Pence’s Fly and Harris’s Expressions Steal The Debate | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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At the only vice-presidential debate, Mike Pence was the lord of the flies, Kamala Harris’s facial expressions drew criticism, and questions went unanswered. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #VPDebate
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akosua okai
akosua okai 2 ditë më parë
Trevor, I would like to know your hair care routine because I have noticed a steady and rapid growth of your hair 🤔.
Anything Okey
Anything Okey 2 ditë më parë
It's just a shame that Harris need to be defended by media again 😆 They wanna talk about gender equality but they wanna just push Harris because it's a she and she is black😆 I'm not american ..I said this being non bias and with honesty according to what I saw and heard Thank u 😌
Acash Bate
Acash Bate 8 ditë më parë
Trevor nigga is really bad at propaganda
Selina TheR
Selina TheR 9 ditë më parë
Even the fly knows who’s the loser
Shivanshu Pandey
Shivanshu Pandey 10 ditë më parë
Are they really a journalists
Simon Tay
Simon Tay 11 ditë më parë
The fox News have nothing on Kamala except her expression on her face.. How disappointing.. Hahahaha
Aiden Saechao
Aiden Saechao 14 ditë më parë
Art history fact : flies painted on or above the heads of religious leaders, noblemen, or statesmen indicate corruption, dereliction of duty, or disfavor with the king.
Gina S Henderson
Gina S Henderson 15 ditë më parë
Kamla looked like me seeing my brothers test scores
Pristin Pereira
Pristin Pereira 15 ditë më parë
Notice one thing about all the women who criticised Kamala? *subtle smirk
Reecapextreme RCE
Reecapextreme RCE 16 ditë më parë
I love Kamala's facial expressions. It's better than the same dull political poker face these politicians serve us daily. And who ever said her facial expressions are "smug" needs to take a look at just one of Trumps clips and see a true "smug" facial expression. I'm just sayin'........
Meriluslff1989 17 ditë më parë
I heard dulcès name and I immediately was excited lmaoooooo
Kenisha H.
Kenisha H. 17 ditë më parë
The FLY was like He's full of SHIT .
Rosmery Arzu
Rosmery Arzu 17 ditë më parë
L.t. M
L.t. M 17 ditë më parë
The game show edit was just about the most hilarious thing ever
Kirra Bella
Kirra Bella 18 ditë më parë
Lmao her facial expressions was hilarious 😂
Patrice Silva
Patrice Silva 18 ditë më parë
Mute thats all they had to do
Graciela 18 ditë më parë
Dulce looked so cute here
Philip Kerr
Philip Kerr 18 ditë më parë
Yikes. This is cringeworthy.
JoominKpop 18 ditë më parë
1:55 - 2:00 i know pence keeps talking bit does anyone notice that fly on his head just chilling there?? Lol Kamala Harris: yup Fly: well, I wasn't going on her head, I saw BS and I thought it was more homely on pence
Shad0wWatcher 18 ditë më parë
Gotta love Dulce
GiacoC 18 ditë më parë
Well I live in Europe and I couldn't be more Anti-Trump or more scared from that dogmatic serial killer look of Pence. But The fact is....Kamala did these expressions and it was exactly as stupid Fox said. THAT's exactly why she shouldn't be doing it same as Biden. Two most powerful politics on this planet right now. We need to learn how to deal with bullshiters like Trump and Pence all over the world because the spread of this trend is real even here in Europe. We need to learn how to put them down without mocking them or showing we know they are full of shit because that's whats unites them and make them feel strong and do it even more. The fact orange blob is doing something bad doesn't mean we can do it two but little bit less because we are little bit better tham him and his supporters? This serves to nothing....better find more another way to win these debates and exchanges really
Allyson Jones
Allyson Jones 19 ditë më parë
KH face was everything!
Mostlyharmless1985 19 ditë më parë
"There are no more hurricanes..." Bruh, We are on the Greek Alphabet this season because we freaking ran out of names.
amelia bresciani
amelia bresciani 20 ditë më parë
I can't see a difference between Mike Pence and (insert most boring class)
S. James
S. James 20 ditë më parë
wouldn't have had a problem if the moderator had an air horn
Cecilia Turcios
Cecilia Turcios 20 ditë më parë
After watching this, I like Kamala 🙌👏 she has character.
Nana’s Nail Desk
Nana’s Nail Desk 20 ditë më parë
Why do I low key feel like Mike Pence loved it when Kamala Harris told him to shut up... if she directed any word to me with that smile I would fall in love
Nana’s Nail Desk
Nana’s Nail Desk 20 ditë më parë
She is so beautiful 😍 wow and graceful! Her smile after she says I’m speaking, my goodness woman is a goddess!
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz 20 ditë më parë
LMAO! Love you Trevor. "...even a fly knows better than to touch a black woman's hair" Facts.Is it just me,orTrevor looks sexier when he mimics Trump voice haha.Dulce Sloan is always a mood,love her.
Harry Stafford
Harry Stafford 21 ditë më parë
This guy kills comedy
William Verdon
William Verdon 22 ditë më parë
Does he call himself an objective journalist?
Fierce Deity Andrew
Fierce Deity Andrew 22 ditë më parë
Notice whenever a fly lands on someone, their party loses the election.
Falcon sil
Falcon sil 23 ditë më parë
Pense shut op
Christina 23 ditë më parë
kamala making facial expressions while pence just sits there like one of them lizard people lmao
hechristie 23 ditë më parë
Kamala Harris was simply physically representing what so many of us are thinking and feeling.
Lalitha Sankar
Lalitha Sankar 23 ditë më parë
As an Indian I feel extremely happy seeing all the Amazing support the daily show team and people like the ones in this comment section are giving her.
Tonys mma class
Tonys mma class 24 ditë më parë
From a complete unbiased opinion here 😆 what s joke.
Jlong2o 25 ditë më parë
To Miss Sloan, You Rock! Your part of the video is the best thing I've seen all day!!
Alim Rohoman
Alim Rohoman 26 ditë më parë
"It's not a good look on either men or women" And yet for some odd reason only women get called out for it.
S V 28 ditë më parë
Mike pence won that debate definitely .... When libtard was not having answers she is like I am talking ...... She should say I am here fuking with this country since my political entry into Dems shit
joseph l Walls sr
joseph l Walls sr Muaj më parë
Ms. Harris....Willy says you left your knee pads at his house....come and get em....they will be next to the garage!
Christopher Biles
Christopher Biles Muaj më parë
The amount of incessant cursing reveals the maturity of these critics. My son is a mixed child like yourself and you are not someone he could look up to with this kind of behavior. When did this show decide to lower its standards so much? Lastly, labeling a video "All you need to know" often leaves much to be desired. You judge people for seeing though Kamala's haughty facial expressions while simultaneously criticizing Pence for having a calm, professional demeanor? I agree that the inability of moderators to clip a debaters run on sentences is a guilty fact for both and most politicians, but to pretend it'sa one sided issue is uncouth. Democrats should've gone with Tulsi...
BionicLady Muaj më parë
As someone from Indiana, Pence is far from innocent. It's all a facade.
Pea Nut
Pea Nut Muaj më parë
Trump 2020
E Nikata
E Nikata Muaj më parë
Kamala's facial expressions encapsulated the reactions of the people who are sick and tired of the Trump & Pence Shit Show
ookata Muaj më parë
Why has nobody suggested shock buzzers, attached to the podium? The referee could shut down the rudeness by hitting a button. Just a slight tingeling reminder, time is up
James Paschall
James Paschall Muaj më parë
fred michaels
fred michaels Muaj më parë
LMAO ! 11:13 "I've seen this face MANY times before ....It's under my cat's tail when she's walking away from me . "
Javier H
Javier H Muaj më parë
Hunter's S-- tape & picture just released / www[.]thegatewaypundit[.]com
Marz Certain
Marz Certain Muaj më parë
anybody else notice the fly on Pence's hair... lol
Anthony de Fex
Anthony de Fex Muaj më parë
Nobody makes faces like Rump does, nobody! If all the Fox friends can say Harris made bad faces, the she did wee then
Andrew Herrera
Andrew Herrera Muaj më parë
I thought the title was pence's 'fly' expression. If that was the case it would be pence's dead face that still moves.
Joney Sharon
Joney Sharon Muaj më parë
MisteryBeats 2001
MisteryBeats 2001 Muaj më parë
man you used to be funny this shit is cringeeee kamala was frustrated bc she got destroyed 😂😂
Anthony Omoko
Anthony Omoko Muaj më parë
God bless Vice President Mike Pence!! God bless the United States of America!
Pranav Ramaswamy
Pranav Ramaswamy Muaj më parë
Trevor's hair looks better in quarantine the normal.
Agie Midgorden
Agie Midgorden Muaj më parë
Here is some real horror for
Whatdoyouthinkaboutcats? Muaj më parë
America where a fly is more entertaining then the future of your country
Jumbo Rhoda
Jumbo Rhoda Muaj më parë
I'm so amazed you're sounding like CNN, We can't get any objectives news from you guys anymore
Jumbo Rhoda
Jumbo Rhoda Muaj më parë
When did you suddenly become biased like this?
Ancient Soul
Ancient Soul Muaj më parë
“Bad influence “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmao
PrOfiTeli Muaj më parë
Kamala Harris will win be the new Vice President of the U.S. of America
Craig Pyers
Craig Pyers Muaj më parë
He liked the debate since it reminded him of what debates were like before Trump, he then states how they were avoiding questions? So you're saying that avoiding questions is a good thing? And then he rolls a mini Montage of facial expression criticism from the media and says "This really shows how men don't want woman in power" and literally the last clip of that mini Montage was from a woman? And how exactly does that show anything? Sounds like an attempt to push a point that actually isn't correct.
dogs and shit ig
dogs and shit ig Muaj më parë
if a man was making those faces, nobody would think twice. women have to be so composed and constantly think of every single movement they make because they might be called a bitch, or weak, or annoying, or uneducated etc. i think she did a great job dealing with that unhinged piece of shit pence.
timmy Muaj më parë
fai -
fai - Muaj më parë
Small things amuses small minds .. your hatred for trump makes u ignore the real corruption.
Denise Canady
Denise Canady Muaj më parë
Donald Trump's facial expression is the same as under her cat's tail when it's walking away. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Dough
John Dough Muaj më parë
I don't need a liberal shill to tell me how to think! Kamala is a snake and why not ask her why she tryna kill an innocent black man?? Pence wrecked her bro and that's sad cuz pence ain't even that likable... I know regardless, I just wanna spread the news that Joe Biden is a career racist that ruined america education and criminal justice with his racist laws. Now he is dying with dementia will sell us to our enemies for his crackhead son Hunter to catch a few mil...
Julian N
Julian N Muaj më parë
Harris lost that debate. If you focus on a fly. And not the facts your an idiot! Democrat party is a complete joke! Harris is a snake in politics who has done nothing but put black and latino Americans in prison
Aya Muaj më parë
Who else played the game?
Trump Won 2020 Election FACT
Trump Won 2020 Election FACT Muaj më parë
540k votes FOR TRUMP were tossed out Today the USA issued an emergency for Americans in my home country Bolivia for becoming communist as the liberal president bout ballot boxes to rig the election as he was kicked out of office before covid hit because he was attempting a communist takeover now he wants Bolivia to be like Cuba when Castro was alive... now the democrats are doing the same socialist crap here...
Jeff Schmeganheiman
Jeff Schmeganheiman Muaj më parë
The fly narrative just proves how stupid the democrats are with no solid debating points. It was just a distraction from Kamala losing the debate. That's why she was so frustrated and resorted to childish faces.
Jayesh Tembhekar
Jayesh Tembhekar Muaj më parë
Trump is winning 🥇
Mariya Lilith
Mariya Lilith Muaj më parë
Why can't the debates be through Zoom or something? When the time is up the moderator mutes the candidate whose time is up.
WhatAWorld Muaj më parë
I love Dulce Sloan. 🤣 "That's the kind of expression you have when your daughter tells you she just wants to be friends." 💀 And she ends with: "STFU" 😁
DR Mc Muaj më parë
Mike Pence bores his opponents off stage, he can’t stop talking and it’s just nothing of value
Eli Wahlmeier
Eli Wahlmeier Muaj më parë
Damn, I really like it when they take Pence out of context and when they talk about how Kamala actually answered questions. What a joke
dht084 Muaj më parë
Humera Muaj më parë
They should just cut the audio from the mic
Kareem Salessi
Kareem Salessi Muaj më parë
Emmanuel oShaddai
Emmanuel oShaddai Muaj më parë
I guess the daily show must be aimed at speaking coaches considering that none of the points that would have us know the candidates better was even slightly addressed. Oh wait, Trevor did say that that one point of Pence on health care was not true. I guess that's all the case assessment and proof needed to invalidate a point. Great job the daily show. Many years from now we will look back at this with no embarrassment at all.
Red Muaj më parë
They need to start cutting mics, we have the technology.
B Clay
B Clay Muaj më parë
Adalberto Hawkins
Adalberto Hawkins Muaj më parë
All I need to know? Hahaha your title is way too pretentious
Adalberto Hawkins
Adalberto Hawkins Muaj më parë
All I need to know? Hahaha your title is way too pretentious
EL Fenate
EL Fenate Muaj më parë
Just admit it Kamala lose the debate .
Arthur Schiager
Arthur Schiager Muaj më parë
Funny how he just talked about Pence deflecting questions when for the whole debate Harris deflected every question. Also funny how all democrats can talk about is a fly.
Arthur Schiager
Arthur Schiager Muaj më parë
@Mlpfanboy false he mostly answered Harris’s questions and answered only some of the mediators questions. If you look at Harris she avoided both. If you want to see what questions she avoided go to Steven Crowders ALpost channel and watch the debate.
Mlpfanboy Muaj më parë
At least from her answers you could tell what the question was!!
Aumnia E. Ahmed
Aumnia E. Ahmed Muaj më parë
I feel like they treated it like an interview definitely voting Biden tho just saying Edit: BAHAHAHAHA I can already see Kamala saying "yeah okay" in her head Im deceased xD
Imani H.
Imani H. Muaj më parë
LMAOO I love Trevor 😭😭😭
Zion Sime
Zion Sime Muaj më parë
Big up to Kamies facial expressions bz I would bite his head off.
Zion Sime
Zion Sime Muaj më parë
@Mlpfanboy literally. Even though I don’t think Pence is the one to blame, Kushner and his goons are the evil ones
Mlpfanboy Muaj më parë
Metaphorically or literally?
Joshua Nichols
Joshua Nichols Muaj më parë
I don't blame Kamala for those expressions. I mean, standing feet away from Pence spouting his bullsh*t, no sensible person could be able to keep straight expressions.
Joshua Nichols
Joshua Nichols Muaj më parë
Moderators need to be more affirmative, especially with Trump and Pence.
ADA ADVOCATE Sue Bozgoz Muaj më parë
What are we going to do about the fraud, waste and abuse in Washington, DC?
Crystal Netcheva
Crystal Netcheva Muaj më parë
Dulce Sloan XD you are great.
Dawn Dascoli
Dawn Dascoli Muaj më parë
Very opinionated for not being American you bushy headed high yellow brit. Why don't you go back from where you're from if you don't like it here
afisheatingcake. Muaj më parë
defending Donald Trump is like trying to sell a house that is currently on fire…
Mlpfanboy Muaj më parë
With the face of the devil himself coming out of the flames
sam kotsch
sam kotsch Muaj më parë
Ur a traitor
Riju Rahman
Riju Rahman Muaj më parë
Kamala was anything but calm she made everything a feminist issue
Riju Rahman
Riju Rahman Muaj më parë
Pence won. Harris is so fake
Chelsea Muaj më parë
Vanderbilt Huff
Vanderbilt Huff Muaj më parë
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