Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
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Painting My Nails Upside Down
Is It Food Or Is It Nail Polish?
What's Wrong With My Face
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I Broke My Nail Again
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Video Calling Holo Taco Customers
Staying Home With My Cats
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Curling My Hair With Bananas
Giving Safiya Wedding Nails
Thank you
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I did something to my hair
Gingerbread HOUSE TOUR (BF vs GF)
Painting My Nails With Tiny Hands
Kate Powell
Kate Powell 2 orë më parë
I can truly never have long nails because of my lifestyle. I'm not a biter, but my hobbies require significant manual labor and if my nails get even "short nail" long, they inevitably break. But I have found a way to wear cute super short nails: Holo Taco Solar Unicorn topper. I wear it by itself. It's noticeable enough to be fun on its own and because it's sheer, when I inevitably fuck up my nails, it still looks decent. (Trend alert???) Sadly, one morning about a month ago, my bottle plummeted from my stupid medicine cabinet which is literally right over the toilet, INTO THE TOILET, and SHATTERED INSIDE THE TOILET. I had to reach my hand into the bowl and scoop out the broken bottle and holo goo because I didn't want any sewer alligators to get cut on the glass :( But today I finally got around to re-ordering my favorite topper/polish. Soon I will be able to be my most glamorous half-assed messy self again. Thank goodness.
Laurão S
Laurão S 2 orë më parë
i would like to use this for a week, anyone else? like, if we could put a nail polish that have mini ferns or mosntera deliciosa in it, right in between? how cool would that look?
Marissa Caruth
Marissa Caruth 3 orë më parë
Madison Organ
Madison Organ 3 orë më parë
Tu est parfait You are yogurt
Marisela Vallejo
Marisela Vallejo 3 orë më parë
Not Spanish, lol
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 3 orë më parë
2020 and tbh besides the glue she did a really good time for her first time and I'm here for it
Jerri-Lynn Matson
Jerri-Lynn Matson 3 orë më parë
im doing my nails with my cousin and I rubbed my pinky and I go "ah!! I fawcked it up"
Moly Léveillée
Moly Léveillée 3 orë më parë
I’m late but thanks for the effort, so many english people don’t want to speak french! Sorry for my bad english 😅 Je suis du Québec et j’adore tes vidéos
blub 3 orë më parë
McKenzie Rasmussen
McKenzie Rasmussen 3 orë më parë
Lol when you can’t grow out your nails because they always break because you work in health care and are ALWAYS washing your hands
Gacha Bunny_ 626
Gacha Bunny_ 626 3 orë më parë
"My friend wants to eat a banana":Troom Troom "Your friend is a hoe":Smiplynailogical Best thing ever said on this channel
charlotte stopher
charlotte stopher 3 orë më parë
ok on a side note, she looks like wal;mart version of katniss everdeen (no hate btw)
Globgore? 3 orë më parë
Yall its January 2021 who is still here please tell me I'm not alone-
Rosa ConleeBrown
Rosa ConleeBrown 3 orë më parë
7:40 there i was so removable pad things lol
CJ Smith
CJ Smith 3 orë më parë
My nails have never been long enough to break, I haven’t filed/cut them in almost a year, I don’t bite my nails or anything, WHY WONT THEY GROW
Avery Loves Animals
Avery Loves Animals 3 orë më parë
I would no joke, pay for a singing performance from Cristine 😂
Ngọc Diệp Trần
Ngọc Diệp Trần 3 orë më parë
Oh yes, I’ve watched enough Chinese Drama to know about those ancient impractical nails.
•KinkyMiku• 3 orë më parë
It’s been 5 years since I last seen her videos,I just randomly saw her in my recommendation this brings back memories.
K T-S 3 orë më parë
so hateful
Samara hoisington
Samara hoisington 3 orë më parë
I'm watching this in boisie idaho but I live in Spokane Washington and painted my nails with a turquoise than used one of your holo tocos
Oof The Gamer
Oof The Gamer 3 orë më parë
Why does this video from five years ago come on my recommended page and it’s 2021, hey I’m gonna watch it anyway
Arabella Buckla
Arabella Buckla 3 orë më parë
If you think you’r
Bridget Seekell
Bridget Seekell 4 orë më parë
Angel Willy
Angel Willy 4 orë më parë
Not biting my nails (minus some random times) but I do just accidentally throw my hands into stuff and break my nails, so they're rarely perfect
Rashmi Rai
Rashmi Rai 4 orë më parë
1:00 proud Indians
Kierra Price
Kierra Price 4 orë më parë
So Christine has a hard day job, runs a ALpost channel, AND she has her own nail polish brand! She is the women I aspire to be.
Alora Lindt
Alora Lindt 4 orë më parë
WhAt’S tHe PoInT iF tHeRe Is No H💿l💿
Ro Bri
Ro Bri 4 orë më parë
Quebecer here !! I'm a bit offended about ben saying our accent is not cute ahahha
The peeps Show
The peeps Show 4 orë më parë
Have you tried Boba tea just curious my mom loves it but I don’t get it yeah it’s just a it’s OK but try it if you ever come back to the US by the way I am I would love to send you a package but I am probably know that you won’t get to
Jazzie E.
Jazzie E. 4 orë më parë
Gringa is a word used to described a white person (feminine) Its like a white person saying beaner ^^ But its not as mean as beaner so your welcome
Cheryl Rivers
Cheryl Rivers 4 orë më parë
Me: goes to nail salon Me: gets pedicure Lady giving me pedicure: what you want Me: HoLo!💿
CarmenPlays 4 orë më parë
SimplyHairLogical is back!!!!!!!!! 😆😁😆
Adèle Desm
Adèle Desm 4 orë më parë
FR: Je suis 100% Française et j'adore ce concept. Nous non plus on ne comprends pas pourquoi les objets ont un genre. Pour une personne non-binaire on dit iel ou ellui. EN: I am 100% French and I love this idea. We don't understand either why objects have genders in French. For a non-binary person we will say "iel/ellui" for they/them. And we don't have a french equivalent to "their" because we gender this word not according to the person who possess something but according to the thing that is possessed. Example: it's their chair = c'est sa chaise. Because the chair is a feminine object. It's weird.
Renesmee Palacios
Renesmee Palacios 4 orë më parë
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa 4 orë më parë
she showed the different versions of the pride flag and my support grew 100000000 times more for her
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa 4 orë më parë
Rianne Drake
Rianne Drake 4 orë më parë
Cristine how come there is a add of a pregnancy test
Shi Figueroa
Shi Figueroa 4 orë më parë
we love growth and someone for basic human rights. also, this video made my heart really happy (as a lesbian) also, Black Lives Matter.
Sarah Doucette
Sarah Doucette 4 orë më parë
The same thing happened to my legs but one day it just stopped
Cam Stacy
Cam Stacy 4 orë më parë
Downloads wish so I can get the same shirt as beynnn
olidolly 5 orë më parë
Cristine isn't as fun to watch ever since she began her brand. I love her, and I support her, but her content isn't as entertaining when it seems like I'm watching one big advertisement for holo taco. I get why she does it, she needs to get her brand out there, it just isn't fun.
Madeline Ayianna
Madeline Ayianna 4 orë më parë
I’m low key glad someone else feels the same way
Snakes Rule!
Snakes Rule! 5 orë më parë
If the mix was sold I would buy it
Unicorn Magic
Unicorn Magic 5 orë më parë
Kora 5 orë më parë
Cristine, i love you so much. I have 7 cats, i love holo, and i'v watched every single video of yours💕
TheScottishFloofSquad 5 orë më parë
One of these louibiton nail polishes showed up at a charity shop I volunteer at. Someone bought one of these bottles and gave it away to charity cause they didnae want it. XD
Paige Anderson
Paige Anderson 5 orë më parë
"2021 is the year to grow out your nails, just do it!" Cristine. I'm gay. I can't grow out my nails. Don't remind me 😭
Dani 5 orë më parë
Loving the podcast episodes btw!! Keep it up! I love the Reddit ones, super interesting to hear you and Ben discuss the stories :))
Maddie Poston
Maddie Poston 5 orë më parë
That don’t be an asshole really got me Bryce hall
Emma Hend
Emma Hend 5 orë më parë
She said what is 3 times 365 and go and search it haha! Thats what quarantine did to me people. And its 1095 btw haha
caragh 5 orë më parë
caragh 4 orë më parë
@Madeline Ayianna that’s great
Madeline Ayianna
Madeline Ayianna 4 orë më parë
It’s going good too
caragh 4 orë më parë
@Madeline Ayianna going good 😌 and u
Madeline Ayianna
Madeline Ayianna 4 orë më parë
@caragh how’s life
caragh 4 orë më parë
@Madeline Ayianna hello
H Q 123P
H Q 123P 5 orë më parë
The zoldyck household be like
Angel Down
Angel Down 5 orë më parë
Anyone here is 2021 laughing at them talking about trump😆
SamOuraiNovae 5 orë më parë
Bonjour je suis l’une de vos abonnées française 👋😂 j’adore vos vidéos, et j’ai beaucoup aimé celle-ci ❤️
Marissa Newman
Marissa Newman 5 orë më parë
Cristines costume is where it all began
Donovan Goldie
Donovan Goldie 5 orë më parë
Beyyyyn 2.0: I have heard of this holo Simply: ( notices an opportunity to show of her holo collection ) I shall show you the way of holo
Emma Hend
Emma Hend 5 orë më parë
Christine: Brings out the kethcup chips Me: WHAT WHERE DO YOU FIND THOSE IN THE USA?
Cowshark DeFin
Cowshark DeFin 6 orë më parë
Can your dad adopt me?
Molly Warner
Molly Warner 6 orë më parë
You know you can put jojoba on our hair skin and nails 💅🏻💜💜🌸 🎉🥔🙏🙏🙏🙏
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 6 orë më parë
I just really like how acrylics look and feel tho don't hate me Xtine
Drey_ Tv
Drey_ Tv 6 orë më parë
Did she get this pet pass for FREE?
Anthony Jenks
Anthony Jenks 6 orë më parë
Devon Nichole.
Devon Nichole. 6 orë më parë
You can take it to a lab and they can tell you whats in it. 💙
evelyn's puglife
evelyn's puglife 6 orë më parë
hello where is my nail polish
Minecraft you A
Minecraft you A 6 orë më parë
I hate that vegan theacher
Madeline Ayianna
Madeline Ayianna 4 orë më parë
Same and I’m vegan
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 6 orë më parë
kinda wondering if a sign shop / any kind of online image or ad provider??? is just ripping off your thumbnails and advertising it as stock???????
Mahmoud Mahrous
Mahmoud Mahrous 6 orë më parë
Can anybody take a second to appreciate that Christine took 365 days on one Video she really loves her fans
Paige Edwards
Paige Edwards 6 orë më parë
I always use dip powder. It was made to protect your nails. Trust me it is not that bad. Also this stuff it suppose to stay on for 2 weeks. :D
Lily 6 orë më parë
😷💅 stay safe Cristine
Evelyn Gamez
Evelyn Gamez 6 orë më parë
my stepmam has had hers on since i remeber
Pat Wallace
Pat Wallace 6 orë më parë
3:38 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Rayn Leigh
Rayn Leigh 6 orë më parë
Her nails look like really bad fake nails after the 100 coats😅
Olivier Orston
Olivier Orston 6 orë më parë
"Courvature" is a super fancy way to say curve. "Courbe" is more common. ;) Tools is masculine. Un outil. taco lustré (glossy taco) when Ben mades jokes about milk. He said "c'est pas...lait" which is unintentionally perfect. "lait" means milk but is also a commonly used word for "ugly" so he said "it's not ugly" "peel" is éplucher. My favorite was when she said the coat was too thick. she said "épais" like...(thought she was gonna say you) épais (means thick) is a very commonly used insult to say "stupid" (you're so thick)
Holo Sock
Holo Sock 6 orë më parë
9:15 but but what’s on her other hand????
Catarina Matsui
Catarina Matsui 6 orë më parë
You know, a milky white would have actually been useful there
Maisson Shaheen
Maisson Shaheen 7 orë më parë
je suis egyptienne français est mon triplé langue je connais most plus de la vidéo bon pour toi de me rappeler ça langue ❤️❤️
Julia V
Julia V 7 orë më parë
I really hope that acetone bottle in the intro was actually full of water
Olivier Orston
Olivier Orston 7 orë më parë
French-Canadian native here (3mins in): I've heard Christine speaks bits of French in the past and the 4-1-1 on this situation. Christine is in Vancouver I think? Which is not a French speaking province. 99% of people don't really expect any Canadians to understand and speak French, expect in the province of Quebec (the only French province of Canada) and some parts of New Brunswick (which is strongly bilingual). The only people who would expect it are kind of mean purist Frenchies (my English bff and I used to call them language cops). Ontario has some cities that are moderately French/ bilingual due to the proximity, but it is mostly an English Province. From a strongly judging French perspective, sure, Christine's French isn't "great". As she says, her syntax his meek and her vocabulary is simple. From a objective perspective, I find Christine's French super impressive. She speaks better French than ALMOST ALL Anglophones I've ever met that weren't born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Bon travail Christine. :) Edit: 2 secs. later Ben insulted my province. f**k them. (j.k.) He's clearly traumatized by his French classes when he had to conjugate so many words in so many ways. :P
Zee Kay
Zee Kay 7 orë më parë
Your designs were the best 🤗
Georgie 7 orë më parë
Nobody.... My subtitles- hEllO eVerYoNe iT's mE cHristine aGaiN
Paige Arbogast
Paige Arbogast 7 orë më parë
oh my gowshh.. It says simp Shes a SimP hahahahahhjahjkjuijahdji
pee fire
pee fire 7 orë më parë
i like the smell of nailpolish like if u agree