Bruce Arians: 'Super Bowl or Bust'
Griffin S
Griffin S 3 sekonda më parë
I’m buying a D White jersey after this game
Opus Epynomus
Opus Epynomus 8 sekonda më parë
Brady is on his way to having a "jesus" of football stature.
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 2 minuta më parë
Loved how excited he got explaining his interception you can tell he loves the game
Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens 3 minuta më parë
Good running again today Lenny!!
Almonte francisco
Almonte francisco 7 minuta më parë
That man💪💪😎
David Jackson
David Jackson 7 minuta më parë
Has a quarterback ever won a super bowl in his first year with a new team? I don't think it has ever been done
Xan Otair
Xan Otair 8 minuta më parë
My man Devin White sound like Roy Jones jr
SPeAK PLaINLY 11 minuta më parë
Imagine the pressure he played under all year long. The expectations that come with being T. Brady are insane! People expect him to lead his team to an SB every year! The Patriots miss one year, and everyone goes nuts!
Robinna Brix
Robinna Brix 14 minuta më parë
What's that 18 teams he has now beaten in the finals?
Richard Fernandes
Richard Fernandes 15 minuta më parë
Great game! 💯
Thiccc Quesirito
Thiccc Quesirito 15 minuta më parë
“Great week of prep” lol
manviben 16 minuta më parë
Both of u boys. Please believe un yourselves and play crazy hardcore strong 💪 football next week. U guys can absolutely WIN SUPERBALL. Go BUCS!
Armand Crown
Armand Crown 16 minuta më parë
True Donovan "you gotta tip your hat to everyone just doing their job.....and Tom is doing his". Really bro??? How many times you been in "play offs" before TB came to your town?? Yo, all were "just doing yo jobs" then too. Spot the difference ..... or is "playing down TB's role "for the media"? If so, then fair game otherwise give Tom his props because this stuff didn't work at New England bro! TB came away from there with people wondering who is the real reason for the Pats success since 2001, Brady or Belicheck? No guessing now :) Tom Brady all the way. Lets go Tom. :)
senin clan
senin clan 17 minuta më parë
Problem with ne is belichick
MichaelC Stabach
MichaelC Stabach 19 minuta më parë
Simply...The Best
Bernie Bock Junior
Bernie Bock Junior 21 minutë më parë
How bout ask if he thinks Evans Gronk and AB will be a bigger factor against GB
Andrew Chisholm
Andrew Chisholm 22 minuta më parë
tom wants 7
Grant P
Grant P 24 minuta më parë
Packers "should" win this upcoming game -- even the oddsmakers agree, but that doesn't mean they will. Rogers and the Pack picked apart the # 1 rated defence in the NFL, and that was the Rams. Also with 3 great running backs, you have to give the run game as an advantage to the Packers. So running and passing, you have to give Green Bay the edge, and then they are playing in "cold weather". Although Brady is used to that, the rest of the team is not. Defences are about equal I'd say. When you add it all up -- advantage Green Bay, but when you consider that Brady has 5 Super Bowl rings, and knows how to win -- the Bucs could take this game. My money is on Green Bay here score about 34- 28 -- Packer s !!!
Alieyun Xtraterestrial TV
Alieyun Xtraterestrial TV 20 minuta më parë
Brady got 6 rings
H.C. Collier
H.C. Collier 24 minuta më parë
What an outstanding job by the D! The O line rocked too. Brady is the GOAT, and all of those “just a system quarterback” naysayers are being forced to eat their words. I hope he wins this Super Bowl just to stuff it down their throats. Go Bucks.
thienthy2003 25 minuta më parë
cool dude
Almonte francisco
Almonte francisco 25 minuta më parë
That man💪💪,u feel me. LET'S GO BUCS,LET'S GO DEFENCE 💪 👏 😎
VoltXxShot2 25 minuta më parë
WeeZ Montana
WeeZ Montana 27 minuta më parë
Brady most accomplished QB ever, but Aaron Rodgers best career QBR in NFL history and best passing TD’s and INT ratio in NFL history. GOAT is really debatable...I like Rodgers more he’s very entertaining
Bernie Bock Junior
Bernie Bock Junior 27 minuta më parë
Who broke this dude’s nose
Almonte francisco
Almonte francisco 28 minuta më parë
Danny 32 minuta më parë
This man annihilated the AFC for two decades and now just made it to the NFC championship his first year with the bucs today,what else do the haters want?!???
H.C. Collier
H.C. Collier 32 minuta më parë
Gronk has lost a coup,e of steps, and Brady has lost a step but he’s doing enough to have these guys believing in themselves, and they are all playing lights out with discipline and control. This was a great team win. The D is awesome and killed it tonight.
Robert Conley
Robert Conley 35 minuta më parë
Pats fan from Mass here. I was 6 when he started for the Pats. He brought me so many happy moments in football. I will always root for Tom (except against the Pats 😭😭😭). Get number 7. LETS GOOOO!
brucewillis2 35 minuta më parë
man... Devin is onboard to win.. he's not about himself he's in it to win it! you can tell. Devin you will get that paycheck!
Ken Hoang
Ken Hoang 37 minuta më parë
What happened to Winston? He is Brees backup but they played Hill in Brees absence.
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 38 minuta më parë
This is the Buccaneers way !!!
chamikka kalu
chamikka kalu 39 minuta më parë
Wow!!! wow wow.!!!
Miguel 40 minuta më parë
Devin is a beast.
Tyler Nicotra
Tyler Nicotra 40 minuta më parë
We have to cherish watching every game Tom plays, it’s literally history that one day kids will ask about. He is a once in a lifetime competitor and I have had nothing but joy watching him play every Sunday since I was a kid. Cultural icon.
T Rocka
T Rocka 40 minuta më parë
Much love man! great PGC... ✝️🛐 shoutout
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 43 minuta më parë
Belichick standing on a bucket 🪣 right now
EberleGaming 44 minuta më parë
Idc if he wins a ring in Tampa at 43 that is arguably the greatest sports achievement ever
Phu Pham
Phu Pham 45 minuta më parë
Amazing, What an addition of one player can do. That’s why he’s the 🐐.
Milan Bhimani
Milan Bhimani 48 minuta më parë
This guy is crazy
Anthony Vo
Anthony Vo 49 minuta më parë
So many pass defended tonight. We need a whole lot of that against GB.
Akhil Samavedam
Akhil Samavedam 51 minutë më parë
We’re they playing man tonight?
Mena Skywalker
Mena Skywalker 53 minuta më parë
WHOooooooo! The whole team kicked it!
2002S40 54 minuta më parë
Humiliate arrogant Rodgers next!
walkiNraZor863 56 minuta më parë
....and we (a Bucs fan since the nineties) have advanced, How bout dat😬
TMG Tooler
TMG Tooler 59 minuta më parë
Buccaneers Going All Da way Let's Go its Brady time!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🏈🔥💯💪
/: 59 minuta më parë
If we play like how we played against them the first time and today we going to Superbowl 🔥
Hector Delossantos
Hector Delossantos Orë më parë
Even though I'm from Louisiana its forever go bucs. love to hear that LFG fire the cannons baby.
John Maka
John Maka Orë më parë
The father of all GOATS 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐we got this number 7
manviben Orë më parë
Shawne SMB play like this next week as well. Believe in yourself n your team. Let’s go out n win.
manviben Orë më parë
Go BUCS corners. Please play strong 💪 next week and make all us proud. The World will watch u next week. Go Bucs defense!
Bongani Orë më parë
Tom making us dream... 😏
O G Orë më parë
Junior Germain
Junior Germain Orë më parë
The NFL needs to evaluate the people who decides on Pro Bowlers. This guy's stats were among the best despite missing a couple of games
Weaponson3 -
Weaponson3 - Orë më parë
Hey Tampa put your heads and money together and find a way to practice catching balls in the cold this week ;)
test channel
test channel Orë më parë
Wait where are we goin aren’t we playing Green Bay next then if we beat them we’re going to our home field which is Tampa
BucsTB12 Orë më parë
he was a great pick up for 2mill cap hit jags still paying him 2.3mill to play against them cut him he was 33% of the jags offence last year.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Orë më parë
2 more games left.
LtRiot Orë më parë
Keep fightin Sir. What a badass teammate!
lucero Lucero
lucero Lucero Orë më parë
As long as brady is around everybody else is second best
lucero Lucero
lucero Lucero Orë më parë
Tom looks skinny
lucero Lucero
lucero Lucero Orë më parë
All the patriots not for bucs for brady
amabdall Orë më parë
Lots of Pats fans out there. We love you Tom and we miss you. Go get 7 and make Tampa happy
/: Orë më parë
Our secondary is so bipolar especially SMB, but if we play like this against Green Bay we going to Superbowl 🔥
lvbluestreak Orë më parë
great win GO BUCS
CHSfutbol23 Orë më parë
Was so wholesome the way he said “I’m just happy to be back with my squad” man I love devin white!! So humble and willing to put it on the line for his boys.
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin Orë më parë
I am so happy my favorite team the Buccaneers are in the NFC championship game I know we have what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl it's in our home field everyone knows you can't play a game at Raymond James without the bucs all fans on deck as we set sail for green Bay bucs for life😀🏈🏅🏆
Jack Holt
Jack Holt Orë më parë
Bruce Arians will be the Modern Day Vincent Lombardi of the NFL!
Brian Bell
Brian Bell Orë më parë
Cute play Winston. 7-9 To NFC CHAMPIONSHIP
Apocalypse42x Orë më parë
Saying only 1 game left is the wrong mentality. Getting to the Superbowl is not enough
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Orë më parë
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero Orë më parë
Too bad we couldn’t score without turnovers gettin us good field position, need to score on long drives!!’
/: Orë më parë
If defense plays like that against Green Bay again we can win defense always wins championship 💯
Grey Silver
Grey Silver Orë më parë
Man Devin is still ready for another 2 quarters at least, all that energy
Jak Kidd
Jak Kidd Orë më parë
Yeeeewwwwwwwwww let’s go buccs
LtRiot Orë më parë
What a humble badass teammate. Fck yea Dev
Mario Sanchez
Mario Sanchez Orë më parë
MY Team Buccaneers Going Super Bowl Let Goooooo One More Game
Keegan Howells
Keegan Howells Orë më parë
Go pack go
Mad Max
Mad Max Orë më parë
Joe Sarr
Joe Sarr Orë më parë
He knows his team without TB are nothing but a dumb.
Positive Emotional Healing
Positive Emotional Healing Orë më parë
Belichek: Come Back Bradyyyy We Want Youuuuu Bacckkkkkkk!!!! 🏈🏈🏈