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Conor McGregor joins Josh and John to discuss his upcoming rematch bout against Dustin Poirier, his path back to the title, potential Nate Diaz trilogy bout and other potential lightweight match-ups, the success of his whiskey, partakes in You Don't Say and more.
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John A
John A 19 orë më parë
nice to see ...hear the natural side. thankyou.
putros 22 ditë më parë
anyone else forget to like before seeing this?
tom bob
tom bob 23 ditë më parë
Big trucks = lil nuts
Mustseenow!!! 24 ditë më parë
his "behind closed door fights" with who? obviously none of them did calf kicks.
mrmystery 26 ditë më parë
Peaceful protest? They raided the capitol, beat a police officer to DEATH with a fire extinguisher and beat DOZENS more officers, defecated inside the capitol building, erected a hangman’s pole and nose and was chanting for the murder of Mike Pence and Pelosi. Whitewashing that event as a peaceful protest is absolute bullshit.
Dylan Osborne
Dylan Osborne Muaj më parë
I love how all these blm protesters can burn down cities destroy peoples businesses that they have worked there whole lives for its okay but if someone is for trump or they do the stuff they its wrong and illegal
CH CH Muaj më parë
He had the belt when he fought mayweather and now that khabib is retired he is crying over him not fighting? what a fucking hypocrite
Donna C
Donna C Muaj më parë
I'm 21 minutes into this podcast, very interesting 👍🏽
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov Muaj më parë
Conor is gonna get whooped from here on out, only if he faces cowboy can he win again lol.
KScotty W
KScotty W Muaj më parë
Funny people think we know each other cause you always seem to banter with me on Twitter
Ozzy Oddity
Ozzy Oddity Muaj më parë
3-3 in the last 6 fights. Connor should really consider retiring.
Ozzy Oddity
Ozzy Oddity Muaj më parë
"Motivated Connor", motivately got his arse kicked. Well worth 80 bucks just to see Connor catch a beat down.
Salman Waheed
Salman Waheed Muaj më parë
Josh Thompson is loyal asf he is being super professional but his facial expression aren't lying 😂 much respect
Salman Waheed
Salman Waheed Muaj më parë
I'm only here to see how Josh Thompson and conor interaction goes
Zaheer Dawood
Zaheer Dawood Muaj më parë
Whos here after Conor got fcuked up? LMAO.... Khabib beat him AND Conor. Conor lost to Dustin now at 257. And he says Khabib is running away from him 😆 🤣 😂
aren mirza
aren mirza Muaj më parë
Best fighting podcast out there! Keep up the great work.
Michael White
Michael White Muaj më parë
Your guys’ take on Pat being fired is bullshit. Name one BLM rioter who lost their job for burning down a Wendy’s. You’re essentially ceding ground to our country becoming a completely dystopian hellhole where no one can express any opinions to the right of full communism without being harassed and fired. Fuck the “rights” of private companies. There’s no functional difference between the state enforcing speech codes and private businesses enforcing speech codes. In the end, you end up with a culture where you’re afraid to openly criticize the state of the society you live in. The intent of the first amendment was to make sure that never happened. The fact the founding fathers didn’t anticipate Twitter doesn’t really change what the first amendment was intended to do. No one should ever be fired for political speech. Period.
Daniel Bridgland
Daniel Bridgland Muaj më parë
Josh, come on man... You can't call that a peaceful protest. Quit making the rioters the victims. It's very simple. All employers now have a "terminate at anytime" clause in their employment contracts. You can quit anytime and they can fire you at anytime without reason. If you decide to protest, do it peacefully. If you are breaking the law, which storming capitol hill was, it will get you fired. Companies and businesses do not want the bad publicity.
Amber Abalama
Amber Abalama Muaj më parë
Hes a fuckin badass!!!
Darren Freeman
Darren Freeman Muaj më parë
Who's the glaswegian?
Themainmanlewis Muaj më parë
Robdog 13
Robdog 13 Muaj më parë
The mac is back
JNP Garage
JNP Garage Muaj më parë
What was the website/guy they talked about for betting? $50 a month and he gives you picks for fights.
90 Shashank Kumar Yadav
90 Shashank Kumar Yadav Muaj më parë
Love ur podcast , real mma talk 💖💖
Solaire Muaj më parë
BLM attacks innocent people for their colour and burns down their property yet nobody is fired. Stop beating around the bush and man up. This is obviously because the media and gov are anti-european
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Muaj më parë
Elon musk makes a device that goes to your brain, maybe it will help with cte someday.
Dee Noneya
Dee Noneya Muaj më parë
Khabib been ducking tony for 5 years
Dee Noneya
Dee Noneya Muaj më parë
Michel chandler should be at 145 he too small for 155
Amber Abalama
Amber Abalama Muaj më parë
S#it, Pitbull got 2 belts and hes smaller than mike.
Amber Abalama
Amber Abalama Muaj më parë
Thats alot of muscles to get rid of.
Dr. Death VanWolf
Dr. Death VanWolf Muaj më parë
MMA News be like: Nate Diaz may be planning to come back at 155 lb. Jan 13, 2021 USADA 'essentially' eliminating marijuana use as UFC violation. John Kavanagh: "I want everyone to campaign for McGregor vs Diaz 3 at 155 lb on Paddy's Day card in New York for the title." Khabib Nurmagomedov: "Uh let's see... Maybe I retire, I promise I won't hold up division."
Alex Velez
Alex Velez Muaj më parë
Had to dip out after hearing the nuggets. Good show fellas
great ness
great ness Muaj më parë
I want Diaz 3
FreedomFTR Muaj më parë
"I see stiffness in the 20 pound division, it's like they're stuck in the womb almost" - Conor McGregor Jr
F. Exprt
F. Exprt Muaj më parë
ITS LIKE HE IS AS GREAT OUTSIDE OF THE RING AS IN EVERYTHING ELSE WHEN HE IS REALLY DEDICATED AND NOW MATURE. ---EVERYTHING SEAMS CALCULATED BUT ALSO SINCERE -- MMA fight that could help him prepare for a mega boxing fight vs Pacman as both r left handed -- Forcing the UFC to make this fight by offering 500k to Dustin and for it to be a PPV charity exhibition.. -- Direct connection to Dustins charity and his Proper 12 Whiskey and charity from profits to first responders --- In connection with Bellator fighters and big names --- has his hands in MMA gyms and again helping out. AND ALL OF THAT EXTRA HELP AND EFFORT TO HELP OTHERS MAY BE THE MAIN REASON WHY HE IS, OR WILL BE, A MULTI BILLIONAIRE... Truly impressed from all aspects and he seams to be in amazing fighting shape.
How zer
How zer Muaj më parë
I think Josh was right about Tony and his fight against Olivera kinda proved he’s lost some of his fight game. I don’t think Tony will ever get near the real belt again.
InfiltratorNY Muaj më parë
Josh - The show is The First 48.
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams Muaj më parë
Pat for real! Sack his ass! UFC helped get the madman TRUMP! There are so much racist people in this world. Anyone whom wupport the republicans during Trumps time is a racist and has low or no morals.
Kevin Muaj më parë
You’re a bum Colin! Poirier by KO in round 1
Michael Brady
Michael Brady Muaj më parë
So... why isn't anyone being fired for attending a BLM riot.. I mean "Protest" (cough)
ZombieVikingGaming Muaj më parë
We all know why.
Michelle Rivera
Michelle Rivera Muaj më parë
Conor starts at 1:04:55.
Tharin Munasinghe
Tharin Munasinghe Muaj më parë
Love it
Chadi Fayad
Chadi Fayad Muaj më parë
Conor is finished after kabbib smashed him like a rat 🐀 he will lose against Dustin then he will retire in a garbage can
Jackal NZ
Jackal NZ Muaj më parë
I agree it's a slippery slope, I'm a fairly liberal Kiwi muso but I will always fight for free speech, I see the far left narrative shutting down, cancelling and censoring people a lot lately and there's a danger in censoring/ silencing people and art just because someone finds it offensive and you're right, it's a slippery slope and not good for humanities growth. Churr from New Zealand.
Name Muaj më parë
These assholes went a hour before bringing the king on?.. show more respect
richard barajas
richard barajas Muaj më parë
U guys are badass best mma ref ever and josh Thompson badass class act
nate lizzle
nate lizzle Muaj më parë
The company has the right to do what ever they want... Like stay open amongst the unconstitutional lockdowns
nate lizzle
nate lizzle Muaj më parë
Lost a viewer with you supporting their cancel culture bullshit.. I respect Josh's opinion on it, john is shilling
Potsome Lawyer
Potsome Lawyer Muaj më parë
Interview gold.
chiku man
chiku man Muaj më parë
nothing like a good ol whoop ass to humble an asshole. good job habib ❤️🙏
BIG WATER Muaj më parë
They Will Come for Everyone Soon Enought, Please do not be Surprised...I wont be
Tanveer Alam
Tanveer Alam Muaj më parë
Did Khabib really humbled Conor?
Edilberto Parsons
Edilberto Parsons Muaj më parë
John, AKA "Never Trumper". Honestly, the people watching and promoting this sport are not Bernie or Dirty Joe biden supporters. They had some douche intern say " oh my God bla bla fuckin bla and they got scared.
Trent McDonald
Trent McDonald Muaj më parë
Ya know Josh Thompson is Khabibs mate, every time McGregor speaks you can see him holding back what he really wants to say. Well done to you Josh very professional
Red Douc
Red Douc Muaj më parë
Wow amazing to see the fact connor came in gave this episode 4x-5x more views than any other episode :o Happy for You guys getting the pr boost
Tony 2 Toes
Tony 2 Toes Muaj më parë
Oh so now Connor is calling out tony after 2 beatings.. not that i thought Tony would win anyway but come on... yet gaethje hasn't left is mouth so lets talk about that
Dee Noneya
Dee Noneya Muaj më parë
Hey guy no one gives shit about your WiFi let’s move on
Umar Safoev
Umar Safoev Muaj më parë
I like Josh because he is a straight up guy. He don’t kiss ass like Brendan Schaub... Props to Josh .
Curtis Hill
Curtis Hill Muaj më parë
Great piont about stirring the pot💯Pat should not be fired for that! That's not right he did nothing! The people that stormed the place were already informed where to go and helped by capitol police! That was a plan he was unaware of I'm sure! NOT FAIR...FREE PAT💯Great show Josh and the GODFATHER of MMA👏👍👍
Alien Inside
Alien Inside Muaj më parë
He should enter to this: "A Conor McGregor Saga by AlienInside" (watch?v=x5VLTK05BZo)
Joshua Stibi
Joshua Stibi Muaj më parë
The fuck does RVCA stand for? I never looked it up....hold on.....Ill google it...RVCA | THE BALANCE OF OPPOSITES The RVCA Name (Pronounced: REW-KA) was developed first and foremost out of the "V" and "A" = which symbolizes The Balance of Opposites and how they coexist: Nature x Industrialization, Woman x Man, Past x Present... Future.
Dwayne Porter
Dwayne Porter Muaj më parë
I know it might sound crazy to some but the Josh Thompson in his prime forsure maybe even now would knock Connor out. No doubt in my mind. He knocked out Nate when nate was in his prime something Connor nor masvidal could do.Who knows. Dustin could pull an upset on the 23rd. I know he is planning on it. I think people are sleep about the dog Dustin has in him. Dana is going to cry if Dustin stops this hype train they are trying to build . He probably did the best vs khabib. He had him in a deep choke. Khabib worked his way out but he was in trouble for a sec. No one else had him in trouble ever. Gsp will beat khabib if he fights him and I still feel Ferguson in his prime would have done it. If khabib would of fought Tony in 2015 khabib would of never became what he did because he would have a lose on his record. Now if they fought I don’t know time has caught up with Tony I think. It’s so sad. Fuck you Father Time you cruel bitch.
Dwayne Porter
Dwayne Porter Muaj më parë
Yes I called it before the fight when firas and all the experts said Connor. Now let’s see if Jan kicks the gyno out of Izzy like I feel he is going to do.
Avitar Magnus
Avitar Magnus Muaj më parë
Great interview Congrats Conor on baby and your the greatest
Sheamus Cherubntug
Sheamus Cherubntug Muaj më parë
Big john just became a fan boii ye 😎
Christian Gutierrez
Christian Gutierrez Muaj më parë
Charlie Hunnam as mcgregor would be so sick! I am sure that’s who he was referring to
Killa Chinchilla
Killa Chinchilla Muaj më parë
Seriously big John? You have been around since day one of the UFC and you're going to sit there and give the credit of wearing suits to Conor? In all your years in the business, you never heard of GSP?
Naazrah Husain
Naazrah Husain Muaj më parë
What is he talking about character?...His character is in the gutter...He just defends his disgusting behavior and failures and say it is what it is and I am who I am.. Habib has the most honourable and unblemished character....only situation and circumstances stood in his way to prevent him from showing up and that is why Dana treats him with dignity and honour and respect
jackfotrades Muaj më parë
I wanna see the Diaz rematch.
Steekmoer jr
Steekmoer jr Muaj më parë
Great podcast...I'm a big fan of you guys. All the way from South Africa..YUP...that's right...we have electricity and 5G internet..ha ha. Really cool Conor interview...I do wish Josh would lace up his gloves and give us fans another fight though, but to quote myself in the job i currently have as a structural engineer for the last 25 years "if there was anything else I was qualified to do for the same amount of money...i would be doing it" So...if you making money and don't need to get punched in the head...GO FOR IT!!!
Zoni Nor-Cal
Zoni Nor-Cal Muaj më parë
The guy conner was thinking about to play him in a move!! -the actor from Sons of Anarchy
Arvit Kopliku
Arvit Kopliku Muaj më parë
When Conor speaks of the actor that could play him in a movie and says “there is this game of thrones type actor” I think he’s referring to Travis Fimmel from Vikings. I’ve actually always thought Travis would play a great Conor.
MikeFromThe631 Muaj më parë
that’s cool that he gave them this interview didn’t expect that
mardukh Muaj më parë
sport is about discipline trash talk has no room in mma
- Muaj më parë
When did Poirier beat Oliveira?
Hamza Ait
Hamza Ait Muaj më parë
Conor: talks !! Josh : ☹☹ !!
James Trost
James Trost Muaj më parë
I really worry about Tony’s brain especially because he has already had some domestic abuse problems.
Sunny Rashidov
Sunny Rashidov Muaj më parë
Why these two guys do fake laughs and face motions?
Praise Mobile
Praise Mobile Muaj më parë
Storming the Capitol is not a peaceful protest, lives were lost.
jay jay
jay jay Muaj më parë
Manny pac is old and way past his prime , he should be calling out Canelo , but Canelo would finish him in the 1st round
DmDaPDm Muaj më parë
Well done Josh! Nice keeping your cool lol, stay professional. Conor came on your show for a reason lol.
Petter Muaj më parë
i usually only listen to this podcast, but just because you asked nice i'll go on this damned site and like & comment, you made it boys
Robdog 13
Robdog 13 Muaj më parë
The king is back 👑
Marcillio Ficino
Marcillio Ficino Muaj më parë
Can't wait for this fight!
Max Oneill
Max Oneill Muaj më parë
So amazing when a multi millionaire gives money to charity and talks about it. I'd never help anyone if I was that rich 🤔
4TH 19TH
4TH 19TH Muaj më parë
fucking click bait worst fucking pundits in the mma community
armerol27l Muaj më parë
1:04:57 you are welcome
Sam Woolley
Sam Woolley Muaj më parë
What are the earbuds that Conor is wearing?
Anthony Griffith
Anthony Griffith Muaj më parë
Idk why fighters don’t like telling their weight before a fight? Lol
jennifer collins
jennifer collins Muaj më parë
Grate interview guys, love the banter .
dope Vids
dope Vids Muaj më parë
Khabib will always be the king of 155.
Steven Katrina & Lovebug Powers
Steven Katrina & Lovebug Powers Muaj më parë
Josh don't forget brother pictures can be deceiving.
Late Notice
Late Notice Muaj më parë
I love how people keep bringing up how respectful Conor has been in the lead up to this fight and against Cowboy, but don't address the glaring explanation for it. Which is that Khabib humbled the shit out of Conor. Khabib said he was going to humble him before the fight and he did it by mauling him.
bigboiproductions Muaj më parë
I disagree.
Showsee One
Showsee One Muaj më parë
Hey maybe when the minimum wage is raised up to $15 a lot of these people will come out of their mommas basements and get jobs 🤔🤣😂🤣😂
Showsee One
Showsee One Muaj më parë
Personally I think that it would be great time to remake the movie “The Jerk”, people are taking themselves way too seriously
Showsee One
Showsee One Muaj më parë
These companies aren’t doing their homework. This progressive crowd is largely lower income, poor students, and unemployed. They are made up of the types of people that will pirate the use of your products and them to stop using it if your product becomes main stream, they are too hipster and are certainly a very fickle crowd in large part. The PC culture cannot last and will eventually consume itself.
Showsee One
Showsee One Muaj më parë
When you stop doing what you want to do because you fear losing your job... you’re no longer free, you are being bullied. I personally quit, block, and stop spending my money with these judgmental companies and celebs.
Showsee One
Showsee One Muaj më parë
We appreciate y’all too... thanks Josh for giving a F*ck 🙏 your performance matches your effort.
Robert Lavios
Robert Lavios Muaj më parë
Your stand up has always been garbage josh
Jason Kendrick
Jason Kendrick Muaj më parë
The best channel for combat sports!
CJLozi123 Muaj më parë
Micro dose of psilocybin has helped greatly with my CTE. Reduced Cluster Headaches. Psilocybin was the ONLY thing that helped. No medication helped me. Only the psilocybin. My Neurologist actually recommended it to me, after over a decade of struggle. CBD also helps greatly. I look forward to more research as well.
Iszy M
Iszy M Muaj më parë
Khabib really humbled him and I like Conor!
Paul Swoyer
Paul Swoyer Muaj më parë
boring shit
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