Leroy is FINALLY Getting Bigger Turbos!!! But His Engine is Smoking BADLY, Even Without Turbos...

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Cleetus McFarland

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Leroy getting service?? The heck is going on!!! Can't wait to see what he will do with the bigger turbos!
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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Muaj më parë
We still have some bigger future plans for Leroy, but since his transmissions have been holding up with the new shift strategies, we're going to keep rolling with our current setup!
Shadow Alma
Shadow Alma Muaj më parë
Leroy 2.0
Westy W
Westy W Muaj më parë
HELL YEAH BROTHER A) when are you dropping the world's worst kept secret? That SM motor.. B) now that you have so many smashed Vic's, demo derby time??
Gina Fields
Gina Fields Muaj më parë
Smoke them tires
Rachael Desjardins
Rachael Desjardins Muaj më parë
@H NUGGETS because. It won’t be competitive in the classes it would have to run in
R K Muaj më parë
Hey, ALpost unsubscribed me from your channel. I think KSR or someone said it happened to their viewers as well.
dannyboyy1120 19 ditë më parë
Build A MOnSTer Truck!!!
Kenny Swanson
Kenny Swanson 26 ditë më parë
Gotta be the first time in Cleetus history there wasn't oil spraying everywhere when something was started without the turbos on 😂
steven 26 ditë më parë
NEW T-SHIRT IDEA!!!! "Just up arrows" - James Taal.
Jakob Osborne
Jakob Osborne 26 ditë më parë
So are y’all not gonna realize the fact that Leroy has been running 7s on 7 out of 8 cylinders 😂
EllioTTsvt 29 ditë më parë
Hey guys I'm along time fan! But now that yall are talking oil smoke my twin turbo fully built 4.6 doesn't smoke on cold start but starts to smoke like a freight train as its getting up to temp but stops smoking when upto temp and when upto temp doesn't smoke at all... one turbo is pushing oil out turbine wheel but when I say its smoking I mean its smoking its definitely a mesquite killer any help would be appreciated guys..? But keep up the awesome videos look forward to new content!
that foxy SL
that foxy SL 29 ditë më parë
I like Corvettes and watching videos about
Brian Yoho
Brian Yoho 29 ditë më parë
Those jnc660 jump packs are the best!!
66 Designs
66 Designs Muaj më parë
Those Street Carr Fab flanges are the bee's knees. Just ordered one for single T3 twin scroll V6 build.
Rippin' Lips & Droppin' Gears
Rippin' Lips & Droppin' Gears Muaj më parë
Leroy ran 7s on 7 cylinders. Holy shit
Felix allstar
Felix allstar Muaj më parë
Hi I have a question is a car faster with body panels or without without panels it has more drag right ? But it’s lighter right ? But with panels it’s more aerodynamic
Nicholas Stevens
Nicholas Stevens Muaj më parë
Does Leroy have an alternator?
Macen Barmore
Macen Barmore Muaj më parë
Spoke too soon check your shit
Macen Barmore
Macen Barmore Muaj më parë
Years??? Come on man maybe a year and a half
Thanny Devitos
Thanny Devitos Muaj më parë
My favorite part about James is how well he got me to understand where the smoke was coming from. Especially cause I’m electrical eng and not mechanical so I’m not very well versed here.
ratykat Muaj më parë
Dr. Tune 'em All walking over with a hammer when he see's the left bank smoking is peak McFarlane Racing
We know they Leroy is a beast still running 7s on 7 cylinders.
Adam Markiewicz
Adam Markiewicz Muaj më parë
Thumbs up for the constant reminder to James for that firewall patch!
DrivingCultured Muaj më parë
James has such a quite voice lol
Brady Caves
Brady Caves Muaj më parë
Really makes you feel better about PTE’s New Hampshire hurricane handlers
73mtba Muaj më parë
you guys are gonna be deaf by the time you are 40. Hurts my ears watching y'all with no ear plugs.
Spinner SG
Spinner SG Muaj më parë
10:40 can we talk about the proud dad head nod James did? Epic.
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell Muaj më parë
Hard to believe that it didn't show up on your data logs that you was on 7 cylinders? And with all the time and money put in why wouldn't you check your car's over before racing them. Just goes to show what people take for granted when they can just buy new one anytime the want.
Dirt Exhibition
Dirt Exhibition Muaj më parë
So freaking fast!
Sammy Branch
Sammy Branch Muaj më parë
The jet boats in the back ground got me hyped 😎🤙🏼
Robbie Muaj më parë
Antiseize does wonders.... I would also love to see toast on the drag strip.
Dumb Goof
Dumb Goof Muaj më parë
James, have u thought of possibly putting a wheelie bar on the nova?
boneyardrendezvous Muaj më parë
Jackstand explaining things is why I come here. And Bronte when Cooper is around.
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers Muaj më parë
Y’all need some PB Blaster in your life, it’s works wonders on them stuck bolts.
Adam Price
Adam Price Muaj më parë
7seconds on 7 cylinders
Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder Muaj më parë
What time does cleetus and cars on may 1st start? I’d love to be there!
Bass Claw Music
Bass Claw Music Muaj më parë
Wow this is awesome seeing a racing setup with a XS Power battery. Met the team at XS Power great people who make great performance batteries. I'm a car audio guy so this is cool to see 👀
Indians Auto
Indians Auto Muaj më parë
Texas speed quality 😺
Eric Farrar
Eric Farrar Muaj më parë
Bigger turbos, an additional cylinder, couple upgrades.
mrfordfairmont Muaj më parë
is james putting some bar work below the oil pan to protect it from another wheelie??
alex12a302 Muaj më parë
Logs didn't show a cold EGT on that cylinder?
Dominique Ricks
Dominique Ricks Muaj më parë
does Leroy not have an intercooler? it looks like the air goes straight from the turbo to the intake. I might be missing something. idk.
Unglued Muaj më parë
7s on 7 cylinders
Michael Morris
Michael Morris Muaj më parë
New words for the Cletus Universe... Jamesplaining - a very detailed account of the not so obvious.
manWithAPLan Muaj më parë
does he do 1/4 or 1/8 mile
Wind of change
Wind of change Muaj më parë
Amazing that Leroy was doing that well on 7 cylinders, truly a testament to how reliable that engine has been under all that abuse.
Tbone Muaj më parë
Why doesn’t it say faster proms any more?
ljd1980 Muaj më parë
Was that Ruby vs Leroy???!
david olaussen
david olaussen Muaj më parë
So. on these old bald birdskies, when you have smoking exhaust, it's either valve gaskets or piston rings? I have taken a compression test on my pistons, its 179 on them all (PSI, 383 stroker engine), but the sparkplugs is clogging up on burned oil and exhaust is smoking bad. Must be Valve Gaskets then? sry for asking, Im Norwegian and new to these eagles.
Howdtis Muaj më parë
Wait does that mean Leroy will do a 6 second pass
GEDEntertainment2012 Muaj më parë
So; that breather port is right there on top of that bolt.... HMMMMMMM seems suspect too me
FoShoMoto Muaj më parë
Can we get those jet boats in some water already ?
ZombieModz1 Muaj më parë
I thought the smoke was just because maybe it was stood a. While maybe cold oil could of seeped past and then once warm should clear, who am I to know it could have lots of problems it's a 7 sec car!!❤️
br pa
br pa Muaj më parë
i would just put 2 of the biggest turbos in the world on and call it a day
Wyatt Wagner
Wyatt Wagner Muaj më parë
Pro Charge Leroy or Ruby. Or put a proline 481x in one for some 3 second 1/8 miles
Marcello Gelsomini
Marcello Gelsomini Muaj më parë
cant help but notice 2 fairly put together jet boats there in the back...
LeoLeo2x Muaj më parë
alieexpress build
High Brass outdoors
High Brass outdoors Muaj më parë
call techline sports lighting for light cheapest fastest installs and i personally will bulid it
Amanda Girl
Amanda Girl Muaj më parë
7's on 7 not bad
Performance Supercar
Performance Supercar Muaj më parë
stoppp putting 3" or 4" up pipes on your turbos setups for the love of god. dont you know how turbos work?
Joseph Jaynes
Joseph Jaynes Muaj më parë
Leroy running 7.7 on on 7 cylinders. Damn.
Steve Botes
Steve Botes Muaj më parë
As ek groot is gaan ek ook lang hare in my nek hê!
simon billodeau
simon billodeau Muaj më parë
hey james try the new moonshot nos systeme 3500 shot 🤣
Ryan Schlattmann
Ryan Schlattmann Muaj më parë
I’ve always wanted to hear leroy without the turbos now with all the other upgrades
Hunter Shanks
Hunter Shanks Muaj më parë
Lofty McDowell McDowell
Lofty McDowell McDowell Muaj më parë
THE IN CAR DRIVER VIDEOS WITH THE FREEDOM 500 ARE THE BEST!!! Somthing to think about for the next one. SEND IT!
Blitz Muaj më parë
I always felt as if leroy was down on power or that something was wrong but I called myself crazy and kept thinking of the crazy results he had been getting, looks like he's about to get batshit insane
Kenneth Counts
Kenneth Counts Muaj më parë
:28 didn’t know Leroy went auto haha my lord
Dan Dorris
Dan Dorris Muaj më parë
This channel is all American horsepower. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Josh Jess
Josh Jess Muaj më parë
Wait... so is Leroy not getting bigger turbskis since that wasn't the issue??
Josh Jess
Josh Jess Muaj më parë
Wish Jackstand was my shop teacher back in High School. The way he explains things is so clear.
rocks2rocks06 Muaj më parë
Justin Mccash
Justin Mccash Muaj më parë
im lovin that crower t james
JJWilliams Muaj më parë
starting to get more and more sad with the shit bass and music in the videos.
Zachary Rowe
Zachary Rowe Muaj më parë
You should do a cleetus and cars in Charlotte
Langston C
Langston C Muaj më parë
Put PTFE thread sealant on those rocker arm bolts on the intake side! Nice work guys.
Robert Pierce
Robert Pierce Muaj më parë
You had a rocker on welfare just chillin watching everybody else work.
Dejan Grbec
Dejan Grbec Muaj më parë
How did the oil came from the intake port to the exhaust port if the intake valve was not opening? Maybe I've missed something?
qwe mjk
qwe mjk Muaj më parë
The alive vietnam aboaly yell because liver epidemiologically precede amidst a flowery barometer. well-to-do, fresh self
osodvs2009 Muaj më parë
What happened to the new vid?
SiKameraman Hailey
SiKameraman Hailey Muaj më parë
Swear I feel like I’ve grown up with Cleetus in cars and I’m bout to turn 29 lol
Paperboy Muaj më parë
Need more nose weight, need a heavier motor 😬
sparky72 Muaj më parë
I’m feelin a “7 seconds on 7 cylinders” shirt 👀
Jb_ A
Jb_ A Muaj më parë
James is lazy !!! He don’t want take it apart
Truck Kid
Truck Kid Muaj më parë
Where’s the jet boats
Santrixz Muaj më parë
let’s make leroy run 6’s😈
Rob Mcclure
Rob Mcclure Muaj më parë
I definitely appreciate everything you have done with Leroy and how you share everything with us you have an absolutely amazing Channel I know you got used to Leroy being naked but is there any time in the future that you might put the body panels back on her I love Corvettes I have a C5 with twin turbos does not run like yours does my turbos are a lot smaller but with all that said I would really love to see her represent the Corvette World with a body on her I am so tired of everyone I talked to say she's only fast because she doesn't have a body on it because she doesn't weigh anything
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller Muaj më parë
Drill a hole at the end of the crack then weld. Crack won’t reappear. Magic.
Chris Scharfenberger
Chris Scharfenberger Muaj më parë
How could these two guys on this channel dismiss twin 88's so easily..??..??... Come on man!!
Michael Louthan
Michael Louthan Muaj më parë
Are we going to get a Freedom 500 / Cleetus and Cars video from the other weekend?
when will you be at ZMAX DRAGWAY again ?
Jesse Szymonski
Jesse Szymonski Muaj më parë
Yo cleetus what if me and you got together and did a demolition derby event at the freedom factory!!
Mike Rittmiller
Mike Rittmiller Muaj më parë
Fast and ugly.
Robert C
Robert C Muaj më parë
2:17 does someone have a hammer nearby?
Jonathan Gery
Jonathan Gery Muaj më parë
Glad Leroy is OK!. I totally could have watched an hour your updates!!!
Will you ever go big tire on Leroy cleetus
Martin Dinner
Martin Dinner Muaj më parë
So, 7.73 on 7 cylinders...may need to retune that clutch!
stu S
stu S Muaj më parë
Can you have the brittle pipes annealed or retempered??? I'm not sure if that is possible just a thought?
Josh K
Josh K Muaj më parë
I think we all need more of James giving the technical rundown on all the things.
Sam Lambo
Sam Lambo Muaj më parë
Can someone explain to me why Leroy runs better on radials vs slicks?
Jhett Lockard
Jhett Lockard Muaj më parë
I like the fact that Leroy is getting bigger turbos maybe it will be the same idea as ol ruby less boost from bigger turbos =more air volume = more power
James Ayton
James Ayton Muaj më parë
Garrett! Please save Atlanta Dragway!
Dirt Racing Addiction
Dirt Racing Addiction Muaj më parë
What size turbos is Leroy getting
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Muaj më parë
Do you experience difficulty intrading +1=2=1=3=9=2=1=9=7=5=9 W=H=A=T=S=A=P=P=.==
Cody Hunter
Cody Hunter Muaj më parë
Seriously... every time that crowd erupts when the side by side 7s went down, full on goosebumps. First time or hundredth... frickin goosebumps 👏
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Muaj më parë
Do you experience difficulty intrading +1=2=1=3=9=2=1=9=7=5=9 W=H=A=T=S=A=P=P=.=
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