Do I have Your HULL Attention?
Living on a boat OUT OF THE WATER
Is NOW A Good Time To BUY A BOAT?
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James Daple
James Daple 11 orë më parë
I’m so sorry your having to go thru this!! Lots of Prayers!!! For you!!! GodSpeed !!!
Michael Smorenburg-Writer
Michael Smorenburg-Writer 14 orë më parë
Why aren't you eating the bodies - TONS of meat in the legs and chest. I eat them freshly steamed and curry them too. Please don't waste.
Michael Smorenburg-Writer
Michael Smorenburg-Writer 14 orë më parë
The most humane way to kill them by FAR… Simply put them in freshwater for 20 mins. They very quietly go to sleep. Please do it that way in future
Gary Laaks
Gary Laaks 14 orë më parë
I hope Brian, Kazza and the Nugget watches The Wynns too. O almost forgot Brady and Blue too.
Garth Matthews
Garth Matthews 15 orë më parë
I like the silent 80 silent solar triple deck with kite sail , thats my idea of the perfect all rounder .
MrPaulhease 16 orë më parë
Fun videos guys.,,Nikki is super cute and very funny
Kyle Fegley
Kyle Fegley 17 orë më parë
Well I happen to have a good friend who works for AstraZeneca in Delaware, going to reach out to him.
Karma 17 orë më parë
Brand new viewer. Dam that looks hard and so frustrating mentally, physically and emotionally. But, let me say that again, BUUUT you're living the dream. Anything else better than the dream; family, friends and the love of your life. Which you have all right there with you. I peeked to see if your videos in the future are on the water. Living the dream ;). I wish the best memory making moments of your lives. May the wind always be in your favor and may the water nourish your souls. - Karma
GSM 17 orë më parë
I like her.
Roy Haven
Roy Haven 19 orë më parë
I am curious about the outboard motor. I often see people with Yamaha motors on Highfields. What made you go with the hp and brand you bought? Also, by watching these older videos I'm really appreciating how capable the Nikki is at handling the sailboat and dinghy.
Roy Haven
Roy Haven 20 orë më parë
Good decision to leave the boat. You guys do such great videos I would have hated it if it were your last. Lol
gatorshd 20 orë më parë
My faith in people is restored.
Scott Petrich
Scott Petrich 22 orë më parë
Superb.......From Wyoming
Karen Allen
Karen Allen 22 orë më parë
High tide. Because people go clamming at low tide. At high tide, no one is digging for clams!
Helen Ferris
Helen Ferris Ditë më parë
Where are the kitties
heather Spendlove
heather Spendlove Ditë më parë
I’m crying! How sweet ❤️
alida flus
alida flus Ditë më parë
It’s so wonderful to see you back at home!!! Thank you both for your commitment to this channel. I look forward to seeing you every week.
Stanley Wissmar
Stanley Wissmar Ditë më parë
Funnily enough Coropaxi and its surrounding does seem very similar to Kilimanjaro when I climbed it in my teenager years. Thanks for sharing, now you made me yearn for another spectacular adventure 🙏😉
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns Ditë më parë
Our work here is done! 💙💛💙
Flyermark Big
Flyermark Big Ditë më parë
Glad I found this....didnt show up in my subscriptions even though I am showing as subscribed.....thanks ALpost. I would try to get some spray grease for that pulley and coat the pin and grooves. Safe sailing. Good to see you out on the water.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns Ditë më parë
YT notifications have been.... flaky. Glad you found it though! You can always go to the GWTW main page and click on videos, then sort them in order and watch that way. Curious Minion
Mermaid Treasure Hunter
Mermaid Treasure Hunter Ditë më parë
Read the book "Chris Beat Cancer" by Chris Wark.
Jaja Wachu
Jaja Wachu Ditë më parë
Thanks for this video... Watching it 5 months later but it's still inspiring. Wishing the best for him
Gap P
Gap P Ditë më parë
Thats amazing .
Brandon B
Brandon B Ditë më parë
Absolutely gorgeous.
Furniture Guru
Furniture Guru Ditë më parë
I need a fox nose coffee cup!
RegressMeNot Ditë më parë
It's so cool to watch this old video of you two, it puts into perspective how far you two have come since then. Fast Forward to 2021, the two of you are accomplished veteran sea dogs now.
Bill Brown
Bill Brown Ditë më parë
Question.... Do curious snakes come aboard while sleeping?
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns Ditë më parë
NO! Absolutely not. And if you have proof they do, don't tell me!
Peter Gonzalez
Peter Gonzalez Ditë më parë
How about a 2021 updated video?
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns Ditë më parë
Hey Peter! Jason & Nikki are currently on their catamaran in Tonga on the other side of the globe, so there won't be an update anytime soon. Sorry! Curious Minion
a_random_person Ditë më parë
Having this recommended 5 months later just ruined my night!
Martin K.
Martin K. Ditë më parë
Just epic!!
Onur Ozerol
Onur Ozerol Ditë më parë
ps.dont breath toxic paint fumes toxic rust dust oil fumes most of the maintenance meterial of the boats extremely toxic starting from fiberglaassssssss well
Sandy Oklahomatransient
Sandy Oklahomatransient Ditë më parë
As you were enjoying your movie, wine, and pizza that snake has made it's way onto your boat..... Nice looking pizza😊
Fjord Driver
Fjord Driver Ditë më parë
4:14 Soooo, it's exactly like day trading stocks. Interesting.
KD BEE Ditë më parë
These kids don't realize how great they have it.
Scott Petrich
Scott Petrich Ditë më parë
I must say that you guys, the Sailing Zatara and Wind Hippie Sailing are my fave channels....Thank you from Wyoming
Roy Haven
Roy Haven Ditë më parë
Very interesting! Thanks.
Joel Chipp
Joel Chipp Ditë më parë
No Nakki Thank you for letting us join you in places most of us will only see here. I have watched since when you drove to Florida and started looking for your boat and have watched all video's since and i only can hope to be able to do what you are doing. Time for the next video see you and jason in it. :)
William C Sallai
William C Sallai Ditë më parë
Your thumb is too close!
William C Sallai
William C Sallai Ditë më parë
Do you have a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment? Do you have large ZipLock bags? Place the camera and a small desiccant bag in housing, but do not close the door, then place in the ZipLock bag. Place the end of the vacuum hose into the bag and turn on the vacuum. After the air in the bag is evacuated, close & secure the camera case. This should resolve your fogging problem.
Lark703 2 ditë më parë
They made this toilet sound perfect.... No criticisms?
James Thomson
James Thomson 2 ditë më parë
Well done!
Ken Powell
Ken Powell 2 ditë më parë
killers yikes
Joshua Putnam
Joshua Putnam 2 ditë më parë
I thought the sound at the begining was fire. "How come fire and rain sometimes sound the same?"
Anchors Away Sailing
Anchors Away Sailing 2 ditë më parë
That pizza looked amazing.
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 2 ditë më parë
I thought the whole trip was for the electric boat. I must say the boat that you were given the demo ride was noisy when down below when using the engine. Plus that slapping noise the water makes would be very annoying too! Those kinds of deficiencies should not be acceptable for the kind of money that boat costs. Good luck.
Bill frank
Bill frank 2 ditë më parë
😀 my wife noticed your dress was very similar to what you painted over your cushions.
hans guenter
hans guenter 2 ditë më parë
....och, was fürn niedliches, kleines Bötchen; !!
Mark Saenz
Mark Saenz 2 ditë më parë
YOu guys are cute. You always make great content.
Niko Spinella
Niko Spinella 2 ditë më parë
Next time you’re in a place where you can get Amazon packages, you should get a cast splitter. That’s what I’ve used to open coconuts once you hit it with a knife.
moz 2 ditë më parë
be really brilliant if you hit 500k views with this vlog guys - you did it - congrats xx
St. Mark
St. Mark 2 ditë më parë
1:23 audrey tautou finishing her brazilian wax job... no more mold stains ! thank you, Jeesussah..
David Turner
David Turner 2 ditë më parë
Strewth mate, your accent ain't fair dinkum, when you come and visit us in Straya well get it sorted, it will be ridgey didge then Cobba.
James Westhart
James Westhart 2 ditë më parë
Why not use bolt cutters and take the chain out manually?
Ray Lane
Ray Lane 2 ditë më parë
Nikki: I was literally watching you chop that coconut though my fingers as I covered my face with my palm. Always love your episodes!!!
ZMariaJZ 2 ditë më parë
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing more of your life with me! This is my all time favorite!🙏❤️🙏
PT Phillips
PT Phillips 2 ditë më parë
What does it cost?
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Costs and everything you need to know to do it all yourself here: Curious Minion
ZMariaJZ 2 ditë më parë
Does Mom have a ALpost channel? I enjoy all you guys so much! Thank you for sharing your life with me🙏❤️🙏
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Mary says no way! She's seen how much work a YT channel is haha! She is on IG @MarysVan if you'd like to follow her there. Curious Minion
Miltos Exarhou
Miltos Exarhou 2 ditë më parë
BRAVO...2 Story Telling...made w LoVe...:)))~🙏❤️😀👏🌱🏄‍♂️🐬🌴🌈🧿
Sara Pesola
Sara Pesola 2 ditë më parë
You wonder what a one-way trip costs and means, hey? LOL!
spelled341 2 ditë më parë
"Christine"?? *Mind blown*
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Nisha Ray
Nisha Ray 2 ditë më parë
My favorite ALpostrs at this point 🥰
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
A Silvermoon
A Silvermoon 2 ditë më parë
Jason always looks like he's about as high as one can get, and Nikki looks like she's secretly upping his doses. 💨
Margaret Kohler
Margaret Kohler 2 ditë më parë
You go girl! Proud of you guys.
Christian Vazquez
Christian Vazquez 3 ditë më parë
You don't need a machete to open a coconut nut, you just need your teeth and some will power :-D Polynesian Cultural Center -
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Jodi Spear
Jodi Spear 3 ditë më parë
One of the boats in the back ground ran a ground and sunk. Its when you coming in to the dock. It’s called the Hana Malika or something like that you can see the name as you drive by. It’s on a you tube video of Zatara
LifeAsWeKnowIt 3 ditë më parë
Does your iridium go allow you to watch videos like youtube or anything like Netflix. Im looking for something suitable for long term everyday use in Rarotonga that bypasses their current limited use teleco offerings.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Oh no. It's really for text e-mail only or with a tiny tiny image. You can get satellite systems that will allow you to stream content, but you're looking at thousands per month for that service, plus the cost of the equipment. Curious Minion
Alan Price
Alan Price 3 ditë më parë
this isnt crock country?
Outliers Overland
Outliers Overland 3 ditë më parë
Hey guys. Taking a day off from editing and work to enjoy some videos. Jason your drone catching skills have improved since Alaska. I still remember Lynn cringing when whacking fish on the boat.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
Hey there has to be a drone to catch! 😉 What an epic day!
Thomas Sackett
Thomas Sackett 3 ditë më parë
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 3 ditë më parë
Hello, Humans. "People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude."-John C. Maxwell TERRANCE OUT
Allen Hanks
Allen Hanks 3 ditë më parë
Where is all the dough coming from?
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 2 ditë më parë
There's a whole section on the blog devoted to how the Wynns (and other nomads) make money while traveling. Check it out here: Curious Minion
NICK CAMPBELL 3 ditë më parë
I would love to k now the music you guys use on your videos
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 3 ditë më parë
The artists are listed in the description box (in the order they appear) and there's a link to the service Nikki & Jason use to find them all. 😎 Curious Minion
julien pubert
julien pubert 3 ditë më parë
hi guys from france, how much does it cost to let the boat in dry berth per month?
Marc Lawyer
Marc Lawyer 3 ditë më parë
So that's how it all started... hopefully we'll get to meet you guys on the water some day. You've been an inspiration. Thanks 👍
Adam Jordan
Adam Jordan 3 ditë më parë
I am catching up with (ie: binging) your videos and watched the bit about the "chicken tortilla soup but with fish". Your friend said she can't have it all the time because the coriander isn't always available. I spent the next few videos wracking my brain trying to remember the other name for coriander.. and then the Irishman says sláinte, and Jason responds with the word I was searching for. Thanks!
Naturally Eco Australia
Naturally Eco Australia 3 ditë më parë
"Dinner and a Show".... as if i wasn't jealous enough... that did it. What a lifestyle xx
My Dog & I
My Dog & I 3 ditë më parë
I would give you guys a piece of advice : De-husk the coconuts on land prior to taking them to the boat. Put them on the ground or a flat rock with the pointy end up and hit them with a rock as large as you can comfortably lift over your head, let the gravity do the work for you.. it will after 3-4 hard blows split the husk 1-2 places and you can then remove the husk with your bare hands without any machete action.. When splitting the nut itself look at the blunt end with the "eye and mouth".. above the eyes you make an imaginary line along the nut, and you hit it confidently with a sturdy knife/parang (if you forage on islands frequently I recommend you purchase a parang, its well worth it) and it will make a straight split along the middle.. do it over a bowl if you want to save the water inside.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 3 ditë më parë
and Sailing La Vagabond. BTW I have that exact same model of oven and it is just the best counter top one I have ever owned.
Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward 3 ditë më parë
Oh no I’m all caught up, it’s been great pandemic watching for the past couple of months.....better than Netflix. Now I get to wait a week for the next like the rest of the subscribers....wah wah! 😭😭
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 3 ditë më parë
Sorry not sorry! 💙💛💙
Girlonfire 2.0
Girlonfire 2.0 3 ditë më parë
I luv you guys for saving the bat😔😭
Jonathan Barr
Jonathan Barr 3 ditë më parë
Nicky I think you are way to confident with that machete! Thought we were going to end up with a Horror Movie!
Lloyd Trueblood
Lloyd Trueblood 3 ditë më parë
Use the little silica packs that comes in vitamin bottles in you dive camera housing. Absorbs all moisture in the air, no condensation.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 3 ditë më parë
That's what the little strips are. Curious Minion