Food Theory: The TRUTH of the World's WEIRDEST Cereal! (켈로그 첵스파맛)

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What is your favorite cereal? Now what would you do if everyone voted to make it taste like green ONIONS?! Would you eat it? You see, South Korea held a contest to vote for their next big flavor - extra chocolate or green onions. Obviously, they were banking on chocolate to take the vote. Well, onions won. How did that happen? Who voted for onion flavored cereal? Get yourself ready Theorists, for the story of the weirdest cereal I've ever tasted!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Cereal #BreakFast #Voting #SouthKorea #KoreanFood #KoreanRecipe #WeirdFood #TasteTest #Election #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

김기정 Muaj më parë
As a South Korean, seeing this covered on Food Theory is absolutely amazing
JERRY ZHENG 18 orë më parë
A J R 23 orë më parë
Wait did you vote on it
Yoonyia Chang
Yoonyia Chang Ditë më parë
@「galaxy Gacha fox 」 i do not speak... Chinese? i speak 한국어
Tee Hong Yee
Tee Hong Yee Ditë më parë
As a North Korean, seeing this covered on Food Theory is absolutely amazing
Lilac C
Lilac C 5 ditë më parë
I'm South Korean too
Tessa Johnson
Tessa Johnson Orë më parë
Me: *Occasionally eats green onion as a snack* MatPat: AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH That flavour is really weird!!
Finn D
Finn D 2 orë më parë
All this video does is remind me of the 2000 US Presidental Election. Only 4 years later and South Korea got a taste of what we Americans felt when Bush ended up our President. It was the start of America's downward spiral. And that makes this video tell me the fundamental flaw of the election process. When you have uninformed voters or worse voters that think they're informed but aren't they are likely to do just like this Korean vote or the 2016 election or now even here in the 2020 election. They vote however they like and that can easily be manipulated. In something as silly as a cereal that can be as simple as trying to troll the election. But as we saw with our recent elections even something as big as choosing the President isn't immune to people trolling. Trolling against politicians so we elected an idiot to lead the free world. Or now trolling that idiot we now hate and choosing whoever is running against him no matter who that is. At the end of the day it's the voters that end up losing. As Mat and Steph showed the scallion cereal isn't good. Kellogg's in a PR move made good on themselves but then gave Korea the troll they asked for and now they have a product on their shelves that's probably just going to sit there laughing at them. We Americans likewise have had to sit through 4 years of garbage to now sit through another 4 years at least. There was actually an expert that mentioned this. When you have these public elections you are inviting people from all walks of life. There are doctors and scientists, teachers and environmentalists all voting in the same pool as the people that actually drank bleach and lysol thinking it was a cure for Covid. People who burned down 5G towers thinking they cause disease have the same say in who runs their country as somebody with an actual degree in medicine. And here's the driving point - There are more of them than there are doctors and scientists. So what kind of result do you think will likely occur more often than not? On the other hand the expert pointed out that if you have a system where the average person can vote for only their local office and then those elected people vote for the office above them which will preside over them. Those people vote for the office above them and so on all the way until you get to the President you have informed people at every rung that are voting for the person that could help them do their job given what they know they need. Joe Schmoe running his grocery store might know what produce he needs to restock but do you think he knows how the country should deal with pollution? No. But the elected official of the elected official of the elected official he elected just might know given the information available to him. And that makes the difference between solving a pandemic in 2 months vs still being in the pandemic 8 months later with no signs of slowing down.
BattleFrog 3 orë më parë
these elections are like US election
Vὶsταηη752 5 orë më parë
oh, matpat, you dont need to campain for my vote. JUST FEED ME THE THEORYS so i can DISPROVE THEM (to no extent because they are so saught into) and help me THEORIZE :3
lone wolf
lone wolf 6 orë më parë
OMG love the beginning so creative
Tempest Dashnaw
Tempest Dashnaw 9 orë më parë
What if this happened in Trump's Election? Online Voting? Fake Accounts?
Toaster Van
Toaster Van 9 orë më parë
This might sound weird, but I really wanna try wasabi cocowa
Based P0tat0
Based P0tat0 12 orë më parë
Matpat, shhhhhhh These online poll trolls are hilarious. Don't go telling big companies how to avoid this happening.
Procyon Lotor
Procyon Lotor 13 orë më parë
I love democracy
Pastel Pink :3
Pastel Pink :3 14 orë më parë
Trolls: *Votes onion and demands onion checks* Kellogg'
Carefry 15 orë më parë
Internet historian has made a good video on polls
Bertram Naphan
Bertram Naphan 17 orë më parë
You should have a book theory
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 18 orë më parë
you should make a video on left twix vs right twix
A dogger Gamer
A dogger Gamer 18 orë më parë
He forgot gt live
Ray Cazic
Ray Cazic 18 orë më parë
me: *gives cat lemon* cat: 7:00
Hi How ya doin ?
Hi How ya doin ? 21 orë më parë
as a mississippian i want that mosquito flag
Emoji Puppylover
Emoji Puppylover 22 orë më parë
No one: Absolutely no one: Jin 14:04: *hi*
Joar Söderström
Joar Söderström 23 orë më parë
The vote day is the same day as my birthday.
Alden Bes kinnucan
Alden Bes kinnucan Ditë më parë
14:13 memabable frame
黑龍 - Hắc Long
黑龍 - Hắc Long Ditë më parë
06:40 That's almost no milk 🥛.
Twilight Dragon
Twilight Dragon Ditë më parë
I love democracy.
Food Theory: The TRUTH of the World's WEIRDEST Cereal! (Kellogg's Chek Spa Flavor)
Mark Carroll
Mark Carroll Ditë më parë
He should have used the onion chex to make chex mix, would have fit in much better.
Michael Peprah
Michael Peprah Ditë më parë
was that JIN?!
Colton Meek
Colton Meek Ditë më parë
I strongly believe the ‘election’ aspect, albeit timed well, was a bad choice
v p
v p Ditë më parë
honestly I wonder how much trolling from before the days of the internet we just don't know about. I remember coco pops doing an election where you got to chose what happened to the monkey at the end of the commercial. My sister and I wanted to vote for the monkey's death. I feel like a lot of people would have voted that way too but the next advert said that he survived. This was back in the 90s. that said I don't remember enough to know if it was even possible for the monkey to die, if that vote was an option that could even be voted in.
DAN DUBE Ditë më parë
The youtube channel Internet historian actually made multiple videos where he documented multiple times this type of trolling happened.
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Ditë më parë
Food Theory: Trashes on Film Theory and Game Theory for eating food, therefore being hypocrites Also Food Theory: Brings you this message via film.
the dark squad mely
the dark squad mely 2 ditë më parë
I like green onion flavour. Actually
[] Gächä Løst []
[] Gächä Løst [] 2 ditë më parë
Am I the only one that just like loved ⟵(๑¯◡¯๑)
Brandley the Cat
Brandley the Cat 2 ditë më parë
Anyone read that story about having the korean internet choose what to name their newborn baby panda and they overwhelmingly chose *PANDAMIC*
stuff stuff
stuff stuff 2 ditë më parë
I'm late but my birthday is Nov. 3
BustyBustBoii 2 ditë më parë
He mentioned voter fraud where the ap for Biden msg at
Clifford Seibel
Clifford Seibel 3 ditë më parë
Im American and I didnt vote
omar kalaf
omar kalaf 3 ditë më parë
these looks like good chips not cereal tho
Logan Kast
Logan Kast 3 ditë më parë
M0RTIFYER MemeGod 3 ditë më parë
No one: Trollers: onion (drake visual approval) Also trollers: chocolate (drake visible disapproval)
Cadentube Ohara
Cadentube Ohara 3 ditë më parë
Coco wa must be something at has to do with the coco pops/crocers brand
danielabare86 3 ditë më parë
Maybe the onion flaver will be good in chex mix
Josiah Fitzgerald
Josiah Fitzgerald 4 ditë më parë
14:13 when I accidentally turn my zoom camera on
david ho
david ho 4 ditë më parë
Mountain Dew Distortion rip.
Guitar Man
Guitar Man 4 ditë më parë
What Is the spiciest pepper
The Fire
The Fire 4 ditë më parë
“It’s not trolling, it’s defying social conventions” says the troll
Luna Stargaze
Luna Stargaze 4 ditë më parë
Lol this is a masterpiece
Wristyharmony08 !
Wristyharmony08 ! 4 ditë më parë
Having tried and loved wasabi kitkats I don't think I'd be too apposed to wasabi cereal actually
Crystal Stair Step Twins
Crystal Stair Step Twins 4 ditë më parë
Eat it without milk and it might taste like chips
Jake Taller
Jake Taller 4 ditë më parë
Weird question, does anyone have any links to those CGI Korean Chex commercials? I’ve been trying to find them myself, but it’s pretty hard for me to do so.
Sokuto KH3
Sokuto KH3 4 ditë më parë
Hey Matt I have an idea for a video if you ever make Music theory. You can make a video on the secret meaning of the song “It’s On Again” (by Alicia Keys featuring Kendrick Lamar) from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you watch the whole movie again and listen to the song carefully or read the lyrics you’ll know what I mean.
SurrealKit 5 ditë më parë
The green onion one might be good in Chex mix. That typically has garlic powder.
queen eliana gaming
queen eliana gaming 5 ditë më parë
mat pat i did not know u were a weeb no hate me to ps what r some good anime's to watch
Sylvia Hoffmann
Sylvia Hoffmann 5 ditë më parë
Omg I’m from Mississippi and I can vouch, that skeeter flag accurately represents the population 😅
BouserBros 5 ditë më parë
I love this channel
Timothy Osborn
Timothy Osborn 5 ditë më parë
What happens when both candidates are a joke #2016
Nagybé Csarnai
Nagybé Csarnai 5 ditë më parë
That intro.. It's a masterpiece
Samuel Diaz Rios
Samuel Diaz Rios 5 ditë më parë
Eating this Is unacceptable! 🧐😡✊
Rose Bell
Rose Bell 5 ditë më parë
Do they taste like funnions?
ZDUBZ 5 ditë më parë
Y'all best watch Any Polls a Goal by Internet Historian
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 5 ditë më parë
Cheesy chio
Cheesy chio 5 ditë më parë
at first I thought it was weird, but after getting context I love this music video. It might be my favorite thing
Yukuang 5 ditë më parë
ludde sundström
ludde sundström 6 ditë më parë
do one on onion trading
Pug Master360
Pug Master360 6 ditë më parë
Someone in England named a gritter (something that slat the roads if its icey) Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti Slip Machinene
Juriusu the random
Juriusu the random 6 ditë më parë
Unpopular opinion: Soggy cereal is better than cruchy cereal
Niff Wasau
Niff Wasau 6 ditë më parë
That campaign wasn’t anything like what I’m used to. Comeback next election with smears and echo chambers. But still I love the work y’all do and I hope you can keep it up comfortably in the future.
Appleby Kids
Appleby Kids 6 ditë më parë
yeah matpat you spent 25 dollars and mrbeast spends 100'000 dollars
Blue Flamingo
Blue Flamingo 6 ditë më parë
Ok but what about a comic theory too.. 👀
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 6 ditë më parë
Very based and redpilled video
mihail taraca
mihail taraca 6 ditë më parë
I love Onions, but that may be a bit hardcore even for me
Jakey VB
Jakey VB 6 ditë më parë
the audience in the background of sitcoms every 12 seconds: 6:55
Matthew Stanley
Matthew Stanley 6 ditë më parë
I’d probably eat it without milk
nothing to see here
nothing to see here 6 ditë më parë
nothing to see here
Luke Soderberg
Luke Soderberg 6 ditë më parë
This relates to the normal presidential election too 😂
Plainrock12Thunder 6 ditë më parë
Wait if you look at the bars on Each channel there’s four and there’s three channels and each channel has a different bar maybe another channel that’s gonna have a last bar and then no more
Black People
Black People 6 ditë më parë
Oh come on we all have to troll once in our life
The_D0C70R 6 ditë më parë
They got trolled
ShadowWing Tronix
ShadowWing Tronix 6 ditë më parë
So the takeaway is we can't have fun things because jerks exist.
Vojta Piskáček
Vojta Piskáček 6 ditë më parë
The onion might be gud without milk like a snack
Pending Gibberish
Pending Gibberish 7 ditë më parë
MatPats next channel must be government theory, he's quite the conspiracy theorist
Plósz Peti
Plósz Peti 7 ditë më parë
Szegény Matpat még nem tudja, hogy mi történik a komment szekciójával ha megemlíti a magyarokat 😏
Desert Shark
Desert Shark 7 ditë më parë
Chaca is kinda like the CIS from starwars, he was meant to loose
Espen Edvardsen
Espen Edvardsen 7 ditë më parë
We all know he has to get just óne more channel because we have the logo of them, game theorist is green in the upper left and film theory is red in the upper right and as you know food theory is well yellow and in the lower left. So what do you think it will be. Music. Meh what are you supposed to do. Please reply with what you think
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 7 ditë më parë
When you realise that matpat started laughing after eating the onion chex: the cereal has powers!!
Actar Raikit
Actar Raikit 7 ditë më parë
I was truly triggered when Matt had the cereal with milk. It sounds amazing by itself. Think having sour cream and onion potato chips in milk. Urgh.
Draconix DG
Draconix DG 7 ditë më parë
I wonder how it is like to have friends
アブドゥラアリ 7 ditë më parë
humble while he says to vote for his compentiters food theory has my vote food theory for 2020
The Thieves' Domain
The Thieves' Domain 7 ditë më parë
Sounds like the doings of 4Chan
Alice Sweet
Alice Sweet 7 ditë më parë
I love how MattPatt just kept eating it.
The Balloon Twister
The Balloon Twister 7 ditë më parë
7:08 eugh
BTS ARMY 7 ditë më parë
Me: *sees Jin* Hmm.... Jin and food.... (To any ARMY who sees this, you’ll understand.)
Lee Crow
Lee Crow 7 ditë më parë
I want to try these green onion checks, really badly.
Lucian Muskopf
Lucian Muskopf 7 ditë më parë
This is Hellarius😂😂😂😂
DubxYT 7 ditë më parë
Food Theory: Thank you for voting. Me who is too young to vote:
Claymore Roomba
Claymore Roomba 7 ditë më parë
Lol based matpat
Jelly Bonk
Jelly Bonk 8 ditë më parë
This reminds me of the YC-9 handgun. Highpoint (a gun company) did a name the 9 competition and the YEET CANNON started to win by a whole lot and they took it out eventually.
April Washington
April Washington 8 ditë më parë
you never see strangers raging on the sidewalk me : *HAVE YOU HEARD OF KAREN BEFORE* .
Koji Hubbard
Koji Hubbard 8 ditë më parë
Is the onion cereal good though?
Munjee 8 ditë më parë
5:09 they declared the votes i valid and declared their guy the winner ? Okay then
Jake Dobbs
Jake Dobbs 8 ditë më parë
I’m from Mississippi and the mosquito flag made me laugh but also a little bit mad that that could have been the state flag
Spegnag Maglorious
Spegnag Maglorious 8 ditë më parë
I mean a mosquito flag is better than a confederate flag Jeez, get it together Mississippi
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