Hattori Ditë më parë
Hope we can see the transition of the armor to the iconic Stormtrooper armor
Spark Ditë më parë
Clones: Is that all the Jedi? *Anonymous music plays* *BB-8 shows up*
Swifty Airsoft
Swifty Airsoft Ditë më parë
ayeeee 2021
Tryorse Ditë më parë
Disney: the clone wars is over Violin: well yes but actually no
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Ditë më parë
Im still sad they removed this from apple devices
Matt Hines
Matt Hines Ditë më parë
This preview was better than all 3 movies combined
suberI2I Ditë më parë
See BB8 the reason I'm better than you is that I can say the N word and you cant
Cybersorcerer Ditë më parë
i cant even find this game anymore you do me dirty youtube
Amanda S
Amanda S Ditë më parë
Wait so does Matt lanter often hang out witg the cast without a shirt? A bit confused by that tidbit lol
cesar pardo
cesar pardo Ditë më parë
The trailer doesn't really make me want to watch this.
The Real Obama
The Real Obama Ditë më parë
0:11 that smile
Elliott Ditë më parë
This artstyle is too "bloomy" and non-detailed. Way too cartooney, feels like they tried to recreated the Clone Wars but didn't know what made the Clone Wars show good visually.
Jonathan English
Jonathan English Ditë më parë
Why is everyone so triggered by this, it looks good to me?
scorpio21 Ditë më parë
That had me goin pew pew 🤣 🤣
OuchTime Ditë më parë
WTH is Kajak hair?
Jayden Sowerby
Jayden Sowerby Ditë më parë
This movie looked so cool when it first came out
sophie Ditë më parë
I know The Book of Boba Fett is coming out at the end of 2021 (I think) but I can't accept the ending of the last episode of The Mandalorian I've heard due to scheduling the next season of The Mandalorian is coming after The Book of Boba Fett. Fingers crossed there is a season 3 :)
Freedy Boi
Freedy Boi Ditë më parë
1:43 *b o n k*
Freedy Boi
Freedy Boi Ditë më parë
It went from Hollywood Blockbuster to a literal religion
Akaash Takaki
Akaash Takaki Ditë më parë
Family I haven’t watched rots me:
Emmanuel Okine
Emmanuel Okine Ditë më parë
Cad bane is cool. Love his character...
Danny Salinas
Danny Salinas Ditë më parë
Danny Salinas
Danny Salinas Ditë më parë
Hace mucho tiempo en una galaxia muy muy lejana....
Uche Oji
Uche Oji Ditë më parë
44:15 'George in London' Skypeing and Zooming before we knew how.
The Dovahlemon
The Dovahlemon Ditë më parë
Swtor and jedi academy showing up in the video? I hope good things are gonna happen soon
Lightsabre Crystal
Lightsabre Crystal Ditë më parë
Even though I disliked some of the choices the movie made, I have to admit that Rian did something incredible and there was a lot of passion put into the making of this movie. I may dislike it as the second in the trilogy but I think its outstanding as its own film
ALEJANDRO S Ditë më parë
Young Skywalker
Steph W
Steph W Ditë më parë
4:15 is the face of a man who realises all his dreams are coming true
Christopher Winfree
Christopher Winfree Ditë më parë
Spoiled??? Like we didn’t know he turned to the dark side??? 🙄🙄🙄
Lord Terra
Lord Terra Ditë më parë
Wow this sounds and looks very underwhelming. I swear Star Wars is now the FISHER PRICE of sci-fi. No thank you!
The mandalorian Din Djarin
The mandalorian Din Djarin Ditë më parë
Star Wars is gone for me at this point. I'm done with the new Star Wars. Il 'just watch episode 1 to 6 and play the old games with the exception of Battlefront II(2017). Goodbye Star Wars, you just lost a subscriber!
CK Ditë më parë
this is gonna be such trash lmao