FULL BUILD: Converting a Silverado Work Horse Into a Mean Street Truck - "Senior Silverado"

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The Truck Tech team took the 350 in a 260,000 mile Chevy out and replaced with a 383 Stroker crate short block, hot cam and new EFI.

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Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut 12 orë më parë
Nice! Entertaining.... :-)
Manny Manolo
Manny Manolo 17 orë më parë
Why is it the younger guy sounds like an actor. Damn his comments are goofy
Joe Fries
Joe Fries 21 orë më parë
dont ever use e3 plugs.... there junk. ive tried em a few times on multiple diff types of engines and always misfire
Doberman KD
Doberman KD Ditë më parë
One hour in & I appreciate how much I'm thanked for watching the show.
M Bot5
M Bot5 2 ditë më parë
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Alessandro Bohs
Alessandro Bohs 2 ditë më parë
Gabriela Carbajal
Gabriela Carbajal 3 ditë më parë
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Ddd Kkk
Ddd Kkk 3 ditë më parë
15 grand? I woulda bought a better crate engine from blue print and had twice the guts and fun.
BAOQIANG Li 3 ditë më parë
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gizmo 3 ditë më parë
Not feeling the paint job. Looks like single stage. A deeper pearl would have been killer. The wheels suck too
simon lloyd
simon lloyd 3 ditë më parë
It all looks so easy.. I think i'll do my restoration project on my driveway this weekend.
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek 3 ditë më parë
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Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff 4 ditë më parë
So cool now everybody's fixin up old trucks! Because new trucks cost as much as a house! Lol!
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff 4 ditë më parë
Whats with the tread depth on tires anymore? Theres hardly any tread on brand new tires!
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff 4 ditë më parë
Man! That truck must be a dream to drive now! Better than when it was new!
Taylor Medley
Taylor Medley 5 ditë më parë
Duralast is garbage
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez 5 ditë më parë
YOUR garbage
Vineet Tiwari
Vineet Tiwari 5 ditë më parë
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Craftsman's corner
Craftsman's corner 5 ditë më parë
starts describing fancy tire terms me: hey those look like the generic no brands we got on our car!
Ewan MacIntosh
Ewan MacIntosh 6 ditë më parë
These guys are so responsible and follow every rule! Respect!
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown 6 ditë më parë
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¡Oserg 6 ditë më parë
jorge martinez
jorge martinez 7 ditë më parë
Yasuoo God
Yasuoo God 7 ditë më parë
The spotted theory ipsilaterally sigh because wave affectively help beneath a drunk fiction. closed, needy prose
Vipex Lcky
Vipex Lcky 7 ditë më parë
My dream Truck ❤️
Yasuoo God
Yasuoo God 7 ditë më parë
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Yasuoo God
Yasuoo God 7 ditë më parë
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Zak Hughes
Zak Hughes 7 ditë më parë
"Budget Build" with a 6k crate motor
Fart Soundeffect
Fart Soundeffect 2 ditë më parë
Builds can go into the millions
Jacob Gnarly
Jacob Gnarly 7 ditë më parë
Was this filmed recently?
Ryan McI
Ryan McI 8 ditë më parë
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Cody Featherstone
Cody Featherstone 8 ditë më parë
I want one so bad! Old school 396 swap
hem259tab ;kal'heb
hem259tab ;kal'heb 8 ditë më parë
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Jazmane Allen
Jazmane Allen 8 ditë më parë
Cory Lee Boxing
Cory Lee Boxing 9 ditë më parë
I like that at the end what’s that smell
Dayton Good
Dayton Good 9 ditë më parë
chevy mechanic here. watching this makes me feel like im at work, but i cant stop watching😂
Tommy Blalock
Tommy Blalock 6 ditë më parë
@Auto Young you
Tommy Blalock
Tommy Blalock 6 ditë më parë
@Auto Young you
Tommy Blalock
Tommy Blalock 6 ditë më parë
@Auto Young you
Tommy Blalock
Tommy Blalock 6 ditë më parë
@Auto Young you
Tommy Blalock
Tommy Blalock 6 ditë më parë
@Auto Young you
justus marrs
justus marrs 9 ditë më parë
man i love this show, i used to watch ya on cable, thank god ya got on youtube
Heather Hill
Heather Hill 9 ditë më parë
Did he call it a turd ? And did the other guy say shit box or short box ? I laughed so hard I almost shit myself !
playsinmud 9 ditë më parë
Am I the only one who preferred the original paint job?
larry warren
larry warren 10 ditë më parë
Lets do something nobody else has done has seen ....i know lets build another chevy cause nobody does that.... great job 👏
HTX Sn95
HTX Sn95 11 ditë më parë
Good job cuhh
Kevin Arndt
Kevin Arndt 11 ditë më parë
So you spend a ton of money to upgrade it and went with a 383 over an LS really! As you rail on it being a quarter of a million miles and right off the bat its we plugged the break lines so the fluid doesn't drain out so it will be easier to bleed later, your doing all this work and your not planning on using new fluid, oh yeah and on the replacing the clip thats under spring tension on the drum brakes lets wear no eye protection and then put my face right over it and close enough where if it goes flying its going to hit you.
Tired Lyfe
Tired Lyfe 11 ditë më parë
This is awesome of course..but, rebuilding a chevy is like administering CPU to a skeleton.
Craig Iandoli
Craig Iandoli 11 ditë më parë
I fall asleep then woke up to this video, I was at 1 hour and 39 min. Wtf am I watching
Julian Vera
Julian Vera 11 ditë më parë
Woulda looked better murdered out
Kyle Gale
Kyle Gale 13 ditë më parë
Why would you want it to be emissions compliant
Spuds 13 ditë më parë
29:24 Vtols in Cod Games
ItzAlejandro05 13 ditë më parë
What is the name of the paint color??
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch 13 ditë më parë
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mrbuilder35 14 ditë më parë
Great show, truck looks nice but.... "low buck"...... ha!
Michael Tuubman
Michael Tuubman 14 ditë më parë
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Bobby Yoda
Bobby Yoda 14 ditë më parë
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john baker
john baker 14 ditë më parë
I just got a Chevy truck just like this, with everything to fix just like your doing here. This IS the most complete - HOW TO, I've ever seen. You guys are the best. I can take my project truck, work on it using your guide video. I can't thank you enough. Man, did I luck out finding you guys!
Alex Zamarripa
Alex Zamarripa 15 ditë më parë
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Kevin Shirl
Kevin Shirl 17 ditë më parë
LOOKS GREAT! Can you tell me what size Rims and Tires you use on this truck
Dangerous Minion
Dangerous Minion 18 ditë më parë
41:30 got some funky music
Devin Cremeans
Devin Cremeans 19 ditë më parë
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Rhats Kicks
Rhats Kicks 20 ditë më parë
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ronaldinho 10 Pro
ronaldinho 10 Pro 20 ditë më parë
I wish gasmonkeygarage did this long video they are fun to watch and I like the people there
pughconsulting 20 ditë më parë
Brake shoes are easy to work on, just have to have 3 hands and it's easy peasy.
zombienectar 20 ditë më parë
Leave the holes in the bumper and insert led lights into each hole.
zombienectar 20 ditë më parë
36.30. Good gravy man put the safety guard on that angle grinder. Have you ever seen a cutoff wheel explode ?
zombienectar 20 ditë më parë
Did he say, this turd ? That truck has 260,000 miles and is still running and has served it's previous owners well. You won't buy a new truck that will run 260,000 miles. That truck is a hardcore warrior. It's not a turd.
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 21 ditë më parë
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John led Sanchez
John led Sanchez 21 ditë më parë
Can't believe this is 2020. I'm getting 2005 vibes here
Jeff Jankiewicz
Jeff Jankiewicz 21 ditë më parë
Classic parts of America parts are high priced. Wanted the radio delete box for my 91 Silverado.....45 bucks.. wow...375 bucks for that hood
Vlone -
Vlone - 22 ditë më parë
where can I get a paint job for 700$ lmao
Ben Porter
Ben Porter 22 ditë më parë
Man how long did you have to wait for the 300 deliveries on this unit?
Javier Solis
Javier Solis 23 ditë më parë
$19.00 dollar shock, did you forget you bought all autozone low budget parts, except the stuff you got from summit, 🤣🤣
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 23 ditë më parë
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Cwby14 23 ditë më parë
He was so excited about that shock
Manuel Alonso
Manuel Alonso 23 ditë më parë
Impresionante trabajo yo tengo una pero es cabina y media son buenísima saludos desde miami
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 24 ditë më parë
My old truck ran 3 years with a mower battery I guess it had like 350 CA
Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez 24 ditë më parë
I have 1994 GMC sierra extended cab 2wd with a 5.7 l and ready for project truck
Corey Heidbreder
Corey Heidbreder 24 ditë më parë
Did he really call that truck a turd? Shit my 260k mile Silverado isn’t that clean 🙄
King Brutus XXVI
King Brutus XXVI 24 ditë më parë
I love how it turned out, but isn't dropping "an additional 15 grand" into that truck the equivalent of buying a $40,000 Mustang and dropping another $250,000 in aftermarket? I mean, let's be real, a 1993 2WD standard cab 1500 with a quarter million miles is worth about $1,500... on a good day! Better them than me. Cheers.
Number Nine Logistics
Number Nine Logistics 24 ditë më parë
Personally, I'd weld the C-notch as well as bolting. Yeah, probability overkill, but high torque may twist. Safe than sorry. (Hell, bed's off anyways)
Filip ;;
Filip ;; 25 ditë më parë
Do you mean brake cylinder? Not friggin wheel cylinder
Mauro EC
Mauro EC 25 ditë më parë
Impresionante, excelente! Me encanta! Saludos desde Argentina.
PaPa R1C3
PaPa R1C3 26 ditë më parë
Hey you can always do my 81 granada free of charge. It's had a rough life previous owner did no maintenance on it for 15 years and probably drove it around 200,000 miles without changing anything. Not a truck of course but still a fun project.
Miguel Mendez
Miguel Mendez 26 ditë më parë
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 26 ditë më parë
la obs cuhh
Abdouallah Universe
Abdouallah Universe 28 ditë më parë
I dont know but that upgrade is gong to cost may be up to 6000 dollars or more is it worth it teally to do so? Or just buy a newer used truck.
Dylan Bradshaw
Dylan Bradshaw 28 ditë më parë
How Much HP
Killroy WasHere
Killroy WasHere 28 ditë më parë
You should check the rotor shaft for side play. if it wobbles replace the distributor. That caused me hours to find why the car ran terrible.
Charles Roer
Charles Roer 29 ditë më parë
The 1 question I would always ask is ,what u gonna do with it .
Sovietpizza 29 ditë më parë
Would have went Junkyard LS but ok.
Jean Paul Carag
Jean Paul Carag 29 ditë më parë
Nice. I spend 2 hours watching everything like an Avengers movie. Just a suggestion, you know you can always wash the underneath before you change everything. Just saying.👌
t henderson
t henderson Muaj më parë
I can't stand watching these shows on TV. Welcome to Truck Tech, we'll be right back! ( 17 minutes of commercials later. ) Let me show you these neat screwdrivers made by our sponsor. ( 12 minutes of commercials later. ) Thanks for joining us today! See ya next week. Hunting shows are the same way. I just turn the TV off and go outside!
michael nguyen
michael nguyen Muaj më parë
The inconclusive drum rationally develop because scallion problematically protect forenenst a fabulous indonesia. icky, cautious vietnam
Maury Fuentes
Maury Fuentes Muaj më parë
Anybody know what wheels are those?
Ronald Clark
Ronald Clark Muaj më parë
Hold up, they are cutting out body panels and installing drop kits but tell you to take your truck to a "qualified service provider" to get your headlights adjusted? @56:28
Jose Macon
Jose Macon Muaj më parë
What size are those soft sanding blocks?
D Still
D Still Muaj më parë
Nice vid. I was hooked. Unreal how nothing ever goes wrong tho. Have similar 89 with long bed. Have $26K in it over 3 years and STILL have old, crap paint. Motor was $5500, 700R4 was $2400, and 373 with Eaton posi was $1800. Interior was $3k. I rebuilt ALL suspension components myself, along with all new brake lines, calipers, ect. Installed huge Griffin rad from Summit too. Still has TBI with roller cam, shorti headers and full 3-inch exhaust. Much better performance than factory, but nothing like their awesome 383.
Dean T.
Dean T. Muaj më parë
I wish they would have left the part numbers for the stuff they used in the video description. Vid is only 7 months old so maybe they still have that info kicking around and they could update the video description. I hunted on Summit for some of the stuff with no luck.
Bladen Ashurt
Bladen Ashurt Muaj më parë
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Bladen Ashurt
Bladen Ashurt Muaj më parë
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Ana Karpova
Ana Karpova Muaj më parë
The brawny knickers indirectly land because step-grandmother suprisingly welcome plus a accessible scissors. didactic, cut fan
Greg Obern
Greg Obern Muaj më parë
Opportunity in north rock springs Wyoming Action Automotive. '95 k 1500. Needs transfer case, shift cable, forward drive shaft u joint, fix/ reweld rocker with- channel/ angle iron , dents/holes/rost do not matter. 523554 miles / million kilometers Original head gasket, original transmission, new seals, Make offer to Mark O'Neal, Action Automotive, 112 pyramid drive, north rock springs, Wyoming Paint it off/ flat black along rockers, Indigo to Navy blue transition to the top! Add 3/4 race cam Fill with STP... HOW fast can it go? Old legends die hard.
Greg Obern
Greg Obern Muaj më parë
Correction: 623554 miles, 100 oil changes, 8 x transmission fluid changes. Hard to let it go. 49 states ,half dozen provinces
Bryan Weiss
Bryan Weiss Muaj më parë
Why did it recommend this when I don't watch anything like this, idk but now I do great vid guys, now I want a fix up a 90s silverado
Jimmy Cline
Jimmy Cline Muaj më parë
I remember when I bought my first brand new Silverado , 1991, extended cab, 350 5 speed stick, 16486 dollars! I thought it was so high tech back then! It was two tone bright blue and dark grey! Everybody loved it!
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