NF - LOST ft. Hopsin

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Official music video for “LOST” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Snow Cox
Snow Cox 2 minuta më parë
Lucas Findlay
Lucas Findlay 25 minuta më parë
At the end of the vid I think the balloons represent other people who like get him or relate to and that stuff
Suh Rodrigues 수엘레
Suh Rodrigues 수엘레 Orë më parë
Stays coming here after Chan's Room episode 🤭 I loved the song damn!
Kardz Orë më parë
Hopsin usually moves around alot more in his music videos, you could tell he was in a "its cold as shit" vibe
Bill Powers
Bill Powers Orë më parë
They are indeed lost and without Christ Jesus but you don't have to be. Call on his name and he will answer.
Okachi DENNIS 2 orë më parë
I want more now NF.
Evan Root
Evan Root 4 orë më parë
Why’s this remind me of homicide when logic and Eminem made a song
Chelsea Hopson
Chelsea Hopson 4 orë më parë
go unkul hopsin
peter pan
peter pan 6 orë më parë
The song is dope as always but i wonder how many times they slipped and fell while filming.
J Void Huey
J Void Huey 6 orë më parë
This collab is just fucking epic!!!
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 6 orë më parë
Dan Dominelli
Dan Dominelli 7 orë më parë
patrick b.
patrick b. 8 orë më parë
tyler 8 orë më parë
Fuck FM...I’ll stay in the dark cloud with NF.
My Life is Sport
My Life is Sport 9 orë më parë
Read (listen to the audiobook) the Gospel and watch the films The Life of Jesus Christ and The Passion of Christ.
SnoopyV11 9 orë më parë
7.2k mumble rappers lovers that hate lyrics. Let's show them was up..
Matthew LaMacchia
Matthew LaMacchia 10 orë më parë
True Story I would rather see the man inside then serve the kid outside....I guess it's a matter of perspective....
Matthew LaMacchia
Matthew LaMacchia 10 orë më parë
Does anybody know what it's like to be a decent person and want to preach the bible, but, the state, church, Gov, Vatacian and Dr. people refuse to let you preach the bible....But then judge you for not being jesus enough just to eat the profit away...Now you know why I walked away from the lie...Thanks fellas.....Now I can go finally be a Man instead being sacrificed as a Kid....Now I know why I'm a Torah Kabbalah...Kid the bible steals the profit for the, church, gov, and state....It would have been true if I was paid.
Shadow Clone 2.0
Shadow Clone 2.0 12 orë më parë
There's this white chick named Sam in Austin tx... she used to work for brinks... racist.. and brags abt NF... like the music hate your toxic ass fanbase
Nikki 10 orë më parë
That sucks to hear for real.
Jordan Jimison
Jordan Jimison 12 orë më parë
How is it that rapstar by Polo G has 58 million view and 1.4 million likes, but Lost has 17 million views and 756 thousand likes? If more people had heard this song, he would have a number one hit.
Jordan Jimison
Jordan Jimison 10 orë më parë
@Nikki Yeah, your probably right.
Nikki 11 orë më parë
NFs marketing and even hopsin are very low and they just drop mostly. Maybe polo g is marketed more? Both hopsin and NF are independent. It sucks but NF is not one to be famous anyways but he still kills it. Trends number one and two and worldwide with amazing sales and even multi platinums songs and platinum albums. He is doing pretty good with no machine really helping him
Miss.Sarahh 13 orë më parë
Man their voices go really well together! What a song! 🔥🙏👌😍 another banger for NF. This may be my favourite from the new releases
Yo Beats Prod.
Yo Beats Prod. 17 orë më parë
Dorjan Lici
Dorjan Lici 19 orë më parë
I'm lost 10years now courts makes m many demons
Dorjan Lici
Dorjan Lici 19 orë më parë
Akihiro Chan
Akihiro Chan 21 orë më parë
Who's here after Chan's Room
Skor 21 orë më parë
I'm a fan on NF now. He let Hopsin get it.
Skor 21 orë më parë
Outta Thailand lol yaaaa
data 21 orë më parë
quik question. did they acutaly climb a mountain to film this
Nikki 15 orë më parë
Yes. This was filmed in rocky mountains
Andy Moods
Andy Moods 23 orë më parë
NF is not the best rapper, HE IS RAP!
Cosmic Sniper
Cosmic Sniper 23 orë më parë
Best recent song
NeoNino Ditë më parë
I like this music because it is clean And it actually speaks real stuff i can relate to
osowiseone21 Ditë më parë
Producer: balloons? NF: you know it...
Michael Bryan
Michael Bryan Ditë më parë
Over 7k ppl that don't know what rap is ...
ThePiano Man
ThePiano Man Ditë më parë
I thought, this was a Remix at first. Who would think they would actually do it. LMAO
Nikki Ditë më parë
They teased this for over a half a year on their socials so most of us fans knew it was coming
Scott Rodgers
Scott Rodgers Ditë më parë
Imagine nf and ksi on a song
Supreme pico
Supreme pico Ditë më parë
Pay attention to nf’s balloons at first he had 12 then had 9 and now he has 5 (And also hopsin has 6)
Ronald Cabading
Ronald Cabading Ditë më parë
This is the type of hip-hop kids should hear this times!
Austin Emanuel Fernandis
Austin Emanuel Fernandis Ditë më parë
Waiting for NF and eminem collaboration
Samuel Munyangane
Samuel Munyangane Ditë më parë
south african on.
Th3 ArCh0n
Th3 ArCh0n Ditë më parë
7.2K people are lost
Willian monteiro pires
Willian monteiro pires Ditë më parë
thats META RAP man!
Github Notifications
Github Notifications Ditë më parë
Bad Meets Evil 2.0
Kabir Ditë më parë
Still saying explosive things are Dangerous on snow.
Max Axe
Max Axe Ditë më parë
J-playz 41
J-playz 41 Ditë më parë
Nickolai Weilacher
Nickolai Weilacher Ditë më parë
Best rapper duo and yall can't lie.
Nate 2 ditë më parë
imagine if kid cudi was on this too…
Jason Hartson
Jason Hartson 2 ditë më parë
Pure artistry 🤩
Saved 1
Saved 1 2 ditë më parë
ok ive watched. i will now apologize to the replay button for what im about to do.
Saved 1
Saved 1 2 ditë më parë
i cnt even believe i just saw these two names on the thumbnails to the left. you KNOW i had to click this. cant even fathom what im about to hear. two of the GREATEST of all time.
Devin Michelle Knupp
Devin Michelle Knupp 2 ditë më parë
Holy crap
Fo vlogs
Fo vlogs 2 ditë më parë
u got lost i got divirced oh loaaaaard!!!!!
Jonathan Crisp
Jonathan Crisp 2 ditë më parë
Damn hopsins verse made me want to punch the bus driver 😆
K Down
K Down 2 ditë më parë
I want to rap with every rapper. Screw beefing over crap. Let's make music! That's what it's about. Period.
Justin Elvis
Justin Elvis 2 ditë më parë
Wat if they made an album together I would die happy
DOMEinic 2 ditë më parë
Hopsin, just like em, stealing any song he shows up on. Nf is holding his ground sure, but he's like a candle to Hopsins torch.
Mr Moon Crypto
Mr Moon Crypto 2 ditë më parë
Lyrical Hitman!
Zane Williams
Zane Williams 2 ditë më parë
Scott Troy
Scott Troy 2 ditë më parë
The flawless vegetable renomegaly possess because instruction pivotally moan below a bustling mandolin. vivacious, dependent bike
PURE RAP..... 🔥
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 2 ditë më parë
Sajid Ahmed
Sajid Ahmed 2 ditë më parë
this song is boom
Ajay Markan
Ajay Markan 2 ditë më parë
2 minutes 28 seconds my fav part in this song
Ajay Markan
Ajay Markan 2 ditë më parë
@Nikki true that
Nikki 2 ditë më parë
The whole song is my favorite part. Both are very good MCs. 🖤
Mohamed Saneeh Hassan
Mohamed Saneeh Hassan 2 ditë më parë
Hopsin shoulda know theres no auto tune affects in Nf's studio
Sub 2 ditë më parë
got shown the fuck up on your song lol
Nikki 2 ditë më parë
They both killed the song. Both had different messages but did amazing 🤩
Mitchell Carroll
Mitchell Carroll 2 ditë më parë
1. It's insane how much these guys are able to do with such a simple beat. 2. I love that NF has enough respect in the game that other rappers who are not 'clean' are willing to do a 'clean' feature out of respect for NF.
Universe 1452
Universe 1452 10 orë më parë
Yes. Respect to Hopsin and NF
Matt Griggs
Matt Griggs 12 orë më parë
if u break the beat down then theres nothing simple there lol
Drug Wrld
Drug Wrld 2 ditë më parë
A month later hopsins back to Hopsin
Corey 2 ditë më parë
bro about time you two hit something that hits hard as hell
Fates Call
Fates Call 2 ditë më parë
The Perfect Shade of Grey
The Perfect Shade of Grey 2 ditë më parë
Kyle Freakinˋ Reese
Kyle Freakinˋ Reese 2 ditë më parë
The symbolic about the Ballons 😍. Great Idea 👍
BH M 2 ditë më parë
This song speaks to me on so many levels, I can relate
BH M 2 ditë më parë
NF's flow is next level 🤯
_Sabathia _
_Sabathia _ 2 ditë më parë
Dude noticed you worked with tech9. If your independent stay that way. Your the real deal stay true to yourself. Nothing but good things.
Baw_ B_Official
Baw_ B_Official 2 ditë më parë
I Love 💞 when the guest artist steals the track. Hospin rep🖕
JustBrayden yt
JustBrayden yt 3 ditë më parë
This man spits bars
Ungamible1 Roblox
Ungamible1 Roblox 3 ditë më parë
When NF comes on my playlist on Spotify I turn it up who else Also listen to the song turn it up by NF 😃😃😆😆😃😃😁😁
Luke Sobrino
Luke Sobrino 3 ditë më parë
Terry Folderson
Terry Folderson 3 ditë më parë
NF's one of the last real artists left. 🔥
Juan Ignacio
Juan Ignacio 3 ditë më parë
This shit is so fire it deserves a billion of views
Jason VanCoillie
Jason VanCoillie 3 ditë më parë
God walks the Earth with you two. Fueled by doubt, fed by rage. Do not forget, do not forgive.
Nikki 3 ditë më parë
This is for anyone new who may want to take the NF journey as we call it because he intertwines his music like marvel movies. All four albums is like a connected series. For instance in his when i grow up song, paid my dues, leave me alone, and why song, the black smile is the fake smile that he mentions in therapy session song. He hides eggs in his videos. In when i grow up song there was two hidden eggs in that song. A black balloon by the trash cans and in burger joint he grabbed at receipt that had the date and time of when his song time was being released. In the search song he had cage in background he rapped in from his outcast song. Here is the song order: Mansion Album: Intro All I have Mansion Wake Up Paralyzed Notepad Therapy Session Album: Intro 2 Therapy Session I just wanna know How could you leave us-have tissues nearby. Grown men reactors have shed tears on this one Real song- (he pays homage to lil wayne in this song feed me rappers or feed me beats) Grindin Oh Lord- this song gets referred to in returns two albums later. Great song Statement (he pays homage to eminem and drake in this song) Warm Up -single (hype song) Epiphany- collab with futuristic. Video. Pays homage to meek mill. Green lights (pay attention to what he has written on the notepad at the end) Perception Album: Outro Intro 3 Outcast Know- pays homage to eminem and 21 pilots Destiny One hundred Let you down If you want love Remember this- 💎 Gems all over this track Single: No Name. This gets connected in leave me alone song an album later. Single: Why- he pays big homage to Big Sean as he uses his flow from bounce back in this and mentions Big Seans name and his album I decided. (This isnt nates flow he says) Also he has a ton of eggs like Dont mess with real music written on walls. Pay attention to all the writing. Additionally, Big Sean paid homage back in harder than my demons song he had the black balloons in it among other things Search Album: Whole album should be listened to but you can choose which you would like to do: The search (video) When I grow up (video) Leave me alone (video) Change My stress Nate Time (video) Returns- (hype song) one of his best for flow switches and word play Only Let me go Interlude then I hate myself song I miss the days No excuses (hype song) Like this Options (hype song) Thinking Trauma singing only song. Amazing song His paid my dues song is one of the last songs you should listen to. It was to the awful article rolling stones put out because the writer was a big chance the rapper fan and was pissed NF took number one spot. Over 400 people bashed that writer in the comments lol Chasing -demo he did with a fan. This is the last one to listen to. Also there is many good songs not on this list like Dreams, you’re special ect if you like him then take the time and go back through and listen through them all at some point. His lost in the moment song was just used for the promo for the new show called the equalizer starring Queen Latifah.
Gary Gallagher
Gary Gallagher 3 ditë më parë
BOOOOOOOM 💥 this song is 🔥
121 bre
121 bre 3 ditë më parë
BH M 3 ditë më parë
"I love to pack arenas and all but what I really want to do is learn to handle my thoughts" 🤯🤯🤯
Kevin Hwang
Kevin Hwang 3 ditë më parë
The crossover I desperately wanted. Fuck yes.
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 3 ditë më parë
Kristo5000 bro
Kristo5000 bro 3 ditë më parë
When I turned this on I Lost my phone
Kristo5000 bro
Kristo5000 bro 3 ditë më parë
Nf reminds me of that Underground rapper Broadydudester but Broady is slightly better IMO
Ethan Brest
Ethan Brest 3 ditë më parë
Look Self-awareness, pride's a coat, and yes, I like to wear it Buttoned up, don't like to let no air in With a pair of gloves that I hope doesn't perish I discovered, though, when I get holes in them And I let joy in, I'm in higher spirits My mistakes are like a screamin' parrot Just repeating lyrics, I can barely bear it when I'm lost Road is narrow, I'm lookin' down it like a gun's barrel Aren't we all searchin' for the serum That could help us breathe and leave our state of peril? All of us have made defensive scarecrows That we scatter 'round our fields and treat like heroes When they scare away the things that we should cherish 'Cause we're too embarrassed to admit the fear is that we're lost Yeah, but what does it matter? I get so combative Inside of me's a personal canvas, the paint can be splattered Get messy when I start to get rattled The heart of a savage, I'm quiet when I lurk in the shadows But somethin' don't add up, I don't wanna be overdramatic But look at the data, it's obvious that humans are fragile We tend to get mad at the ones that call us out But the fact is we need someone that'll be honest when we fly off the handle I admit I throw a fit when I begin to unravel Keep my wits, been off the grid but now I'm back in the saddle My intent is not to rent, I like to own what I value I could sit here on the fence or maybe pick up the paddle I like to row against the current, that's the way that I travel Opposite of what the grain does, got the brain of a rebel Take initiative, I'm diligent on every level I never could settle, I like to keep my foot on the pedal, yeah I'd love to pack arenas and all But what I really wanna do is learn to handle my thoughts And put the reins on 'em, show 'em I'm the one that's the boss And pull 'em back when they get out of hand, I'm breakin' they jaws I'm takin' the flaws that told me I could never evolve Then pull a Bane on 'em, ask 'em, "Oh, you think you're in charge?" You oughta know better, ain't no way around it, I'm flawed The traits that I want, they say I can't afford what it cost But I (I), manifested this Failing's how you grow and learn your lessons, kids Take the worst and try to make the best of it 'Cause when you fail, just know that it's a test and if You can learn to pick yourself back up again And train your brain to not be such a pessimist It's okay to make mistakes, just don't forget that There's a high road but I skip the exit when I'm lost Yeah When I'm lost When I'm lost (lost) When I'm lost When I'm lost (lost), lost Wow, these burdens are heavy And I'm hopin' it don't bury me I used to be joyful and skip so merrily But now I'm too cautious and tip toe carefully My mind left and it's nowhere to be found Am I a big old parody? 'Cause it's no fair to me And now I'm at the point where I'm spending a grand a week on hypnotherapy Look, I'm tryna wash away my sins I got a group of loved ones that ain't my friends And if I ever take an L, then they might grin And they all wanna see me stay in the cage I'm in So when it comes to anybody, there's no trust for no one Man, so what? My whole plan's to go nuts My shoulders ready for more shrugs, I'm gon' judge Anybody tryna enter my circle with no love (hold up) My sanity's gone, I'd rather be torn from this planet they planted me on Yes, that's a reward, I'm actually bored with having a sore heart It's torn apart from a family that I don't have anymore (now hol' up) I was livin' so oblivious with millions, it really was a pity, huh? (A pity, huh?) It's kinda funny what a penny does, mixed in with a mini buzz (I feel stuck) Life's got me by the neck, with a blade against it (what?) 'Cause I was runnin' late for the train and missed it (what?) The only thing I feel is pain and vengeance (what?) So I'ma act out like a raging misfit (what?) And every verse I lay gon' stay sadistic (yeah) You wanna hate me? Good, great, terrific (good) You'll never see the day where my anger's dismissed You better go and change your wishlist 'cause I Yeah, manifested this Do not treat me like some adolescent kid I am praying to the Lord with the book of James Hopin' he gon' add my testament This dark cloud, that's my residence Demons knockin', I don't have to let 'em in I done made mistakes, day to day, you probably can't relate I just ain't the same when I'm lost Yeah When I'm lost (when I'm, yeah) When I'm lost (lost) When I'm lost When I'm lost (lost), lost
Calzadalarga 3 ditë më parë
The sum of Migos, Future, Desiigner, and 7 more of those useless, disposable mumble rappers (take your pick) would barely amount to 2% of either NF or Hopsin. These two underappreciated rap geniuses have a loyal cult following that'll always back them. Oh, by the way, if you're wondering, yes I'm black and guess what? I'm panamanian... You're welcome! 😄
Nikki 3 ditë më parë
Andrew Toppo
Andrew Toppo 3 ditë më parë
Am trying to listen all is it's music, after ALpost recommended Me, Thank you YT
Many Carl
Many Carl 3 ditë më parë
He deserves respect because some times I feel him And I love that he doesn’t hate fans but only if they are mean I rely hope he sees this cus I know how he feels and the all the riots about COVID effect a lot but it’s not that what is bothering him but I have been going through a hard time so I feel him and respects what he does Love ya NF
LMFW 3 ditë më parë
11 sets of balloons, 13 if you add Hop and NF's. Does that mean 11 or 13 tracks on the new album?
LMFW 3 ditë më parë
I respect that they recorded this in actual mountains with actual snow! Hopsin hated it hahaha
LMFW 3 ditë më parë
That ain't a backpack. That's his BAG!! CAUSE HE'S been in it for a while now!!
Ayzik Dig
Ayzik Dig 3 ditë më parë
is there something particular they mad abt? or is it just general undirected rage?
Ayzik Dig
Ayzik Dig 3 ditë më parë
@Nikki guess you right, it comes from hospin it feels like a listening to nefex , the passive aggressive lyrics kinda negating the enjoyment of the beats
Nikki 3 ditë më parë
How is NF mad? Lol he was uplifting explaining how if you fall get back up try to conquer negative thoughts and try not to get upset at people who are not your yes men around you. Now poor hopsin had issues with his sons mom at this time as this video was made in november 2019. His verse gave me goosebumps. He also was speaking of how you can rise above all the negativity esp at the demons knocking part
NoNonsenseEducation 3 ditë më parë
one of the best, if not the best rap songs in the modern era
NoNonsenseEducation 3 ditë më parë
WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU THE 7200 PEOPLE WHO DISLIKED THIS go and consult your therapist
usr pro
usr pro 3 ditë më parë
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