Drew Brees on Playoff Loss, Future | Saints-Bucs Postgame

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New Orleans Saints

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Saints-Buccaneers Postgame: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees postgame interview following the Saints Divisional Round playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, January 17, 2021.
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Talos The King
Talos The King 15 ditë më parë
Thats what you get for spamming youtube with those stupid smoothie king commercials
Jason Murillo
Jason Murillo 28 ditë më parë
Drew deserved better questions after this game.
Tom Gorman
Tom Gorman 28 ditë më parë
Drew your game is fine! Your skills and highlights will be watched and talked about forever. You feel good show off them skills. You in my mind are top 5 all time all day. I love football and without great players like you its hard to watch football.
Death Puncher
Death Puncher 28 ditë më parë
Go Bucs
the hectic
the hectic Muaj më parë
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown Muaj më parë
Hey Drew do you think your position on deciding where when and how the discussion of white racisit police murdering innocent unarmed black men women and children and using your precious football platform had anything to do with your loss. If white men women and children were being shot by police would you then use your football platform to bring that matter to view. I do believe your racist ideology psychologically affected every black ball player in that organization whether you know it or not or they know it or not. After the game sir you looked absolutely heartbroken and butthurt. I call it KARMA. B1😎
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 15 ditë më parë
@Talos The King I'm an unapologetic black man you effing colonizer. B1😎
Talos The King
Talos The King 15 ditë më parë
You sound really brain washed by black people.
Personal Account
Personal Account Muaj më parë
Joe Flores
Joe Flores Muaj më parë
If I was him I would say I won't retire until I win the super bowl
Rithvik Singidi
Rithvik Singidi Muaj më parë
There it is in a nutshell (# GO BUCS)
Boris Badenov
Boris Badenov Muaj më parë
He's going to be remembered for bowing to the BLM crap as much as his playing career.
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Muaj më parë
as a Panthers fan i’m happy but sad i do have respect for a NFC South rival losing a superstar like Brees but he will be remembered in Saints history 😤😤😤
LyricEric Muaj më parë
Drew will be known for standing up for his country, then apologized to the radical left. He lost his man card.
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson 11 ditë më parë
you will be known for....well.....i meeean
Immortal Eagle
Immortal Eagle Muaj më parë
He's can't beat Tampa in his own yard. He looks as defeated as he was in 2000 when he lost in the Rose Bowl to the Purple Reign 🐺🏈
Ultra Games YT
Ultra Games YT Muaj më parë
If this is his final season of his career... we know in 5 years that he will be in the hof If u agree 👇
Kendric Edwards
Kendric Edwards Muaj më parë
Man drew man stay saints need you bru
Rob Schultz
Rob Schultz Muaj më parë
'Nuff Said.............................................
Rob Schultz
Rob Schultz Muaj më parë
What this game has given to me. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Lynn Jordan
Lynn Jordan Muaj më parë
You have to be a Drew fan to like him .. Just a short guy who got a chance ..... LOTS OF PETE ROSE OUT THERE ,THAT GAS TO PLAY 150% to be playing with the best , WHO DONT HAVE TO PLAY THAT 150%( Wilson with Seattle has to give and play with 150% also ) ...AVERAGE PLAYERS ...WHO HAVE TO PLAY AT 150 %... LOL... THATS A FACT ....
Greg Carver
Greg Carver Muaj më parë
Drew, I'll stand with you.
Justin Muaj më parë
Okay, you can stop pranking us Drew 😥
Jon Masters
Jon Masters Muaj më parë
Thankgod...carolina can breathe again
Spxce Jxms
Spxce Jxms Muaj më parë
I’m just glad to have witnessed him getting at least one ring, that’s a day I’ll never forget.
Katelin Kent
Katelin Kent Muaj më parë
Seahawks fan here.. I love Drew Brees.. Hes the ultimate class act and without a doubt a first ballot hall of famer!
Catching with Cannon
Catching with Cannon Muaj më parë
Proud of you brees
Master Flyer
Master Flyer Muaj më parë
Ever since Bountygate, the NFL hated the Saints with so many horrible calls against them in the playoffs. Bountygate was the curse they created for themselves 😭
Master Flyer
Master Flyer Muaj më parë
Saints done messed up when they released the GOAT Teddy Bridgewater 😭😭😭
Kev Mac3000
Kev Mac3000 Muaj më parë
We can just start to refer to him as hall of famer now
randee 4
randee 4 Muaj më parë
Charles ONeill
Charles ONeill Muaj më parë
Didn't watch.. Drew Brees fell to pressure from the woke bunch. If he appears on anything in the future, he gets Jane Fonda treatment.
Ronald Cox
Ronald Cox Muaj më parë
You and Jacob Blake can hang out and be buddies........
Ronald Cox
Ronald Cox Muaj më parë
Where is your Jacob Blake helmet?.......screw you dude....... still crying for the fake injustice?
William James Rapp
William James Rapp Muaj më parë
***BOILER UP*** Respect Ya Sir. Best wishes and many more blessings to you and your family.
B C.
B C. Muaj më parë
Ruben Pulido Jr
Ruben Pulido Jr Muaj më parë
Brees is a true champ he should go out like Elway and manning before he retires 👌🏼
Martin jr Vasquez
Martin jr Vasquez Muaj më parë
He blew the playoff game!!!.. his time pass. We need a new QB! And it's not the fumble machine tysom Hill.lol
Jimmy Jet
Jimmy Jet Muaj më parë
Thats carma for backtracking on your flag comments. Coward
Yet Boy
Yet Boy Muaj më parë
He is such a good man and football player
solid snake2016
solid snake2016 Muaj më parë
The saints are not my home team but I do I think Drew Brees is excellent quarterback and ill be sad to see him go
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Muaj më parë
Dude is a real class act
Sons of the Edelweiss
Sons of the Edelweiss Muaj më parë
Time to get a real job, then again your a millionaire . God truly blessed you.
Sons of the Edelweiss
Sons of the Edelweiss Muaj më parë
Don’t worry Drew , you lost to the GOAT!!! We all knew this was coming.
M Nberry
M Nberry Muaj më parë
As always, Squeaky Clean Drew!
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Muaj më parë
Time for him to go....leave it to the young guys!
Travis G
Travis G Muaj më parë
I love seeing the Saints lose, it's my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their loss is the only reason i'm still alive, i was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved
Mr realist95
Mr realist95 Muaj më parë
Man your life must suck🤣
Jackson Pope
Jackson Pope Muaj më parë
Good riddance!
Wesley Blacksher
Wesley Blacksher Muaj më parë
If he retires he will have more time to support rapist and other criminals. He can pay their bail, lawyers fees etc. All while disowning his relatives that caused him so much shame by serving this country.
mike hand
mike hand Muaj më parë
guilty look on Drews face,BIG money is brutal
dick welch
dick welch Muaj më parë
He should be respected but since he bent the knee he can go to hell. Glad he lost
yeudoi66 Muaj më parë
Drew the way I see it you can’t beat the best man in the business 3 times Brady owe u that one retired bro you got nothing to prove
KC Hell Kat
KC Hell Kat Muaj më parë
We still love you,you will always be one of a kind who can go through so many injuries and still play, I wish we could’ve went to the Super Bowl this year for you and all of our team, Who Dat Forever
Jaden Barnes
Jaden Barnes Muaj më parë
Weather you leave or stay your a legend drew you are one hell of a quarterback drew everyone gonna miss you man it's ok that you threw a couple Interceptions it's ok you played well man drew the 🐐 man you the best
GetWreckedNoobs Muaj më parë
I miss the old pro bowl that was after the SuperBowl and when they actually hit you
Kitty Jamison
Kitty Jamison Muaj më parë
Nykeea Brocks
Nykeea Brocks Muaj më parë
Let drew brees go home he done
Bengals Fan
Bengals Fan Muaj më parë
Drew I will miss you. Thank you for the memories
lost n found
lost n found Muaj më parë
Amazing man
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle Muaj më parë
Drew is straight ass every playoffs of course it's clearly scripted but it's pathetic that he takes the dive nearly every season in the playoffs oh well dudes paid at least
Qwert Y
Qwert Y Muaj më parë
As you can see by my profile pic I don’t like the saints. But Drew brees is such a nice guy. If this was his last game and season, I feel bad for the guy. I’ve always enjoyed watching him even as a Carolina fan. I really hope this is not his last season.
bassin for life
bassin for life Muaj më parë
John Williams
John Williams Muaj më parë
Come back Drew.
Roger Hardy
Roger Hardy Muaj më parë
"How uncharacteristic was that?" That is the best question you could come up with? You might want to apply at Burger King. That seems to be more your speed.
Roger Hardy
Roger Hardy Muaj më parë
I love what Drew Brees stood for until he started wearing the name of a criminal on his helmet. That was a shame to cave to the BS.
I End of Time
I End of Time Muaj më parë
Drew, is still a great player he needs more help at the wide receiver position
TheDarkknight04 Muaj më parë
One more year Drew 🙌. You've got it in you
Victor Otero Jr
Victor Otero Jr Muaj më parë
I will miss Drew Brees 😭
Latasha Edwards
Latasha Edwards Muaj më parë
You need to Quiet 2 years in a row pick pick pick
AuraTheGreat Muaj më parë
Also I think he should try to rejuice that arm if hes gonna play again
AuraTheGreat Muaj më parë
personally I dont think he should retire I think he should try his hardest to try and train jamies winston because then hed be uselesss and wouldnt need him no more and ttaysom hill could be better at different positions and hes better like a swish knife\
DoggoVision Muaj më parë
Drew Brees is class exemplified.
Bill V
Bill V Muaj më parë
Drew Brees has 30 million reasons to play next year. I think he'll give it another shot.
Joyce Reine
Joyce Reine Muaj më parë
This is for You, The Saints Team, and All The Fans, Drew. Right here in ALpost: Just type: Joyce H Reine. Because We Allll Dat!!!! Listen, It'll Encourage You to stay; Just "PRAY"!!!!! Continue To Be "BLESSED"!!!!! Much Love for All of You.... You can be a Who Dat; No Matter where You live at.... Geaux Saints!!!!!
chris bean
chris bean Muaj më parë
Would you regret it lol. He’s a great player what is there to regret
Buddy Spuds
Buddy Spuds Muaj më parë
A very good QB but not Hall of Fame caliber.
T A Z A Muaj më parë
I hope he goes for one more super bowl opportunity
TheDarkknight04 Muaj më parë
Me too. I'm a Cards fan but I'd love to see Drew win another one
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Muaj më parë
Drew succumbed to the pressure of his teammates and BLM! Go disappear forever you coward!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Muaj më parë
a brilliant athlete and perhaps an even more brilliant human ... in spite of Tom, Drew defined an era, seldom having a team better than "normal" but he made of most of any circumstance ... BRAVO to a true warrior - football will miss you ... only wish he was healthy vs Bucs - the 17 Nov injury required more time to heal ... no matter, we will always dwell on the highs of his 2 decades of " overcoming & succeeding "- a model for all to follow !!!
James Jones
James Jones Muaj më parë
Go away Drew. Go find some criminals to celebrate
CWF Muaj më parë
Dude looks miserable. Go enjoy retirement drew!
Blake bambam
Blake bambam Muaj më parë
That second question lady was horrible. Omg
William Clark
William Clark Muaj më parë
As a patriots fan you'd think I'd be routing for Tom Brady that game, but no I wanted Drew to go on and win the super bowl. Even though he lost everyone knows he has a ring, he has fans, and he had a legacy. He's inspired young hearts including mine to go on and be the best they can possibly be. He shall go down in the HOF and in the record books as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.
Tom Brady 7x Super Bowl Champion
Tom Brady 7x Super Bowl Champion Muaj më parë
If it was his last then mr.brees it was a hell of a run you had.
Cochran Lansing
Cochran Lansing Muaj më parë
Drew and I have the same birthday and I’ve been a fan since 07 and it breaks my heart watching my favorite qb leave. He has a family to raise
BigE420420 Muaj më parë
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Muaj më parë
He won't say a word until he gets out of New Orleans. The NFL and New Orleans hates him.
meltedwogs Muaj më parë
i really hope he comes back next year i want to see him play irl
1791 BVR
1791 BVR Muaj më parë
1791 BVR
1791 BVR Muaj më parë
@Luke Wilson - Only a shameless loser who makes excuses for cheaters and criminals can support Drew Brees, because Drew Brees is a shameless loser who makes excuses for cheaters and criminals, too.
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson Muaj më parë
@1791 BVR alls i hear is a call for help. either get help or find a roof either way stop being such a big burden on society
1791 BVR
1791 BVR Muaj më parë
@Luke Wilson - Why would I be depressed? I'm not a Saints fan. Your team is comprised of a bunch of dirty cheaters. I don't know how you could root for them without feeling dirty yourself. You must have very low standards.
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson Muaj më parë
durka durka? get a life. we get it you're depressed. find a roof
Diana Parsons
Diana Parsons Muaj më parë
Your awesome drew such good football man when the city needed it
crazycolt 123
crazycolt 123 Muaj më parë
Man I really hope he plays another just so he might keep his all time passing yards record (Brady fan) cause he deserves it more than Brady, Brady already has enough accolades to be remembered forever
Moses Renteria
Moses Renteria Muaj më parë
Mr. Brees always played with so much heart,I'm going to miss watching him play. Thank You for so many awesome games you played.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Muaj më parë
He knelt to BLM.. BLM once chanted, "pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon!" to the police officers! Good bye drew, you are a coward! Your forefathers are so disappointed
Carina Martinez
Carina Martinez Muaj më parë
Man and to think I wanted to meet him. Now he probably going to retire
Eric Hovatt
Eric Hovatt Muaj më parë
Go to the Vikings we need you
Eddie Kulp
Eddie Kulp Muaj më parë
Brees should have been replaced this year, the Saints blew another chance for a super bowl . Hes done been done its outrageous that a team wins 49 games over 4 years and blows the playoffs each time. Enough is enough Sean Payton needs to go and Brees with him
Eddie Kulp
Eddie Kulp Muaj më parë
I know he was the greatest saints QB ever, but he and sean Payton have failed the fans to many times since the super bowl. Losing constantly in the playoffs they no excuse for it .
It’sAiden 2Cool
It’sAiden 2Cool Muaj më parë
It’s gonna be sad to see the owner of the first ever car, Drew Brees to be leaving the nfl
Derald Cannon Jr.
Derald Cannon Jr. Muaj më parë
I'll laugh if he goes to a new team like brady and manning did I know he won't but I would fucking laugh
Teri Del Dotto
Teri Del Dotto Muaj më parë
Why Drew I love you
Collin Kenney
Collin Kenney Muaj më parë
Brees sold out to BLM and threw the game, he’s a disgrace
Collin Kenney
Collin Kenney Muaj më parë
Go watch, it’s not a coverage issue, he tossed it up
Collin Kenney
Collin Kenney Muaj më parë
What happened there?! Well I purposely threw picks
Ray Santiago
Ray Santiago Muaj më parë
One more Drew Brees, you still have a Golden Arm and God wants you out there. I wished that you could of stayed in San Diego Chargers! We missed you and pray for your future and family. Go Brees! 🎺✊😎🇺🇸❤
NbAshaolin Sly
NbAshaolin Sly Muaj më parë
This can't be the last season he missed to many games come on drew one moe
Lil Cbass
Lil Cbass Muaj më parë
All of you saints fans. I feel so bad you and Drew Brees because now he wanted to make it to the super bowl and get his final ring before retiring, well time for y’all to say you’re final goodbyes😭😔 his last time wearing pads and a helmet
11W: The Plan
11W: The Plan Muaj më parë
I feel bad for brees but not saints fans screw them
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