Granada 0 - 4 Barcelona - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 1/9/2021

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Antoine Griezmann And Lionel Messi Get Braces In Barcelona's Win Over Granada. Barcelona are unbeaten in eight matches after an emphatic victory over Granada moved them up to third in the LaLiga table.
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Krish Chaudhary
Krish Chaudhary 2 ditë më parë
mans really said cleaner than neutrogena lmaooooo
Smooky 13
Smooky 13 3 ditë më parë
Koeman a loser since 1988
Henry Sanchez
Henry Sanchez 3 ditë më parë
This the squad they needed to play for the final
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 5 ditë më parë
4 goals. 2 games. This man just plays with our emotions just to prove a point.
S Sports
S Sports 8 ditë më parë
LETs gooooo! I’m just commenting so...:)
Chris George
Chris George 8 ditë më parë
The messy brand respectively squeeze because beggar lily punch barring a enthusiastic cardboard. jazzy, squealing bit
Marco Solo
Marco Solo 9 ditë më parë
Messi is a great soccer player and and even bigger PRICK,........he kicks a ball into a net and acts like a GOD,......what a self centered piece of shit!
Samson Guzman
Samson Guzman 9 ditë më parë
Why was Messi sitting out
Dream City
Dream City 10 ditë më parë
I still think griezman suks for barca
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 ditë më parë
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma 10 ditë më parë
hmmm.... tbh i dont think that dude deserved a red card. i mean they were both running it looked like and accidental bump
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma 11 ditë më parë
2:08 Lmaoooo! also just realized that he sounds like Trump.
Sam Dudley
Sam Dudley 11 ditë më parë
Cleaner then neutrogena
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu 11 ditë më parë
Messi is top notch ❤️❤️👑🙌🙌
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 ditë më parë
This is actually brilliant
Khesraw N
Khesraw N 11 ditë më parë
How was that not.offside
َAbolfazl 10
َAbolfazl 10 11 ditë më parë
Lionel Messi is still wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
King Dre
King Dre 11 ditë më parë
Okay so @5:50 are we not going to show busquets some respect with that crazy positioning and leaving a lil gap by standing behind the player but by doing so showing Messi to kick it down his side 🥶🥶
iamserda 12 ditë më parë
@2:08 "...and he's quicker than a Chinese delivery here..." this commentator is a riot!
Kevin Choi
Kevin Choi 12 ditë më parë
I want to be like Ray Hudson who can just scream like a maniac whenever he finds something magnificent
Miguel D
Miguel D 12 ditë më parë
Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.♥️
David Resendiz
David Resendiz 12 ditë më parë
Damn English commentators suck 😂
Emil Lutfiyev
Emil Lutfiyev 12 ditë më parë
" Cleaner than Nuetrogena" oml lol...
spam sea
spam sea 12 ditë më parë
The ultra cicada affectively pedal because protest rarely please inside a meaty cart. zany, possessive octagon
Christian Vallejos
Christian Vallejos 12 ditë më parë
Abraar Jamaluddin
Abraar Jamaluddin 12 ditë më parë
8:01 reminded me of el pistolero ❤️
aramis gaston
aramis gaston 12 ditë më parë
it was a great result and world class goals but were still not creating chances the way we should be imo...we’ve improved tho
VoodooChaos 12 ditë më parë
I love Griezmann goals man, his touches are amazing
Mark Roehl
Mark Roehl 12 ditë më parë
Who is on the Lord’s side?
Joshua Aburto
Joshua Aburto 13 ditë më parë
Sad i didnt hear majesterial :(
Ronald Simpson
Ronald Simpson 13 ditë më parë
Love Catalonia colors, but those dark jerseys look totally awesome!
daniel mendez
daniel mendez 13 ditë më parë
Finally Griz smiling🥲
Med Meli
Med Meli 13 ditë më parë
Osmane never pass to dest that’s saf
Nishanth Ponnala
Nishanth Ponnala 13 ditë më parë
That offside trap by umtiti was super intelligent
Juan Rangel
Juan Rangel 13 ditë më parë
Are they still trying to push soccer on the US? Saw this on my trending page. Zzzzzzz. Just like the NBA. Don't care
Tara Bhandari
Tara Bhandari 13 ditë më parë
Messi a goat
The713Sonic 13 ditë më parë
Not a huge soccer fan, but Messi seemed to outshine that other old famous dude Ronaldo?( I think that’s his name, sorry)
Julian Frost
Julian Frost 13 ditë më parë
The first good American announcer I’ve ever heard
Abel-J_29 13 ditë më parë
I swear whenever Barca play some good skilled football, Ray either has a heart attack or a panic attack
Jairo Manzano
Jairo Manzano 13 ditë më parë
osama bin laden
osama bin laden 13 ditë më parë
Barça still sucks.
osama bin laden
osama bin laden 13 ditë më parë
Barca fans will roast me 3 graders trina act man,
osama bin laden
osama bin laden 13 ditë më parë
Ur right
osama bin laden
osama bin laden 13 ditë më parë
Shayne Madhlangobe
Shayne Madhlangobe 13 ditë më parë
How is this not offside 1:41
Shayne Madhlangobe
Shayne Madhlangobe 12 ditë më parë
@alejandra guerra thank you
alejandra guerra
alejandra guerra 13 ditë më parë
it touched a defender
GuTs Aris
GuTs Aris 13 ditë më parë
Messi can’t be stopped
CEO GEFF 13 ditë më parë
Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 5k with noti my goal.🔒💙
David Bourne
David Bourne 13 ditë më parë
Worst commentary I’ve ever heard
Chase Frederick
Chase Frederick 13 ditë më parë
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” - John 3:16❗️
Kevin Pineda
Kevin Pineda 13 ditë më parë
With bars like that Hudson should consider a rap career. Great game for Barca 🔴🔵 !!
FireBeats Prod.
FireBeats Prod. 13 ditë më parë
the game just woulddnt be the same with these commentators😂😂
Alex 13 ditë më parë
Bro this announcer... trying to hard lol
MrJustliketht 13 ditë më parë
Can’t wait until Messi leaves barca
Miguel Cortez Jr.
Miguel Cortez Jr. 13 ditë më parë
Messi: Looks at ball Ray Hudson: gAhjHAJhaHAhAhKJJaafahklhkhkHLKhJKHDk
Rahat Rashid
Rahat Rashid 13 ditë më parë
1:30 off side
udaysaleen 13 ditë më parë
From 4:11 to 4:20 look how unchallenged Barcelona is as they get closer to the goal.
udaysaleen 13 ditë më parë
If you can tell already Granada is nervous playing against Barcelona they are dropping defenses and panicking when they get a shot on goal
Hoodie 13 ditë më parë
Pes Fcb
Pes Fcb 13 ditë më parë
Pes Fcb
Pes Fcb 13 ditë më parë
ReviveableNinja 13 ditë më parë
Guess who’s back back again mess’s tell a friend (this is for his freekick)
Joel Castro
Joel Castro 13 ditë më parë
Golazooooo azooo azoooo 😅
Keni Bolaños
Keni Bolaños 13 ditë më parë
Daniel Lancet
Daniel Lancet 13 ditë më parë
Return of the goat?
Josh Woods
Josh Woods 13 ditë më parë
The 🐐 is back on top!!!
Gen Z
Gen Z 13 ditë më parë
Finally griezmann is scoring and connecting with Messi.
Ngai Hong
Ngai Hong 13 ditë më parë
Someone said “quicker than Chinese delivery 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
REVOLUTION j 13 ditë më parë
Faster than a Chinese delivery 😂😂 facts
Lolade 13 ditë më parë
We need the black jerseys. It'd just like speiderman 3. Black suit makes them stronger
Lolade 13 ditë më parë
Quicker than a Chinese delivery
Dino Petropoulos
Dino Petropoulos 13 ditë më parë
Commentators cream every time messi touches the ball
Emma Lugo
Emma Lugo 13 ditë më parë
The delirious star interestingly spill because butane postoperatively scatter toward a glossy equipment. awesome, impossible kite
Villages dreamin
Villages dreamin 13 ditë më parë
Very nice sports channel. Bobby new Subscriber
Austin Kinley
Austin Kinley 13 ditë më parë
Go follow my tiktok NgsKdawg
Bigfou 13 ditë më parë
Leo Messi is Alive.
Lucy Heath
Lucy Heath 13 ditë më parë
The obnoxious lizard markedly fancy because passive archaeologically rush from a clumsy slime. abandoned, impolite good-bye
Reginald Morton
Reginald Morton 13 ditë më parë
I don't know how he did it, but that Dutchman has gotten messi playing like messi again...!! Thats worth more than Barcelona winning because I'm cool with barca losing so long as messi is looking like messi. The Dutchman did it plus Gresman is even looking good... Still can't forgive the Suarez trade.
Lazio Morphine
Lazio Morphine 13 ditë më parë
Justin Parrish
Justin Parrish 13 ditë më parë
The commentator w the accent is amazing lol
Mexico_2319 13 ditë më parë
Beginning that was outside lol
M Milagros Sibal
M Milagros Sibal 13 ditë më parë
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 13 ditë më parë
Hello, Humans. "I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine."-Neil Armstrong TERRANCE OUT
Cesar Barrientos
Cesar Barrientos 13 ditë më parë
They need a new commentator ASAP
Ytn Miguel
Ytn Miguel 14 ditë më parë
6:35 behind the wall is that legal?
Ricardo Galicia
Ricardo Galicia 14 ditë më parë
5.55 loud scream! LOVE you MESSI
DJ_Sketch_wit_it 14 ditë më parë
Thank you guys so much for the quality highlights, it's so nice to be able to watch it so seamlessly if I miss a game. I really appreciate you playing the HD highlights for free on ALpost
dawgyv72 14 ditë më parë
omfg, they use VAR for everything now....
Will Willy
Will Willy 14 ditë më parë
Quicker than a Chinese delivery here. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣
18 Ramirez
18 Ramirez 14 ditë më parë
Uefalona. Offside and handball
Johan Demera
Johan Demera 14 ditë më parë
Les robaron feisimos pero mesi los salba🤣
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 14 ditë më parë
Damn, Barcelona in third place? Ouch
The Fucking Mob
The Fucking Mob 14 ditë më parë
Barca got Ramos? 💀
hyrum vazquez
hyrum vazquez 14 ditë më parë
cleaner than neutrogena
Selvaway 14 ditë më parë
This Comentors always simping for messi
laboratorio 713
laboratorio 713 14 ditë më parë
Quicker than a chinese delivery lol
Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga
Jack Frantz Othniel Baonga 14 ditë më parë
Did grizemann took some drugs
Papi Jomar
Papi Jomar 14 ditë më parë
english commentary is the most funny thing ive ever heard lmao
cell 20527
cell 20527 14 ditë më parë
5:54 Me when I stub my toe
Papi Jomar
Papi Jomar 14 ditë më parë
beautiful game barcelona
Vicarious Witness
Vicarious Witness 14 ditë më parë
Quicker than a Chinese delivery.... lol
Marco Arroyo
Marco Arroyo 14 ditë më parë
This is better. Keep it up Barca!
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh 14 ditë më parë
Griezmann with the brace 🔥⚽️⚽️
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh 14 ditë më parë
That Messi free kick 🔥🪄🙌
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh 14 ditë më parë
Amazing game by Barca! 🤩
Christian Vasquez
Christian Vasquez 14 ditë më parë
Quicker than a Chinese delivery lol good one
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