Artemis: We Are Focused
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Iancov m
Iancov m 20 orë më parë
Mars is frozen . How to worm it up in my lifetime? we should try bombig it to see what is under. gg
Faisal Khawaja
Faisal Khawaja 20 orë më parë
Congratulations Perseverance team!
a toaster
a toaster 20 orë më parë
And still somehow somewhere there is a deranged human being that believes the earth is flat
Peter Boyle's
Peter Boyle's 20 orë më parë
World's most powerful rocket that hasn't gone anywhere! Propaganda
Peter Boyle's
Peter Boyle's 20 orë më parë
And your relying on Boeing? Good luck
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 21 orë më parë
We've had glitches the Challenger I remember that and there was a couple astronauts that died on a Titan capsule and a flash fire I remember that but all in all the track record was pretty good now I'm watching 60 minutes and watching all these companies rockets explode on the launch pad what is this a joke. Back then they had slide rules today we got computers what's the deal. Or is this just about ways to take money
ramu darwish
ramu darwish 21 orë më parë
nasa please please stop whatch the martin and watch the earth there is 90of earth stil unknow...
Marco Scognamiglio
Marco Scognamiglio 22 orë më parë
Lol tinfoil hat fans better get a brain
John 22 orë më parë
I bet they found a Canadian and a Haitian person there.
amos quito
amos quito 22 orë më parë
That is so cool :)
Mirao Vila Maria
Mirao Vila Maria 22 orë më parë
Parabéns show
Tobi Gibbons
Tobi Gibbons 23 orë më parë
@NASA I'd like to proof that a human doesn't need to socialise. Please take me away from here and never back, thank you!
Declan O'Reilly
Declan O'Reilly 23 orë më parë
there was supposed to be an Earth Shattering Kaboom
Gabriel Ducharme
Gabriel Ducharme 23 orë më parë
SLS, what a joke!
PiethagorasTearem 23 orë më parë
This is how it's done Elon.
Nick B
Nick B Ditë më parë
what's he hiding... cmon
Parpining XYZ
Parpining XYZ Ditë më parë
Is that real??? wow
Rod Maiquez
Rod Maiquez Ditë më parë
I know another Johnny who have a lot of other expertise too🤣
Musio Chavez
Musio Chavez Ditë më parë
He’s the real Johnny Sins!
Martin Weber
Martin Weber Ditë më parë
Jacqueline McIntosh
Jacqueline McIntosh Ditë më parë
NASA; Never A Straight Answer.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Ditë më parë
BobInGreek Ditë më parë
Drop the American, nasa has more workers from europe than usa
LeiionReyn Ditë më parë
What’s best for astronauts when they go to Mars, they need to eat plants and anything that is connected Vitamin-K2 because it helps cause anti-aging. Just want y’all to know that. 👍🏼
Михаил N
Михаил N Ditë më parë
Ну и зачем нам эти компьютерные видеоролики. Скоро уже месяц как марсоход на Марсе. Где настоящие видео с марса.
tri pham
tri pham Ditë më parë
he's like a protagonist in real life...
Tim Taler
Tim Taler Ditë më parë
I just wondering, what kind of atmospehre is on mars to make it possible the parachute works
Billybob Joe
Billybob Joe Ditë më parë
the atmosphere on mars is mostly carbon dioxide and is a lot thinner than earth's atmosphere
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande Ditë më parë
Tiene más contras que beneficios hacer un viaje espacial, por eso digo que los que vayan a Marte dudo que vuelvan
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande Ditë më parë
Pero yo no quiero ir a la luna eh! Los perjuicios de ir al espacio son mayores que los beneficios, la radiación del espacio no es que sea muy beneficiosa, causa osteoporosis y otro tipo de enfermedades si pasas mucho tiempo en el espacio exterior y como sabéis la Salud es lo primero para mí, no quiero jugar con mi salud
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande Ditë më parë
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande Ditë më parë
Sois mi esperanza
Goatrazzi Family
Goatrazzi Family Ditë më parë
Good luck
Eileen Ditë më parë
watching this 8 years later is so fascinating, but weird at the same time
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser Ditë më parë
Lindsey is giving off major Chiana from Farscape vibes here.
Игорь Петров
Игорь Петров Ditë më parë
похоже на русло реки
DJ X328
DJ X328 Ditë më parë
i just want to know how she walks up stairs and plays the violin, i can't do either
Kraizen Ditë më parë
Aren't the feed they're looking at are about 5-20 minutes delay from Mars to Earth? So everything we see are automated by Perseverance itself?
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 23 orë më parë
There was no real-time video of the EDL. The rover recorded the various EDL videos and downloaded them to Earth a day or two after landing. The Mission Controllers had basic telemetry to tell them what stage of the EDL the rover was executing, but no capability to affect the outcome. The rover executed the EDL autonomously.
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim
Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim Ditë më parë
Nice one asmelash gebremariam from Ethiopia tigray
Musse Pung
Musse Pung Ditë më parë
Waste of money.
Хилми Ditë më parë
Percayalah saya berkomentar ini telah terjadi bencana besar yg melanda dunia ya itu covid19 yg menyusahkan semua negara bahkan bangsa lain, salam dari 2021 semoga yg membaca pesan ini sadar betapa pentingnya menjaga kesehatan tubuh dan menjaga tataan dunia dari politik maupun suku ras etnis ataupun agama yg sensitif salam damai dari masyarakat indonesia 2021
Хилми Ditë më parë
Maaf terlambat 12 tahun😂
Хилми Ditë më parë
Siapa di sini yg komen orang indonesia😂🇮🇩
Хилми Ditë më parë
Siapa di sini yg komen orang indonesia😂🇮🇩
xavier lahey
xavier lahey Ditë më parë
Watch SpaceX beat them there
pizza Ditë më parë
Oh ,NASA . just say there's oil and then boom. USA will colonize Titan instantly
Mdytyirhff Ejajulislam
Mdytyirhff Ejajulislam Ditë më parë
Alisar songs moggol groha jete chala doggie lagbe na jete
big boss
big boss Ditë më parë
I watched this vedio more than 40 times till now and I don't know how many times I will watch again.
Rene Endencia
Rene Endencia Ditë më parë
3:09 lol
Chris Hannivan
Chris Hannivan Ditë më parë
So why, if there is nothing to hide, have we not had a lander land even remotely close to the so called face in the cydonia region? Why are there no (released and unaltered) new images of this location? Why with all the different orbiters? Aside from the treachery of Michael malin? Anyone???!?
Тимур Туремуратов
Тимур Туремуратов Ditë më parë
Да американский джигити молодци нет слов
Lars Ditë më parë
Why don’t you guys use a falcon heavy?
Lars Ditë më parë
@TimePro ahhhhh ok
TimePro Ditë më parë
Falcon Heavy isn't deep space rated.
Shashank Yadav
Shashank Yadav Ditë më parë
Imagine if they had forgotten to turn on recording on moon.
Rusty the Crown
Rusty the Crown Ditë më parë
When I was a kid watching the Apollo missions , I felt a sense of adventure , of pushing the limits ... conquering new technologies in order to spread our wings and fly to new worlds... now it just feels like a large corporate affair where no gains are made except to the pockets of the super rich.
brostenen Ditë më parë
The landing is extremely well executed. WELL done NASA.
Sierranite Ditë më parë
Some of the most inarticulate panelists that I have ever heard. These are the bozos wasting our tax dollars? They are unwilling to address why money is not being spent on more important priorities here on earth.
Hopper Mantis
Hopper Mantis Ditë më parë
The dominating mighty vaginas, in space , once man made it accessible. I'll be impressed once I see Full Female Samaritan logistics & technicals. Being, over the wire & places like Congo. Also noticed the MANHANDLING & Omissions of RH NEGATIVES.
Ali Alizadeh
Ali Alizadeh Ditë më parë
Ali Alizadeh
Ali Alizadeh Ditë më parë
Countdown begins T minus 90 years
Math Cha
Math Cha Ditë më parë
i like
Dr. Zoid Berserk
Dr. Zoid Berserk Ditë më parë
I wish we funded nasa more.
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas Ditë më parë
peapoa gaming
peapoa gaming Ditë më parë
* puts on seat belt * LAUNCH THE ROCKET
MadRockstar Ditë më parë
*Focused* Focused on polluting the earth to it's maximum
Robin Collins
Robin Collins Ditë më parë
The repulsive colon actually blot because asparagus intraperitonally mess up under a abhorrent cycle. freezing, unaccountable weight
KODALI BHAVYA SRUJANA Suchitra Academy Ditë më parë
Its a really happy moment for dream is to get into nasa
James Taylor
James Taylor Ditë më parë
you guys should impact some ice meteors on mars
Slim Cutty
Slim Cutty Ditë më parë
$200B later we're going to the moon!
KHOI NGO ANH Ditë më parë
Let's be true, we all place all our hopes into SLS and Starship.
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Ditë më parë
@KHOI NGO ANH but they will use 2 landers, not only one
KHOI NGO ANH Ditë më parë
@Pol Valls As long as the rockets are able to put a payload into the Moon, they'll all deserves to be in the Artermis project.
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Ditë më parë
What about the national team lander and Dynetic's?
AFSAL MEDIA Ditë më parë
Let me say a little comment to all my favorite thinkers. This is an empty wish, but it is true that there was an explosion here millions of years ago and everything burned down ....... more🤗
Mason Doyle
Mason Doyle Ditë më parë
There is aliens in the moon true fact .
Flik Cof
Flik Cof Ditë më parë
will they do research on reproduction in zero gravity? I think this is of utmost importance as we need to be able to breed as we explore space. Call 1-800-top-breed for info
Big Todd
Big Todd Ditë më parë
It looks like a home made Sci Fi movie
Travis-2313 Ditë më parë
“We are focused on all the LIES before us.” -NASA
Maruf Hossain
Maruf Hossain Ditë më parë
Dramatic music is not necessary. I would still pay tax dollars without the Christopher Nolan chills
Law 86
Law 86 Ditë më parë
Yasss! It's never a matter of having the technology. But applying the technology.
Mr Bolla
Mr Bolla Ditë më parë
I want to work in nasa. I want to explore the galaxies,black holes,stars,time,wormholes.I really love astronomy.
Alan Jose
Alan Jose Ditë më parë
What is your current situation
Alan Jose
Alan Jose Ditë më parë
I will give you a opportunity
Bimokoro Ditë më parë
This is like me telling my mom i would do my homework but instead delaying it *again*
Yanneck Ditë më parë
0:29 what are they doing with all those line arrays?