I Will Make a Sniper Camera!
We Fixed the Worst VFX Movie Ever
We Remade TRON in One Day
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How a Viral Video Becomes a Show
Today Changes Everything
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THE ROCK Impersonator Olympics
We made an IMPOSSIBLE domino run!
We Made Willy Wonka R-Rated
I Built a REAL Nerf Attack Drone!
Want to work here?
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Greyson Zittle
Greyson Zittle 10 orë më parë
Can you guys PLEASE get wannerstedt in a vid?
VALLEY 10 orë më parë
my mom told me I stink and have to shower at least twice a day just now
dijjidog 10 orë më parë
I like how he played Minecraft but didn't even use ptgi shaders
Fos 10 orë më parë
I wouldn’t call Peter’s render satisfying in any way, but holy crap that guy is talented. Every time he blows me away with his creativity and execution
Maciej 10 orë më parë
9:04 god I miss going to cinema!
Ben's Random Ideas
Ben's Random Ideas 10 orë më parë
Peter has some pretty next level thinking
LionidasL10 10 orë më parë
Thanks for having Gui on the series. Good shit everytime.
SM _ FIT 10 orë më parë
Rocky Handsome. It's an Indian film watch the final fight scene. It's amazing
Bassjeroen 10 orë më parë
1917 was in many ways exactly like WW1, most of the time nothing happened in the grand scheme of things.
splintercell323 10 orë më parë
Conspiracy theory: Wren is a time-traveling Hal Sparks
low-key jesus
low-key jesus 10 orë më parë
wyanSS 10 orë më parë
Once again way too complicated. Should be under 10 seconds
TheHauntedDriveIn 10 orë më parë
You guys need to devote half an episode to the last fight in The Hunt. Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank tossing each other through doors, fireplaces, and over kitchen counters, using guns, knives, and all manner of fun weapons.
Shinoraze 10 orë më parë
Who ever came up with the idea of led color lighting in your studio is god level 🙌 too good. It's super efficient and high impact. Total value. And good color correction too 🙌
low-key jesus
low-key jesus 10 orë më parë
Knalb 10 orë më parë
Why does everything feels scripted... Or is it just me?
Luis Ernesto Merino Ramirez
Luis Ernesto Merino Ramirez 10 orë më parë
Man, this got my heartbeat like a rollercoaster, I love this channel.
BMBirdsong 10 orë më parë
Please note: Vertical video is NEVER satisfying.
Christian Olsson
Christian Olsson 10 orë më parë
Damn, Wren got 86ed? Dude.
Dangerous Rooster
Dangerous Rooster 10 orë më parë
react to garfield vfx
Diego Casian
Diego Casian 10 orë më parë
Larry Kruz
Larry Kruz 10 orë më parë
Did u react to wrath of titans ?
Sarina Marin
Sarina Marin 10 orë më parë
I would love to see a stuntmen react to some of the fight scenes in DCs Titans they're super theatrical and would love to hear some interesting opinions!
HelloMrSmith 10 orë më parë
Really wish these were longer 😭
Leandro Del Rosario
Leandro Del Rosario 10 orë më parë
Just a couple of guys satisfying each other
Mang Liansang
Mang Liansang 10 orë më parë
Jacky Chan movie: 1. Project-A and 2. Armor of God My childhood favorite Jacky movie ever
Dangerous Rooster
Dangerous Rooster 10 orë më parë
React to garfield
Marc Garza
Marc Garza 11 orë më parë
They actually didn’t miss the person getting shot was actually a cheater
Anthony Harden
Anthony Harden 11 orë më parë
Red, car scene where Bruce Willis steps out!!!
Andrea Longo
Andrea Longo 11 orë më parë
Love the series. I would find pretty interesting to listen you react to Cobra Kai: they have some pretty young actors and I'm kind of curious if you have to approach it in a different way (in both season 2 and 3 there are a couple of fights that go on for like three minutes in a single take). Also Project Power has the scene with the ice girl which I think would be pretty interesting in a vfx react. Keep up the good work!
THE COMMENTS ARE REAL 11 orë më parë
I am Mexican Batman
I am Mexican Batman 11 orë më parë
They have the high ground pf course they win
TAKUMI SEGI 11 orë më parë
are they just leaving the main footage at log? no color correction?
matthew kühl
matthew kühl 11 orë më parë
i like how the backing music is the troll song
DigiKnight 11 orë më parë
Note to netflix I wasn't going to watch project power until I saw this. Pay these man's, they are changing hollywood!
Avishek Sarkar
Avishek Sarkar 11 orë më parë
Please react to Legend of the Drunken master! The fights are out of this world!
ian connell
ian connell 11 orë më parë
Paulstretch is really fun, and it's bundled in effects with later versions of Audacity. I used it in a couple of spots on my song Extant/Extinct (by To The Mains) to pretty good effect, particularly with a sigh that just goes on WAY too long.
Poisoned Ivysaur
Poisoned Ivysaur 11 orë më parë
Speaking of Jamie Foxx I want to see you guys break down the scene right before the foot chase in baby driver where Jamie Foxx gets impaled by the rebar. I just would love too see your take on it. Cause that was just an amazing scene.
Mark Andrew Paul
Mark Andrew Paul 11 orë më parë
Action jackson as some cool fight scenes
Andrei Alexandrov
Andrei Alexandrov 11 orë më parë
Let's see another one! This was awesome!!!!!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 11 orë më parë
Hey!! Great vid!!
Elijah E
Elijah E 11 orë më parë
I remember losing my goddamn mind over the vfx and animations for Dr Strange when I first saw it in theaters. Even just seeing all of the fine-detailed particles of the little sparks on the rims of the portals and how that actually illuminated objects in its surroundings
Apollohmi V
Apollohmi V 11 orë më parë
Thought that was Adam Savage.
Clinton Wong
Clinton Wong 11 orë më parë
Why are these vids getting shorter, but the in- vid promo getting longer?!?!????? 12 min guys? Cover Anything directed by John Woo, with Chow Yun fat.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 11 orë më parë
Wrens voice pitch gives Linus a run his money
Ornella Flauto
Ornella Flauto 11 orë më parë
Menomale solo fiction 😂
The Commander
The Commander 11 orë më parë
Crap video.
MaD707MaN 11 orë më parë
Sam leaving those balls behind killed it for me completely.
itsdat1saiyan 11 orë më parë
How was he not able to render quick enough with that beast of a gpu??
MaD707MaN 11 orë më parë
The blue tile just wasn't satisfying enough
Jay Buckley
Jay Buckley 11 orë më parë
Awesome video. However. 2:57 those are not blue whales :p
Peter Sherman
Peter Sherman 11 orë më parë
This is one of my favorite series. So good!
Erick Magaña Camacho
Erick Magaña Camacho 11 orë më parë
We want to see the Smash Bro Battle! Gui VS Clint!
alireza hassani
alireza hassani 11 orë më parë
My heart sanked when I heard the prize is going to be a 3090 :(
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo 11 orë më parë
You have some very nice friends wren 😂😂
Marc-André Belleau
Marc-André Belleau 11 orë më parë
Seeing you guys handle masks is sad. I mean, you guys try but you don't seem to really understand proper mask protocol and that bandana are not masks.
eatmyjam 11 orë më parë
Please please react to Johnny Mnemonic from 1995, especially as it was set on January 17th 2021! It's....a whole experience. And has Keanu Reeves.
TK -1108
TK -1108 11 orë më parë
“Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 24.
Riyan Indra
Riyan Indra 11 orë më parë
Kontoliwood !
DarkJedireaper 11 orë më parë
Who the hell is Darth Vidier? And Exe-cutor not Exec-utor... trust me. Darth Vader named his ship because it was execute his enemies, and his plans, and the Rebels. For a while in comics it was referred to as an Executioner class (older comics).
MaD707MaN 11 orë më parë
2:33... Look at the little smile lips on Sam's mask.
vaderdudenator1 11 orë më parë
I’ve been really going to see exactly this shot for a while and it gets ruined by I giant, inset advert :(
James 11 orë më parë
Could the group feature the 1950s Disney Robin Hood in an episode? I feel like most of the doors they actors walk through are the only real parts of the sets. It seems as though the backgrounds are painted and spliced in, and the real shots are lit to look painted
Random Dude
Random Dude 11 orë më parë
Clint’s render to be called satisfying is an understatement. That is a mesmerizing render loop I mean damn
G\_!chtr#p IR\_
G\_!chtr#p IR\_ 11 orë më parë
Suggestion: Spiderwick Chronicles.
marcoos 11 orë më parë
Please cover bad boys 3 vfx, in the car at the start and some of the vfx in the fire at the end look like they were knocked up in a couple of hours
Hunter Simmonds
Hunter Simmonds 12 orë më parë
14:52 what you came hear for
Dontay's games and vlogs
Dontay's games and vlogs 12 orë më parë
Attraction is quite place in the future
Jaye Redd
Jaye Redd 12 orë më parë
I want to see Military vs Competent Civilian
Bjarke Nørgaard
Bjarke Nørgaard 12 orë më parë
i hope that the 2021 will have a hill climb event - a race to the top of some sort.
Darezi 12 orë më parë
Nice video! Can you guys do the updated version 2021 if it's possible with the same stuff or newer/similar?
knc 12 orë më parë
more of this, please! loved it
TwistedMechanic 12 orë më parë
Ah, lovely, I'll just watch this satisfying video of yours while I eat, perfect! *Baby fkn puking*... Gee, thanks.
Jay Buckley
Jay Buckley 12 orë më parë
There are around 10^80 atoms in the observable universe. Meanwhile another video on YT I watched was about what the universe would be like in a 10^ Googol (10^100) YEARS from now. That's frankly impossible to comprehend. 10^100 years????!!
Cameron Dreemurr
Cameron Dreemurr 12 orë më parë
Jane Robinson
Jane Robinson 12 orë më parë
dude i feel super harsh now, like the forest wasnt great and neither was hoover, it needed to be slower and the sounds made me cringe it would have been perfect otherwise
Imran Ward
Imran Ward 12 orë më parë
"I knew you could do it Sam, you satisfied me!" -The only words a man wants to hear.
Vic Jake
Vic Jake 12 orë më parë
I would really love an episode where you guys check out the CG on Christopher Robin.
theonlymegumegu 12 orë më parë
Gui's commentary is the best ^_^ my previous fave was "What could go wrong?" "A lot death." but I feel like "I think you just break your ribs." tops it XD Gui's just keepin' it real out here ^_^
TheIrontube 12 orë më parë
How many Jupiter’s can you fit in the sun