AH Benjamin
AH Benjamin 5 orë më parë
Oh Poor, poor, Soyfan he has to drive a car that us normal people have to aspire for. And that nasty pandemic has curtailed his free travelling so he can't mooch off the manufacturers. Life is so unfair !!!
Steven Kreiss
Steven Kreiss 5 orë më parë
Congratulations on your new Toyota!
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 5 orë më parë
Who care about plastic I care about the engine ignoring
Nikhil Shankar
Nikhil Shankar 5 orë më parë
Why did you sell this car so quickly? I saw the video of your new Toyota and you said that you sold it.
Luis Fabricio Garbato
Luis Fabricio Garbato 5 orë më parë
In all the other countries the 2.0 petro tsi engine has 220-228hp... why tha fuck here in the US they have to mess it up??? This game of protecting Audi in the US that VW plays is something that should be revised in their strategy...the Tiguan has almost everything to be brilliant SUV just give it more power !!!!
Nick's DIY
Nick's DIY 5 orë më parë
They need to make one of these with their v6! Please toyota v6!!!
JDM guy
JDM guy 5 orë më parë
Great car.
Rick DeFiesta
Rick DeFiesta 6 orë më parë
Wanted the manual so this was not an option. Let’s hope that Jeep always has the option to stay with a manual transmission.
Bob Drahushuk
Bob Drahushuk 6 orë më parë
Sofyan, you often comment when any lights are not LED. I can understand on headlights and some decorative uses, but why do you dislike even on turn signals?
CarrieBrooks 7 orë më parë
So sexy the only one minor complaint I just don't feel like I'm driving if I don't have the stick shift. But what the heck I'll take it!!! 💜
Supercar Driven
Supercar Driven 7 orë më parë
I don’t feel poor when I drive mine bro 😂 I love my C8
Nick S
Nick S 7 orë më parë
Sofyan - whats your take on the Camry vs Accord Hybrid? Thanks!
Tan Ha
Tan Ha 7 orë më parë
LIke you,like your coat,like your mask ,like your car 👍👍👍
brucedowdy 7 orë më parë
So sorry to learn your relationship didn't work out. Life is tough in good times and 2020 has been difficult on its own. Thank you for an excellent review on the Rav 4 Prime. Keep up the good reviews!
John Levi Obligacion
John Levi Obligacion 7 orë më parë
Kids: Kia Seltos Men: Geely Coolray Legends: Mazda CX-30
Mr.Tweezy007 8 orë më parë
TLX looks like cheap chinese knock off. I dont wanna drive something that looks cheap
mwfromva 8 orë më parë
We couldn't find a Telluride but we did find a Palisade. Assuming they are similar in driving dynamics, one thing that was pretty offensive was the highway road noise. Before you put your money down on one of these, make sure you test drive it out on the highway, 60-70MPH. It was very obvious when we test drove a Highlander right after - the Highlander was much quieter at highways speeds.
jt68123 8 orë më parë
Lol, blew through the stop sign at 10:38
DMX 10033
DMX 10033 8 orë më parë
Sofyan, many of us are watching your videos from oversees, so can you add metric numbers alongside with imperial, please
Michelle Scobee
Michelle Scobee 8 orë më parë
Love your work and the personal update. Peace, love and happiness
Utooob76 9 orë më parë
nicer than bmw
Larry R
Larry R 9 orë më parë
Thanks Hyundai you just made me hate my 2018 Elantra Sport.
Remington Steele
Remington Steele 9 orë më parë
gaming with nate
gaming with nate 9 orë më parë
I live in jamaica and my mom is going to win one
Larry R
Larry R 9 orë më parë
Nope used ZO6 all day.
Jason Giles
Jason Giles 9 orë më parë
Come on bro. You spoofed the launch control and then blamed the car. It does launch control just like every other car. Drive, Sport+, disable nanny’s = launch control.
Ahmednt 10 orë më parë
Just upgraded not new Gen
Rob Russell
Rob Russell 10 orë më parë
The car is stunning and amazing, - congratulations and thank you for sharing - I hope all is well! You've just sold another one for Toyota!! 🏳️‍🌈
Eusko 10 orë më parë
🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 51 less horses powered .... 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
Moses Olatubosun
Moses Olatubosun 11 orë më parë
I do have issues with some of the statements you made regarding Mazda3 cars. You said mazda3 usually feels like it's struggling in the power sector over the years. Your statements has been refuted by empirical data. Moreso, Car & Driver magazine disagrees with your opinion! I had owned VW GTI, Golf R, Honda Civic Si, Nissan Sentra SR and Toyota XRS. I must tell you, Mazda has been the only Japanese car maker that puts drivers' enjoyment, super-fun to drive experience and excellent weight balancing of the steering wheel in relative to the car's drive line. I currently own a 2016 Mazda3 Limited Special Edition with 2.5L, 6 speed manual in GTS model and it's a far more blast, more fun to drive and definitely more powerful and sporty experience than the GTI, Si and the Nissan Sentra SR. People like you have over the years denied Mazda Company it's deserving respect for building durable, sporty, reputable, affordable cars worthy of any competitor within its class for a long time. Please, do your due diligence, research and homework before making non-factual assertions on ALpost.
Mc leean
Mc leean 11 orë më parë
Hour from Bmore! Aaaaa
Mei li Li
Mei li Li 11 orë më parë
Kfir Luzon
Kfir Luzon 11 orë më parë
I seriously cannot understand what makes someone choose the Rav4 over a Tiguan
Brian DL
Brian DL 12 orë më parë
Looks nice. Underpowered. Should have a 240 hp car looks heavy
Eric Yai
Eric Yai 12 orë më parë
Honestly really like the new infotainment screen!
Eric Yai
Eric Yai 12 orë më parë
Also, cockpit red does come with this model as well!
DMX 10033
DMX 10033 12 orë më parë
Keep up
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee 12 orë më parë
No words need. Great car!
James Mitchel
James Mitchel 12 orë më parë
I’ve been following your for at least 4 years now Sofyan stay strong you are a boss and an inspiration to me and many in my circle 💙💙 wishing nothing but the best !
MadMan 728
MadMan 728 13 orë më parë
The fisheye effect of your lens did not do this car any favors.
Mohammad Faraz
Mohammad Faraz 13 orë më parë
Taxi's in Dubai use this
Balls Deep
Balls Deep 13 orë më parë
Should've gotten the Mazda CX-5
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick 13 orë më parë
Not a big fan of the G's exterior looks on the inside is a little better..I like the exterior of the caddy better interior not so much..
Ryan Peralta
Ryan Peralta 14 orë më parë
I can fill up the void your ex left. Hope you r ok. Respectfully, Ryan the delivery guy (because I deliver)
Drew Breyer
Drew Breyer 14 orë më parë
this guy is the lowest iq person in cars lol
Jason Mandela
Jason Mandela 14 orë më parë
He sold his Tesla?! SAD! Unsubscribed!
George Lu
George Lu 15 orë më parë
congrats welcome to PA... how has ur MPG been doing with the colder temps... my rav4 hybrid XSE has def dropped off a lil with the colder weather in the mornings and nights...maybe 4 - 5 mpg LESS at about 20 degree mornings
wagon wheel
wagon wheel 15 orë më parë
Watch out for the loud blue corvettes in PA.
CSLFiero 15 orë më parë
and if you want all the cars features to work 10 years from now, get a transit connect with no features.
yazkaz 15 orë më parë
Many changes... How about refraining from being gay? That would help......
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 15 orë më parë
I still see a Honda CRV. I don't see luxury when I look at this. The Genesis GV80 blows this away, and they've been in the luxury segment less longer.
One 7 Decimal 2 Eight
One 7 Decimal 2 Eight 16 orë më parë
Sounds just like my 2006 Cayman with a 3.8 conversion. 390 hp.
AyoItsLeo 16 orë më parë
How did you remove the front license plate? I have the exact same car
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 16 orë më parë
you don't need to stop at stop signs in the US?
Abc Abc
Abc Abc 16 orë më parë
Man people complaining about depreciation.... If you care about depreciation.... You ain't rich enough to buy it... Simple... Go buy something you think is value for money
Terrance J
Terrance J 16 orë më parë
I live in the DC Area and loved watching the videos and recognizing where you were lol. I’ll be clueless with you being in PA but glad you’re doing great
justin hunte
justin hunte 17 orë më parë
I just wish people that give these care tours would stop showing their face as much. I came for you opinion, and to see how it drives and looks. It’s so annoying when every other minute it flashes back to his face.
justin hunte
justin hunte 17 orë më parë
Rod 17 orë më parë
Lucky I got myself a 2020 LE rav 4 I love it
James Johnson
James Johnson 17 orë më parë
Sorry to hear you split up. No wonder you've been so silent. I guess the youtube world isn't kind to relationships. Suvs are the way to go. Also, it makes sense to move away after a breakup. I am surprised that you chose Pennsylvania of all places. A lot of people seem to be splitting up their relationships because of the pandemic. I hope you do well into 2021.
Maxwell Martin
Maxwell Martin 17 orë më parë
that long ass gearing just screws up the whole concept of this car..
sorasak somchai
sorasak somchai 17 orë më parë
So they abandoned concept design and go with catfish head design 😑
Bob Fisher
Bob Fisher 17 orë më parë
To me, the looks are an improvement. And the 8" screen is perfectly adequate to allow tactile knobs and buttons: no annoying hit'n'miss touchscreen.
kwelitysoul 17 orë më parë
The Prime needs more exterior colors!
N. Simon Mishler
N. Simon Mishler 18 orë më parë
Did you own a Porsche, Sofyan? Did you? I can't remember, you only mentioned it about 8,000 times in this video.
PunxsutawneyDave 18 orë më parë
Sofyan is the best. Both he and AoA seem to like the Rav4 Prime but I'm still super intrigued by the new Venza. I kinda want to see a lot more on that.
Redline Reviews
Redline Reviews 9 orë më parë
We want to see Toyota do a Venza Prime!
Mariano Stanton
Mariano Stanton 18 orë më parë
Next year once the Raptor gets the GT500 engine this dudes mind is going to explode.
HIGHTONE 18 orë më parë
Yup, I think I’ll be getting the rav4 prime instead of a Tesla Y
HIGHTONE 18 orë më parë
Yup, I think I’ll be gettin’ the rav4 prime instead of a Tesla Y
Theodore Yoo
Theodore Yoo 18 orë më parë
Robbb best guy you’ll ever meet. He should do a video on his type r update!
J Parsons
J Parsons 18 orë më parë
Would you rather have a updated platform from FIAT...........
Will Esco
Will Esco 18 orë më parë
Congrats that Toyota is looking sooo nice with that color
VpY22 18 orë më parë
Got this as a rental on my latest trip. Beautiful car and it was just the LX trim. I bet the EX and GT looks much better. Smooth drive too with a real nice interior. Kia and Hyundai have top notch interiors.
Soulbreeze 18 orë më parë
Why does it look like there's a large gap between the hood and the headlights? Is it just a weird angle or is there something black there?
PrinceOfParthia74 18 orë më parë
what's long term in your mind exactly? the outback was suppose to be long term too.
drollig 18 orë më parë
No discussion about reliability
Brian Burman
Brian Burman 18 orë më parë
That engine just purrrrs!!
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey 18 orë më parë
That infotainment system is hideous
gladys 18 orë më parë
I wish they would put this powertrain in the new Toyota Sienna.
Rodamus22 18 orë më parë
Love your channel bro, cheers to new beginnings! Best of luck with new content.
Fremont Pathfinder
Fremont Pathfinder 18 orë më parë
Who can afford that?
Jimmy Lai
Jimmy Lai 18 orë më parë
Love your videos man! Wish you the best!