Rebuilding (And Heavily Modifying) The WORST CAR EVER MADE In 5 Days

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Today, I rebuild what many would call the worst car ever made - A 1986 Yugo GV, famous for being all over channels like Doug Demuro, Aging Wheels, and this one. Unfortunately, there was some pretty bad news in the middle that changed the scope of the build. Anyway, let's get to work!
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Awesome music used in the montage:
Jonathan Young Original - "The Land of Broken Dreams" (feat. Caleb Hyles)
Used with permission from original artist (Thanks!)
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My videos & etc.
My videos & etc. 7 orë më parë
I prefer this to supercars¡¡¡¡
Lidge1994 7 orë më parë
You guys realize the Yugos sold in America were basically the most horrid, terrible, unreliable ones, right? There are hundreds of perfectly functioning Yugos looking like this one just in my city (Croatia)
wilbowills1 9 orë më parë
Imsurewithasmallgaret on itwould help eve thought is fairly good Asia’s?welldone,lads🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
jonelmuncan 16 orë më parë
supertouring1 22 orë më parë
If AMG or BMW Motorsport modified a Yugo, this would be it! 😅
JC Blackwater
JC Blackwater 23 orë më parë
I had a red 86' yugo and someone crashed into me while I was parked. I thanked them because they saved me from possibly dying on Houston Freeways.
Kaylin Naidoo
Kaylin Naidoo Ditë më parë
rocky vibes was entertaining
Moshe Galimidi
Moshe Galimidi Ditë më parë
Dat tan line is the best thing ever
Davor Hrga
Davor Hrga Ditë më parë
There are far worst cars than Yugo
yafmaverick 2 ditë më parë
Those wheels don’t fit it, they’re too big. Racing Yugos go with small wide wheels with low profile. It’s not the finest car Yugoslavia ever made, it’s the worst. Maybe you’d be interested in getting Zastava Yugo Florida and check it out. There were some oldtimers that Yugoslavia made which were awesome cars, but those were full fiat projects (Zastava 1300 and Zastava 750). Other than that these videos were very interesting to watch, some educational too. Cheers from Yugoslavia! 😂 P.S. if you need help with pronunciation, feel free to contact me.
Speedway Van Lines
Speedway Van Lines 3 ditë më parë
Meant MONA, not Mons
Speedway Van Lines
Speedway Van Lines 3 ditë më parë
See the movie "Drowning Mons" with Dany DeVito, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bette Midler. Takes place in Verplank, NY where EVEZRYONE drove Yugo's (because that's where Yugo went for it's USA per intro testing & abandoned them, cost too much to take them back!) Still a POS though
Gal1njo 3 ditë më parë
200 hp Yugo
Blažo Vukmanović
Blažo Vukmanović 3 ditë më parë
My dad had Yugo. That was my first car as well. The only way to destroy Yugo is to push it off the cliff. 30 years from now, you will still have Yugo's running around. Yugo was made for the average Yugoslav blue-collar family where every dad is a handyman and can practically rebuild Yugo independently. We used to joke that you can buy yugo spare part with the change you get when you buy ice cream. My dad's yugo was 1989, and that car was still running in 2006 when he sold it.
Vuk Lazarevic
Vuk Lazarevic 4 ditë më parë
Wow, great job! 👏👏👏
Christian Sanden
Christian Sanden 6 ditë më parë
Best car ever😂👍👍👍
Max X
Max X 6 ditë më parë
If Yugo is the worst car ever made, what are then Trabants from East Germany? Fools...
Socom CygnusX1
Socom CygnusX1 9 ditë më parë
Yugo needs clutches and gas as Duh
Socom CygnusX1
Socom CygnusX1 9 ditë më parë
Rav 10 ditë më parë
i think the yugo could also fit a abarth fiat uno engine
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow 11 ditë më parë
Did you have the chance to restore a Rimac? It's an electric car made in Croatia, which is a former-Yugoslav Republic.
Aleksandar Arsenijević
Aleksandar Arsenijević 11 ditë më parë
10w30 is not oil for yugo engine... you need 10w40 or 15w40 on new engine its ok 5w40... 30 grade is a little bit thin for that engine
Tim O
Tim O 12 ditë më parë
Love it. I had a Yugo GV Plus 2 years ago. Did complete restauration but on the end i sold it 😏.
Dzonza _
Dzonza _ 13 ditë më parë
It is desinged for 5 people.1 drives other 4 push
THE BULGARIAN 13 ditë më parë
21:35 .. and now i am fan
Janko Gregorin
Janko Gregorin 13 ditë më parë
Lots of people in ex yugoslavia, tuned yugo 45. To me, most brutal tuned yugo was one in Zagreb where owner put inside engine of fiat coupe 2.0 16v turbo with 260 HP
Eddie Patterson
Eddie Patterson 15 ditë më parë
I’d never thought I see the day that someone modded a Yugo. I like this 👍. When I first started watching the video I thought of a K-swapped would really wake this Yugo. But swap up to a larger Fiat. That’s something you see everyday. 👍.
Robert 15 ditë më parë
I drive yugo 17 years my friend
Dennis Pierson
Dennis Pierson 15 ditë më parë
Why do you have that stack of washers on the sway bar at 8:39?
YahBoiOri 16 ditë më parë
Wait. You used Jonathan Young's music in this?! Been a huge fan of his for years now, so cool!
Roberto Hollas
Roberto Hollas 16 ditë më parë
I have a '72 Fiat 500L, where I replaced the 499cc with the 652cc from a 126. There's no replacement for displacement!
Stephane Simard
Stephane Simard 18 ditë më parë
I damn near died laughing when you dragged that block behind you
VucodlakGamer 18 ditë më parë
in serbia this car is best so shut up
Mohd Hamza
Mohd Hamza 19 ditë më parë
do less talking and more work, this isint a podcast
Schutti73 19 ditë më parë
The Tire Size 155/80R13 can also be written as 155-r13 or 155-13. Our Opel Kadett uset this Size in the 80s.
Damir Damnjanovic
Damir Damnjanovic 22 ditë më parë
And you need sense to be good with gers not to brake them its not automatic cccccc
Hakeem Zahardi
Hakeem Zahardi 22 ditë më parë
Great project! Really Enjoyed it. I was hoping you can do miracle and get everything fixed but at that point it's not worth the effort. It was too bad to begin with
Serge M
Serge M 22 ditë më parë
I got my driving licence with Yugo, in late 80´Crveni Signal (the name of the state driving school) had only yugos.
sergio govani
sergio govani 25 ditë më parë
Put a V8 engine
Slobodan Sarcevic
Slobodan Sarcevic 25 ditë më parë
Dodji u Srbiju brate da vidim kako to radimo i kako mali jugo kida, pozdrav iz Srbije, Kragujevac!!!!!!!!
felix lillie
felix lillie 25 ditë më parë
Yugo a Fiat 128 clone, those engines were actualy good, and quite nippy for the 70's in the Fiats at least, if not butchered by ham handed mechanics. As far as the worst car ever made it runs neck and neck with the Renault 12 based Dacia 1300.
Mario Emanuele Paolazzi
Mario Emanuele Paolazzi 25 ditë më parë
I make a propose, next time with this type of car. You can transform in an elettrica car. I think can be interested
Søren Skarsgård
Søren Skarsgård 26 ditë më parë
Your passion is just obvious, so I thank you for it.
Bob Brueckner
Bob Brueckner 27 ditë më parë
You should watch the movie "DROWNING MONA" with Danny DeVito and Bette Middler. Every car in the movie is a Yugo.
Boja St-revic
Boja St-revic 27 ditë më parë
Cuz Cuzz
Cuz Cuzz 28 ditë më parë
Won't get my hopes up 🙂 but that's my dream car (when I was 4 no lie)
Cuz Cuzz
Cuz Cuzz 28 ditë më parë
I'll finish watching but I hope this is a viewer giveaway !!!! Here !!! Me! Me!me?
Cuz Cuzz
Cuz Cuzz 28 ditë më parë
I've saved just enough to get a bus ticket to go pick her up ....will she make it back to albuquerque ? I'm thinking blow thru turbo?
Cuz Cuzz
Cuz Cuzz 28 ditë më parë
Thinking draw through small turbo daily driver 13x7 spokes
PulsarX Studio
PulsarX Studio 28 ditë më parë
steering needs some work..... no no no, You need to work my man. that's how it is with yugo :D
SilverJackLeg 28 ditë më parë
The real questions is: does it really need a clutch to change gears?
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 28 ditë më parë
A Fiat 1.5 swap is a bolt in? Now I want one of these.
Đorđe Nikolić
Đorđe Nikolić 28 ditë më parë
Yugo is the best car in the world ! Regards from Serbia
Thors 29 ditë më parë
but why?
محمد خالد جبر ابومقتدى
محمد خالد جبر ابومقتدى 29 ditë më parë
Mark 29 ditë më parë
Twin Webbers make the best sound in the world! Most youngsters today will never know the feeling of a well sported motor on twin carbs.
colegrove4x4z 29 ditë më parë
Did I see 120 mph on that yugo speedometer?!?!! Oh hell no count me out yo
mike van norman
mike van norman Muaj më parë
No comment
Just The Tip
Just The Tip Muaj më parë
Freddy looks dirtier than normal... odd.
Zex Alex
Zex Alex Muaj më parë
started with crap ended with crap. started dirty ended still dirty.
ivan Mihajlović
ivan Mihajlović Muaj më parë
Sredjuje bata jugica samo rokaj!🇷🇸💪 Lajk ko je je sa balakana.
icy Muaj më parë
yugo is the best car that ever made + you can put any engine inside of that lil thing, bet it will beat your supra
Goran Majnaric
Goran Majnaric Muaj më parë
They dont realise when driving 50km/h in yugo, it feels like a 100.
에프킬라 Muaj më parë
my summer car in real!
Col Campbell AI 2024
Col Campbell AI 2024 Muaj më parë
Donk fitment
TwistedIrishman Muaj më parë
I work for advance auto in Rochester nh and seeing that we sponsored this makes me happy
Ber Stas
Ber Stas Muaj më parë
Fiat bought that autocompany Zastava of serbia.. Back in the,now its a Chrysler FCA company.. Hahaha
auzblake69 Muaj më parë
How much time did you let parts soak is what I'm wondering
Erik Runas
Erik Runas Muaj më parë
Best montage I have ever seen!!
pl topper
pl topper Muaj më parë
a fso is worse
The Gamer boi
The Gamer boi Muaj më parë
32:42 isn't that the prototype miata?
Milan Pavlovic
Milan Pavlovic Muaj më parë
Greetings from Serbia. Yugo still running around here... hahaha
Problematic Matik
Problematic Matik Muaj më parë
Someone once said "Yugo but the car doesn't"
Tan Coyer
Tan Coyer Muaj më parë
loved this vid, new suscriber from the uk, looking forward to watching your other vids, great work tho mate! in another life id of loved to have been a mechanic!
imnoobyt Muaj më parë
the "pimp my ride minivan" vid was good!
WLTGA Muaj më parë
How tf can yugo be worst car ever made if Fiat Multipla exists ?
Marco Cecchi
Marco Cecchi Muaj më parë
man...never underestimate the power of a FIAT engine!!!
mermerac Muaj më parë
Don't just shit on Yugo. It's an icon that moved an entire region when it needed it. It is more than the sum of its parts.
Olmost Gudinaf
Olmost Gudinaf Muaj më parë
1.5L is a "small" engine in America? OK, then.
SheyD78 Muaj më parë
This video was worth it for the montage alone. Sound track in my head is split between the included music and team america world police, 'YOU GOTTA HAVE A MONTAGE!!!" Fantastic.
N Vision
N Vision Muaj më parë
That engine sounds properly crisp.
James Rounding
James Rounding Muaj më parë
I heard that Yugo was planning on making a full sized sedan and they plan to call it the Wego. Follow up to this should be a Lada. LOL!
Speckled Jim
Speckled Jim Muaj më parë
The Fiat X19 block cost 6k??
Sharughaan Muaj më parë
ld v
John Smith
John Smith Muaj më parë
That music with the restoration is so awesome. =)
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 Muaj më parë
Those wheels are ridiculous...
Josh Muaj më parë
THE MONTAGE WAS AWESOME. You guys gotta do more of that, too good!
Marty Zielinski
Marty Zielinski Muaj më parë
$3,000 repairs into a car worth.......$400......
JDSly1 Muaj më parë
It's a Yugo SS now.
Emege ONE
Emege ONE Muaj më parë
In argentina this engine Is used for run 1/4 Mille in a Fiat's 10 seconds Cars
Марко Болић VII-1
Марко Болић VII-1 Muaj më parë
Гори је кадилак него југић xD
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall Muaj më parë
With the rust damage like that, we bored & sleeved those using a step liner.
artur cardoso
artur cardoso Muaj më parë
I want that car
Dyktator1998 Muaj më parë
Bro do u even FSO Polonez caro? This is the worst car... yugo is gold in comparation with this s*it. (and im polish)
Frank Barcenas
Frank Barcenas Muaj më parë
Looks like a Volkswagen Rabbit
Junkyard Digs
Junkyard Digs Muaj më parë
My Diesel powered Buick wants to challenge that title 😂
Ahoderasan Ditë më parë
Diesel powered buick...that sounds astonishing interesting
john3kbs Muaj më parë
Truly awesome! I want this car!
ItsGerry123 Muaj më parë
Im from Croatia and my friend used to have a yugo 1.3l and it was a rocker it would literally shoot flames and it was scary
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft Muaj më parë
Ya need to do a Pinto restoration as well, and, we need a Yugo EV!!!
DocDoom777 Muaj më parë
Guys, I have all the leftovers from the Roswell NM flying saucer crash. Can you rebuild it?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Muaj më parë
I have eaten pizzas bigger than those wheels
UJANZABONJE Muaj më parë
I'm a simple serbian, I see a Yugo, I press like 😁
UJANZABONJE 28 ditë më parë
@soiung toiue aaa? O čemu ti to melješ, zemljače?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Muaj më parë
Nije on najgori auto negos ti glup i nisi sa balkana, nemam srce i dusu da bi mogao to stvarno da popravljas
speedkg aa
speedkg aa Muaj më parë
In Serbia we can fix them on the road and continue traveling 😁(back in the days) sadly there are no many on roads anymore 😐
Petter Røen
Petter Røen Muaj më parë
You've seen the modified Yugo go round the Nürburgring, right? It's an absolute hoot.
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