Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools

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Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.
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colinfurze 11 muaj më parë
This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build Hope your all healthy and well
KIL390 5 ditë më parë
The video of Making an electric monotrack by XenonJohn is the type of build i am referring to. Taking his idea and turning it up to 11 with the electric drift trike parts, and a bolt together design. It would be cool to see a monotrack in the Furze inventory.
Adam Rankin21
Adam Rankin21 6 ditë më parë
Can you do this again but with a cheep budget so not expensive tools and no expensive drift trike parts ?
KIL390 8 ditë më parë
Long time fan of the tie and sneakers, I recently stumbled on the Make it Extreme channel's Mono Track and am hoping you could do a 'Basic Tools' series version please.
Kai Osborne
Kai Osborne 9 ditë më parë
Very good
Kai Osborne
Kai Osborne 9 ditë më parë
Floppy dog55
Floppy dog55 4 orë më parë
try and make a drift trike under 100 quid good luck
Ben Ace
Ben Ace 17 orë më parë
Haha might get a little bit warm
David Gorber
David Gorber 17 orë më parë
Can you send me a link for that motor 🙏
Phoenix Schofield
Phoenix Schofield 21 orë më parë
I haven’t got a drill?
ragnal lothbrook
ragnal lothbrook Ditë më parë
your a nutter but i love it Colin !!!
TimberWolf1 Ditë më parë
where did you get the engine?
Maxi Ditë më parë
I'd love to make one, but I don't think there's anywhere where I could legally drive it... I don't know anyone with a big property
Nokkap Ditë më parë
Me in my spare time watching memes and sleeping: This guy making a full on drift trike out of pretty much nothing:
Paung Channel
Paung Channel 2 ditë më parë
Is good
Siobhan MacGillivary
Siobhan MacGillivary 2 ditë më parë
Awful...metal fatigue like crazy, and the exhaust pipe will fry your leg and ass off...check out RC MC drift trike and that's how it's done right...I'm surprised this stayed together as long as it did
Charles White
Charles White 3 ditë më parë
DUDE!! Colin!! So cool man!! Thank you for all that you du bro!! Quck question, What kind of motor is that?
Emrizky 12
Emrizky 12 3 ditë më parë
what size is the rear tire? where can i get it? 
Miscellaneous M
Miscellaneous M 3 ditë më parë
I don’t have this stuff but great video
A Deaf Kid In An Ordinary world
A Deaf Kid In An Ordinary world 4 ditë më parë
Hi colinfurze you are the best ALpost
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray 5 ditë më parë
Make an engine bike
Shaun Perrett
Shaun Perrett 6 ditë më parë
Can you please make a Jet Pack?😀
Steven Stetler vote TRUMP 2024
Steven Stetler vote TRUMP 2024 6 ditë më parë
videoseeker1100 6 ditë më parë
In Colin Furze style the gas tank has to be mounted in the most sketchy place
Will Cox
Will Cox 10 ditë më parë
Anyone got a link to the engine they’ve used when building this?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 5 ditë më parë
Just google “predator 212cc”. They’re sold on Amazon, bmi, and harbor freight
Alirio Benavides Valencia
Alirio Benavides Valencia 11 ditë më parë
Saludos mister Ford gracias todo bien todo bien gracias feliz año nuevo mister Ford buen trabajo perfecto viento en popa saludos mister Ford,
Stellerator Suprise
Stellerator Suprise 11 ditë më parë
17:14 if you are faster than your batteries (SCNR)
cammy da gamer
cammy da gamer 11 ditë më parë
Make a 2 stroke drift trike and a 2 stroke go kart
bubbles way
bubbles way 11 ditë më parë
That’s a nice build nothing better than doing it ur self 🔥🔥
Pyro Stefan
Pyro Stefan 12 ditë më parë
I want to build this, but I aint got the skills 😥
Ole-Egil Hvitmyren
Ole-Egil Hvitmyren 12 ditë më parë
I dunno, man. I get not using the lathe, welder or plasma cutter, but using an angle grinder as a hammer seems like taking it just a tiny bit too far.
Chris Fransen
Chris Fransen 12 ditë më parë
What is the exact engine that you used cause I don't want to have an engine that doesn't work, and what exact chain, wheel hub and exhaust did you use? Links would be helpful.
Jeremy Kull
Jeremy Kull 10 ditë më parë
I have the same question
RYLAN Cromer
RYLAN Cromer 13 ditë më parë
How does the axle stop from sliding through the bearings when you are riding
Katrin Philipp
Katrin Philipp 13 ditë më parë
Da Truth
Da Truth 14 ditë më parë
Maga loads of Fun ! Were on it !
Knight Flight778
Knight Flight778 15 ditë më parë
Colin got a message 13:32
luis steiningers adventure life
luis steiningers adventure life 15 ditë më parë
wich engine is that
aussie car meets !!
aussie car meets !! 15 ditë më parë
Off-road buggy?
Conor 8.3
Conor 8.3 15 ditë më parë
Colin should do a giveaway and give away one of the trikes.
William p
William p 15 ditë më parë
Yo guys can you help me? Wich engine is he using
Burro Filemon
Burro Filemon 15 ditë më parë
you shold make biuld kits like this i am shure alot of people will buy them to Assembl at home . i wold buy one with all the parts
Gadeshwar Ishwardeen
Gadeshwar Ishwardeen 15 ditë më parë
Love your videos, but you did use welding 🤣🤣..soldering that wire 😉
wandecler bandeira
wandecler bandeira 15 ditë më parë
Show ok
Tray Gallant
Tray Gallant 15 ditë më parë
Hey Can u build a BARSTOOL SCOOTER using basic TOOLS?
nasarocketmodelacademy 15 ditë më parë
that better it
Mr Rob
Mr Rob 16 ditë më parë
So nice🤩
Deadon Airsoft
Deadon Airsoft 17 ditë më parë
Is it just me or does he look likes Gordon Ramsay's son?
Toma Beniamin
Toma Beniamin 18 ditë më parë
Woow perfect
Jesset Hollywood
Jesset Hollywood 18 ditë më parë
Damngood job man!!!!! 👍👍
MCVS 18 ditë më parë
Wow its got a built in seat warmer😂👌
Foam Flinging HS
Foam Flinging HS 19 ditë më parë
1:09 basic stuff yeah okay i dont even own a dremmel
just kian -_-
just kian -_- 19 ditë më parë
Can u make me one of them my sister would love it
l SkertGames l
l SkertGames l 20 ditë më parë
What is this music
Emi BOOM!!
Emi BOOM!! 20 ditë më parë
Only that think its illegal
Billy Jimmy
Billy Jimmy 20 ditë më parë
Why wouldn’t u use a racing quad rear axle
ArkhamDrifter 21 ditë më parë
Newest fan here in L.A. My kids are I are stoked to build your Drift Bike with basic tools. That said, we need to run an electric motor in this bad boy so I'm attempting to map out a mash-up of this bolt together bike with your electric bike. Keep making rad stuff!
John Mason
John Mason 22 ditë më parë
Love it mate! I think I’ll build one of my own!!
Taylorf Kids
Taylorf Kids 22 ditë më parë
Make a 360 bike!!!
Luke Hanlon
Luke Hanlon 24 ditë më parë
What type and size engine did you use?
kuda kepang
kuda kepang 24 ditë më parë
Can u help me to make one for me
Jeff Hearns
Jeff Hearns 24 ditë më parë
Make a salt water welder or pickle barrel welder
BartonBoy 24 ditë më parë
How much did this cost
J Hazo
J Hazo 26 ditë më parë
The mans a bloody genius
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 27 ditë më parë
Where do I get the rear axle and wheels ?
Holden Brenner
Holden Brenner 28 ditë më parë
Jet engine drift trike
Matt Gard
Matt Gard 29 ditë më parë
This is really cool, but it highlights how much work it is to avoid welding!
Deep House Chakra
Deep House Chakra 29 ditë më parë
I love you Colin :D Thanks for making and sharing this...
Deep House Chakra
Deep House Chakra 29 ditë më parë
Oh yes i know what i'm building this summer, sahweet, I'm 44 years old and I do what i want :D
dennis schaeffer
dennis schaeffer 29 ditë më parë
Can you give us the link to the engine?
Thomas Bright
Thomas Bright Muaj më parë
Anyone else notice that when he started up the engine, it sounded suspiciously deep.
Leslie Burke
Leslie Burke Muaj më parë
Make an electric motorcycle
Gene Hamm
Gene Hamm Muaj më parë
The mcguyver of the wheeled society
Antonio Curcio
Antonio Curcio Muaj më parë
can you please give a linw where you got the engine
Vuk Ceklic
Vuk Ceklic Muaj më parë
The enchanting foot concurringly mate because creator acutely escape like a even excellent excited ruth. lackadaisical, puny baker
Patrick Mouser
Patrick Mouser Muaj më parë
Collin: I’m a neat person I like to be neat Me just seeing all the boxes in the back
michael Hardy
michael Hardy Muaj më parë
Power water h2o hho co2 no2 motorcycle
Dk Muaj më parë
Am i the only one who kind of enjoys the music in his videos?
Jasper Thomas
Jasper Thomas Muaj më parë
Anyone know how much this would roughly cost
Christoffer Fallhei
Christoffer Fallhei Muaj më parë
where can i find one of these?
donpierino Campanella
donpierino Campanella Muaj më parë
John Holodnick
John Holodnick Muaj më parë
Really cool, probably the best 17 min video I've watch of Anything!! Thanks for sharing!! Cheers.
Gerry Force
Gerry Force Muaj më parë
What is please this Motor for a Fabricat?
david cloughly
david cloughly Muaj më parë
Amazing So brilliant can do attitude
Dakotah Caudill
Dakotah Caudill Muaj më parë
This man is crazy so crazy its funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mustafa Kilinc
Mustafa Kilinc Muaj më parë
Now do it without an angle grinder
Big Baz
Big Baz Muaj më parë
Totally agree Colin, perfect college project plus you can weld it after it's all bolted together. Ticks City and Guilds boxes. Nice one.
okolekahuna Muaj më parë
Brilliant, Chap.
Reed Pederson
Reed Pederson Muaj më parë
Jet engine boat
justin momiroski
justin momiroski Muaj më parë
what country do you live in i live in australia
Vasiya Vasin
Vasiya Vasin Muaj më parë
Where are the subtitles in Russian?
Lucas Roldão Pereira
Lucas Roldão Pereira Muaj më parë
Sou brasileiro e gostei muito do seu video parabéns!
richard vickers
richard vickers Muaj më parë
i have a dream to convert my yamaha wr450 to electric... i wish i had your skills..haha
Aquines Anderson
Aquines Anderson Muaj më parë
Think you could make a portable hydroplating 2-3 seat electric scooter LED lights, cup holder.. yet lightweight..... 50-80 miles per hour ...?
Gissie Muaj më parë
Can you do some ram pump making condensation balls, which may help in hot countries but what about cold, and um harvesting snow things?
k Olsen
k Olsen Muaj më parë
I made a similar cart but my biggest problem was that the sprocket kept breaking off the axle. the engine was too strong.
Hi im Remy
Hi im Remy Muaj më parë
Couldnt help but notice, is that a regular grinder but with a guard or a completly diffrent thing
Рамазан Магомедов
Рамазан Магомедов Muaj më parë
Можно ли заказать у тебя такое ?
PONG VOLTAGE Muaj më parë
Just make a plane
The Rat King
The Rat King Muaj më parë
LMAO imaging putting transmission on a drift trike idk why i thought of that
idkFred Muaj më parë
colin:im a neat guy me:looks at his workshop
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Muaj më parë
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Muaj më parë
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Muaj më parë
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Muaj më parë
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Muaj më parë
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