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22 years of pent-up zaniness coming your way! All-new episodes of Animaniacs premiere November 20, only on Hulu!
They’re back! The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. water tower, the siblings waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain also return to continue their quest for world domination.
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Cup Orë më parë
Take notes cartoon network, now this is how you make a amazing reboot.
Iliya Pokatskiy
Iliya Pokatskiy Orë më parë
ит'с вондерфул!
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers 3 orë më parë
This literally came out of nowhere
Ivalid321 3 orë më parë
Looks great, but the "never mansplainy" leaves me concerned.
Zachary Andrew
Zachary Andrew 5 orë më parë
GRAY- OKAMI 5 orë më parë
1:46 look like trump
GENE GERALD 8 orë më parë
A revival that’s actually wanted
GregTheEgg 12 orë më parë
0:34 is this a deep fake voice?
beet rice
beet rice 12 orë më parë
why do i keep on repeating the scene where Yakko, Wakko, and Dot stick their hands out of their graves
Nadya Priesmawaty
Nadya Priesmawaty 13 orë më parë
Awesome. Crossover with teen titans go would be great
Noelia 99
Noelia 99 14 orë më parë
MrAlexdude 235
MrAlexdude 235 16 orë më parë
I love how yakko at the beginning disgraces reboots then holds up the check with a HUGE grin on his face
Kathi Jarnagin
Kathi Jarnagin 16 orë më parë
Dot: 22 years and I’m still a knock out! Me: of course she is! Animaniecas see our contacts! Hulu you are the best Your so going to make a fortune
Bradley Hite
Bradley Hite 17 orë më parë
Hellllllohhhhh nurse!
Silent Rose
Silent Rose 17 orë më parë
first, it was Duck Tales reboot now this There really is hope in this world
wolf and fox
wolf and fox 18 orë më parë
1:32 this makes me feel like its going to flop.
Spongebob Nick1997
Spongebob Nick1997 19 orë më parë
Sorry but this needs at least Slappy Squrriel, Chicken Boo, and the Good feathers.
Helen Horne
Helen Horne 20 orë më parë
All I can think to do is scream *AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*
snost 21 orë më parë
I love how they turned off the Like to Dislike Ratio as if theres more dislikes than likes.
Mikal bien-aime
Mikal bien-aime 21 orë më parë
Wow this actually looks good
Hunter Hooper
Hunter Hooper 22 orë më parë
Scientists: **Cut Brain oof from his famous line after 22 Years** God: “An Unforgivable Sin has been committed...”
TrapShadow 199
TrapShadow 199 22 orë më parë
What happened to the other characters like Mindy and buttons or the good father’s or me Skelton
Unit T-1000 Terminator
Unit T-1000 Terminator 23 orë më parë
Yay more wokecrap
strawberry waffles
strawberry waffles 23 orë më parë
I was waiting for this day like a five year old waiting for Christmas and it’s finally out I can’t stop watching it my big brother is problem wondering why I’m watching This show on his account lil
Intrepidation 23 orë më parë
"Wherever there is stupidity, we'll be there!" In 2020, right on schedule. Can't wait for Season 2, hope we get more seasons, this was fantastic!
Bloxidy Ditë më parë
Here before the comment section gets taken down.
Zack Ditë më parë
Since they're very self aware. I like to think this is more like a continuation from the 90's cartoon than a actual reboot or sequel.
The 1Bookworm
The 1Bookworm Ditë më parë
This is one of the few things keeping me alive this year thank you Hulu
Toby Nya
Toby Nya Ditë më parë
Remote Playz
Remote Playz Ditë më parë
I love this show, I watched the first 2 episodes were so funny.
Ian Jones
Ian Jones Ditë më parë
The Mickey Mouse look-alike trio has returned!
Chase Skelton
Chase Skelton Ditë më parë
The rubber hose gods have risen from the grave the time we needed them the most
suguru hernandez
suguru hernandez Ditë më parë
This isss awesomeee
LittleZoomyWasTaken Ditë më parë
Just like you :D
Hero335 Ditë më parë
This feels more like a sequel than a reboot. (...and that’s a good thing 👍)
90sNath 2 orë më parë
almost a continuation of sorts
Paydawolf Ditë më parë
Finger prince
Susan Bradley
Susan Bradley Ditë më parë
Animaniacs was for kids
Alice Scazzoso
Alice Scazzoso Ditë më parë
Quando il doppiaggio in italiano????
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
I was interested in this until the writers decided to side with the abuser and attack the victim of an abusive relationship.
Canadian Food
Canadian Food Ditë më parë
No Nurses were greeted with a friendly hello. 0/10
Deadly Ponys
Deadly Ponys Ditë më parë
Guys i can't be the only one wanting to hear Yakko go 'Latley people have been calling me 'Angel Dust''
Aaron Kai Macdonald
Aaron Kai Macdonald Ditë më parë
what is it with streaming services picking up shows meant to either poke fun or satirize the companies that picked them up?
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
Looks like you're not zany to the max like us!
The Arkinator Assassin
The Arkinator Assassin Ditë më parë
It’s the Warner brothers. And the Warner sister!!!
Jimin Xu
Jimin Xu Ditë më parë
Well, at least there is one thing good about 2020 now.
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@Case 2_0 The old show was satire and made fun of politics too, you know... You're not zany to the max!
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
They attacked Johnny Depp
Trent Snow
Trent Snow Ditë më parë
So uh... What happened to the likes and dislikes??
fluffy kit
fluffy kit Ditë më parë
You need to put it on Netflix
Kaleigh Roach
Kaleigh Roach Ditë më parë
“22 years later and I’m still a knockout” -dot I stole this comment
Kalitheorcatrainer Ditë më parë
Now all we need is an Animaniacs Live Action movie.
Sandra Feller
Sandra Feller Ditë më parë
We need more of Animaniacs. And a Life Action Movie with a full Story. 🤗
Kay'Lee Madison
Kay'Lee Madison Ditë më parë
Brain::/ pinky:NARF
T SMACKS Ditë më parë
Cherry 123
Cherry 123 Ditë më parë
This is my favorite part 1:53
Guiding Chaos
Guiding Chaos Ditë më parë
Ok the mansplane thing should not have been in the trailer
Guiding Chaos
Guiding Chaos 5 orë më parë
It would be ok in the the show just not the the trailer
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@Case 2_0 You're not zany to the max
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
Well they attacked Johnny Depp, so it was a hint of their true agenda
SavageDuck08_YT Ditë më parë
Yakko: a loving sharing obeying character Wakko:a funny non selfish sharing generouse character Dot:a heart warming thankful excelorant charecter Wakko and Yakko: proud loving generous funny brothers Animaniacs: a lesson through only words
whoops 2 ditë më parë
Kid-friendly south park
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 ditë më parë
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 ditë më parë
Brothers warner
SnoopyTrek's Channel
SnoopyTrek's Channel 2 ditë më parë
.. loved the original. Glad they are letting Pinky and the Brain though some of the others may be missed especially Slappy Squirrel!
Jesse Bell
Jesse Bell 2 ditë më parë
Sandra Feller
Sandra Feller Ditë më parë
Me too. On the first day.
TheDaffiestDandelion 2 ditë më parë
me out here hoping that slappy and skippy have a side series in season 2:
Byron St.Pierre
Byron St.Pierre 2 ditë më parë
1:47 trump the giant
Aaron Sketches
Aaron Sketches 2 ditë më parë
I miss Plotz. I don’t like the new CEO.
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
Me too kinda
åsa nisse
åsa nisse 2 ditë më parë
JD is the victim of a horrible inhuman gold digger, following this case since way back. For me I will onwards stay away from as much WB and Disney as possible and everything that have AH in it. Justice for JD.
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
Finally, a person worthy of respect
stefan miodragović
stefan miodragović 2 ditë më parë
A nice punch of nostalgia 😍
Greeno Notes
Greeno Notes 2 ditë më parë
Marie Joseph
Marie Joseph 2 ditë më parë
Miguel Ulloa
Miguel Ulloa 2 ditë më parë
1:51 YOOGI
Glenn Tang
Glenn Tang 2 ditë më parë
My only complaint is that Brain's Orson Welles impression is off.
Red Tie Films RTF
Red Tie Films RTF 2 ditë më parë
Neux Ditë më parë
@Case 2_0 Take a joke
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@Case 2_0 You're not zany to the max... Again
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
Speak for yourself
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
@Neux anything that attacks a victim is not worthy of being watched
Neux Ditë më parë
Speak for yourself.
David Carroll
David Carroll 2 ditë më parë
As a life-long fan, this looks maybe better than the original run. 😮
David Carroll
David Carroll 2 ditë më parë
Omg it's so good
Stick Memes
Stick Memes 2 ditë më parë
Anime animatics I'll take your entire stock!
KaeYoss 2 ditë më parë
Cowards hide likes and dislikes.
michael m
michael m 2 ditë më parë
They didn’t know if people would like it or not
Vantis Visuals
Vantis Visuals 2 ditë më parë
I didn't think Animaniacs would get it's reboot, the revival of dry jokes & puns. My kinda humor 😄
LegendaryKing 2 ditë më parë
Soon as I heard "Dot has Wit" instead of "Dot is Cute" you know they got to Animaniacs they got rid of Hello Nurse because its not PC
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@Majora Yeah true...
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@AdventureVenture you and case 2_0 are not zany at all
Majora Ditë më parë
@Case 2_0 they did not attack johnny depp, the episodes were written in 2018. Besides, you don't actually care about him, you're only making noise to own the feminists or whatever. He's rich, he'll be fine.
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 Ditë më parë
@Majora they attacked Johnny Depp. Why would you support those who attack a victim of abuse?
Majora Ditë më parë
@AdventureVenture cry harder 😂
Rimux 2 ditë më parë
ofcourse i have shame
PROSAUCE 2 ditë më parë
Beehugs 2 ditë më parë
The “never manspainy” comment felt really forced
Beehugs 2 ditë më parë
@Majora =(
Majora 2 ditë më parë
There's a whole sketch about manspreading, cry more :)
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 2 ditë më parë
One of The best thing to happen in 2020
dePOCOunTODO 2 ditë më parë
Acme Old school trolls
Gianna D
Gianna D 2 ditë më parë
I loveeeee this showwww
Olivia Riddagh
Olivia Riddagh 2 ditë më parë
The anime part looks SICK
Matt Wagner
Matt Wagner 2 ditë më parë
Please do Freakazoid! next!!
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
It needs to be rebooted
Master Simpobi
Master Simpobi 2 ditë më parë
Watched most of season one of the reboot It is as good as the original
When The Devil Laughs
When The Devil Laughs 2 ditë më parë
SJW & Feminist Wokeness RUINED the animaniacs
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
Become zanier and maybe we'll accept you
When The Devil Laughs
When The Devil Laughs 2 ditë më parë
@Majora The only Episode i liked was the hunting one, i watched Animaniacs for the humor not the PC culture they're trying to shove down peoples throats,
Majora 2 ditë më parë
Cry harder, loser 🤣
Stephen Gonzalez
Stephen Gonzalez 2 ditë më parë
How come Dot talks more than Yakko. Isn't Yakko's schtick supposed to be that he's the talky one? Also, why is Dot the central character in all the episodes?
Neux Ditë më parë
Scrolling through fresh comments has never been more fun
Stephen Gonzalez
Stephen Gonzalez 2 ditë më parë
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women's rights and equality. I don't have a problem with strong women in media and there are definitely roles in which that would be good. But this seems kinda forced; almost to the point that the core of their character design is changed. Having enjoyed Animaniacs in my youth, the Warner siblings all shared the lime light. There was never a "dominant" one and they stayed true to their core characteristics. For example, one of the running gags was that Dot was always an after thought whenever her character was introduced. She'd always follow up with her punch line, "and the Warner sister!". She was definitely a characters who saw things from a different perspective and would have some commentary on her brothers antics. Dot was a character who embraced her feminine features by taking pride in that she's cute. She would use her "cuteness" as a weapon and to take control of situations. It was these characteristics that infact made her a strong character and maintained balance of the three siblings. Like how Yakko and Wakko would swoon over the nurse all the time, Dot would swoon over handsome men (particularly Mel Gibson) as a reverse swoon. Which kept things in perspective, the "so that's what it feels like" thing, you know? I feel that Dot is such a huge departure from her original character that not only does it make her seem distasteful, she sorta ruins the dynamic of the trio. In the intro song, they changed her character to say she has wit. But being witty is something you show through your actions. Which in the old Animaniacs, she was definitely witty, intelligent, and a force that brought balance among the three. And she didn't need a song to communicate that. She simply was. I feel like this new version of Dot kinda ruins the dynamics of the show because it causes the other siblings to feel more like side characters. Which is jarring when Yakko isn't... well.... yakking and Wakko feels disconnected to the events that go on. The agency of the 3 characters is lost.
Majora 2 ditë më parë
@atticus319 Oh please, as if you've never called a "woke" guy a cuck, soyboy, simp, et cetera. I'm inclusive of anyone who doesn't say "woke" unironically as simpletons like you do.
atticus319 2 ditë më parë
​@Majora Sexist bigots like you often claim compassion and inclusion, but seethe jealousy and resentment. I'm just glad I'm not you
Majora 2 ditë më parë
@atticus319 cry harder, loser. White men are being left behind and it's gonna be sweet 🤣
NATHAN FRANCO 2 ditë më parë
when i watched this this was it it was better then the 1993 animaniacs
CloudStrife78 2 ditë më parë
Another tired reboot that refused to let the previous show runners have anything to do with it. I loved the original, but the more I read about this show, the more worried I get. I think this is a hard pass for me.
Thomas Lancaster
Thomas Lancaster 2 ditë më parë
TheWetware 2 ditë më parë
Keep your sjw woke garbage reboots and shove it up your a$$
Majora 2 ditë më parë
Cry harder, snowflake loser 🤣
Oscar the Grouch's Girlfriend
Oscar the Grouch's Girlfriend 2 ditë më parë
That wasn't nice
Oscar the Grouch's Girlfriend
Oscar the Grouch's Girlfriend 2 ditë më parë
CadeFilms 2 ditë më parë
I like Animaniacs new
Oscar the Grouch
Oscar the Grouch 2 ditë më parë
me too I love it so much
Mezmer Braleg
Mezmer Braleg 2 ditë më parë
Johnny Depp Controversy: aaaaaand its cancelled
Penny Sierra
Penny Sierra 2 ditë më parë
back 2021
open the turd eye
open the turd eye 2 ditë më parë
Na fudge that. Claiming Johnny Depp is a liar after hardcore evidence of Amber actually being the aggressor? Hope this fails miserably but it already looks so garbage that I dont think I have to hope.
james vanderwire
james vanderwire 2 ditë më parë
Yay, another mediocre nostalgia thing that will be absolutely destroyed by the garbage woke paradigm us upper class are suffering through.
CobaltDoesStuff Ditë më parë
@Majora I'm White, but I'm not offended... Actually, you seem the zaniest out of us two in these comments' replies
Neux Ditë më parë
"upper class" sounds like you should have a lot less to be concerned about.
Majora 2 ditë më parë
Oh honey, whites aren't "upper" anything.
Whatsawhizzer Webnovels
Whatsawhizzer Webnovels 3 ditë më parë
Start: A little excited. Middle: Excitement rising... End: "No Man-splainy" Oh, what else is on...
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson 3 ditë më parë
Half of the show is just politics and mocking Trump.
Majora 2 ditë më parë
Well, yeah? Are you new?
TOMO 3 ditë më parë
Yakkos world remastered confirmed!?!?
Majora 2 ditë më parë
Sadly not, but maybe season 2.
Adrian Montoya
Adrian Montoya 3 ditë më parë
Are you gonna harp on Amber Heard too? Or just Johnny Depp? Trash
thedesklauncher 3 ditë më parë
Never mansplainy This isn’t for nostalgia purposes. This is for Twitter puritans and SJWs
Kia Smidt
Kia Smidt Ditë më parë
Animaniacs was always about poking fun at current events and pop culture. "Mansplaining" is a term from the era, our current era, this reboot is choosing to poke fun at. You can choose to let it bother you, or recognize how cartoonishly silly the world can be, regardless of your alignment.
Stephen Gonzalez
Stephen Gonzalez Ditë më parë
@Western Ohio Interurban History yeah, it was nice and nostalgic to see the characters, hear their voices, and enjoy the usual antics
Neux Ditë më parë
It could be in their contract with Hulu to promote fourth-wave neo-marxist postmodernism in the form of animated entertainment, but we don't talk about that.
Western Ohio Interurban History
Western Ohio Interurban History 2 ditë më parë
@Stephen Gonzalez Didn't stop me from enjoying it though.
Stephen Gonzalez
Stephen Gonzalez 2 ditë më parë
Yeah, the wokeness culture seeps into everything these days. I just try to ignore it and enjoy the best I can. I kinda like to think of the whole thing as a pendulum. Eventually some counter movement will happen that points out the toxicity of radical SJWs and things will correct to truly be inclusive and equal in a way that isn't just "becoming the thing you abhor" but just the opposite spectrum.
ALEJANDRO GIRALDO 3 ditë më parë
Hulu I have a question why is the nurse not in the series uh uh uh?
@Majora well just saying because who knows there could be a reason
Majora 2 ditë më parë
@ALEJANDRO GIRALDO why do you care so much about hello nurse?
ALEJANDRO GIRALDO 2 ditë më parë
And Hulu I hope you bring everyone back in the series I watching you 😠
CobaltDoesStuff 3 ditë më parë
2020: The worst year ever Animaniacs: revives the old cartoons fandom, which I'm part of...
Brawler bro
Brawler bro Ditë më parë
Yes TOTALY the worst year ever
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