Taylor Swift - marjorie (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “marjorie” - off her evermore album.
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing marjorie (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift

Harshita Vashist
Harshita Vashist 17 minuta më parë
Just lost my grandma few hours ago and I'm listening to this...... Now I'm crying even more . RIP Grandma 🥺🤧🙏
Bleedingpapers 3 orë më parë
Marjorie on and reading your comments just makes me cry a whole lot more 😭 imma gonna stop now before my family thinks I'm depressed.
Hey Ririz
Hey Ririz 7 orë më parë
Her grandma is so beautiful
beyza 21
beyza 21 21 orë më parë
Songs for written grandparents Taylor Swift:marjorie Ed Sheeran:Afire Love,Nancy Mulligan Twenty Øne Piløts:Legend
Srishti Chanani
Srishti Chanani Ditë më parë
You can almost see Taylor in her grandmas face, the resemblance is uncanny
Priyanshi Pawar
Priyanshi Pawar Ditë më parë
Taylor got this beauty from her!❤😭
2David Mg Mg
2David Mg Mg Ditë më parë
I miss my grandma
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
A masterpiece ✨
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Love this song!
Blank space
Blank space 2 ditë më parë
my name is marjorie☺️
#teamtaylorandhalsey 2 ditë më parë
Renata Barbosa
Renata Barbosa 2 ditë më parë
Amos Dorol
Amos Dorol 2 ditë më parë
Now, she's alive in all our head that's makes me cryy a lot more
Arjay DeLarge
Arjay DeLarge 2 ditë më parë
what a beautiful tribute. 🧡✨
Patrick Waldron
Patrick Waldron 3 ditë më parë
Nice family!!!! King Patrick
chloé 3 ditë më parë
I'm that weird person who cries reading the comments
Summer Hernandez
Summer Hernandez 3 ditë më parë
This is a sad song but I love it
Laura Pérez Cervera
Laura Pérez Cervera 3 ditë më parë
I'm no crying, you're crying!!!
Juliana Gotovac
Juliana Gotovac 3 ditë më parë
OMG, Marjorie looks exactly like Taylor, this song made me cry
Chamila Wijesekara
Chamila Wijesekara 3 ditë më parë
Fun Fact: Marjorie is actually singing this song in some parts. Taylor took some lyrics from some of her songs and incorporated it into this song. Mind blown🤯
la luna
la luna 4 ditë më parë
absolutely beautiful song i'm speechless rn
Just some manatee with internet access
Just some manatee with internet access 4 ditë më parë
Brothers and sisters, we here have chosen *suffering*
Jessnberries 4 ditë më parë
I just came here to suffer, honestly
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh 4 ditë më parë
who else is crying?
Manon Stocco
Manon Stocco 4 ditë më parë
After the line "I'd think you were singing to me now" she put actual recordings of her grandmother Marjorie
Loven Sebidos
Loven Sebidos 4 ditë më parë
What shocks me is that the Backing Vocals was from her grandmother.
Walruswoman 4 ditë më parë
Thank you Taylor....just thank you.
jordan 5 ditë më parë
this is a masterpiece
Jessa Ilardi
Jessa Ilardi 5 ditë më parë
Never be so kind you forgot to be clever I forget that everyday
Jessa Ilardi
Jessa Ilardi 5 ditë më parë
Catherine Cadeliña
Catherine Cadeliña 5 ditë më parë
Andrew S
Andrew S 5 ditë më parë
You all need to know this. I just realized this. Track number 13 in “folklore” is “epiphany” which is about Taylor’s grandfather. Track number 13 in “evermore” is “marjorie” which is about Taylor’s grandmother. Both songs are track number 13 in both albums. 🤯
hibryanna 5 ditë më parë
Wow, you can really see the resemblance between her and Taylor. Rest in peace Angel.
Diamond Cookieoftruth
Diamond Cookieoftruth 5 ditë më parë
Before quarantine but when everyone still knew about covid my grandma passed away and I stayed in that hospital for eight hours before going home at 2am. 15 minutes later she passed away. I somehow remember sensing something like she was passing away when I was in bed but I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Now I know it wasn’t and my grandma loved me so much :) I miss you Oma and I love you ❤️
Steven 5 ditë më parë
Most beautiful song I've heard in my life..
Samantha Carter
Samantha Carter 5 ditë më parë
I’m sorry Taylor
Alessia Faraci
Alessia Faraci 5 ditë më parë
This makes me cry everytime
Sugarrr 5 ditë më parë
Her grandma was beautiful even when she was elderly.
Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya
Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya 5 ditë më parë
Marjorie looks so much like Taylor in those black and white photos especially the first really young one 🥺
nurefsan akkas
nurefsan akkas 6 ditë më parë
so cute
Janna 6 ditë më parë
Isla Velasquez
Isla Velasquez 6 ditë më parë
Anna Marjorie Rivas
Anna Marjorie Rivas 6 ditë më parë
Taylor Alison Swift Finlay ❤️
Marta Oliveira
Marta Oliveira 6 ditë më parë
I just noticed that the very beggining of this song somehow makes me remember Epiphany.
Deon Richards
Deon Richards 6 ditë më parë
Where is Miss Z Umlazi? Red Cup Approval Tune 🥤Six Colour Nation 🇿🇦
emma howe
emma howe 6 ditë më parë
here after fearless taylors version!
Lucas Marinho
Lucas Marinho 6 ditë më parë
I just lost my mother for cancer, and Taylor's songs are making me feel comfortable, specially this one
Jude B.
Jude B. 6 ditë më parë
The blood runs strong, goodness me
Coney Island
Coney Island 7 ditë më parë
I am writing this in behalf of all Swifties To haters: Why do you hate Taylor? Just because everyone surrounding you does and you do not want to be left out?Haters hate Taylor without even listening to her songs. They just hate her because everyone surrounding them does. Taylor is so kind to her fans. Unlike some other celebrities she does not think of fans as people not worth her time. She treats her fans the same way she treats her friends. No one is cuter to their fans more than Taylor Swift. So please don’t just hate her only because everyone surrounding you does. She does not deserve to be treated like that. I am not forcing everyone to be a Swiftie , I am just telling not to call her a snake or treat her badly.After all, she is also a human. No one deserves to be treated like that. To Taylor: You are an awesome singer and women.Don’t care about what the Haters are telling about you. Keep doing what you want. We are always gonna support you. To mama Swift: We are really grateful to you for giving birth to someone like Taylor. We all are really grateful to you. To Mr Joe Alwyn: Thanks for being so supportive to Taylor during her tough times. We all are really thankful to you. To my fellow Swifties: If you are a true Swiftie, copy this comment and paste it (as a comment) to at least 10 videos from Taylor’s channel and 10 videos about Taylor. A true Swiftie
Minnie Lee
Minnie Lee 7 ditë më parë
0:33 I’ve never known that was my country’s legendary temples, Bayon temple and Ankor Wat temple ❤️
KT Da 7 ditë më parë
Faun Everless
Faun Everless 7 ditë më parë
Vidushi Dutta
Vidushi Dutta 7 ditë më parë
My grandmother passed away when i was 1 year old. I don't know anything about her how she was. I know very little about her. I miss her i wish that i can go back in time and meet her. This song really makes me cry whenever i listen this, it reminds me of my grandmother, the person i really want to talk with.
Emdel Palacios
Emdel Palacios 7 ditë më parë
Taylor's grandma is beautiful as Taylor.
swiftie 16
swiftie 16 7 ditë më parë
SWİFTİES LET'S STREAM SOME TAY SONGS AND GİVE HER AS A GİFT 1.cardigan-90M 2. willow-70M 3. love story taylor's version-20M 4. you all over me ft. maren morris(from the vault)-6M 5. mr. perfectly fine(from the vault)-4M 6. love story elvira remix-2M
Chitrita Nag
Chitrita Nag 7 ditë më parë
the song's beautiful, taylor does resemble her grandmother.
Romance Music
Romance Music 7 ditë më parë
Los anuncios cortan la inspiración yo bien inspirado cantando y bailando y de repente los anuncios
一小片蓝天 8 ditë më parë
After so long I'm still unable to listen to this song properly. Reminds me of my grandmother.
D O 8 ditë më parë
Still crying over a song.
Stella Birch
Stella Birch 8 ditë më parë
To all my camera shy, body conscious people, let this video be a reminder that life is short and memories are precious. Your loved ones, your future children and grandchildren will not even notice the flaws you’re so concerned about. They’ll notice your smile and your eyes, your grace and your mannerisms. Don’t deprive yourself and them of priceless memories. Imagine if Majorie had shy away from the camera. Your life deserves to be documented, you deserve to be cherished forever.
Veronica McEwan
Veronica McEwan Ditë më parë
Underrated comment x
The Life of Penguins
The Life of Penguins 8 ditë më parë
After listening evermore for the passed months, i can now claim that MARJORIE is the best song.
First name Last name
First name Last name 8 ditë më parë
She would definitely be proud of Taylor
Dai Rodriguez
Dai Rodriguez 8 ditë më parë
esta es una de las canciones que mas me ha llegado de verdad TE AMO MUCHO Taylor :) nuuunca dejes de cantar :(
Some One
Some One 8 ditë më parë
Taylor swift’s bloodline has literally never experienced ugliness👁👄👁
Some One
Some One 8 ditë më parë
Taylor swift’s bloodline has literally never experienced ugliness👁👄👁
Some One
Some One 8 ditë më parë
Taylor swift’s bloodline has literally never experienced ugliness👁👄👁
Maria Chan TV
Maria Chan TV 8 ditë më parë
Her style definitely looklike taylors
Nicholas Swift
Nicholas Swift 9 ditë më parë
Nicholas Swift
Nicholas Swift 9 ditë më parë
Shreya Majumdar
Shreya Majumdar 9 ditë më parë
Taylor is spitting image of her ..😍
Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson 9 ditë më parë
This song is hurting more than it ever did. My grandmother and best friend is being put into hospice. I have so many regrets, I wish I took into account how precious time with her would be and im angry I have to let her go when I’m not ready. It wasn’t supposed to be this way
Santiago Buriticá
Santiago Buriticá 9 ditë më parë
I wonder how Andrea feels like when she listens to this song
Chhuon Kalyaney
Chhuon Kalyaney 9 ditë më parë
Angkorwat Cambodia 🇰🇭
Laura Haces
Laura Haces 10 ditë më parë
3:36 when Taylor says she still feels her all around and Marjorie turns to see the camera and smiles!
Rainbow Players
Rainbow Players 10 ditë më parë
How come I cry every time I listen to this song. 😢💕 it’s beautiful though ❤️😭
Rainbow Players
Rainbow Players 10 ditë më parë
How come I cry every time I listen to this song. 😢💕 it’s beautiful though ❤️😭
RoxanneS88 10 ditë më parë
Everytime I listen to this song I cry.. like wow.. amazing amazing track ❤
Alma Skog
Alma Skog 11 ditë më parë
Wow, I never realized how much you alike you are to your grandmother! Your mannerisms, your silhouette, your face, your hand waves. Such a beautiful tribute.
Juniella Marie
Juniella Marie 11 ditë më parë
Wherever Grandma Finlay now, I'm sure that she's so happy and proud of Taylor😭😭❤️
Coleman Johnson
Coleman Johnson 11 ditë më parë
One of my favorite songs off of the album!!! Taylor Swift is Iconic!
Shubhra 11 ditë më parë
This is what I think and people find me weird. They think my personality is confusing?
von paragas
von paragas 12 ditë më parë
Arlene Chen
Arlene Chen 12 ditë më parë
Today, my grandpa passed away. Hearing the news was so hard and painful. This song has been such a blessing. I love the line "Should've kept every grocery store receipt cause every scrap of you would be taken from me." That line just hits the heart, especially when you've lost someone. Thank you Taylor!
Zach Malanoski
Zach Malanoski 12 ditë më parë
my rabit whole get it alice? thats what she calls me 777? and he wept is all he gave her and she said zero they all said hero and got scared an NERO im a fiddler im sorry
Lil Lianne
Lil Lianne 12 ditë më parë
I didn't expect to cry but well, here we are
Zach Malanoski
Zach Malanoski 12 ditë më parë
Jfk blown away
Victoria Mamede de Sales
Victoria Mamede de Sales 12 ditë më parë
They are so similar. Taylor has that same look and elegance.
TaylorSwift fansince2008 girl
TaylorSwift fansince2008 girl 12 ditë më parë
yes she does
Ori Wallach
Ori Wallach 12 ditë më parë
I’m crying , but in a cool way
Weather 13 ditë më parë
Madelyn Perdue
Madelyn Perdue 13 ditë më parë
1:30 baby andrea !! she looks just like baby taylor !!
Aadvika 14 ditë më parë
Fact: Grandma Finley actually sings in the background.
Eduardo Chacon
Eduardo Chacon 14 ditë më parë
Thank you for charging for your time! (:
Nils Sjöberg
Nils Sjöberg 14 ditë më parë
sameer9 Swift13 GAMER
sameer9 Swift13 GAMER 14 ditë më parë
to all the haters this song is about whom you have lost your loves one
Kasia i Klocki
Kasia i Klocki 14 ditë më parë
This song is very very very sad. I’m crying. 😭😭😭
Heather Lynsey
Heather Lynsey 14 ditë më parë
Her watching Taylor bang on the piano made me emotional
Joice Barros
Joice Barros 14 ditë më parë
It’s so beautiful 🥺
Sol Sabah
Sol Sabah 15 ditë më parë
dragonfox 2.0
dragonfox 2.0 15 ditë më parë
How wonderful to have such strong women in our lives! and remember them
파티김 16 ditë më parë
Backing vocals by Marjorie Finlay..
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