Clinically addicted to NFL pack openings...

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please someone find me confidential quitting help...
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
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sports awesomeness
sports awesomeness 10 ditë më parë
If you could you could do a live stream group break and give away 32 spots for a box like 1 spot is one team and if you win the team you get all the cards from the team in the box or boxes
Jackson Hagen
Jackson Hagen 14 ditë më parë
Nobody: MMG: Pareen
Kevin J. Thomas
Kevin J. Thomas 27 ditë më parë
as suffering jets fan.. will most certainly take the La Michael auto patch lol
Elijah White
Elijah White Muaj më parë
19:24 lol nice
Toran Fisher
Toran Fisher Muaj më parë
Can I get the Rodgers and Herbert and if it’s ok dk and Eason
Toran Fisher
Toran Fisher Muaj më parë
Rodgers is my favourite of all time
JC11HANSON Muaj më parë
He needs a Tyler Johnson jersey now 😂
Nick Hock
Nick Hock Muaj më parë
Papa you should do a Patreon page for the cards
Anthony Parkinson
Anthony Parkinson Muaj më parë
How bout you set a google meet with person who won give them invite code and ask there address its simple and it goes to the right person every time
mich eagles
mich eagles Muaj më parë
I’m an eagles fan but still love the videos 😂
not caden genrich
not caden genrich Muaj më parë
Papa you should crank open some of those holiday sweater boxes. They’re 🔥
Whoopty Mentality
Whoopty Mentality Muaj më parë
Its so awkward when mmg says keshaun because thats my name
Jayden Ohrt
Jayden Ohrt Muaj më parë
Host a tournament winner gets the cards
Jayyysaucee E
Jayyysaucee E Muaj më parë
can I please get that ekeler one that one is sick asfff and I’m a big chargers fan 😩🙏🏿
Jaxinator 101
Jaxinator 101 Muaj më parë
Don’t worry I’ve spent about 200 dollars on cards this year
Vogel Oliver
Vogel Oliver Muaj më parë
Promotes Raycon like 2 videos ago talking about how he loves them then grabs his AirPods🥸😂
Brady K
Brady K Muaj më parë
Does anyone know if a standard Phoenix box has that many numbered cards or does mmg just have insane luck cause I’ve opened so many prizm and absolute boxes and got one numbered total
Philip Martin
Philip Martin Muaj më parë
MMG sees white filler « WOW WHAT IS THIS »
Grant Baysinger
Grant Baysinger Muaj më parë
The eck😍😍😍
Braden Canfield
Braden Canfield Muaj më parë
how much for Brett Favre? that's my dads fav player!
Garrett Holloway
Garrett Holloway Muaj më parë
Doesn’t know who Len Dawson is. It’s not like he is a hall of famer from the chiefs or something
Garrett Holloway
Garrett Holloway Muaj më parë
Ryan tannihill isn’t over paid bro he’s a stud
Carson Rainbolt
Carson Rainbolt Muaj më parë
the fact that mmg calls him lamichael perEEn just goes to show that he can't speak english
Orange Friend
Orange Friend Muaj më parë
You should pick a random comment
Jacob Reuvers
Jacob Reuvers Muaj më parë
that jeff gladney card sure would look good with the rest of my collection.
Benjamin Solomon
Benjamin Solomon Muaj më parë
I am disappointing a Jets fan but that Perine is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I would love to have that. Great Video!!!
Zac Maffeo
Zac Maffeo Muaj më parë
“Addicted to getting broken up with” *immediately checks to see if him and Bailey still follow each other*
Gamer Boy Sonny
Gamer Boy Sonny Muaj më parë
U swear to much
bakstop 37
bakstop 37 Muaj më parë
did anybody notice that he said dj instead of dk metcalf hahahaha
Almighty Alex
Almighty Alex Muaj më parë
Are we going to ignore the thumbs?😂💀
Robert Hart
Robert Hart Muaj më parë
You should just make a football card Chanel
Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher Muaj më parë
get some nfl 2020 prizm
Gino Sarta
Gino Sarta Muaj më parë
Brenden Reisinger
Brenden Reisinger Muaj më parë
Bro id love that Tyler Johnson card! Huge bucs fan and have been watching the channel sine 2018
Brandon Burt
Brandon Burt Muaj më parë
Why don't people comment one card they would like to have every video and if you pull that card next video you give it to them....
Alika Hill
Alika Hill Muaj më parë
Do insta questions and pick ones that make you laugh or you enjoy. Just a idea love your content dude
Jason R. Rich
Jason R. Rich Muaj më parë
To pick random winners for giveaways create a discord where people can join and have a moderator choose someone at random so it’s unbiased.
jdbowen Muaj më parë
As a Ravens fan, that JK Dobbins card🥵🥵🥵
Carter Pio
Carter Pio Muaj më parë
Mmg can I have the juju and the Jimmy g ?
Sswitza Muaj më parë
Wouldn’t mind adding that Baker, Adrian Peterson or CD Lamb to my collection 😏
noah engineer
noah engineer Muaj më parë
oH mY GoD pAPa i Am a HuGe BuCs FaN i jUsT bEcAmE oNE aFtER tHiS PaCK oPEniNg cAn i PleAsEEeeE gEt tHoSE cArDS
I guess Whatever
I guess Whatever Muaj më parë
There is a charity that you can give all the cards that you don’t want and they will give them to kids that are poor that live in I believe Mexico. I’m pretty sure all your fans would respect that over a giveaway
Custom Packs 247
Custom Packs 247 Muaj më parë
@MMG find out who's interested in your cards to a spreadsheet and random off some of the cards to the people.... Fair and random. Food for thought. You can pay me in cards for my idea
Aundrea Mozzone
Aundrea Mozzone Muaj më parë
lemme get j.k either of them idc which one would love the ato tho lol
DINGYGECKO Muaj më parë
These card are so clean. I have not seen a lot of recent trading cards. I am so used to those old Topps cards
TheCjeremy Muaj më parë
Big fan of these cards content
TheShaZical Muaj më parë
I, a bucs fan would like to complain that you have got one of my favorite Underdogs from the packs nonetheless a rare one of that being Ke’shaun Vaughn
Paper_Duck_ Muaj më parë
Gimme that Josh Jacobs card papa plz
Parker Eimerl
Parker Eimerl Muaj më parë
Use for the giveaways
Zach Zauha
Zach Zauha Muaj më parë
Add a wheel spin doing with the most recent cards like so papa can see
Vin Chiofalo
Vin Chiofalo Muaj më parë
Aren’t we all...
Nolan Sailor
Nolan Sailor Muaj më parë
papa, i’m a HUGE broncos fan, you have no idea what i would do w that drew lock card. love that guy so much
Nolan Sailor
Nolan Sailor Muaj më parë
OH MY GOD THE CHAMP BAILEY AND DREW LOCK CARDS PAPA THE BRONCOS CARDS. i’ve had a collection going w all the broncos cards i find in the packs i get, those would just top my collection off, they are so clean 10x nicer than any of my cards. please see this it would mean so much.
J Trü
J Trü Muaj më parë
I sent Will Clapp a DM for you Papa Meags
Derrick_ Kading
Derrick_ Kading Muaj më parë
Good ol kirks cousin
Mn Bowler
Mn Bowler Muaj më parë
I want that ekeler
Micah Moyer
Micah Moyer Muaj më parë
Papa Can i please get the base jimmy g
Luke Gibbons
Luke Gibbons Muaj më parë
Invest in sleeves please
Jojo Miranda
Jojo Miranda Muaj më parë
This man definitely spent 8 racks on prizm.... yes this is me, jealous I can’t do that as well.
Jameson Cummins
Jameson Cummins Muaj më parë
Thank you man my name is Jameson I will be taking that J.K Dobbings
Frogged Gaming
Frogged Gaming Muaj më parë
MMG I think you need to go to dr.phil I mean God 8000$
Goose Quacker
Goose Quacker Muaj më parë
Carson Wentz Game Thrower
Kadedabus Muaj më parë
You should do a real life pack in play from these packs
Robey Reid
Robey Reid Muaj më parë
When MMG says it’s a L pack when he pulls aj green and aj is your favorite player ever and MMG is your favorite ALpostR ever😭
Tmo_Fn Muaj më parë
13:40 Its PEE RINE
Boyd Mitchell
Boyd Mitchell Muaj më parë
doesn’t know who a hof super bowl champion is damn tuff
NFL Highlights
NFL Highlights Muaj më parë
It is pronounced Pee-Rine
Eric Kim
Eric Kim Muaj më parë
11:02 best pull
Trystan LaBar
Trystan LaBar Muaj më parë
Papa started collecting these cards because he doesnt wanna give ea money Lmao
Jake Schneider
Jake Schneider Muaj më parë
Papa lamichales last name is pronounced like “pee-rine” not tryna be a dick jus wanna let you know
Nhlsean8 Muaj më parë
The numbering doesn’t determine the rarity and value of the card, there are odds on your chances to pull everything that’s what determines the rarity, also please stop flipping the cards to the back of the pile and just place them down once you see them. This will avoid any damage to the cards. Lastly those rookies that you kinda graze over are worth a lot: Ex. Orange Chase Young, Justin Herbert, Tua and all other big name rookies. Please like so he can see this
DUB Muaj më parë
most like comment should be able to pick which box of cards they will like
Brooks Eastburn
Brooks Eastburn Muaj më parë
ben dinucci went to my high school hahaha
BassEveryDay Muaj më parë
You should have a quiz set up so whoever scores the best gets the card cause they deserve it
FF Sharkboy
FF Sharkboy Muaj më parë
Just a word of card collecting advice, it would be useful once you show us a card to put them in piles so like a rookie card pile, base card pile, auto pile, memorabilia pile, inserts pile and numbered pile. Also it would be worthwhile to sleeve the autos, certain rookie and memorabilia cards and they make sleeves for thicker cards too. Keep pulling 🔥 man 🔥⛑
Austin Gardner
Austin Gardner Muaj më parë
That red tee higgins I’m not a Clemson fan I’m a gamecock fan but I just like Higgins cause he’s on my fantasy team can I get him lol
Big Wiggle
Big Wiggle Muaj më parë
Price Cube
Price Cube Muaj më parë
I’ll take that Carson Wentz card off your hands papa 😅 love from New Zealand
Foose Greifz
Foose Greifz Muaj më parë
Just got done watching Q n A with kaylee😢😔
Rylan Freeman
Rylan Freeman Muaj më parë
Yo I’ll buy the cam
Jackson North
Jackson North Muaj më parë
Are we even going to talk about that micheal Thomas one of one last vis
Whack-A-Troll 32
Whack-A-Troll 32 Muaj më parë
You should do a giveaway by doing rock paper scissors contest over video chat lol
Imagine not knowing who Len Dawson is
Nick Milne
Nick Milne Muaj më parë
Decent chase young pull
Jennifer Hanley
Jennifer Hanley Muaj më parë
The buccaneers running back got lit 🔥 up by Kyle Fuller
Jack Palma
Jack Palma Muaj më parë
The denuchster is the best qb in the League
Jack Palma
Jack Palma Muaj më parë
As a rams fan that cam akers card is fire
AJ Evans
AJ Evans Muaj më parë
For a giveaway idk if it is great but do what Jesser and some other do. It’s like if you follow my IG you get 5 votes, if you follow me on twitch 5 votes, ALpost subscribers 5 votes and etc. people can rack up votes on that stuff
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh Muaj më parë
Dude could get mad business as a breaker. Doesn't need the income I'm sure though lol
Joe santana
Joe santana Muaj më parë
bent because its made of chrome also sleeve and topload every card
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Muaj më parë
Only pick up a player if you pull them in a pack
ProGamer Sh0t
ProGamer Sh0t Muaj më parë
I want the duvernay
Zero Xen
Zero Xen Muaj më parë
Nah wear a goat trace mcscorley Jersey
Sara Slitt
Sara Slitt Muaj më parë
I love the Patriots and collecting football cards. Any Patriots cards would truly be INSANE! Glad that ur into football cards too lol
Harrys Extra!
Harrys Extra! Muaj më parë
Maybe sign all of the cards you Giveaway so they are worth something?
Blake Mesa
Blake Mesa Muaj më parë
The funniest meme of you on twitter would be the best
Dan Tv
Dan Tv Muaj më parë
Just bc it isn’t numbered doesn’t mean it isn’t rare or short print some boxes have “case hits” like mosaic stained glass where it isn’t numbered but is super rare
The Beefy Stew
The Beefy Stew Muaj më parë
Will Clapp should collab with papa
Limbs Muaj më parë
You should figure out a gift type deal for the holidays.
Caelan Vince
Caelan Vince Muaj më parë
Don’t put the cards in the bag just set them donw
Joseph Noonan
Joseph Noonan Muaj më parë
a far way is that u give me thath ekeler auto cause he on my fantasy team
Perry Sexstella
Perry Sexstella Muaj më parë
Pulls Michael Thomas hot routes whats the hot routs a slant yah not suprised LOL
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