How To Make Fried Water
Cold Welding Metals In a Vacuum
The World's Bounciest Surface
I Made Square Water
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Gallium Vortex
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A Computer That Runs on Marbles
Making Rock Bubbles
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Oxygen Tube Fires Are Insane!
Splitting Water Molecules By Hand
peedy pxblo
peedy pxblo Orë më parë
Soundproof it and put a hot tub salt bath in there. You won’t regret it.
Silent Orë më parë
Paint a car lmao
Jose Alberto Hernandez Borrego
Jose Alberto Hernandez Borrego Orë më parë
i'ts Willy E Coyote paint for painting tunnels
Doo Doo
Doo Doo Orë më parë
4:00 me at 3am when i randomly start having memories of cringy things i did in the past
Kevin Guthrie
Kevin Guthrie Orë më parë
You should try this experiment with a laser shining at a small disconnected speaker. On the speaker hook up a multimeter so you could read the ohms, if the ohms change you'll know this speaker is moving. I wonder if the microphone is picking up a slight voltage change in the voice coil? You could also try it on the voice coil instead of the entire speaker cone to get a reading
Anthoid Khanal
Anthoid Khanal Orë më parë
How this really works is with sweat from your palms that do some chemical reaction or something that will cause the fish to move around. A scientist that came to my classroom when I was in 1st grade explained the entire class that and gave us all one and even a little container or orbies.
Wet Noodle209
Wet Noodle209 Orë më parë
So relatively the speed force technically exists in the middle of a black hole?
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker Orë më parë
Hey I'm Mike TV!!!!
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat Orë më parë
The lazers are probably slow in the movie because of their weight and power.
Raul Orë më parë
Thanks to Dieminion for being our sign language interpreter for this video.
Apollo Lucas
Apollo Lucas Orë më parë
How much does this paint cost
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Orë më parë
Ur face is *smol*
Halbert Gonzalez
Halbert Gonzalez Orë më parë
I thought it was actually 8 times it's own body weight or more !!
Koi Gaming
Koi Gaming Orë më parë
So now I’m curious what if you have 2 of these Wilberforce pendulums on a string. Will both of them do the same thing? Or would you see one bobbing up and down while the other rotates? And what happens if you put 3 wilberforce pendulums on a string? Also what if you use more than one complex multijointed pendulum also on a string what would that do?
Darpan Adhlakha
Darpan Adhlakha Orë më parë
they are still (mini) straight lines.
Telisha Garris
Telisha Garris Orë më parë
Semple and Musou have a great and wonderful, healthy rivalry which benefits everyone and the art world. A. K and his toxic Vanta perfectly sums him up.
Dylank001 Orë më parë
3:47 thank me later
Jacob Orë më parë
now you just need 5 dried grams.
Shannaro Cold
Shannaro Cold Orë më parë
Oh man, just put it in google translate under hungarian language and push the "Listen" button ffs. It's such an easy thing to do if you encounter a word you never heard. Especially if it is a foreign language... Don't just assume how to pronounce it...
S.A the Hedgehog
S.A the Hedgehog Orë më parë
Faster and faster than you vomit
DJKing Parece falso
DJKing Parece falso Orë më parë
The experiment has nothing to do with the quantum tunnel, it is just an optical phenomenon
That Slovia.
That Slovia. Orë më parë
People: Noooo You Don't Have Superpowers! This guy: haha small ball go big 2022: making a working stand
Cinematic Jaedynn
Cinematic Jaedynn Orë më parë
I'm printing the screw right now
The Baller
The Baller Orë më parë
You sound like the nerd in class back in the day🤣🤣 jk
Renz Esparza
Renz Esparza Orë më parë
Take a shot every time he says slippery
Dinnerbone Orë më parë
You missed a spot
RandomJD Orë më parë
Wow, that's actually very cool
Ross Streetly
Ross Streetly Orë më parë
You should mix them all together the musuo black, lit and the white one together to get the greyest grey
Halbert Gonzalez
Halbert Gonzalez Orë më parë
For instance I saw a video, that showed a black widow that got a jumping spider'$ 2 back legs tied together, right before it lost the fight. The jumping spider spent about 5 - 10 minutes untangling after.
KoTu Orë më parë
this is why The Flash is most powerful hero in any universe... srsly imagine punch at the speed of light.
avivah Orë më parë
Its literly light green🟩🟩🟩
Halbert Gonzalez
Halbert Gonzalez Orë më parë
And then try wrapping say a fly after you fail to wrap the spider !?
Hoimontika Chakraborty
Hoimontika Chakraborty Orë më parë
Looked like a crime scene when you got up from the bed.
Promila Devi
Promila Devi Orë më parë
Will the light of gamma ray Burt's be sufficient for the darkest color
Halbert Gonzalez
Halbert Gonzalez Orë më parë
The first spider appears to be a jumping spider. JUMPING SPIDERS don't make webs in order to catch food . but believe it or not they make their own sleeping bags !! You would think that they're trapped !! Although you saw it yourself , they just walk right out , without a struggle !! Amazing. !! Now there's a spider , that catches and eats other spider . i don't recall if its a jumper or not
Oliver Voigt
Oliver Voigt Orë më parë
Put it on the ground and vibrate the whole earth
Quantum Randomness
Quantum Randomness Orë më parë
the action lab has been too obsessed with paint lately. what makes him so interested in it lately?
Sunday Orë më parë
I first thought this was an April fools video
Jack Mac
Jack Mac Orë më parë
Mythbusters did this and actually had someone swim through syrup for those who want to check it out
Allen Morton
Allen Morton Orë më parë
Too cool! My mind is bobbing, rotating, etc. Cool too!
Engin Engineer
Engin Engineer Orë më parë
the ball can be transferred own heat with radiation , 3 way exist to transfer the heat..
Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace
Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace Orë më parë
"Spectralon is the whitest thing in the world" Dad's who say whoopsie daisy when they trip: finally, a worthy opponent
Sannesthesia Orë më parë
The curie point heating made me think about magnetoptical media such as minidisc.
Debasish Bar
Debasish Bar Orë më parë
I think he is holds a paper.😂
Waffle Orë më parë
LAGMASTER2000 2 orë më parë
if my room looked like this i would constantly be bumping the wall just looking for the door
Carlos Winchester
Carlos Winchester 2 orë më parë
Glad i unsubbed
LAGMASTER2000 2 orë më parë
"I lost my black friend in the darkness"
Lemonade 2 orë më parë
This room has so much potential for art installations with cool optical illusions and play with light.
Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης
Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης 2 orë më parë
Balls be like: ]:(
LoweLyfe XO
LoweLyfe XO 2 orë më parë
If you told them you were painting an entire room the fabric may have been for the window. If it's big enough you should make a T-shirt, that would be trippy.
G F 2 orë më parë
How I imagined "The Ways" were in the wheel of time novels.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 2 orë më parë
Now you just need to try it with vantablack. You might need to sue Anish Kapoor first, though.
Willie Bravo
Willie Bravo 2 orë më parë
Him: science stuff Me: just fill the mattress up and get on it already
Anime fan Group
Anime fan Group 2 orë më parë
10 years old be like😕😕 What is he saying???????! HE IS USING TO BIG WORDS
TheSpiritombsableye 2 orë më parë
maggs131 2 orë më parë
Have I wondered about flying a drone in an elevator?!?! Only every day!!! 🤪
TheSpiritombsableye 2 orë më parë
Imagine a 4D Villian.
G O 2 orë më parë
Amazing experiment very intresting thanks for sharing.
Kaedrock Messan
Kaedrock Messan 2 orë më parë
Yen and yang are formed
AchillesTheAnt 2 orë më parë
wait a sec, didn't that just sound like batteries tech?
Timochat 2 orë më parë
How to simulate a flashbang going off :
maggs131 2 orë më parë
I feel so betrayed. I'm accustomed to seeing actual experiments on this channel. I was hoping youd actually do this
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 2 orë më parë
Can we all just appreciate all the work the action lab puts in his video’s? And like multiple times per week an upload!
Robert Cerins
Robert Cerins 2 orë më parë
How come I can over power gravity by sucking water and or air up a straw.? A true vacuum is very powerful and I do not think the spin keeps our air here.
Dean Graham
Dean Graham 2 orë më parë
I like magnets.
Eli Outdoors
Eli Outdoors 2 orë më parë
Flip the bottle up side down and I think you will have a rocket
Clash Account
Clash Account 2 orë më parë
heard of metallic glass?
Dr.Connio 2 orë më parë
I thought it was unus annus for a second ....
Kafaloto Feao
Kafaloto Feao 2 orë më parë
When u turned the light on I instantly thought Bohemian rhapsody lol
Robert Cerins
Robert Cerins 2 orë më parë
How fast is the moon spinning? Good show.
maggs131 2 orë më parë
If I had that egg, i would eat a bowl of green beans while watching it spin.
CybershamanX 2 orë më parë
A video of the drone would have been more exciting. :/
Raytheon Nublinski
Raytheon Nublinski 2 orë më parë
OLED TVs playing this video: *my destiny has finally been revealed to me*
Grace T
Grace T 2 orë më parë
I have so many thoughts but not enough brain power to think through them
rithika raj
rithika raj 2 orë më parë
Haters will say its not real
Dr No No No
Dr No No No 2 orë më parë
now stick tiny glow in the dark stars all over, turn light on for a second and then turn off.
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez 2 orë më parë
Cant you make infinite energy if you just bounced an object in a confined space lined with the bounciest substance and then found a way to harness the kinetic energy
Jesuletus 2 orë më parë
I like how it's protected by plastic
SAINT rachel JAROD M. HOLY-K/AYLWORTH 2 orë më parë
So it really comes down too the nuts, one screws left and the other screws right, but if they screw together it locks down tight,😀 aight!