The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 383 | Glacier Boyz

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The guys are back! After being bullied into their return they have a ton to cover. They begin with catching up on their time off (3:37), Mal was dissed by Tory Lanez over the break (21:00), and Bria Myles appreciation (48:00). They also, recap new music that dropped [which include Jay Electronica, Bryson Tiller and more] (1:09:00), Charlie Clips and DNA campaign ad for Joe Biden (2:33:15), congratulations for the Lakers (2:47:08) and much more!
Sleeper Picks Joe | Bryson Tiller - “Sorrows” Rory | Emotional Oranges - “All That” (Ft. Channel Tres) Mal | Benny The Butcher & Hit-Boy - “Legend” Parks | Da Cloth - “Ask Me Why”
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Wake N Bake TV
Wake N Bake TV Ditë më parë
I love how they say they tryna take things to the next level... But still censor themselves lol btw Trump funded HBCUs for the next 10 years. PERMANENTLY. Biden has no plan for African Americans. Trump had the Platinum Plan for African Americans. This is coming from a Black Man. Oh btw, Black ppl... how we better our community is by doing what you need to do. Be accountable for thyself and as men we need to build ourselves and stop looking for the government for handouts! BIG govt don’t work!! Oh btw he’s not known as Jim Crow Joe and the ‘94 crime bill guy for no reason 😎 WAKE UP Blk Ppl. Stop blaming Trump for police problems and vote LOCALLY.
barry jones
barry jones 4 ditë më parë
barry jones
barry jones 4 ditë më parë
OSF Movement
OSF Movement 6 ditë më parë
> you're playing connect 4. > if you choose the wrong move. you'll lose. > choose wisely... □□□□□□□ □■□□□□□ □■□■●□□ ( you're playing as ■ ) □■□●■■□ ●●□●●■● a b c ---------------------------------- my insta: angel16287
Yahya Green
Yahya Green 7 ditë më parë
Why the fuck is bul always in a high chair like he a baby 🍼 👶🏽
Arturo Arzadon
Arturo Arzadon 9 ditë më parë
Joe is mad comfortable... Sitting Indian style with his shoes and socks off. Y'all podding tho guys lol
Tiff Herrell
Tiff Herrell 11 ditë më parë
that smurfs jacket is fly af MAL
Stephon Sheppard
Stephon Sheppard 12 ditë më parë
OSF Movement
OSF Movement 12 ditë më parë
I can’t listen to Mal’s sports takes.
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo 15 ditë më parë
At least Joe's impersonation of females talking isn't his usual way of doing so lol love the bowling story PEACE UP TO THE GLACIER BOYZ
shane atkins
shane atkins 15 ditë më parë
banning people from posting comments because they point out the hypocrisy of the shit you openly talk about is coward shit
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo 15 ditë më parë
The bowl of ramen is for the sound a WAP makes
alexander brown
alexander brown 19 ditë më parë
The court statement by mal was wholly bias and ignorant to be honest. How many black men been found guilty of crimes they didn’t do? Come on.
J Fa
J Fa 20 ditë më parë
"I'm busting on the intro" CLASSIC BARS
ferrari4thewin 21 ditë më parë
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo 22 ditë më parë
I haven't liked Dak since day one, kap>dak
Cyrus Dawson
Cyrus Dawson 22 ditë më parë
Not defending Lanez but Mal saying “if I’m innocent I have nothing to worry about”or whatever he said is dumb af lol has this man never heard of the Central Park 5 or any other person that has been wrongfully convicted? It’s easier to just say “f*ck Tory and his privacy” my guy😂
kanika wrice
kanika wrice 23 ditë më parë
Lol around 38:50 they are talking mad fast 😂😂
Elo Oji
Elo Oji 23 ditë më parë
How many of y’all don’t listen to the breakfast club or Andrew Schultz anymore??
hajeraa 24 ditë më parë
JamaalSTL 25 ditë më parë
Came back to do 1 mill in a month. Sheesh
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano 26 ditë më parë
The content kings return
Grilly Skillz
Grilly Skillz 27 ditë më parë
Would you like another Red Bull? 😭😭😭😭😭
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano 28 ditë më parë
I can’t listen to Mal’s sports takes.
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano
Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano 26 ditë më parë
Should me and my brothers make a channel called “ Shhlarious44 “ ?
TMP Kevo
TMP Kevo 28 ditë më parë
Mal clearly doesn't know men are guilty until proven innocent and women are innocent until proven guilty.
Delvonte Tate
Delvonte Tate 28 ditë më parë
Yo, when she asked if Rory was Ian, I lost it, lmao!
Domo Don Doom
Domo Don Doom 29 ditë më parë
2:15:00 damm
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 29 ditë më parë
Mal’s sports Takes have reached an all time low. But its all love Still! Just letting you know G
Nery Valencia
Nery Valencia 29 ditë më parë
Who is the girl with Brea miles?
IllmaticD2theJ94 Muaj më parë
Taquan Grady
Taquan Grady Muaj më parë
FYI I deleted my Spotify app 😭😂😂 🗣fck them!!
Taquan Grady
Taquan Grady Muaj më parë
This nigga mal says “when u didn’t do something there’s nothing to worry about”👀.... have you ever heard of Central Park 5 👀 and that’s 1 major incident without checking google
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Joe-vid 19?
Gio Valentino
Gio Valentino Muaj më parë
Lil boom. Is ur...
Nicholas Richey
Nicholas Richey Muaj më parë
Mal needs to stop capping with the basketball takes. Lakers were like 4th in the West last year THEN Lebron went down. They weren't "struggling" like you tryna make it seem. They went and added a top 10 player and you gave them 35 wins. Your sports takes ice cold.
QADIR eng Muaj më parë
The content kings return
Jose Bermejo
Jose Bermejo Muaj më parë
Joe is mad comfortable... Sitting Indian style with his shoes and socks off. Y'all podding tho guys lol
dont worry
dont worry Muaj më parë
Allow me to preface this by saying I rarely comment, cause i respect the fact you guys are open enough to have disagreeable opinions, and often topics pop up in conversation and you are all going with the flow. HOWEVER, it seems you planned to discuss new music, you all listened to this particular album, yet spent entirely too little time reacting, reveling and praising Bryson's latest work. That shit was hard as hell. I have had multiple days totally detailed by repeatedly playing 1 song all day, but a different song each time. He has 4 or 5 tracks with heavy replay value, no less than 3 classic tracks on this album. As long as an artist gives a handful of stellar performances to add to their playlist, who really cares about the body of work? And no artist can truly recapture the moment of providing the public with an unanticipated classic, so we all need to stop comparing to trapsoul. "Anniversary" firmly places Tiller in the class i thought he had the talent to be in, but i wasn't sure he would do what's necessary to prove it. The class of confirmed uniquely gifted r&b soloists for a generation, with the catalogue to back it up. This class sits squarely below Chris Brown, which obviously needs no explanation. Bryson did it, give him his due! 😤
Louiiv Beatz
Louiiv Beatz Muaj më parë
When he pressed the new joe budden button a million times 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🕹
Renee's Land
Renee's Land Muaj më parë
Never knew joes phone ringing could cause my bf to tell me “your phone was ringing” and cause an argument because he doesn’t believe it was his phone ringing and not mine! Ffs! Thanks joe! Jk not joes fault ... but this is some bs.
Christopher Simmons
Christopher Simmons Muaj më parë
Time Stamps for EP. 383 "Glacier Boyz" 4:00 Saweetie and Quavo snow flake lol 12:50 Joe brings up IG girl crushes going on "girl trips" 19:20 - Joe explains what he done over break 21:15 - Torrey sends shots at Mal 35:00 - Meg / Bill Burr on SNL 38:00 - Having wierd/cool neighbors // Realtor questioning buyers 48:30 - The pod joning on Joe Budden's pic 55:00 - Joe calls Bria Myles and Sonyae 1:01:40 - Babe usage complications 1:05:20 - Cardi B nip slip IG 1:09:00 - New music (Jay Electronica, J.I.D) 1:24:00 - Rory & Sam 1:30:00 - Does the old work count if she glew up after? 1:34:00 - Vegas All Star Weekend 1:38:30 - Joe story on a girl texting saying "I'm horny" 1:45:00 - NBA players exiting the bubble lol 1:50:00 - Road trip to DC 2:00:00 - Back to new music 2:02:00 - Migos squashing beef with QC 2:11:00 - Family time wih Joe and him talking about watching Lex // Funny escort story 2:33:00 - Charlie Clips and DNA video about the importance of voting 2:46:40 - Nicki and Cardi squashing beef and possibly working together 2:47:50 - Laker talk / NFL talk Check out our podcast!
Town _Biznessman
Town _Biznessman Muaj më parë
Stop using your fingerprint i.d. on your phone! The poop can put your finger to the screen to access it.💯✌🏾
Town _Biznessman
Town _Biznessman Muaj më parë
Y'all my Brodie's, but y'all jumped all the way out the window in the last hour of this pod!😂🤣😭😂🤣😭🤣😂😭😂🤣😭
Town _Biznessman
Town _Biznessman Muaj më parë
That Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Tiny Desk is fucking 🔥! The Roy Ayers episode is heat as well.💯
AgeofRebelAquarian Muaj më parë
Let's get the boys to 1mil! JBP BOYS!!! 1 mil on the come back
DJ Sleepy D of BRASH
DJ Sleepy D of BRASH Muaj më parë
Me and Joe might be the same nigga "real g's move in silence like lasagna" really fucked me up once I actually got it almost two years after the record dropped. I thought it was just some dumb shit Wayne was saying but I remembered lasagna has a G in it. Still not over it either.
Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith Muaj më parë
iladelphi Ninja
iladelphi Ninja Muaj më parë
@19:40 Parks: And Saddles! 😂😂😂
m00n Muaj më parë
Damn the views went up.
young lightskin
young lightskin Muaj më parë
Don't leave out the saints when you talk about the best receiving core
M.D. GRANT Muaj më parë
TheRealAin'tFeelinYou You Frauding!
TheRealAin'tFeelinYou You Frauding! Muaj më parë
Mal don't wanna hear music from an artist that he claims to like, BECAUSE of speculation? C'mon son. Tory Lanez is in a midst of litigation he don't gotta tell nobody sh*t and he's smart not to. FOH Mal: "I just don't fu*k with people that shoot black women." Da fu*k? Would it make a difference if the woman wasn't black?? Sound stupid my guy!
kiya esp
kiya esp Muaj më parë
Obamacare sucks
Yung Enoch7
Yung Enoch7 Muaj më parë
Joe still got bars
Canadian Prison Stories. With The new Matt Clark
Canadian Prison Stories. With The new Matt Clark Muaj më parë
You guys have the man guilty . Wack. This is real hip hop? Get online and talk about an open case. Damn you guys is dumb as sh.t
Canadian Prison Stories. With The new Matt Clark
Canadian Prison Stories. With The new Matt Clark Muaj më parë
You guys are idiots. He can't talk before it's adjudicated
Razor rade
Razor rade Muaj më parë
Bro I love tha dog🤣😂
Old Neab
Old Neab Muaj më parë
That art work in the back represents the charters talking!
anjun Muaj më parë
Bro why are you censoring the podcast though
Jay Hooper
Jay Hooper Muaj më parë
Leather jeans on their sleeve jacket 🤣🤣🤣
Is it me or did niggaz stop really talking about shit and just fake laugh? Don’t get me wrong I love the jbp but I ain’t been able to stay tuned in the last couple
Dez Ross Jr.
Dez Ross Jr. Muaj më parë
What apps can I watch the new pod episodes on cause ALpost isnt going to work
JD Muaj më parë
I get what mal was saying this isn’t a time for music but with the media over bashing Tory n not using sense like always I support Tory for doing that that’s the way u come back after everyone turned on u Tory did that it was for a certain audience whether y’all wanted to listen to it or not facts
Brains and Beauty
Brains and Beauty Muaj më parë
No Joe was dead wrong for his comments about Ari and black women. Happy he's learned from it but Rory you're wrong for making it seem like Ari misunderstood. I watch every minute since you've guys started and Joe made inappropriate comments so Rory don't gaslight. Love you guys
OB Muaj më parë
25k on the return is CRAZY!! Happy the pod is back 😁
William Gant
William Gant Muaj më parë
Not gonna lie, these niggas had me looking up Bria Myles.
Solo Austin
Solo Austin Muaj më parë
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time and I'm only halfway through the video Rory and that damn riding on the rim story had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
vMxai Muaj më parë
whats up with the frame rate of the video?
Parks is sick “You need a mix” 😂😂😂
HonorableSienna Muaj më parë
Mal denying chicks the D IS CRAZY 😩😭
Rikochet States
Rikochet States Muaj më parë
@2:49:22 Mal you're HELLA wrong I already knew Lakers were going to win a chip once he signed on that dotted line. For everyone reading this, check this out: Lakers won their first 3 rounds 4-1 They ended 4-1 with Black Mamba jerseys Kobe was 41 Kobe = 41 LA = 41 Gianna was 13 Gianna = 13 LA = 13 Lebron = 42 They won the Finals 4-2 42 is the mirror number of 24 Kobe's jersey number is 24 Lebron James = 66 He can end his career on a three peat and finish 6-6 He already won his 4th, next year they will win it again, either against the Celtics to pass them as the leading Franchise with chips and get #18 chip or against the 76ers who equal 61 and 18 is the prime number of 61 which means Lakers can win their 18th chip and also win it against Kobe's hometown team. Another reason why I knew Lakers were going to win this year because of George Floyd's situation. It happened in Minneapolis which the Lakers are originally from. Which is why Timberwolves also won the 1st draft overall. I can go on and on. It's not just with NBA, it's with ALL professional sports.
Seth Alexander
Seth Alexander Muaj më parë
Do a "everytime mal let rory live when he tried it" segment
Leke Obajimi
Leke Obajimi Muaj më parë
I’m glad they touched on that quavo pic and QC
Errol Thornton
Errol Thornton Muaj më parë
Mal was really on his nasty with Bria lmaoooo
roddy88 WDB
roddy88 WDB Muaj më parë
This show gives me the same feeling Saturday morning cartoons used to, i need this..thank you guys and welcome back🙌🏿🙌🏿
money8892 Muaj më parë
Missed the pod, welcome back fellas 💯🤣🤣
The Reel Spiel
The Reel Spiel Muaj më parë
LMAO! Joe's face at 1:51:47 when Rory asked, what's wrong with eating escorts? He wanted to say so many things!!!!! lol he looked at parks like, the cam gotta be off bruh
Su Woo
Su Woo Muaj më parë
Nahhhh I been listening to Wilson Phillips hold on hard of lately loool glad to see it's not just me
bean sprout
bean sprout Muaj më parë
I don't know why this video started playing. I didn't pick it, nor do I watch anything related enough to have it play automatically. Annoying.
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson Muaj më parë
I fuck with them chicks looking for the "party" lol
Devaughn Squire
Devaughn Squire Muaj më parë
Ahahaha best team ever MAL? Lebron and AD is worse than Kawhi & PG?
Tina Smith
Tina Smith Muaj më parë
These was a great episode.
Brandon Fernandez
Brandon Fernandez Muaj më parë
Mal's inability to just say "I was wrong" is mad weird, literally every sports take was wrong but he has a justification for it all
D.Beautiful One
D.Beautiful One Muaj më parë
Okay...not by popular opinion...but that line, although short, may have been dumb...but the timing of him saying it and the tone he used......that was some goodddddd ish!! Got me saying F' Mal when I I loveee Mal to pieces. Tory got an A+ on that line of only 2 words 🤣😅👏🏾👍🏾💪🏿👌🏾
R. ES Muaj më parë
Wish they would show the pics, images video chips that they pull up.
Kaze 1
Kaze 1 Muaj më parë
This podcast ran its course 🤦🏻‍♂️
D Nelson
D Nelson Muaj më parë
I hate not being able to exit the app and still listen to the pod anymore 😕
Michael H
Michael H Muaj më parë
Parks with the full football knowledge on deck
BLAZAY Muaj më parë
Lol the dog dgaf about y’all podcast
Mimi Moments
Mimi Moments Muaj më parë
Rory saying “the whites” is crazy.
Cam Muaj më parë
Baisley stay tryna get screen time 🤣
obamadidyourmom Muaj më parë
Mal opening up since the deal is over is the best thing that’s happened. 😂never heard him speak sm. One of the funniest episodes
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Muaj më parë
Screen man was fucking up a little this episode. Shouldn’t have to repeat lol
DCGuru Muaj më parë
My behavioral science teacher taught me about taxes and the stock market. School really just be trying to teach us to be obedient workers instead of critical thinkers. They don't want you to think and question. They want you to obey and stay in the line.
yannik vd
yannik vd Muaj më parë
what's up danger
C MD Muaj më parë
"I love when chicks tell me they birth name" LMAO XD
TripJay21 Muaj më parë
the ramen emoji is a call back to the artwork for the song "bad and boujee" where the girl is guessed it....ramen....she basically tellin him she bad and boujee...
Tameka Holloway
Tameka Holloway Muaj më parë
Love the new intro!
S!r W!ll!am Ray
S!r W!ll!am Ray Muaj më parë
She can go for Myles!! -Parks on the boards
Patrick Rose
Patrick Rose Muaj më parë
2:23:00 WAIT HUH???
D GARRETT Muaj më parë
I miss the music guys cmon with the mutes. Iis there a streaming version anywhere?
NostalgicRunaway Muaj më parë
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