Kian Lawley And JC Caylen Talk Reality House And Spill The Tea On Their Upcoming Projects

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The Tom Ward Show

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Kian And JC have been at the ALpost game for 8 years and show no signs of slowing down. They embarked on a new adventure, earlier this year, when they created Reality House. It's a house filled with some of the biggest ALpostrs in the world. The cameras turn on and the drama ensues!
This year they're doing it bigger and better. We talked about their careers, Reality House, upcoming projects and more!
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The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Who would you like to see me interview?
Brooke B
Brooke B 10 muaj më parë
chris d'elia
Lauren Vit më parë
Bit disappointed you didn't seem to know much about KnJ, you seemed to do not much research
Regina Kirizs
Regina Kirizs Vit më parë
Under The Influence With Tom Ward The Dolan Twins
Analaupa S.L.
Analaupa S.L. Vit më parë
Shannyn Indigo
Shannyn Indigo Vit më parë
Sarah Baska Grace Beverley Franny Arrieta
Andrea Rae
Andrea Rae 3 ditë më parë
O2L walked so every other creator house can run.... some TikTocker’s need some humbling beginnings rather than moving right into mansions before they’re even old enough to rent a car in the state of Cali. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Andrea Rae
Andrea Rae 3 ditë më parë
Is this the same set Anthony Padilla uses??
Lilah Murphy
Lilah Murphy 8 ditë më parë
am i the only person who noticed kians hand?? and how nervous he was making jc..
kian’s skz
kian’s skz 2 muaj më parë
reality rv sounds fun ngl
Mai H
Mai H 5 muaj më parë
JC AND KIAN are my favorite you tubers seriously so funny and humble!! They really are slept on so much they deserve so much
Lily-Anna Faith
Lily-Anna Faith 9 muaj më parë
its weird cus the dolan twins and kian and JC collabed before lol
BrittanyNicole 9 muaj më parë
I'm out of the normal demographic...I am a 34yr old mother of 2 pre-teens and I've been watching kian and jc for years lol! Honestly I'm just a ALpost fan I watch so many different people and types of videos but they're some of my favorites bc they're so entertaining.
Kyannax g
Kyannax g 10 muaj më parë
Who remembers Ricardo? Where is that dude now?
KC 10 muaj më parë
This interviewer really bad he knows nothing..
linzi moinicken
linzi moinicken 11 muaj më parë
Lol the crack daddies.
Alexia Vargas
Alexia Vargas 11 muaj më parë
They need more recognition ! They are so sweet i wish there was more interviews with them
Shay Shakespeare
Shay Shakespeare 11 muaj më parë
My literal world. I love these two sooo freaking much. I’m so incredibly happy for them! Can’t wait for season 2 of TRH 😁
Yegane h
Yegane h 11 muaj më parë
They basicly said jamea charles dolan twins and emmaaaa DUH SISTERS SQUAD
cammy !!
cammy !! 11 muaj më parë
i’ve been watching knj since i was 11 and now im 17. their like the only people i still watch consistently to this day
cammy !!
cammy !! 11 muaj më parë
“andy edit bear arms”
Cody Rodgers
Cody Rodgers 11 muaj më parë
“I was in t@gged brother” 🤣😂
Crizel Tolentino
Crizel Tolentino 11 muaj më parë
I have known them since O2L hahaha
Honey Freemont
Honey Freemont 11 muaj më parë
i love how this interview just went along with their goofy personalities. he was loving it.
Patrick Sheehy
Patrick Sheehy Vit më parë
Do an interview with Jake Paul/or maybe Jake and Tana together
Reem Al
Reem Al Vit më parë
honestly knj are one of the best creators on youtube and they deserve much more, I've been watching them since ever and they shouldn't be known just for the reality house they're so much more than that, they already know whats up
Rchen D
Rchen D Vit më parë
Like more people need to follow them for real. They are the best ALpostrs ever. They are funny , real and so genuine. I see other ALpostrs with like 10M or 15M subscribers with average or below average content🤭 These boys deserve everything ♥️😭
yo Its me
yo Its me Vit më parë
This was such a fluid interview and if there's anyone i love more than knj, its this youtuber!!! So respectful but so good at conducting an interesting and healthy interview ugh bravo
yo Its me
yo Its me Vit më parë
Ooo. If taylor caniff and tana actually went to rhs2... LMAOO
ash ash
ash ash Vit më parë
Kian and jc forevvvvvvveeerrrrr
ash ash
ash ash Vit më parë
I love
ash ash
ash ash Vit më parë
Jenna marbles!!!!!!!!
Aminah Khan
Aminah Khan Vit më parë
57:26 Did they kian? Did they really?
pmp Vit më parë
1:30 2:23 4:42 4:56 6:08 8:18 10:27 13:08 17:17 18:20 19:17 19:50 21:54 24:14 24:42 26:15 29:05 29:30 33:50 38:00 38:35 40:53 41:37 45:54 46:05 46:50 49:36 51:20
Lauren Vit më parë
Who walks around with candy in their pocket Kian: me 😂😂 Everyone knows Kian's diet consists of junk lol
Lauren Vit më parë
Jc forgot to mention he was on Haters 😁
Lia Yzabel
Lia Yzabel Vit më parë
omg i cant believe people know k&j because of reality house and not o2l. craaazy to me!
paz choperena
paz choperena Vit më parë
when they were talking about shawn it hit me how big he got. i’ve been stanning them since 2013 and im finally able to see shawn in concert next week, that’s some surreal shit
kayla baldwin
kayla baldwin Vit më parë
you’re a great interviewer 🙂
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
kayla baldwin awwww! Thanks so much!
Morgan Wiesner
Morgan Wiesner Vit më parë
i started watching kian in 2010 when I WAS 8 YEARS OLD
Lydia Weatherford
Lydia Weatherford Vit më parë
but I can’t find the beanie 💔💔💔
Sydnee Tucker
Sydnee Tucker Vit më parë
i love them so much!!! they’re so real and hilarious! everyone subscribe to them! they deserve so much!💛💛
Sydnee Tucker
Sydnee Tucker Vit më parë
olivia arruda
olivia arruda Vit më parë
reality house rv would be sick
gajapercic cc
gajapercic cc Vit më parë
why is jc so fucking cute i cant
NicholeBabiez Vit më parë
Why do I feel like a proud mom right now
Elisa Villazana
Elisa Villazana Vit më parë
jc mentioning bad bunny had me dying!!
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole Vit më parë
wow this was a really good interview, mostly cause K and J don't really do much like this, and it was refreshing
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole Vit më parë
@The Tom Ward Show Yes definitely! Thank you!
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Brittany Nicole yeah I didn’t see any long interviews that they’ve done. That’s why I wanted to sit down with them. I’m glad u liked it!
Kassandra Gonzalez
Kassandra Gonzalez Vit më parë
But I love that they live in a nice regular home and are so genuine. ✨💛 I love KnJ. I always wish them their own level of success that they want 💛
Clarissa Johnson
Clarissa Johnson Vit më parë
i wonder if Tom knew half the answers they gave were sarcasm :) love Kian and JC!
Bianka :3
Bianka :3 Vit më parë
I can’t believe all these comments about people just watching knj for the first time!Welcome to the fam guys 💕
lil brit brat
lil brit brat Vit më parë
im pumped lena the plug is gonna be one of the people
Purple pop Girl
Purple pop Girl Vit më parë
Big brother who?
julia findlay
julia findlay Vit më parë
I didnt know these guys before the reality house but I have really warmed to them I thought they would be dicks tbh but nah they are down to earth and you can tell they love making content.
gioppx Vit më parë
i love these boys so much and i wouldn’t want anyone else to grow up with. man i wouldn’t be the person i am today without them, they have literally shaped me in every positive way
Megan Moon
Megan Moon Vit më parë
how about a reality house with you tubers under 21.. I feel like that would be so cool to see seasons 1 and 2 with 21+ then a younger cast version!
Sahra Lisa
Sahra Lisa Vit më parë
I just watched one hour of Kian and Jc and I didn‘t even realize it
kodiene Koda
kodiene Koda Vit më parë
We og’s up in this bitch, o2L🥰
Olivia G.
Olivia G. Vit më parë
i’ve been watching these dudes since kian & sam’s daily vlogs and jc’s skits/stop motion videos 😭 i’m so proud of how far they’ve come and how humble & genuine they’ve remained 🥺💚
Sayoko Neddeau
Sayoko Neddeau Vit më parë
Anyone else think Tom kinda like Bradley Martin minus the massive muscles?
Sayoko Neddeau
Sayoko Neddeau Vit më parë
Idk why but you remind me so much of him! 😂
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Sayoko Neddeau haha. I never heard that one before
klynnKay Vit më parë
Kian and jc deserve so much more credit & less hate. They are 2 amazing youtubers the 1 season of reality house wasn't that thought out but I'm really happy they r doing a second season... which is gonna be lit 🙂 I ain't gonna lie I do miss seeing them in their own videos but I enjoy their content that they put out ...
Katie Schlosser
Katie Schlosser Vit më parë
I love Jc and Kian❤️❤️ they are so genuine and real, they deserve great things! Been watching you since I was little!
Olivia Vit më parë
O2l is what got me into watching ALpost lol it’s crazy to see how far they have all come. I am forever so proud of all those boys & grateful that I’ve been able to watch them become the amazing people they are today:) (especially kian cause he was my first celebrity crush hahah)
Cooool Vit më parë
Was going to watch until they said it was filmed in a day
Diana De la Cruz
Diana De la Cruz Vit më parë
Loved this 🥰
Jennifer Cohetero
Jennifer Cohetero Vit më parë
“ I’ll look like bad bunny “ 😂😂😂
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Vit më parë
I've been watching these guys since their O2L days and I can't be prouder of them. The growth is so unreal. They have come so far and I'm glad I got to be a part of their wonderful journey. I love these little crack dads with all of my heart😂🖤
SAM Vit më parë
kian: andy edit bear hand... me: kian no
Gabriela Juarez
Gabriela Juarez Vit më parë
Holy shit the bus on Tixxo ad is the buck mason bus... I work with them what!!!
MichelleT-22 Vit më parë
I wanna see more knj interviews
leXc t
leXc t Vit më parë
this made me subscribe! ❣️
Yaakii Hernandez
Yaakii Hernandez Vit më parë
i love theses guys ‘ ive stuck around since i was 10-12 too !
kiara singh
kiara singh Vit më parë
“Andy edit bear arms” 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Princess ally13
Princess ally13 Vit më parë
i feel like maybe they should make a separate channel for the reality house, you know ?
Curly Locks
Curly Locks Vit më parë
Thank you so much ❣️
Gwendolyn House
Gwendolyn House Vit më parë
Loyal fan🥰
Miraya Hernandez
Miraya Hernandez Vit më parë
Jc has veneers??!! I always wondered how they were so perfect and sparkly.
Randalee Vit më parë
Omg.. i have crackle.. imma watch that Party Boat! Lmfao.. seriously.
S ‘
S ‘ Vit më parë
ugh I love Kian & Jc ❤️ been a fan since day 1.
M A Vit më parë
*i love them so much ♡. this was such a good interview*
sj Vit më parë
They should so do a reality house just twins😳. They play as teams until theirs only 4 sets left then they face off against each other🥶🥶🥶
Unknown Vit më parë
Tom is the perfect interviewer , he makes it seem like such a casual conversation and the convos just fly like nothing . I love watching these vids
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Unknown thank you so much!!!!!
Dylan Meza
Dylan Meza Vit më parë
I’ve been watching these boys for about 5 years already I love ‘em!
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez Vit më parë
I still don’t understand why Netflix doesn’t pick up Shane and Kian and Jc, yeah sure they may want more control over the the shows but if I were Netflix I’d give them what they want, it would be totally worth it
k. Vit më parë
The interviewer was great asked a lot of questions I’ve been wanting to know for a while. Love my crack dads
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
seabiscut thanks for watching:)
saydee Vit më parë
they filmed the last one in one day????
Life With Nelly
Life With Nelly Vit më parë
When Kian said “Andy edit bear arms” 3:41. I almost died😂
michellebelle Vit më parë
Idk why the hell Kian doesn’t release music, his voice makes my heart happy 😭
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens Vit më parë
Road rules!!! 2.0
Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose Vit më parë
This video made me to go to fanjoy and buy some merch 😭😂 of all videos of them
Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose Vit më parë
Under The Influence With Tom Ward honestly at this point 😭😂
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Marissa Rose I would like a cut of all sales generated from this video. Haha 😂
n e
n e Vit më parë
it seems like tom doesnt really know anything💀its okay tho i guess he has a lot of guests and it keeps the interview continuing
meep meep
meep meep Vit më parë
23:18 now we know where all those hickies came from in the previous videos 😂😂
Jasmine Rangel
Jasmine Rangel Vit më parë
aww little kian and jc that we know really grown grown now wtf
nicole jaimee
nicole jaimee Vit më parë
“andy edit bare arms” wrong channel kian😂
Emilia Rose
Emilia Rose Vit më parë
Then theres reality plane where you skydive when eliminated... No? Too far? Okay.
Rose Vit më parë
I like that they just still act like normal people no matter how big they’ve got. Very humble
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Rose super humble guys. Really cool
Emilia Rose
Emilia Rose Vit më parë
I love it when KnJ do sit down videos and this an hour long interview is what I needed. Thank you sm :)❤
The Tom Ward Show
The Tom Ward Show Vit më parë
Emilia Rose I’m glad u liked it 😊
Gloria Fit
Gloria Fit Vit më parë
Awee I’ve been watching them for sooo many years. I’m so glad they are getting the credit they deserve!
Chable Vit më parë
Who’s been watching since o2l , like this
Chable Vit më parë
I miss o2l😭😭😭
Bri Simms
Bri Simms Vit më parë
Kian has a gf??
Chable Vit më parë
My crackdads 🥺🥺 y’all so slept on
breeana barrenos
breeana barrenos Vit më parë
I loved this interview. You already know what’s upppppppp 🤘🏽🖤 knJ foreva
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad Vit më parë
I´m so grateful that I've found them back in 2010...bc they have saved my life!! THANKS KnJ for always being there for me
Melissa Meza
Melissa Meza Vit më parë
you didn’t invite fans to your parties? nah, nah yeah that’s why he wasn’t allowed to come - jc 😂
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