En Vivo Desde Wounded - Tony Loya - Fights at Wounded - Explains Beef With JayDee

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Wounded Life

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Pancho y Juan Gutierrez
Pancho y Juan Gutierrez 7 ditë më parë
Why does tony loya sord???of look like Ryan Garcia ????
Volk Valencia
Volk Valencia 8 ditë më parë
It’s funny because he said no rope chains and he’s waring a rope chain on the plug video 😂😂
Andy H official
Andy H official 12 ditë më parë
damn I knew tony wouldn’t win tho ngl😂 he just isn’t that aggressive
Sebastian Guerrero
Sebastian Guerrero 16 ditë më parë
What is that intro song?
Cesar Zuniga
Cesar Zuniga 18 ditë më parë
Clearly he copies jayde by saying “whole lotta..” com on fony Loya 🤣
214 Rodrigo
214 Rodrigo 16 ditë më parë
@Cesar Zuniga Fr fr he even sag his pants like him and everything 😂😂
Cesar Zuniga
Cesar Zuniga 16 ditë më parë
@214 Rodrigo ohh ok cuz I didn’t hear it before he was at hp records, he’s copies him in the music in the glasses the way he dresses the way of calling shoes “thang thangs” the hair and everything he’s a copy🤣
214 Rodrigo
214 Rodrigo 16 ditë më parë
Nah everybody says “ whole lotta” he do be copying jaydee in other ways tho😂
Aztec Heart
Aztec Heart 19 ditë më parë
He has the vibe of a stupid middle school kid. He literally stole jaydees flow
Aztec Heart
Aztec Heart 15 ditë më parë
@Rouge Ninja you butt hurt bc you know it’s true lmao
Rouge Ninja
Rouge Ninja 15 ditë më parë
When you gonna propose to Jaydee?
Cesar Zuniga
Cesar Zuniga 18 ditë më parë
Forreals tho Tony Loya is wack
* SOAP 21 ditë më parë
Funny part is that tony tried to make a diss song with JD’s favorite rapper but JD went and got the song first yea , simmer down tony
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 22 ditë më parë
MetroBloomin bag..
Glossy 24 ditë më parë
So what happened to the Collab with Drakeo? Jaydee te gano?
omar nunez
omar nunez Muaj më parë
All this beef talk. Jd and tony both go hard idc what any body says and if you’re denying either or that’s fatass cap
Windycity2323 Muaj më parë
Dude really sounds like a bootleg jaydee 😆
The Fewer
The Fewer Muaj më parë
Que estupidez canta en español pero no habla spanish 💀 poor piece of shii
Hardt Jr
Hardt Jr Muaj më parë
Shit was funny when he brought up jaydee
Bogus Gregorio
Bogus Gregorio Muaj më parë
Que siga tony loya
Chrollo Eric
Chrollo Eric Muaj më parë
That’s kinda sus 🤣”he left my shits hella red”😳🍑
OnTSjayyy Muaj më parë
They all hella awkward
Helxy 17 ditë më parë
Lmao fr they just sitting there,then the other dude records as something crazy was going on lmaooo
Ædrian Muaj më parë
Idk why ppl hate on bro , he’s just tryna feed his fam and HP records wasn’t paying enough and they lacked 2+ months , so A better opportunity to move his family forward presented itself
Mig Zam
Mig Zam 23 ditë më parë
@Corridos Tumbados life is a risk, any confusion becames a gamble. Foo had to make a move and see what happens
Corridos Tumbados
Corridos Tumbados 29 ditë më parë
Think of it like this, HP Records started a few months ago, they were a new record label. They brought a few artists and Tony was having problems with DMG and so tony loya stayed with HP Records for 2 Months. He wasn’t signed by HP but was just there and Tony wanted to sign a contract to HP. Although HP were new they couldn’t sign Tony because of the 💵 so tony decided to go to Manzanita but he shouldn’t had went cause HP records is slowly growing and sooner or later they could be a bigger Record Label and they’ll make more to sign other Artists.
Brani Muaj më parë
Your Thick
Your Thick Muaj më parë
designo’s taking a shit was better😭
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Muaj më parë
Fuck J Dee!!! tony Loya ft comando LR!!!!!!
Roll The clip
Roll The clip Muaj më parë
Is the new trend talking English and all ghetto but singing in English
JAL Gaming
JAL Gaming Muaj më parë
Wasnt in HP records but was repping HP records hard asf lmao
JAL Gaming
JAL Gaming Muaj më parë
Fooo swear hp is afraid of an 18 year old trys to act hard bc hes hard with his boys lmao boy wack
FercaGaming -X
FercaGaming -X Muaj më parë
4:17 tf was that
Javier Cano
Javier Cano Muaj më parë
Ayo left my shit hella red
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez Muaj më parë
I fuck with this kid. I like the style I can bump his songs
whats good
whats good Muaj më parë
These beefs be so weak... i aint sayin i like the violence but dont be rappin bout shit like that & start a beef but have no bodies droppin.... weak ass takuaches
Hoodrich817 __
Hoodrich817 __ Muaj më parë
I skipped the song to hear it all together
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Muaj më parë
Mans said no rope chain 🤣🤣jaydee chain heavier then his piece of shit 😭🤣
IBN- KAY Muaj më parë
Wha jaydee he beefing wit OMB I hope not 🤣🙏
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez Muaj më parë
Yeh it’s true 🍎🍎🍎
karlos cobarribias
karlos cobarribias Muaj më parë
chingon pa le recomiendo un artista de aka de jalos el joaquin
Ant gotchu._.
Ant gotchu._. Muaj më parë
4 songs ain’t an album
valleyboy 187
valleyboy 187 Muaj më parë
Whose he beefing with
Victor Gutierrez
Victor Gutierrez Muaj më parë
Damn loya wounded go easy before you do interviews
That Boy Chriss
That Boy Chriss Muaj më parë
Tonys songs sound the same jaydee changes the tones that why he’s better and tony is a copy
Jose Muaj më parë
Sounds banging compa🔥
Squirles G
Squirles G Muaj më parë
Don’t ever put this clown in the same realm or even conversation as jaydee that’s disrespect
Squirles G
Squirles G Muaj më parë
@Andrew Hernandez tony is dog Shit on his own lmao no one fucked w that boy his whole style is based on jd
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez Muaj më parë
@Squirles G tony was being noticed by many labels and I know this because I’m from epa jaydee isn’t the only one who showed interest.
Squirles G
Squirles G Muaj më parë
@Andrew Hernandez Jaydee is goated and the only reason anyone knows who tony is in the first place is because of jaydee none of these kids would be relevant if jaydee didn’t put them on.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez Muaj më parë
I don’t choose sides I rarely listen to their music but jaydee is a pussy you can say tony is a copy but he never took any lyrics from anyone else and jaydee took Tony’s bars and switched up the words a lil
Cresencio Saucedo
Cresencio Saucedo Muaj më parë
Same bape tee ain’t making that much bread 😂
Cresencio Saucedo
Cresencio Saucedo Muaj më parë
Whole lotta clika shit ! You know what the fuck going on ! Your a fucking biter tony la neta. People would respect you more if you ain’t jacking swaggg
Brian Andres
Brian Andres Muaj më parë
@Tony Loya A Real One
Pimp Pimp
Pimp Pimp 2 muaj më parë
Getting rich on another niggas style 😂😂
Pimp Pimp
Pimp Pimp 2 muaj më parë
Wantbe jayDEE
Antonio Montano
Antonio Montano 2 muaj më parë
no entendi ni madresss alv
Wounded Life
Wounded Life 2 muaj më parë
Song: “Aqui En Cali” El Parientito Ft. Omar Ruiz
Jayy Perez
Jayy Perez 2 muaj më parë
What's the name of the song in the intro
Wounded Life
Wounded Life 2 muaj më parë
“Aquí En Cali” El Parientito Ft. Omar Ruiz
Soy Carlos YT
Soy Carlos YT 2 muaj më parë
I can’t understand tony Loya, he talk como si tuviera un pitó en la boca, he wanna act good but he’s not.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley Muaj më parë
He wanna act hard but he's hella soft
jesus G.n
jesus G.n 2 muaj më parë
Te pesa mas la berguensa wei
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras 2 muaj më parë
“El apodo de chivo ahora a todos se lo ponen”👎🏽
Rafael Vidales
Rafael Vidales 2 muaj më parë
Jaydee killed tony Loya with his diss album
S.O.G Bautista
S.O.G Bautista Muaj më parë
Not really 🤣😂
Jesse Huerta
Jesse Huerta Muaj më parë
@Pure Cash i been listening to hp since day one but yall acting like fkn hynas over here choosing sides just listen to they music lmaoo
Pure Cash
Pure Cash Muaj më parë
@Jesse Huerta no shit
Jesse Huerta
Jesse Huerta 2 muaj më parë
Did he tho lmaoo
Carter Hoyos
Carter Hoyos 2 muaj më parë
This shit trash
Miguel Grimaldo-Rodriguez
Miguel Grimaldo-Rodriguez 2 muaj më parë
Porque todas sus rolas se oyen igual ? El mismo tono lol
William Garcia
William Garcia 2 muaj më parë
Respect for the homie drinking water and wearing a mask
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 4 ditë më parë
Anyone know his name?
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes 15 ditë më parë
Wearing a chin mask
jeffrey lopez
jeffrey lopez Muaj më parë
Jose Rendon
Jose Rendon Muaj më parë
That's the driver. 😂
El cuh
El cuh Muaj më parë
La tenia abajo meco 😂
Josue Calero
Josue Calero 2 muaj më parë
This nigga sound like a wanna be so bad
Evelyns Boy
Evelyns Boy 2 muaj më parë
Cringy asf
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 2 muaj më parë
He sounds like 6IX9INE when he’s being interviewed 😂
Destornillador Truper
Destornillador Truper 2 muaj më parë
Lo malo de que te llegue rápido la fama, se le subió un putero al Tony
Rene Duran
Rene Duran 2 muaj më parë
Designo goes hardddd man🇲🇽💰
Miguel Angel solorzano
Miguel Angel solorzano 2 muaj më parë
Puro HP récords
Miguel Angel solorzano
Miguel Angel solorzano 2 muaj më parë
Tony your 👎🏼
ola k ase
ola k ase 2 muaj më parë
Por que andan entrevistando al hijo del Jaydee?
Red cookies420
Red cookies420 2 muaj më parë
Jaydee a bum he wasnt trapping before the frame 😂😂🤣
Elite Nation
Elite Nation Muaj më parë
@alexx yrn that’s how it always is. They losers all of em 😂
alexx yrn
alexx yrn Muaj më parë
Ong i seen a couple clips of jaydee before the game this nigga was straight square 😂 but tbh nun of these niggas on shi they just wanna act like rappers
Soothing Music
Soothing Music 2 muaj më parë
That’s what ppl fail to realize he a studio gangster 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Adolfo Cuellar
Adolfo Cuellar 2 muaj më parë
Where can I get a sticker my boy 🔥🔥
Statik .03
Statik .03 2 muaj më parë
Melvin funny ash
Denmsy Cas
Denmsy Cas 2 muaj më parë
Manuel Moraila
Manuel Moraila 2 muaj më parë
Sipping lean is bomb no cap but bro that shit killing you slowly and eventually will lead you to stronger shit n will kill ya career. No such thing as a successful drug addict trust me
PhadedFoo 2 muaj më parë
These foos need to quit actin like some soft ass levas and squash the beef and drop some heat
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 2 muaj më parë
Thats the weirdest landscaping crew ive seen
Andrew Esparza
Andrew Esparza Muaj më parë
LOUI G Muaj më parë
Alan Castro
Alan Castro 2 muaj më parë
Ptm no entiendo ni verga😭😭🇲🇽
jeondatrack 2 muaj më parë
i fuck with both jaydee and tony both slap 💯
LEGENDARY RECORDS 2 muaj më parë
Tito 2 muaj më parë
JD is a flop
Jesús Medina
Jesús Medina 2 muaj më parë
Algún dia voy a estar ahii🙏♥️
LOUI G Muaj më parë
Lino Ramos
Lino Ramos 2 muaj më parë
YESSIRRR that Preview sounding nice as fuck!!! HAHAHA No copy here bro . this dude got HIS on lock
Lino Ramos
Lino Ramos 2 muaj më parë
this going to be good for him.. Manzana strictly bout business. Los de La O... It’s going to be good for dude.
Contreras Jc
Contreras Jc 2 muaj më parë
Hasta que toco phony fake loya
Contreras Jc
Contreras Jc 2 muaj më parë
Si van a hablar en inglés mejor lo hagan nada
Junior R
Junior R 2 muaj më parë
PURO Wounded
D.C. RECORDS 2 muaj më parë
Ahora falta que inviten a Diego oregél más conocido como jaydee de herencia de patrones
ben M
ben M 2 muaj më parë
Melvin gone 😂🤣
Chris 2 muaj më parë
Tony thinks he’s the Mexican version of drakeotheruler 🤣🤣
Drippy Ten
Drippy Ten Muaj më parë
Never heard of trap corridors?
MrMeatshot Muaj më parë
@S lol fr I was about to say
Ædrian Muaj më parë
HP is just the same bro he even stole his line in “ chequen Los Datos “ LMFAOOOO GTFO OUT HERE BOII “ Cost me a pretty penny “ niggas be talking but don’t even know lmaoo
S Muaj më parë
Thats literally jaydee😂
A Muaj më parë
Hes not even on drakeo's level
ELDELHZH 2 muaj më parë
He the odd ball at Manzanita Records . Pa llegarle a Tony Aguirre y Los De La O se lo llevan lejos , su estilo siempre sera de bajo de Jaydee .
Classical Blue
Classical Blue 2 muaj më parë
@Teal ComandoX si Y también dice que es similar el estilo en la categoria que escribe. So what's your point?
Teal ComandoX
Teal ComandoX 2 muaj më parë
@Classical Blue cayese alv my man is speaking facts tony loya lo dice el mismo que su estilo viene de jaydee😂💀🤦🏻‍♂️
Classical Blue
Classical Blue 2 muaj më parë
@ELDELHZH man's came up with a come back 2 min later lol bye oldhead 👋
ELDELHZH 2 muaj më parë
@Classical Blue y dia que quieras te enseño de musica pochito
ELDELHZH 2 muaj më parë
@Classical Blue your the class example of just because they are “trending “ dont mean they are good . I don’t listen to him but i respect the homie for recovering and making a change in him . You soft homie . Tony loya is a copy of Jaydee simple as that .
RAVG 24 2 muaj më parë
Hasta franco escamilla estaba
Juan Cortez
Juan Cortez 2 muaj më parë
Tony fire af better Than hp
Platadah5.0 2 muaj më parë
Puro FLOPp
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 2 muaj më parë
Phony loya
bryan vejarano
bryan vejarano 2 muaj më parë
all these guys woked out
nixxafn 2 muaj më parë
Lol real ballers sip lean not shots lmao
SevenSixty 2 muaj më parë
What a coincidence that tony started wearing LV beanies after jaydee 😂😂
Aztec Heart
Aztec Heart 19 ditë më parë
Not surprised. He stole jaydees flow and is dressing like him now. He can run his mouth but we all know he’s a fan
Music Industry Drama
Music Industry Drama 2 muaj më parë
You act like that something there’s been people use bulb beanies before Jaydee don’t play you’re self.
SAVV / 2 muaj më parë
Them chairs wanna talk too😂
diego gonzalez
diego gonzalez Muaj më parë
Translate those squeaks to Morse code
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 2 muaj më parë
I'm new to this kinda music and Tony's flow sound the same. I ain't got anything against anybody I wish him the best and all the raza trying to make it in the music business.915
Ismael Figueroa
Ismael Figueroa 2 muaj më parë
Tony think he da shit cause he a copy
Ismael Figueroa
Ismael Figueroa 2 muaj më parë
Aye fuck tony bruh he gonna go down and jaydee gonna go up
MrSupersmokesum420 2 muaj më parë
Jaydeeee got the straps
Francisco Zamudio
Francisco Zamudio 2 muaj më parë
Nice host bro keep it up congrats
El DL 2 muaj më parë
Ya vieron el video donde se dice: Yaeh hes a pacman because he likes to swalow them bolls
Oscar De lira
Oscar De lira 2 muaj më parë
Fuckin Melvin 😂💯
Huncho Jack
Huncho Jack 2 muaj më parë
I’m a fan of tony but cmon man you should’ve finished high school ts easy
EL CHAPARRO 2 muaj më parë
Tell me why tony loya looks like a bunny and has teeth like a beaver “not to be rude”
EL CHAPARRO 2 muaj më parë
@33 Kilo I think when he does the nasty nasty with his girl she bleeds from how sharp his teeth are
cmontes_08 2 muaj më parë
33 Kilo
33 Kilo 2 muaj më parë
Tony loya sees this he finna spit what he did last time “pinche morro flaco dientes de conejo pero a tu morra facil me la llevo” Ik u weren’t tryna be rude but that just reminded me😂
Treyshwn _
Treyshwn _ 2 muaj më parë
I hear crickets bruh haha
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