Is JC Caylen a Good Kisser?! | Detected w/ JC and Chelsey

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Welcome to the new show "DETECTED" on AwesomenessTV. The series where influencers bring on their family, friends, and significant others to be grilled with intense questions, while being given a REAL LIE DETECTOR TEST by polygraph examiner.
LIE DETECTOR TEST ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva -
LIE DETECTOR TEST! | Eileen Vs Lourdes -
In this episode, JC Caylen and his girlfriend, Chelsey, decide to ask each other a bunch of fun revealing questions and discover many new things about their dating life. Does Chelsey think JC is a good kisser? Watch and find out.
→ Credits ←
JC Caylen @jccaylen
Chelsey Amaro @ChelseyAmaro
Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
Director: Dustin Lotz
DP: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Anna Ayvazyan
Editor: Jeff Schroeder

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Fiona 2 muaj më parë
What happened to John...
Avril Jasmine
Avril Jasmine 4 muaj më parë
my insecure self WOULD NEVER be able to do this with my partner 😭😭
Jel Cena
Jel Cena 5 muaj më parë
Idk why i just found this vid now. I really love Chelsey and JC's relationship , and for the first few question JC's face turned red haha so cute 💚
Angelina Gomez
Angelina Gomez 5 muaj më parë
Lmfaoo I fucking love them 🥰❤️
Maikenike Maikenik
Maikenike Maikenik 5 muaj më parë
"I hate that word" "that computer thinks hes famous" 😂😂
Sam Lindauer
Sam Lindauer 5 muaj më parë
No one: Liar Marie Johnson: dying on the inside
Infinity Mal
Infinity Mal 2 muaj më parë
omg that girl just disappeared I miss her
Nova Mayor
Nova Mayor 6 muaj më parë
You don’t have tour lady’s password??? What lol
Bridget Willey
Bridget Willey 6 muaj më parë
i love them together so much
napturalkassie 6 muaj më parë
Chelsey lies toooo effortlessly. sis believes her own lies
starlyn 6 muaj më parë
Something seems so ingenue when people repeatedly keep on insisting you are their number one like her
BK romero
BK romero 7 muaj më parë
Jc is a weak pos by his girls standards
BK romero
BK romero 7 muaj më parë
JC is complete trash. Even his girl knows it
joseph thomas
joseph thomas Vit më parë
Real justin brobley kian Robert Lawley
makayla white
makayla white Vit më parë
5:42 I can see how this might sound bad but the love between you and your significant other and you and your best friend is different but it’s still kind of a weird question to ask💀
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Vit më parë
i dont trust this girl we need john
Avni Sharma
Avni Sharma Vit më parë
I miss Jia♥️
Yoovna S
Yoovna S Vit më parë
"Do you love me more than you love kian?" "Yes" Kian: " ohhh greAat"
Brianna Moya
Brianna Moya Vit më parë
Jc is so in love but Chelsea on the other hand seems like she’s not lol. Just my opinion. She seems very insecure
bella chloe
bella chloe Vit më parë
f in the chat for kian 😞
Avni Sharma
Avni Sharma Vit më parë
Lia and jc were ultimate. So into each other. Idk y i dont see the same vibes bn these 2
hafsa Abbas
hafsa Abbas Vit më parë
They're sooo cuteee
ugly hoe
ugly hoe Vit më parë
potato Vit më parë
thetraphouse.asses Vit më parë
I only trust John
Aminah Khan
Aminah Khan Vit më parë
Omg when he said he loved Chelsey more than Kian i was shook because i honestly thought he wouldve said something like i love both of y'all equally i mean hes known Kian wayy longer but hes spent alot of time with Chelsey lmao his answer compared to Sam and Colbys u can tell Sam and Colby r the literal meaning of friendship goalz
Brittany Baker
Brittany Baker Vit më parë
His crooked glasses are bothering me 😂
Sienna Grant
Sienna Grant Vit më parë
She’s obviously using him for clout lmao😂
Ada Reyes
Ada Reyes Vit më parë
Poor Kian 🤣🥺
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler Vit më parë
Jc is such a good boyfriend awe
jb Vit më parë
Plump lips??? Lmao
Jena Priem
Jena Priem Vit më parë
Who else literally wanted to cry when he said he loved Chelsey more, like it's your girlfriend and everything I understand that but like KIAN THOOOO😍😔
J Fox
J Fox Vit më parë
Jc had tons of "lies" because he stopped breathing. He sucks at breathing under pressure
Abigail Reyes
Abigail Reyes Vit më parë
the shade lol
Toe Jamq
Toe Jamq Vit më parë
It broke my heart when he said he loved her more then Kian😭😭
Kaylee Hensel
Kaylee Hensel Vit më parë
What about wishbone...
Alondra Gamez
Alondra Gamez Vit më parë
my crack dad 🥰🥰
Elizabeth Sue
Elizabeth Sue Vit më parë
jc acts so weird caught up in a lie😬
Olivia M
Olivia M Vit më parë
Love you guys !!
Itzel Anahi
Itzel Anahi Vit më parë
Everyone’s talking about Lia in the comments meanwhile Im over here like He’s talking about Jenn! I mean they had the cutest ship name Jc Penny
Sandee Vit më parë
Chelsea had better questions haha
Alexa Ortega
Alexa Ortega Vit më parë
her ex is from previously famous ALpostrs the janoskians but they in the dumps now... is she jumping from famous youtubers until she gets famous or...
Liana Vit më parë
“Bebe” omg 😭❤️
Liana Vit më parë
“Bebe” omg 😭❤️
Ali Airball
Ali Airball Vit më parë
“that computer thinks its famous” ok jc
dawn florr
dawn florr Vit më parë
Eryana Thomas
Eryana Thomas Vit më parë
“It’s a pc” 🤣🤣🤣
Brenna Butler
Brenna Butler Vit më parë
Madeline Elizabeth
Madeline Elizabeth Vit më parë
i think it’s the questions that makes your heart jump right like some questions just get you nervous because you’re scared of answering it in the wrong way
Blessings Phiri
Blessings Phiri Vit më parë
this is so unnatural seeing jc this quiet😭😭 like wtf
Janette Rodriguez
Janette Rodriguez Vit më parë
I was picturing beau the entire time
Meagan C
Meagan C Vit më parë
I felt the cat question lmao my cat is my life
amilcar miranda
amilcar miranda Vit më parë
He loves kian more
Jade Luxe
Jade Luxe Vit më parë
I know y’all white so maybe those look plump to you
led zeppelin
led zeppelin Vit më parë
Jade Luxe ew shut up
Sonali D
Sonali D Vit më parë
This is a very real couple
Anonymous Vit më parë
I get bad vibes from her for some reason
Kyla Santiago
Kyla Santiago Vit më parë
when jc called chelsey “bebe” at 1:52 my heart melted!! like if you guys think they are the cutest
Riana Luna
Riana Luna Vit më parë
i’m a skeptic when it comes to the lie detector but she got half the answers wrong well not wrong but she “lied” but i don’t mean believe it’s true 😭
Sherry Pantaleon
Sherry Pantaleon Vit më parë
Umm, not being mad about something but when you do lie detector test you shouldn't move or it MIGHT come out as a lie. Like what John said😂😂
Jordan Hengeveld
Jordan Hengeveld Vit më parë
“that computer...thinks hes famous”
jewel motley
jewel motley Vit më parë
but kian has been you’re best friend for almost 10 years :,((
Stephanie McNeal
Stephanie McNeal Vit më parë
she asked about kian and then asked if he would get back with one of his exes and then he wouldn’t get her name tattooed like omg 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
aubrii Vit më parë
5:20 she QUEEFED
Tara Kelly
Tara Kelly Vit më parë
He has a type
lonley shithead
lonley shithead Vit më parë
𝗂 𝗐𝖺𝗇𝗇𝖺 𝗄𝗂𝗌𝗌 𝖺 𝗃𝖼 𝖼𝖺𝗒𝗅𝖾𝗇
Destiney Brooke
Destiney Brooke Vit më parë
She’s kinda annoying lol
Josephine Brewer
Josephine Brewer Vit më parë
lia's quaking
Lexie Pascale
Lexie Pascale Vit më parë
“do you love me more than you love kian” “am i the prettiest girl you ever dated” lmao we see how this girl is 🙄
Ashley Damianloera
Ashley Damianloera Vit më parë
Lexie Pascale she’s a jealous type It’s no problem
Andrea Cadena
Andrea Cadena Vit më parë
He calls her Bebe
Amber Louise
Amber Louise Vit më parë
I feel like we all got triggered when Jc said he loves Chelsey more than Kian Nah you know what never mind I know what he meant But like his face when she asked
Shalalababala Vit më parë
Lauren Renee
Lauren Renee Vit më parë
You know damn well they had a huge argument when they got home lmao
maddy olivia
maddy olivia Vit më parë
He doesn’t remembering what she was wearing but her embers what Lia was wearing in there video lol
Michaela Keenan
Michaela Keenan Vit më parë
I think chelsey is so damn pretty, she has such a unique look 😍❤️
abigayle Vit më parë
why did she ask if he loved kian more than her lmao
Elise Smid
Elise Smid Vit më parë
*kian & wishbone has left the chat*
kaylee anne
kaylee anne Vit më parë
*I only trust John.*
mimaK1 Vit më parë
Ya I kinda hate Chelsey tbh I think she’s fake and just in it for the clout, Jc deserves better and she’s just trying to replace poor little Kian!
flxwercxrpse Vit më parë
Why do i feel like they won’t last or he and Kian will end up splitting up
flxwercxrpse Vit më parë
Kian and Wishbone disliked this video
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia Vit më parë
I love
Skarlet Vit më parë
I’ve never seen a polygraph examiner that doesn’t look pissed off until now
Ioana Diaconu
Ioana Diaconu Vit më parë
7:30 me and my bestfriend every single day=)))))
jayduh santi
jayduh santi Vit më parë
honestly i don't trust any body beside john-
veronica valdes
veronica valdes Vit më parë
Well Lia es prettier than her tho
Faye Venzon
Faye Venzon Vit më parë
where is john
Gracie Justus
Gracie Justus Vit më parë
One of the dislikes is kian
Baby Chelsey
Baby Chelsey Vit më parë
wow she’s spells her name the same way I do I never met someone who spells their name chelsey with a y
milly kay
milly kay Vit më parë
brittney marie
brittney marie Vit më parë
why were all her mf questions about relationships
Natalie Löwen
Natalie Löwen Vit më parë
cryininhappy Vit më parë
jc was trying too hard not to be crazy in this video bahaha
heaven and back
heaven and back Vit më parë
bisexual culture is not knowing is more attractive
sami xx
sami xx Vit më parë
Chelsey is worried about lia 🤧🤧🤧🤧
b m
b m Vit më parë
sami xx & kian 😂
Mckenzie M
Mckenzie M Vit më parë
idk I trust John more smh
Ava Maggi
Ava Maggi Vit më parë
where's john :(
Rox G
Rox G Vit më parë
She’s dating him for the clout 😂😂
Rox G
Rox G 6 muaj më parë
renée elizabeth that’s good
renée elizabeth
renée elizabeth 6 muaj më parë
But she isn’t lol. They’re still happily together and she’s actually really kind
Hannah Vit më parë
Mariah Cruces lmaoo just like she did with beau from the janoskians, after they stopped posting videos for a while is when they broke up. If knj stop making videos i bet her and jc are gonna break up 🤣
Ana Carolina Lopes Dias
Ana Carolina Lopes Dias Vit më parë
Chelsea lowkey looks like Mia khalifa lmao
Eliza Suarez
Eliza Suarez Vit më parë
jayla Vit më parë
she thinks she’s famous...... i don’t even know who she is KSKSK
mads Vit më parë
I really feel like they were being honest for quite of few of them and it said it was a lie 🤷🏼‍♀️ would’ve been better with John..
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