Minecraft, But The Dark Kills You
You Need to Know the Truth
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Turkeyjoe YT
Turkeyjoe YT Minutë më parë
3:15 "after hours of work" it takes more than an hour
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 3 minuta më parë
upside-down T's is another thing
Sandy Rivera
Sandy Rivera 4 minuta më parë
The sweltering gun exclusively discover because punch aerobically clean aboard a well-made insulation. wasteful, low parrot
BH_LicE_ ASF 4 minuta më parë
Damn this guy is so cheap
SAREL 7 minuta më parë
How about giving yourself 225 jump boost with commands?
Leticia Lane
Leticia Lane 7 minuta më parë
𝙸'𝚖 𝚐𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚞𝚗𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚎
Snowed Whisper
Snowed Whisper 8 minuta më parë
Creeper haus. C R E P P R H A U S
Remixcraft Andrew
Remixcraft Andrew 10 minuta më parë
armor stands??
Josh Chironinja Carmack
Josh Chironinja Carmack 14 minuta më parë
The enderman won
vs gaming
vs gaming 17 minuta më parë
Why does no one like diorite
PotatoGod 17 minuta më parë
That stairs tip would’ve helped before I made my nethrite staircase in my hardcore world
Z 18 minuta më parë
what about strength 255
Cc Gaming
Cc Gaming 21 minutë më parë
Killing someone’s Minecraft pet does the most damage,
THAT Guy 23 minuta më parë
Luke Shears
Luke Shears 23 minuta më parë
10 Year-old me who did every single one of these: *Profusely Sweating*
j4st cam
j4st cam 25 minuta më parë
Click
MooshiTv 26 minuta më parë
Take on vob kaisor
Blueb4ry Z
Blueb4ry Z 29 minuta më parë
Meme Man
Meme Man 34 minuta më parë
I subscribed and liked at the same time
yusuf plays
yusuf plays 37 minuta më parë
1:03 is so trippy, up or down ???
sullylikesmemes 38 minuta më parë
Lava can save you but it has to be deep enough
sol and life
sol and life 41 minutë më parë
The nether portal would be good to send items to another base or a friends base
Infinite vault Squad
Infinite vault Squad 41 minutë më parë
Wait... Why do you use mario kart music or where it comes from at the start lol
Emily White
Emily White 42 minuta më parë
Hi skip I love your videos
Danilo Nikolic
Danilo Nikolic 44 minuta më parë
Texture name
Rose Whittock
Rose Whittock 46 minuta më parë
There is a Glitch where the lights don't effect you as a Cremate and you can walkover to fix lights without the lights off I have experienced it
mobile gamer 1O6
mobile gamer 1O6 46 minuta më parë
The best way to store things:get a shulker filled with shulkers witch are filled with shulkers witch are filled with items
Alex Batt
Alex Batt 25 minuta më parë
You can’t store a shulker box in another shulker box
Valente Perry
Valente Perry 46 minuta më parë
64 days before Minecraft was made I was born
C-Vite 47 minuta më parë
10:08 Fallout 76 in a nutshell
Brodie Lucas
Brodie Lucas 47 minuta më parë
#2 you need to talk with Smokey the Bear about your life choices
AnonymousUser 48 minuta më parë
boneset777 53 minuta më parë
In the F3 menu, you can see which block you’re targeting, for example if you’re looking at netherrack it would say Targeted block minecraft:netherrack
Sophie King
Sophie King 54 minuta më parë
I do a hopper beneath honey blocks that opens a hidden door that leads to a room full of chest donkeys
Jerzy Baranowski
Jerzy Baranowski 54 minuta më parë
You couldhave used the temmie armor
Yannis Jaigirdar
Yannis Jaigirdar 55 minuta më parë
every video i see is less than a day old now
GD ShadowFlame
GD ShadowFlame 56 minuta më parë
Two words *Shulker Boxes*
Qaysar Faizal
Qaysar Faizal 56 minuta më parë
Doppio Boi
Doppio Boi 56 minuta më parë
I don’t think shoving down items down a fox’s mouth is good
Casual Lil ol me
Casual Lil ol me 56 minuta më parë
“Get a stacked aquarium with *EVERY TROPICAL FISH VARIANT* “ There are 3,584 different variants of fish Cool aquarium and a lag machine, two birds with one stone
Water Squad
Water Squad 57 minuta më parë
Wow I’m nit a tree so I can not sub but I did anyways
Dame & Dash TV
Dame & Dash TV 58 minuta më parë
Hey @Skip the Tutorial do you own a server ?
Yuri Borden
Yuri Borden 59 minuta më parë
No joke, 999,666 views
Pancake Talks
Pancake Talks Orë më parë
Tutorial from the future oh they made Among us compatible with the switch
2021marshall I like ya cut g
2021marshall I like ya cut g Orë më parë
no please
Episode 5 pleasede
Happy Frog Videos
Happy Frog Videos Orë më parë
Day 5 of saying HOTDOG until skip the tutorial replies
MASONgmb Orë më parë
But my name is mason
Pusheen and Duckster
Pusheen and Duckster Orë më parë
Hmm where shal I comit suicide and ruin this ALpost video
Boan Jenkins
Boan Jenkins Orë më parë
You need a barrel floor the bottom of the barrel is a sort of plank tecture
Sir Corgi The First
Sir Corgi The First Orë më parë
Basically all of these have been patched out, sorry!
Boan Jenkins
Boan Jenkins Orë më parë
Shulker are the best I need bundles in shulkers
Boan Jenkins
Boan Jenkins Orë më parë
You can fit 500 chests in one block by using donkeys
PhoeniX Orë më parë
I love skipthetutorial you are the best :)
Oliver Fogtmann
Oliver Fogtmann Orë më parë
Mr Mantecor
Mr Mantecor Orë më parë
Your the worst the “invisible name “ made me not allowed in games
Mr Mantecor
Mr Mantecor Orë më parë
Quinn O'Brien
Quinn O'Brien Orë më parë
Me hearing the faint pokemon music in the background
catgasm Orë më parë
Father has posted
the gaming duck
the gaming duck Orë më parë
I am a duck and im subed
BlackScorpion 18
BlackScorpion 18 Orë më parë
10:27 "If you're Elon Musk and you got a couple *dollars* to spare Proceeds to show 50€ bills
HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE Orë më parë
Imagien killing an animal and you get the animal in your hotbar and you have to smelt it to get the drop 😅😅😂
the shadows within
the shadows within Orë më parë
you know,you would think since he makes tips n tricks videos he know how useful a sheild is
Gamer Ryan
Gamer Ryan Orë më parë
Yeah it’s annoying
lool8421 Orë më parë
umm... 25 ways to troll your friends?
Pusheen and Duckster
Pusheen and Duckster Orë më parë
Just a thought why would a. Grown man watch minecraft vids?
Pusheen and Duckster
Pusheen and Duckster Orë më parë
Poor mr cheaper
Cosmo Lunti
Cosmo Lunti Orë më parë
I usually use hoppers to hold items whilst im moving storage systems early days and my inventory is too full to hold all the items
Trix the trickster
Trix the trickster Orë më parë
7:00 did you just try to use a mundane potion instead of an awkward one?
BlueEngland Orë më parë
Me using Enderman to store my blocks: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*
MLG VICTOR Orë më parë
Nobody: Skip: because H E Y
Sarina Kanitha
Sarina Kanitha Orë më parë
*animal crossing music in the background*
the_twisted_darkness Orë më parë
A tip for ya that he didnt say about the barrels: you can have barrel storage BUT dont have then within villager's range if you dont want them to be a fisherman. Thats why i prefer chests
TheGhostReckon Orë më parë
I think I'll just use the mob related ones, I'm not rich or mumbo jumbo lol
Rxkaz Orë më parë
Yea same
Soap ._.
Soap ._. Orë më parë
ALpost pig is Technoblade confirmed.
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera Orë më parë
"Dollars to spare" *puts footage of Euros*
Ankur Kapileshwar
Ankur Kapileshwar Orë më parë
1:46 he literally just walked away from diamonds
Aiden Taylor
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subscribe before Technoblade starts the carrot war
Milan de gamer 2.0
Milan de gamer 2.0 2 orë më parë
OMG i just subbed with my elbow
potatos are the best change my mind
potatos are the best change my mind 2 orë më parë
When you dont have friends
The triforce of internet
The triforce of internet 2 orë më parë
I like your videos, you should try using different music though, it gets kinda annoying to listen to the same 3 songs every time I click on one of your videos (also yes I did notice you added some different stuff in this video)