Taylor Swift - ‘tis the damn season (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “’tis the damn season” - off her evermore album.
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing ‘tis the damn season (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift

louis' kid
louis' kid 2 orë më parë
'and it always leads to you and my hometown' HITS DIFFERENT
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday 5 orë më parë
This gives me such Barchie vibes from Riverdale, specifically time jump Barchie.
Toma Unal
Toma Unal 8 orë më parë
what is the meaning of Methodist in the song, pls?
Hakuna Matata !
Hakuna Matata ! Ditë më parë
Unpopular opinion: The Road not Taken is a poem by Robert Frost where he tell the road not taken is in a bad shape
pete p
pete p Ditë më parë
I think that the reason the sentences in this song aren't by individual but clumps together instead is that it represents the anger, sadness, and longing sticking together when Dorothea found the old flame in her hometown, like the lump in your throat when you are experiencing a strong feeling, emotion.
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
Love this album ✨
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez Ditë më parë
So beautiful 💖
swajj swajj
swajj swajj 2 ditë më parë
Awesome song❤❤🌹
Devita 2 ditë më parë
"The only soul who can tell which smiles I'm faking" reminds me of "he can't see the smile I'm faking" from the way I loved you and I'm like woooo this is for the "you"
M F 2 ditë më parë
This one feels like a hallmark holiday movie.
Jeyashrri Saravanan
Jeyashrri Saravanan 2 ditë më parë
I love the Robert Frost reference!
Say Woof
Say Woof 3 ditë më parë
title: 'tis the damn season me: "oh, might be a happy christmas song." me after listening: pain & heart break
The Artcher Eros
The Artcher Eros 3 ditë më parë
im still inlove with this song ecen if fearless was already released
Patrick Waldron
Patrick Waldron 5 ditë më parë
Its going to rain tomorrow. King Patrick
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 5 ditë më parë
This is very awesome, brilliant, fantastic... It's perfection 💕
Karli Carver
Karli Carver 5 ditë më parë
Love you Taylor Swift 💕💕💕
mad woman
mad woman 5 ditë më parë
How this woman is Soo talented 👀 .... I'm burning in jealousy ...Tay 🥺❣️
mad woman
mad woman 2 ditë më parë
@Pickled Cucumber same me too 🥺
Pickled Cucumber
Pickled Cucumber 3 ditë më parë
All of my problems would be solved if I was even 1% as productive as her 😆
Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston 6 ditë më parë
Taylor really making me a brokenhearted woman when I've never even been in love before
Evodio Serrato
Evodio Serrato 6 ditë më parë
The pernnsas of pop
Faun Everless
Faun Everless 7 ditë më parë
swiftie 16
swiftie 16 7 ditë më parë
SWİFTİES LET'S STREAM SOME TAY SONGS AND GİVE HER AS A GİFT 1. cardigan-90M 2. willow-70M 3. love story taylor's version-20M 4. you all over me ft. maren morris-6M 5. love story elvira remix-2M
maybe wait not really
maybe wait not really 7 ditë më parë
'tis the dam season-percy and co.
amber brock
amber brock 7 ditë më parë
Did anyone else feel like this could have been a sequel to "back to December"?
James Dennis
James Dennis 8 ditë më parë
Yikes! The most honest and vulnerable poetic line I’ve ever heard...”There is an ache in you put there by the ache in me.” Holy shit....nobody admits that.
Nils Sjöberg
Nils Sjöberg 8 ditë më parë
irene alvarez
irene alvarez 8 ditë më parë
Me hace sentir nostalgia y nose porque.. Taylor te amo 💕
Joanna Turner
Joanna Turner 8 ditë më parë
This feels like the anthem of Rory and Jess
teumexswiftie 8 ditë më parë
this is the damn season
teumexswiftie 8 ditë më parë
you can call me babe for the weekend
YFS 8 ditë më parë
Really reminds me of Red! Wish she would do more guitar based instrumentals. 💯
Clarisse Ann
Clarisse Ann 9 ditë më parë
" I won't ask you to wait if don't ask me to stay," that line
Putri Patricia
Putri Patricia 9 ditë më parë
my favorite!
TANU SINGH 11 ditë më parë
this is so criminally underrated
TANU SINGH 11 ditë më parë
best track ever written by Taylor
Kay Strebig
Kay Strebig 11 ditë më parë
I still do wdw
I still do wdw 13 ditë më parë
p e r f e c t t a y I o r ' s p e r f e c t a l b u m♡ l I o v e t h i s a l b u m. a l l o f s o n g s a r e a m a z i n g.
Harnoor Ghumman
Harnoor Ghumman 14 ditë më parë
All I think of is Jess and Rory when I listen to this song because of an edit ahhh
Lina Bnd
Lina Bnd 14 ditë më parë
People who disliked are either deaf or they just despise winter vibes.
Adrita Majumder
Adrita Majumder 17 ditë më parë
" 'Tis the Damn Season" is a song about how the narrator is returning to her hometown during the holidays from L.A. She doesn't really like being alone and "cold" during the holidays. "Lingering like bad perfume" might refer to one of the previous holidays when she might have rudely left which made everyone feel bad. She can never fix that. Which is why the boy seems to be "cold" towards her. She says that she'll never ask who the boy is with while she's in LA or somewhere else. So she strikes a deal with the boy she liked since school, that they could pretend to date during the holidays. They could take the road (or decision) they had never taken. She says that she'll never ask him to wait if he doesn't want her to stay. After the holidays, she can go back to LA, to her "so-called" friends, who'll write about her, if she can ever make a name for herself, while she longs for the boy who can tell is she's faking a smile. She's saying that she's only breaking her own heart by staying away from him. By saying that everything leads back to her hometown and him, she's saying that the boy feels like her "home" too. Love you Taylor ♥
Julia Świderska
Julia Świderska 18 ditë më parë
id like to watch a movie or read a book with such plot. any recs?
Milagros de Jesus Collante Munive
Milagros de Jesus Collante Munive 19 ditë më parë
Colombia Colombia Colombia
Cecilia Peña
Cecilia Peña 19 ditë më parë
Who is the girl? I listen your theories
Deepana Sahi TPWK
Deepana Sahi TPWK 19 ditë më parë
This song makes me miss my imaginary bf lol
Cat One
Cat One 19 ditë më parë
In Spain we are in spring but I'm feeling like I'm in winter
Chris Brearley
Chris Brearley 20 ditë më parë
My new favourite Christmas song
claire monroe
claire monroe 20 ditë më parë
Gleaming... Twinkling... Eyes like sinking Ships on waters So inviting, I almost jump in Can't get more inspirational than that my friends! Everyone: I don't like being embarrassed or blushing in public Taylor: I don't like anticipating my face in a red flush
Elisha Dominic
Elisha Dominic 20 ditë më parë
I still listen to this everyday. My fav from the album
Denise Santos
Denise Santos 20 ditë më parë
Love this one
claire monroe
claire monroe 21 ditë më parë
Nobody: Me: *singing the whole evermore album at 10:17 p.m.*
cán 20 ditë më parë
Jason *
Jason * 21 ditë më parë
calling it even
Not Veronica
Not Veronica 21 ditë më parë
this is beautifully written 😭
Amilkhalif Hamsali
Amilkhalif Hamsali 22 ditë më parë
Jonaxx vibesz
bc b
bc b 23 ditë më parë
A master lyrist and storyteller speaking from her soul
EveryoneLovesAppa 23 ditë më parë
Drivers License's older sister.
I hope miss taylor can come to malaysia please i like you very much
byun baekhyun
byun baekhyun 23 ditë më parë
can't wait for folklovermore tour :(
byun baekhyun
byun baekhyun 23 ditë më parë
one of the best on evermore
Honey NT
Honey NT 25 ditë më parë
Zquad Direction
Zquad Direction 25 ditë më parë
donna easty
donna easty 25 ditë më parë
Aaron said he played the instrumental for Taylor and the next morning she had written this song. Aaron also said that he cried when she played him this song.
Kaushalya Jagtap
Kaushalya Jagtap 25 ditë më parë
I love tis season so much anyone else love this
Kaushalya Jagtap
Kaushalya Jagtap 25 ditë më parë
@Magical world o wow
Magical world
Magical world 25 ditë më parë
my favorite TS song
Daniel Hastings Schumann
Daniel Hastings Schumann 26 ditë më parë
Toy-Vintage Collapsablae, OshVegas
Red Future
Red Future 26 ditë më parë
I'm better now? I love you, as I always have!
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 26 ditë më parë
So lyrically aesthetic.
little kiwi
little kiwi 27 ditë më parë
How amazing it would be if Evermore gets nominated for 2022 Grammys... and it'd be even more amazing if it wins the AOTY...I want both the sisters to be AOTY
Katniss Potter Jackson Waters Prior
Katniss Potter Jackson Waters Prior 27 ditë më parë
How can anyone dislike this-
JUAN MARIO HINOJOSA 27 ditë më parë
Hola. Taylor Swift. Mi angelito hermoso. Me parece muy bien tú video. Que bonito tema. Cantas muy bonito. 🎤🎸🎶👏 Eres un encanto. ❤🌹👱‍♀️🤩🥰😘🌹❤. Felicidades por tu video.
м 27 ditë më parë
Hearing this in Dorothea's POV is so interesting
piggyria 27 ditë më parë
I'm late to the evermore party but the heck I love this song! Murdering the play button
Bon Winston Omongos
Bon Winston Omongos 28 ditë më parë
Amir Has
Amir Has 28 ditë më parë
*She Never Disappoint*
Allan Solon
Allan Solon 28 ditë më parë
miss mercedesy
miss mercedesy 28 ditë më parë
林峻毅 28 ditë më parë
"i won't ask you to wait if you don't ask me to stay." 😦😦😫😭😭
Warren Gold Dalere
Warren Gold Dalere 28 ditë më parë
Eucraick James sang this song for to me. 💜💜💜
DIANA PEÑALVA 29 ditë më parë
Seems like a song from Dorothea to the guy who sings Dorothea
Aneesah Rashid
Aneesah Rashid Muaj më parë
Joel Montoya Ruiz
Joel Montoya Ruiz Muaj më parë
freya x
freya x Muaj më parë
frances xoxo
frances xoxo Muaj më parë
this can honestly be a wattpad book
emma howe
emma howe Muaj më parë
evermore grammys 2022!!!
Leonardo Souza
Leonardo Souza Muaj më parë
Como eu amo essa música
Luis Eduardo Chagas
Luis Eduardo Chagas 28 ditë më parë
Essa é d+ ❤️
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio Muaj më parë
Str3am str3am str3am str3am str3am
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio Muaj më parë
Str3am str3am str3am str3am
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio Muaj më parë
Been here before the grammy
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio Muaj më parë
Who's excited for the grammy awards🙋
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio Muaj më parë
Can't wait for the grammy's
VeryCheese Muaj më parë
"If I wanted to know who you were hanging with while I was gone I would've asked you" is the equivalent of "I didn't ask"
Shane Griffin
Shane Griffin Muaj më parë
Imagine Tis The Damn Season x Peace on the evermore world tour......
emma howe
emma howe Muaj më parë
omg that would be 😍😍😍
Stuti Verma
Stuti Verma Muaj më parë
"The holidays linger like bad perfume, you can run but only so far. I escaped it too, remember how you watched me leave" is just too beautiful a verse for me to ever be able to process completely 😭😭
Jonathan Jacques
Jonathan Jacques Muaj më parë
Where John
premjhar Muaj më parë
“The road not taken” ROBERT FROST REF she’s sucha queen
Ralaya Annisa
Ralaya Annisa Muaj më parë
taylor swift fans: 😭😭 non taylor swift fans: 😭😭
Ozzie Lucky and Lulu
Ozzie Lucky and Lulu Muaj më parë
whoever disliked this video must have there phone/iPad upside down
Rawan Ahmed
Rawan Ahmed Muaj më parë
The more I listen to this the more I am convinced it is related to champagne problems Because she is talking about the road she didn't take (not marrying him) She sayes Hometown (mentioned in both songs) Both happened during winter (around christmas time) Talking about "friends" (talked about in both songs) I think this song happened after they broke up in champagne problems but they met again and reunited for old time sake, I am convinced Taylor is shakespeare's daughter
Grace Swift
Grace Swift Muaj më parë
Describe Tis' The Damn Season in two words: *sad twerking*
buynjargal .u
buynjargal .u Muaj më parë
1 (2021.03.08)
Basma Ahla
Basma Ahla Muaj më parë
i have no words for her songs- they're so gorgeous and her voice- i can't-
paRsA GAROOSIHA Muaj më parë
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