mamaofB.A.D. Orë më parë
What they leave us hanging like that🙄
Beeba TV
Beeba TV Orë më parë
This is my dream dress! Is there one like it that I can pin or something, for when I get married in the future?
Bojidara Georgieva
Bojidara Georgieva Orë më parë
The brother đŸ˜” đŸ„°
mamaofB.A.D. Orë më parë
Bride is beautiful. Such a good looking couple
Farhana Luba
Farhana Luba Orë më parë
I wish I could hug her right now 😔
Aziza Al Mughairy
Aziza Al Mughairy Orë më parë
The dramatic music when the entourage doesn’t agree ✹
Aquarius Zodiac
Aquarius Zodiac Orë më parë
I just have one question. Who thought it was a good idea to make bridal jumpsuits??????
CJR Sings
CJR Sings Orë më parë
Stop calling her a tomboy wtf...
Joey Luna
Joey Luna Orë më parë
Tell me more about Conrad.đŸ€Ș
FideliaNerina Orë më parë
When the mother said that not everyone could pull of that dress, it made me think about Olivander, how he says the wand chooses the wizard. It's kinda like he makes wands knowing its gonna be for someone very specific. Kinda like some designers may make a dress that's really out there and most people wouldn't be able to pull it off, but there's always that one person that fits the dress perfectly.
Japji Kaur
Japji Kaur Orë më parë
the bride looks young
mia ijo
mia ijo Orë më parë
they're literally projecting their insecurities on these poor angel. she does not need them in her bridal party.
Katie Antique
Katie Antique Orë më parë
Oh heck, I was 19 at my wedding, 48 years ago. Still married 💝
Katie Antique
Katie Antique Orë më parë
Haley and her fiancĂ© are the two sweetest people. I hope Haley can rescue her own name to use again đŸ˜đŸ„°đŸ’
scheep wijn
scheep wijn 2 orë më parë
She looks so good đŸ’Ș
Nicole 2 orë më parë
I love this family, they were a joy to watch from other families.
scheep wijn
scheep wijn 2 orë më parë
I was like let me see what the foks got to say after i watched this clip đŸ˜…đŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚
Debby Charles
Debby Charles 2 orë më parë
If her mother is so rude now, wonder what type of childhood she had growing up ? ?đŸ˜„đŸ˜„
theresa shook
theresa shook 2 orë më parë
What? You ended the video without showing us the final product! I hope you plan on a follow-up! I would love to see how the Randall Jumpsuit turns out. Maybe even a removable train so mom sees the bridal finish too. Please, please, please?
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 2 orë më parë
just wish the dress was some sort of white or other shade. He gives me gay vibes too
Rosie Debevc
Rosie Debevc 2 orë më parë
I also like Gok and Randy
Lilly VonShtup
Lilly VonShtup 2 orë më parë
There would be 2 less bridesmaids in that wedding
Joey Luna
Joey Luna 2 orë më parë
Now let me tell you about Ron, he’s conservative and all , no mermaid dress etc, but he really wants you to be all sexy and all in unconservative dress, indeed he does.
LOLtube youtubelol
LOLtube youtubelol 2 orë më parë
I say the mother is a karen
Jilly Girl
Jilly Girl 2 orë më parë
The first dress was romantic not too blingy nor too plain looked lovely on her
Joey Luna
Joey Luna 2 orë më parë
Big smiles from the bride, that’s the dress.👍
FideliaNerina 2 orë më parë
Anyone else think Olivia looks like Billie Piper during her Doctor Who days? Like not when the camera is right on her, but at some angles and distances I just keep thinking "Rose Tyler" for some reason. Also, I feel bad for the bride because they were showing dresses that didn't fit her style. The 3rd dress was great though, but the last one showed off her figure more and looked like what she wanted.
Giselle Vega
Giselle Vega 2 orë më parë
is everyone hating the mom?? Please say yes!!!
Abby Brickley
Abby Brickley 2 orë më parë
The only person worth being there is the dad. Her mother and “friends” should be ashamed of themselves.
michelle&carl mixon/cummings
michelle&carl mixon/cummings 2 orë më parë
She would have been out my wedding THAT day. The purple one was the best
Helena Doherty
Helena Doherty 2 orë më parë
It's sad to see how often a spot of jealousy appears in this show
ScaryStar 123
ScaryStar 123 2 orë më parë
I love how Randy respected that there might be non-straight couples in the ceremony 😊
michelle&carl mixon/cummings
michelle&carl mixon/cummings 2 orë më parë
Is it her religious beliefs because in that stance I get it. When you for real about WHO you are in God, you're not compromising for nobody
ÎœÎ±ÏÎŻÎ± ÎšÎ±ÏÏ„Î±Î»ÎŻÎŽÎżÏ… 2 orĂ« mĂ« parĂ«
She looks great at 43
claudia taylor
claudia taylor 2 orë më parë
Her fiancĂ© seems like a great guy, and he’s handsome, too! And - she looks smashing in that dress ♄
Hannah Rayne
Hannah Rayne 2 orë më parë
I thought that the first 2 that she came out in were beautiful, but the one she chose blew my mind, it reminds me of my dream wedding dress and I loved it
Joy Nichols
Joy Nichols 2 orë më parë
I have to agree with her cousin who said that it was inconsiderate to her father and that she should have to come up with the extra cash.
scheep wijn
scheep wijn 2 orë më parë
Aaahw thats so cutee ❀❀❀❀
Matilda Uebel
Matilda Uebel 2 orë më parë
Why did she even have to stick in that last comment. Her daughter, you know the one getting married, was clearly loving it. Just shut up and let her wear what she feels pretty in.
peeps hadad
peeps hadad 2 orë më parë
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Michelle San Juan
Michelle San Juan 2 orë më parë
Nasty crowd!
peeps hadad
peeps hadad 2 orë më parë
The rhetorical behavior compatibly extend because caution disturbingly save despite a pleasant yacht. fluffy, moldy alarm
Margaret Patterson
Margaret Patterson 2 orë më parë
✹💖✹What a sweet young lady. Having her mother there, being so happy to have her mother there, I think I’ve lost 5lbs. of water weight crying my eyes out. I wish her all the happiness in the world.
Alty 3 orë më parë
She seemed so sweet and happy! And funny! And she's owned that she waited too long. And if her fiancé has the money and gave her his cards, why the hell not?? Enjoy what you can:)
Matilda Uebel
Matilda Uebel 3 orë më parë
Sorry for leaving so many comments, but itÂŽs pretty clear the reason she hasnt found a dress despite visiting so many stores, is because mom loves to constantly tear her down. No dress will ever be good enough, because it isnt about the dress. ItÂŽs about mom getting to feel good by making her daughter feel small.
Matilda Uebel
Matilda Uebel 3 orë më parë
Look how shocked mom was when she stood up for herself in the end. Go Samantha!
Matilda Uebel
Matilda Uebel 3 orë më parë
Sometimes it can mean so much to have a stranger validate your feelings and lift you up like that. To know that even they can see that you are being mistreated, and to know that yes you are right to feel the way you do.
Amber Teachey
Amber Teachey 3 orë më parë
Maybe I’m extra but I loved the first dress
Sol Lopez
Sol Lopez 3 orë më parë
Omg that last dress... She looked stunning!
Xanaesthetic 3 orë më parë
"I know what she likes" **bride likes a dress** "Thats not her I know what she likes"
jasmyn 3 orë më parë
she’s a little girl omg
Pamela Zimnizzle
Pamela Zimnizzle 3 orë më parë
I do not understand the appeal of Pnina dresses. They seem to be lingerie-like to me.
Bobbie Jo Colbert
Bobbie Jo Colbert 3 orë më parë
No tattoos I thought was because of the Nazi concentration camp tattoos.
Aarya Mishra
Aarya Mishra 3 orë më parë
What might be the cost of that dress
Paula-lee Magee
Paula-lee Magee 3 orë më parë
We are assuming that some poor guy would want to marry her friend. Not after seeing this RUN
Celeste Granell
Celeste Granell 3 orë më parë
She looked drop dead gorgeous in the second dress.
Aucklet L
Aucklet L 3 orë më parë
She looked beautiful in her moms dress but it was not right
Loading 3 orë më parë
I wanna fight them for her 💀💀
s. s.
s. s. 3 orë më parë
When sexy women can't accept themselves, I know I will never accept myself either, I'm an epitome of uglyness and there's nothing I could do about it, no I don't have body dismorphia, anything I wear looks disgusting, I have some weird condition around my belly that I acquired at a very young age and nothing worked to heal it, doctors can't identify it, so I just have to live with it, plus im tiny, I have no idea what I've done to deserve this body type, I always said everybody's beautiful in their own way and never criticized ever anybody for their looks or judged for what they wear, but people taunt me wherever I go, just because I'm ugly suddenly everybody has a right to say ew to me, when strangers give me disgusted looks I can't tell what is so bad about me that makes them so angry, and now after all those years even I can't look at myself in mirrors, I keep them covered, I don't take pictures, I delete them from others phones, I hate to even see my reflection on screens. Even though I were turning ugly it was the stress that was the catalyst to bring out the uglyness even more, I'm not even pretty, I know it and I don't say it to receive opposite reactions, its just a fact, and I've never commented this ever before on any platform. But if anybody reads it, don't ever treat anybody like your above them just because of your and their looks, just like you didn't have the power in you to make yourself perfectly sculpted we didn't have the power to look the way we look, its something you're born with, heart matters.
bodybalancer 3 orë më parë
The first one fit & suited her perfectly 😕 looked lighter than the last one...looks like it’d be too hot for a Jamaican beach wedding ... long as she’s happy but they were wrong about dress #1 imo 😝
TheGen6Fennekin 3 orë më parë
"I like this dress." "I like that one better." *swoons* "I love pockets." She doesn't care about the dress but she wants the pockets. They should just give her the plastic cover on the dress and attach pockets to it if that's seriously her only concern.
Mohima Haque
Mohima Haque 3 orë më parë
She could've had a black dress for her reception 😔 i know she wanted it so badly 😔😔
sammie puckett
sammie puckett 3 orë më parë
i wish there was a show like this but a desi version. would be so interesting
Megan K
Megan K 3 orë më parë
Ew I literally hate her
lauren mshiu
lauren mshiu 3 orë më parë
Love that the bride stood her ground
Ariel0Fluffyz 3 orë më parë
Monte was ready to put this mother in her PLACE💀
Claudia Petrache
Claudia Petrache 3 orë më parë
The first dress was beautiful.
bryan stein
bryan stein 3 orë më parë
Daughter has great fashion sense but her mouth ohmy gersh
lilylovesanime 3 orë më parë
Staci looks like Kristen Dunset from spider man
Millie 3 orë më parë
With THAT surname, there’d be no way in hell I’d take his name
John Mandrake
John Mandrake 3 orë më parë
bless the mother bless the mother
Claudia Petrache
Claudia Petrache 3 orë më parë
The dress dad picked was the best.
lightning star
lightning star 3 orë më parë
I think this beautiful bride had been put down in the past n has stopped believing in herself. She's so lovely it's a shame she can't see dat.
Bobbie Jo Colbert
Bobbie Jo Colbert 3 orë më parë
who else deep dives to find these women later? I did and it sorta looks like Jay is with another woman :(
Peli Pelican
Peli Pelican 3 orë më parë
The way Monte just dies on the inside when he saw the sash 😭😂
Jaimie Brickett
Jaimie Brickett 4 orë më parë
The bridesmaid is dramatic about wearing a strapless dress for one night. It’s not the end of the world. It’s 4 hours
y yg
y yg 4 orë më parë
Monty is so sweet, when he lifted her up lmaooo. The bride is really gonna remember that day fondly, including being with her mom.
Kaila Vogt
Kaila Vogt 4 orë më parë
I cringe everytime she says Cinderella's castle
bodybalancer 4 orë më parë
She glows!!!! Inside out & her skin is to die for! đŸ˜©đŸ˜ what a lucky man her future husband is! Wow
FideliaNerina 4 orë më parë
Poor Bride, people in the comments talking about how rude she is. Something was wrong and instead of getting support, shes just getting hate. I think she was discouraged or something else was bothering her. Probably wasn't the best time to film but I don't think they could reschedule.