Overcome 2021 Pt 3 - Overcoming What's Coming - A Message by: G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries

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Our world is changing right before our eyes. Those that have paid attention to what the Spirit is saying to church understand the times we are in. In this message, Pastor Lewis shares 5 tips to overcome the things that are coming upon the earth.
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lancegblack 4 ditë më parë
They’re already talking 6G by 2030 oh dear dear me the agenda is in full swing 🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏾
Leena Rose
Leena Rose 7 ditë më parë
Thank you pastor ! I learned so much from these videos !
Leena Rose
Leena Rose 7 ditë më parë
Wish I seen this before I got the vaccine 😔
Katryn Little
Katryn Little 17 ditë më parë
That was so amazing, those 🐑, we really all need to be watching as well as praying
droque32 22 ditë më parë
That was the perfect visual to what the words says that, "My sheep hear my voice." John 10:27
Mathieu Tousignant
Mathieu Tousignant 24 ditë më parë
Thank you pastor very refreshing thx for the knowledge!
316 24 ditë më parë
Having itchy ears is not only listening to everyone its having an ear to hear what you want ...there are many great preachers out there with the Truth Of God many pastors don't cover certain areas as good as others may do so I disagree with listening to others because one pastor can't teach everything....that's why you have 66 books and 24 elders of the old and new testament because the old testament prophets couldnt teach you about the new testament because the new testament came during the time of Christ
TheSmoots2012 28 ditë më parë
Sound doctrine! Aint nothing but the truth! Gone and preach!
Octavia 29 ditë më parë
Thank you for this message
heavenbound45 Muaj më parë
Thank you from Tanzania. This country is so full of demons and crazy people. The false prosperity gospel is the only one here as well as women preachers. So many women in the pulpit here. It's really hard to be here as a believer. Your message has encouraged me to go on in Jesus. Some times I just want to give up.
Fifi Earth Wanderer
Fifi Earth Wanderer Muaj më parë
Don't stop preaching pastor! That is an enemy attack! ..I am grateful to have come across your word!! It is so real. This world is full of fakes.. But real sees real. Amen. 🙏🏼💯
Jewerl Weaver
Jewerl Weaver Muaj më parë
Just say no to sin ✝️🩸❤🎯💯
Herr Smitzinger
Herr Smitzinger Muaj më parë
Where is this church Located?
Octavia 29 ditë më parë
I think Texas
Whatever happened to Good?
Whatever happened to Good? Muaj më parë
Thank you God, thank you for Pastor Craig and his congregation, bless and keep them. Thank you for the truth that flows from his ministry, for the hour we are living in, may finances continue to flow. Amen and Amen.
Jada Bradshaw
Jada Bradshaw Muaj më parë
This is such a download worthy video!!! Gonna listen over and over and share!!! Thank you so much Pastor G Craige Lewis!!!!
Aimee Muaj më parë
Thank you!!!!!
Gundii T
Gundii T Muaj më parë
****How can I get Pharmakos? Please help.
Randy Brown
Randy Brown Muaj më parë
Go to www.exministries.com/ and click on products tab (upper right corner) it should still be in there.
David M McCulloch
David M McCulloch Muaj më parë
Faith Talk TV
Faith Talk TV Muaj më parë
Goosebumps when the sheep responded to the shepherd....
Faith Talk TV
Faith Talk TV Muaj më parë
Etremely blessed by this message! Thank you Pastor for being radical for our Soon coming King.🙏🙌
Clareese Littles
Clareese Littles Muaj më parë
Powerful message🙌
roger twitty
roger twitty Muaj më parë
i love this pastor very much....i did not agree about watching other pastors....if that was the case i shouldnt have been watching this....i have a pastor here in colorado springs.....now i would not jump from just a example (olsteen,and jakes) to ex ministries then the pope...not the same message...only 1in that group preaching truth....just a little confused on that one.....JESUS IS LORD....
EX Ministries
EX Ministries Muaj më parë
You misunderstood what was stated. Listening to pastors that do not agree is what I stated. That’s dangerous. Every wind of doctrine is deadly spiritually.
Cameron Garvin
Cameron Garvin Muaj më parë
This is a powerful word right here!!
Dexter J Weaver
Dexter J Weaver Muaj më parë
Stay in the Word. Maintain intimacy daily with the Holy Spirit. Pray. Exercise your body. Eat balanced. 🙏💪💯🙏💪💯 Victory in Jesus mighty name & blood
Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas Muaj më parë
Hi Pastor i truly love your Godly delivery of the Word of our Lord with no leaven... i am curious about the alien reference? is this in relation to the Nephilim? i do hope you find the time to clarify this for me. May Our Lord continue to richly bless you to continue to encourage us in these perilous but exciting times Amen
Melinda Thomas
Melinda Thomas Muaj më parë
We all know what internet prophets he’s talking about 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roy Valentine
Roy Valentine Muaj më parë
@17:09 perfect
Antonio Bilbo
Antonio Bilbo Muaj më parë
A man
Sierva Creyente
Sierva Creyente Muaj më parë
Thank you for this message. I started feeling brain zaps last year in Aug. I pray that the Lord will heal me from this in Jesus Name. Amen.
Larry Long
Larry Long Muaj më parë
I have been a Christian for 42 years now. I always know when a pastor is speaking the real truth. If KJ from thescarreistmovieever on ALpost had not shown me a video of this Pastor. I would not be here right now now. The reason I Subscribed is because g craige lewis is wide awake. God Bless this man. Amen.
ex Ysness
ex Ysness Muaj më parë
God bless you all, wonderful congregation. A blessing. Thank you Abba. Love from Edinburgh UK.
SSGSS4 IAMMacabeeFU Muaj më parë
Lol. Off the chain
Mel Thomas
Mel Thomas Muaj më parë
I’m so glad to see no masks in there!!!
Jamekia Ridgely
Jamekia Ridgely Muaj më parë
Thank You! Master Jesus For The Truth!
Daron Roberts
Daron Roberts Muaj më parë
Yes! Hallelujah! I feel the spirit in that place.
Daron Roberts
Daron Roberts Muaj më parë
I just luv your ministry Pastor!
Daron Roberts
Daron Roberts Muaj më parë
Yes Sir! Keep doing what god have you to do is to speak the truth.
EX Ministries
EX Ministries Muaj më parë
Bless you. Not easy at all in these times. So many folks hate truth and the preachers of truth. But, there is no better reason to be on earth right now than to proclaim the truth of the Word. That's all i'm living for.
P 31
P 31 Muaj më parë
The sheep 🐑 illustration blew my mind 🤯. God is so awesome. Thank you 🙏🏾 Pastor G for your teachings.
Anthony Webster
Anthony Webster Muaj më parë
Amen to that prayer it hit me so hard that was beautiful
courtney mays
courtney mays Muaj më parë
Man Pastor you hit the nail on the head and pull it through on the other side. “Said an all forgiving God isn’t good enough anymore” when it comes to how ppl feel about Trump. Truth all day.
the01lovely Muaj më parë
Pastor, you are tried and true!!! Me and my husband have been rocking with you since 2010 all the way from the big "D"😂 Detroit, and you have always been on point and have never backed down or water down your message!! Thank you for being obedient!! And know you are appreciated by many and you and your family are in our prayers❤️
EX Ministries
EX Ministries Muaj më parë
I appreciate that
Flip Mode
Flip Mode Muaj më parë
Lord knows I’m trying to stay clean this year!!
Monika Ranee'
Monika Ranee' Muaj më parë
"If you needed to know that, the Lord just spoke it to you." Amen, Pastor Lewis!
Lege Razz
Lege Razz Muaj më parë
Jack Allen
Jack Allen Muaj më parë
PSA 122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. Glory to God!
Naledi Zuma
Naledi Zuma Muaj më parë
It's rare to find a Pastor that makes the word enjoyable and still informative..you have a great sense of humor pastor I always laugh with you..n then jump back in when I hear "HOW EVAAA" LOL
Mila Ellis
Mila Ellis Muaj më parë
😂😂😂😂 "HOW EVAAA"
Deric Harris
Deric Harris Muaj më parë
Stay looking forward to these
Destiny Revealed
Destiny Revealed Muaj më parë
God told me to step away from politics. Don't matter which party, it's a cesspool. Look at how both sides treat one another AND the overall agenda of both. This is not of God. I thank GOD for the spirit of discernment!🙌🏾🙌🏾🎯 AMEN AND AMEN 💯
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
Me too. I got rid of all the political videos that I made on Facebook because politics is a religion. At the end of the day, they are two sides of the same coins, two wings of the same bird, two eyes of the same face.
Disciples of the King
Disciples of the King Muaj më parë
Very bless ministry wish we could be apart of your fellowship physically but grateful to be apart of it online such a blessing in these last days!
Yellow Buttons
Yellow Buttons Muaj më parë
Yes and Amen!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾 God bless you always, Pastor Lewis! Continue allowing God to use you!
Tina022 D
Tina022 D Muaj më parë
Wow! Some of the things he is speaking of, I’ve seen things in dreams about it. China and Aliens especially!
Jelliebean88 Muaj më parë
Thank you Pastor for the Gospel of the truth!!! Praying for you and your family and church!!! God bless!
Carolyn G
Carolyn G Muaj më parë
Linda Chavez
Linda Chavez Muaj më parë
Seizures as well from this 5G!!
Tammy Freeman
Tammy Freeman Muaj më parë
Great message. Not enough pastors are talking about his. They should be preparing us for what is coming, not dancing on TikTok. We don’t need a woke pastor, we need one that will wake the body up!
Moni Fisher
Moni Fisher Muaj më parë
in Jesus Name AMEN !!!
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
Do you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a heretic and a Marxist/Communist? True story. He denies the deity of Jesus Christ yet he’s a preacher.
malakh000yishai Muaj më parë
im surrounded by skin worshipers. i pray for them because we are to worship the King our God YHWH and not his creation or the traits of his creations like skin color. God is Good, blessed by the name of YHWH our God.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
Amen. I am so tired of black Christians putting race before God. That’s idolatry.
Shay Hills
Shay Hills Muaj më parë
Thank you Pastor Lewis for not compromising your faith in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel!! We are praying about coming under your leadership! Have all your DVD’s except two of your older messages that we will be getting soon. We listened to Error of Man part 1 last night after this message and was so blessed again. Your ministry is hard to find locally in Tennessee. In the interim the Hills family will continue to support this wonderful ministry. Your members are so blessed to have you!! GOD bless you, your wife and family, Adamant Believers Council, and Ex Ministries in Jesus Christ mighty name!! 🙏🏾❤️
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
For such a time like this, we need to be filled with the Holy Ghost constantly because we are going to need the Holy Ghost to withstand in the evil day. He is our Comforter.
Biblical Truth Central
Biblical Truth Central Muaj më parë
17:22 pastor said “ showbiz pizza” lol I love you G Craig. God bless brother
BecomingVegan 27 ditë më parë
Scraxkat Muaj më parë
Hank Aaron died
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
It’s because of vaccine.
SteeleDivine Muaj më parë
I’ve listened to this message 7 times. It’s the Truth! It’s Evident Christ Children must stick close to him and know his voice. Time out for sin and allowing past trauma, current sin, and workers of evil to hold you back. The Decision is (y)ours, Choose the Eternal Father Christ and set your treasures in heaven. Pray for our children bc the devil is snatching them out. Be a witness to his love in their lives.
Mister Shu
Mister Shu Muaj më parë
Amen sis!
Living on Purpose !!
Living on Purpose !! Muaj më parë
Amen and Amen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Zamambo Mkhize
Zamambo Mkhize Muaj më parë
South African government shutdown all churches, I'm grateful that I can fellowship with this family and drink from this well. God bless you all abundantly and may your cups overflow.
Zamambo Mkhize
Zamambo Mkhize Muaj më parë
Amen, you can't have a buffet of preachers. Thank you Lord for exposing the false prophets and teachings. Father continue to use your chosen shepherd to call us.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
That’s why I am getting rid of different ministries on ALpost and only listen to like one or two of them. Having buffet of preachers is not spiritually healthy.
Medrick Bussie
Medrick Bussie Muaj më parë
He reminds me of Noah warning the people before the flood
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Muaj më parë
I thank God for your Ministry!!!!
Arcollins040 Thomas
Arcollins040 Thomas Muaj më parë
I did not watch the entire video yet, and I just found this ministry, but I must say while I do understand that the days are getting shorter, we still have much work to do.
Bare Facts
Bare Facts Muaj më parë
I needed to hear this! Praise God for this ministry! I have longed for a anointed message! May God richly bless you as you continue to advance!
Jack Allen
Jack Allen Muaj më parë
Praise God, have church Amen and thanks
VC Williams
VC Williams Muaj më parë
Thank you pastor for the word and prayer I appreciate you and what God is doing in this ministry this ministry has helped and is still helping Praise God for ABC even though I don’t live in Texas my heart is there with this ministry I thank God for leading me to watch and Listen to you and I feel like I’m apart of this fellowship even though I’m miles away thank you so much for continuing doing God’s work God’s continued blessings to this ministry you and your family
sharmin hayes
sharmin hayes Muaj më parë
I love your church!! I wish y’all were in Roanoke Virginia!! Thank you for your constant truth!
Jasmine McSwain
Jasmine McSwain Muaj më parë
A blessing
super cody Dionne s
super cody Dionne s Muaj më parë
Thanks for the knowledge Ex ministry
Brandon Colar
Brandon Colar Muaj më parë
I work at a hospital and they are definitely pressuring us weekly to get the vaccine because so many of us have declined. I am prepared to leave if I have too. God got me regardless.
Mathieu Tousignant
Mathieu Tousignant 24 ditë më parë
I pray that God Will give the courage To do what's right!
Valar Morghulis
Valar Morghulis 27 ditë më parë
Religious exemption, give your HR a letter. Have your congregation leaders or pastors write one and give it to ur job
ZEPHANIAH COX 27 ditë më parë
There are Vaccination Exemption Cards that you can get but you will still need a written statement from your Doctor!!
Israel Tindal
Israel Tindal Muaj më parë
Big facts 💯✊👊🙌👏💪🤜🤛🔥
Larry Long
Larry Long Muaj më parë
Brandon Colar. God bless you for your post.
Anon Muaj më parë
Adelina Ward
Adelina Ward Muaj më parë
Thank you for praying for us who can’t be with you all 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰
Kathleen Sampson
Kathleen Sampson Muaj më parë
I'm which you Pastor, am just trying to make it to the end !!!
DaisyWonderfulWorld Muaj më parë
Thanks for sharing the word to us every Sunday Pastor Craig God bless you🙏🏾
DaisyWonderfulWorld Muaj më parë
i'm gonna stand no matter what!!!
Nicole Jasmin
Nicole Jasmin Muaj më parë
These series do something to me everytime!! 🙌🏾 When the LORD makes a way for me physically to be there. Until then, I'm catching your upload services. Glory to YAH!!
sherri Nixon
sherri Nixon Muaj më parë
The Last Stand
The Last Stand Muaj më parë
Watching from North Carolina. ABC is truly blessed and motivated by the gospel. I love you all!
The Burns Family
The Burns Family Muaj më parë
I too am watching from North Carolina!
mskayshante81 Muaj më parë
I’d so love to be there worshiping the Lord with fearless believers!! 😫😫😫🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
psalm 121 4dayz
psalm 121 4dayz Muaj më parë
DK zok
DK zok Muaj më parë
All I know is I want to be standing next to this pastor when the aliens land
Bonita Wortham
Bonita Wortham Muaj më parë
TheWriterWalker Muaj më parë
I just visited this church today, Jan. 24, 2021. AH...MAZING! And praise God! I am so humbled by the gift of being able to actually be in the space of the place that sustained me via the internet throughout the unnecessary chaos of 2020. The godly love and joy, the spirit of discernment, the fire of the Holy Spirit--were all evident in this wonderful congregation. The pleasant and warm greeters and loving children and strong young men (who kept a watchful eye over the physical and spiritual safety of their community), and the Man of God who leads them in God's way (and who even honored me with a sit-down exchange!)...all of this has reignited me with the same joyous energy I had the day God let me feel His Spirit inside my soul when I submitted my life to Christ in 2014. PRAISE GOD! BLESS PASTOR LEWIS and EX MINISTRIES and the ABC!
TheWriterWalker Muaj më parë
@Bonita Wortham, thank you, sister, and I am happy for you that you have such a visit in your future.
TheWriterWalker Muaj më parë
@Living on Purpose !!, thank you, brother.
Bonita Wortham
Bonita Wortham Muaj më parë
🤗🥰 I know my day is coming! You have voiced what I knew by faith! Bless God and may you keep that what was given you during your visit in Jesus' name. Amen, look at God!
Living on Purpose !!
Living on Purpose !! Muaj më parë
Amen. That's wonderful.
SetfreeT M
SetfreeT M Muaj më parë
We cant forget...TV is the best brainwashing device..This year I will not watch anything unless Im led too.The only voice I want to hear is the voice of the holy spirit.Being clean in every possible way.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
That’s why I don’t have TV in my house.
Auvionna Anderson
Auvionna Anderson Muaj më parë
Spoke Directly To My Soul I Thank The Lord For You And Your Ministry...
Charlie Hodges
Charlie Hodges Muaj më parë
All I can say is. And another one one. Much love to all
JOEL YOUNG Muaj më parë
Love this mighty man!🙌🏼
Patrice Austin
Patrice Austin Muaj më parë
Glory be to God. His sheep knows his voice. God thought of everything 🥰🥰🥰
Tina Brown
Tina Brown Muaj më parë
I'm a Adamant Believer too!!! Your our Pastor too!! Even though we don't live there we are joined to this ministry!! We receive and believe your teaching and preaching!!! Lord willing one day the Brown family will be sitting in the congregation fellowshiping with the saints of ABC!! Lord willing!!! THANK YOU for being a sound voice in this final hour!! 😊😂🙏
Tammy Robinson
Tammy Robinson Muaj më parë
There was a time when Communism was frown upon here in America. The players were always here in hiding back then 30s 40s 50s 60s. Bernie Sanders was the first in modern history who was bold enough to proclaim his ideology under the banner of “Socialism.” Socialism and Communism go hand in hand. Now there is communism and its tenets that are seen on every level. This present administration is fully onboard to take America into Communism and globalism. The rest of the world is onboard with Communism/Globalism. The last 4 years under the Trump administration the goal was to make America Great and first again not fall to Communism. Unfortunately the church has and is asleep at the wheel. We need more watchmen and women on the wall🙏🏽😌🙏🏽
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
Do you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist?
Roquita Johnson
Roquita Johnson Muaj më parë
This was awesome! Thank you Pastor Lewis.
tony tunstall
tony tunstall Muaj më parë
Sheep visual begins at 26:00 Thank you for another word pastor, keep fighting the good fight 💯💙
Ann George
Ann George Muaj më parë
Thank you so much for praying for us !, yo are my preacher. Every week you enlighten my spirit with the anointed word of God bless you !,, AMEN AMEN You are so. ,,,,, BLESSED. blessed you all can gather I am still out of church since March 2020 The churches that are open you have to get on line and schedule yourself a seat ahead of time ,, then when you get there The church has changed so much they just preaching what itching ears want to hear about racism and all the garbage you here in the news and no word that speaks about Jesus ! Preach it !,, he’s done too much HES DONE TO MUCH Praise Jesus. Amen this is the time
Lex D
Lex D Muaj më parë
I been telling god I wished I lived in Texas I would have been at your church. I’m praying to god to help me relocate over there 😩 I need YESHUA on my playlist
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Muaj më parë
Me too
Ella Fitz
Ella Fitz Muaj më parë
I got home after a 12 hour shift and I decided to watch your message this morning and boy oh boy, I’m glad I did!! I fell asleep about 45 minutes in and I guess my spirit was meditating on the word spoken by God through you because I was speaking in tongues in my sleep!! I also woke up speaking in tongues and praising Jesus! I’ve never in my two-ish months of having the Holy Spirit spoke in tongues as much as I did this morning! You’ve touched on a lot of things I’ve been struggling with being a babe in Christ and trying to navigate through the YT ministry. Please pray that I find a church home that’s not ashamed of preaching the gospel during these last and evil times! God bless you and ABC community!
Ella Fitz
Ella Fitz Muaj më parë
I want to just clarify my last comment; I know the Holy Spirit is more than just speaking in tongues, it’s having a relationship with God. I was on a three day fast a few days leading up to the message and I really felt that I finally got my break through that morning ! If there are any babes in Christ reading this, please know that you won’t make it in this journey unless you pray and fast! If Jesus prayed and fasted, who are we to not do the same? Be blessed and stay encouraged!
Betsy Lynn Vedrine
Betsy Lynn Vedrine Muaj më parë
Genetically modified by God..Thats a humble brag..
MoniqueGuinn2016 Muaj më parë
My God I felt God when I saw them sheep running to that Shepard
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