Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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Lynn Gibson
Lynn Gibson 18 sekonda më parë
Rick's just counting the money
Shadowblade707 2 minuta më parë
The facts that were listed were just about the only thing the PS5 has. What a disappointment for next gen console
BMT115 10 minuta më parë
Honest Gaming
Honest Gaming 12 minuta më parë
this rick is not rick c-137 , ours can dimensional travel , this one is propably dumb enough to accept money while other ricks dont need it
Z-man 123
Z-man 123 16 minuta më parë
Rick in the back just counting his money
bubb5100 17 minuta më parë
Sold!.. out
JakeyPlayz 19 minuta më parë
Can they stop advertising it and make them ffs
Tack 22 minuta më parë
Sony: buy buy buy The shop: why why why, there is nothing to buy dude leave me alone
UnDead GoD
UnDead GoD 24 minuta më parë
Im gonna buy it now cuz of rick and morty.
JJJoker013 26 minuta më parë
This is Sony’s redeeming quality and I love it!
Simanta Dutta
Simanta Dutta 31 minutë më parë
An ad I'd watch again
gisee cardozo
gisee cardozo 34 minuta më parë
Furlow Torent
Furlow Torent 39 minuta më parë
So basicly Rick and Morty proved PS5 sucks.
Boet Bakers
Boet Bakers 51 minutë më parë
0:18 I guess I figured out why they wanted it so freakishly big, it's so you can never fully block the view.
Drocer 52 minuta më parë
Good job Sell outs, ill buy xbox screw u
Aquaboy FA
Aquaboy FA 36 minuta më parë
Drocer lul
Mac MashPotato
Mac MashPotato 52 minuta më parë
We upgraded the hard drive and pretty much nothing else, here is a bunch of buzzwords like "haptic feedback" for features that have always existed to make you think we did more then that. -sony
Max P.
Max P. 57 minuta më parë
This is what happens Sony realizes Microsoft will win the marketing game by using memes.
Dammoh Orë më parë
Not buying it is an act of buying it
DarthNoswad Orë më parë
haha xd funniest shit ive ever seen lol xd
AS F Orë më parë
In my contry the ps5 is 800 something euros
DTX7 PH4NT0M Orë më parë
Never knew rick and morty were gay smh
Coolspideryoutub Orë më parë
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Orë më parë
“Okay we’re done go play ps5 fuck my ass”
memeyo *
memeyo * Orë më parë
Rick: Morty, you know how much sony gave us to talk about their dumb console? Morty: um how much Rick? Rick: Just enough for another episode in blitz and chips.
jaafar mohammed2009
jaafar mohammed2009 Orë më parë
Rick :Tell them about the thing it pay us a lot. Morty :Rick... This commercial is kind a boring. Rick: OK that's it Go buy the PS5.
Thicc._Starfish Orë më parë
Ps5 sucks
sam Orë më parë
Justin Roiland (probably): it's still not a Nintendo ad, but this will do.
Ali Egemen AKBAŞ
Ali Egemen AKBAŞ Orë më parë
İts real?
Ali Egemen AKBAŞ
Ali Egemen AKBAŞ Orë më parë
@gothar - ı dont anything ı only know english sorry can you write english please
gothar -
gothar - Orë më parë
Es una broma
gothar -
gothar - Orë më parë
Es una broma
Xbox is better
aruce9 Orë më parë
too bad there are barely any ps5s
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Orë më parë
“Play has no limits.” Except when it does.
Rajan Mohombi
Rajan Mohombi Orë më parë
Play has no limits, but your stocks does.
Mushroom with diaper
Mushroom with diaper Orë më parë
Are the 2 consoles have in an commercial war? First Xbox and a fridge and now ps5 x rick and morty
AlmightyMAD Orë më parë
Series x is better
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Orë më parë
What Playstation 5? It does not exist.
decode. exe
decode. exe Orë më parë
lo necesito al ver este comercial :v
John Paris
John Paris Orë më parë
Oh yeah if the PS5 is so great, why isn't there a PS5 2!?
Pleyland Orë më parë
this is a shitty advert
Benelon S
Benelon S Orë më parë
Me: "Is this real? Nah, this cant be real." *looks at the channel "Well i wish there were in stock"
Sgt_ undead
Sgt_ undead Orë më parë
You cant push a product this fucking hard when demand is through the roof but you guys make like 1 a day
الاتاكو 314
الاتاكو 314 Orë më parë
Oscar Oddie Ozborn Ozomantius
Oscar Oddie Ozborn Ozomantius Orë më parë
I always found the memes of people who can't buy PS5 weird because 10 minutes from where I live my local phone service provider have several dozens that no one buys. Mainly because there is PS4 that goes with 3 free games on sale. But even before that no one was buying the PS5.
Retaliate Orë më parë
Can't Rick just go to the future and steal a PS10? 🤔
Fighingchicken 6
Fighingchicken 6 Orë më parë
Everyone gargling playstation knob just to get to sell. Smh
Craig N.
Craig N. Orë më parë
Sony doesn’t need to pay for anymore PS5 ads at this point 😂
Carnage Crisis
Carnage Crisis Orë më parë
My friend owns a PS, and he mocked the slogan "Play has no limits" when half of his games stopped working on it.
MHTPr0st Orë më parë
getting to play atm costs u about 1200€
Reaction Review
Reaction Review Orë më parë
Also, Sony are playing with you. There are no PlayStations on purpose. They use the Scarcity Principle to Promote and Sell it.
Half A Mind
Half A Mind Orë më parë
The PlayStation 5 DOES have limits. It’s limited to staying plugged into the wall. It’s limited to ps5 titles. Can it play GameCube games ? Huh ? No?! It’s limited! Can ya jam a Super Nintendo game in there ? What ? No! It’s limited! Can it make me a sandwich ? Nope! It’s limited! Can it play games on the go ? No it can’t. I could go on and really I thought about doing so. I really have. But that’s all for now. The PlayStation 5. Limited to everything that’s not ps5
Reaction Review
Reaction Review Orë më parë
What Playstation 5? It does not exist.
Boga story
Boga story 2 orë më parë
Когда 5ый сезон?
futuremusician728 2 orë më parë
Why the fuck would they made a paid advertisement when they could use that money to gee, i dunno, maybe MAKE MORE CONSOLES?? Or if they spent money on technologically combating bot activity among the online retailers, WOULD BE MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. /FACEPALM
Emi Barrientos
Emi Barrientos 2 orë më parë
I don't know about you, but I felt like buying a PS5.
Ever0ld 404
Ever0ld 404 2 orë më parë
Asik oNe
Asik oNe 2 orë më parë
Awesome now I want to see more of Rick& Morty season 5
O'Neal Jackson
O'Neal Jackson 2 orë më parë
tehy sold out at gamestop
hathwayh 2 orë më parë
Rick and morty game like Simpsons hit and run please!
Bum Person
Bum Person 2 orë më parë
Wow, even a literal cartoon got a PS5 before we did, smh
Aaron Lennon
Aaron Lennon 2 orë më parë
This is canon
PeaJ 2 orë më parë
Who TF buys ads for a product no one can buy?
Kilo 586
Kilo 586 2 orë më parë
"Hi I'm Mr Meseeks look at me" "Mr. Meseeks buy me a PS5" *25 Meseeks later* "I just wanna die!!!"
Bryan Medina
Bryan Medina 2 orë më parë
Hey rick said it not me
block hasher
block hasher 2 orë më parë
Rick said fuck my ass on television? Sold.
T-800 2 orë më parë
Too bad they cancelled this show because of something that happened 12 years ago.
T-800 2 orë më parë
If I was Harmon, I would ask for double, no TRIPLE the pay for coming back.
christoper o.s
christoper o.s 2 orë më parë
best ad, but i still cant afford ps5 xD
Raul Garrido
Raul Garrido 2 orë më parë
Lmao being paid to “promote” a console. The quality and performance should have to speak for itself without being paid to do so.
Georgeis Missin
Georgeis Missin 2 orë më parë
Play has no limits..... unless u have filled up the memory 1st hour of owning 🙃
The Hero Formula
The Hero Formula 2 orë më parë
Go buy a PS5: Saltiest troll ever!
Lorr Dripp
Lorr Dripp 2 orë më parë
Cartoon Characters really got the ps5 before me...
Ivan Bryan
Ivan Bryan 2 orë më parë
Nvidia: hey buy our new graphics card. It's super rad. 😎 *Out of stock everywhere* AMD: No no buy ours we promise you can have it right now. 😜 *Out of stock worldwide* Sony: Forget those guys. What you want is a PS5. Come get it now. 😏 *Out of stock on the entire planet* 2020: Hahaha no happiness for you 😁
Alex 2 orë më parë
If you pay double for the next gen console on eBay you're a moron fact.
Purple Mario
Purple Mario 2 orë më parë
Why is this the best ps5 ad though
connor O'Byrne
connor O'Byrne 2 orë më parë
Goofy Thighs
Goofy Thighs 2 orë më parë
I turn vibration off
MK USA1 2 orë më parë
Damn son, where’d you find this
John Pomeroy
John Pomeroy 2 orë më parë
Rick doesn't care cuz he builds better technology in five minutes than Sony could in 10 years
Max Angelo
Max Angelo 2 orë më parë
Even morty has it!!! -.- if only i had rick time machinee i wouldve been able to go back and retry to buy it over n over
cadet 50118
cadet 50118 2 orë më parë
Rick and morty is I love lucy. Rick likes redheads. Morty saying ah gee rick is similar to lucy saying ah gee ricky.
Merlin 1000
Merlin 1000 2 orë më parë
The only ad I'm willing to watch
Chandler T
Chandler T 2 orë më parë
this commercial is boring😂 xbox is superior
Fahrenheit4051 2 orë më parë
There are more new Rick and Morty ads than new episodes.
シルバロバーソン 2 orë më parë
Rtx reaction 😂😂😂😂
The_God_Of_The_Simps 2 orë më parë
rick and morty are flexing on os
Jan Marco Ch.
Jan Marco Ch. 2 orë më parë
Man , you can tell justin roylan or whatever his name is really wanted a ps5 . Sony fucked the public by not covering the demand and now they are benefiting from it by having commercials with every famous person ever
Ishant k
Ishant k 2 orë më parë
We just watched an ad without skipping it. The
Ultimate yeet
Ultimate yeet 2 orë më parë
Yep this is 100 percent gunna be on the super bowl
I rarely Post
I rarely Post 2 orë më parë
Do Xbox please
Imaginul 2 orë më parë
noreworks 2 orë më parë
Diggin the 90s vibe
Arthur Saey
Arthur Saey 2 orë më parë
''this is an ad'' Jimmy
Abdullah YAY
Abdullah YAY 2 orë më parë
This is the only add I would watch
Henry Castillo
Henry Castillo 2 orë më parë
Getting one on Black Friday.
Costantino Calabria
Costantino Calabria 2 orë më parë
and everyone's like "but we can buy the ps5"...FOOLS...never heard about "MARKETINKG" ?!
Tino 2 orë më parë
So Rick and Morty are just sponsors now. So much for hating corporate-based bureaucracies lmao
Akatzin Garcia
Akatzin Garcia 3 orë më parë
Carlitos Rodriguez
Carlitos Rodriguez 3 orë më parë
Ok Cool... Nice
Zin Amani
Zin Amani 3 orë më parë
I want buy a PS5 but Unfortunately, I have only one kidney 🥺🤔
RuneScape Moneymaking
RuneScape Moneymaking 3 orë më parë
Ps5: has no limits Sony: has no Ps5’s
Lurks C-137
Lurks C-137 3 orë më parë
Arif Hasani
Arif Hasani 3 orë më parë
Lvl 999 marketing
6rey6kie6 3 orë më parë
PC Master race!
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