Cars & Cameras Go Kart Race Prep ~ Lonnie About Died!!!

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In this video Lonnie & I prep for our race day at the new Cars & Cameras headquarters. The original guidelines were a $150 budget so we start by checking out our local junkyard for a cheap frame. There wasn't anything there we felt comfortable using without a lot repairs. We decided to go back to our own organized junkyard to see what we could throw together. I have a customers silver fox go-kart with suspension, that's in for upgrades and repairs, that he allowed us to use. We ended up taking the 225cc Tillotson race engine off of Mrs. RB trail master mini bike and putting it on the silver fox kart for Lonnie. We got it all swapped over but the brakes weren't working. I didn't have parts on hand to replace them. Lonnie took it for a text drive and the throttle got stuck. It ended up being the return spring had popped off the gas pedal. Hit the thumbs up and comment below for the algorithm then click the subscribe button and notification bell so you don't miss part 2 Race Prep and Race day!
Parts Used In This Build -
Tillotson 225cc -
30 Series CVT Kit -
Juggernaut Pulley -
5/8” Jackshaft -
5/8” Bearings -
Seat -
420 Chain -
Header -
24mm Flat Slide Carb -
Carb Air Filter Adapter -
Air Filter -
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12K -
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RC Guy
RC Guy Muaj më parë
That reel mower you found at the junkyard is for mowing greens at a golf course
A vines
A vines 2 muaj më parë
I just built my son a predator 212 with stage 1 and the 30 series clutch with juggernaut. I hope you do more videos on this thing. I would love to get a better suspension on the front.
Joshua Flynn
Joshua Flynn 2 muaj më parë
Sell me that old yerf dog
Wolf ._. Pug
Wolf ._. Pug 4 muaj më parë
You tell you were having so much fun , that the biggest part of the builds!!!!
Stanley Vodopija
Stanley Vodopija 4 muaj më parë
420 predator wireing diagram
TJ 8 muaj më parë
Lonnie seems like the best-friend that everyone wants. Hey buddy try this...
Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen 9 muaj më parë
The entry scene where he bounced literally almost killed me and made it hard for me to type this comment. I kept thinking of the Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie where he was driving through the forest. Also side note, if no one has ripped on you yet for having a John Deere zero-turn please let me know.😉😏
marion brantley
marion brantley 9 muaj më parë
instead of going to a 60 tooth rear sprocket, would it be possible to go to a smaller jack shaft sprocket to achieve the same result on an mb 200-2 ?
Derek Hott
Derek Hott 9 muaj më parë
Fun run. Spring set just needs a weld bump on the end the rod, spring wont slide off no more
Vince Halliday
Vince Halliday 9 muaj më parë
Kart nerds
Kart nerds 9 muaj më parë
I've never seen one that the Subaru engine still ran on.
John Bess
John Bess 9 muaj më parë
Haha love the shirt excite bike
red thunder
red thunder 9 muaj më parë
Is vasily going to be there
Dustin Palmer
Dustin Palmer 9 muaj më parë
Redbeard love your videos but have a question i do have a 3wheeler could you possibly find two 8 in rims with the 3 bolt pattern?
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller 9 muaj më parë
That's the juggernaut drive pulley for ya higher rpm launch so it rips arse
Brian Elstro
Brian Elstro 9 muaj më parë
Jacob wright
Jacob wright 9 muaj më parë
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez 9 muaj më parë
Damn that’s bad ass!!! Never seen so many go karts for rebuilds and all out fun!!!
dj skunks
dj skunks 9 muaj më parë
Spit the dip out..?🤔
NZRatherBRiding 9 muaj më parë
Lol that was funny. Great vids guys 🤣👍
Robert G
Robert G 9 muaj më parë
Manco Silver Fox or is it a ManKiller Silver Fox...
Send it Or bend it
Send it Or bend it 9 muaj më parë
Ron G
Ron G 9 muaj më parë
Joel Noble
Joel Noble 9 muaj më parë
Is there literally anyone out there, that can give me a spec sheet and parts list for a Road Boss/Kartco Cobra II go kart? It has the 3/4" live axle. The frame is absolutely bare. The only thing that is on it are the spindles and the steering wheel. I can't find any information On the clutch size or sprocket size or rear wheel size or anything. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I've checked all over the Internet. Maybe I'm just not in the right place.
David Kelm
David Kelm 9 muaj më parë
LONTREEZY gonna be a silver fox any more rides like that 🧓
Jason Sharp
Jason Sharp 9 muaj më parë
Hey brother, any info on the camper?
Richard Gregor
Richard Gregor 9 muaj më parë
Yes when is the race up there in the Carolinas
Richard Gregor
Richard Gregor 9 muaj më parë
You guys look like your having so much fun God bless your hearts
William Ramsey
William Ramsey 9 muaj më parë
‘My cart started out as a silver fox. Now it’s got a little stretch and a Honda 450. I hit 70 in forth gear. I love that cart.
web homemade projects
web homemade projects 9 muaj më parë
Loonie u need to say ship replace the p and put a t on. $hit
web homemade projects
web homemade projects 9 muaj më parë
What sproket u guys using on that kart
liljordy tv
liljordy tv 9 muaj më parë
Is that a 64 margay sitting next to that yard card after buy the golf carts sure looks like a 64 margay
TOOMUCHSAUXE TB 9 muaj më parë
What happened to the duece?
Bradley J. Fortner
Bradley J. Fortner 9 muaj më parë
There should be a big red button on the steering wheel...
OKIE CHOPPER 9 muaj më parë
I'm really liking the new location, get a tractor and a killer box blade and a water-filled steel roller and you can in no time smooth out that running area.
The Fun Dad
The Fun Dad 9 muaj më parë
Wondering why you guys don't make a nice dirt oval track in the field. Few hills ,jumps and stands lol
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 9 muaj më parë
I wish I had even half of the skill Red Beard possesses,this man makes these builds look easy. Lonnie is a talented guy too,between the two of y'all,there ain't too much that y'all don't know when it comes to building and repairing these engines.
Micks 9 muaj më parë
Deathcart V.1
Jesse James
Jesse James 9 muaj më parë
That happened to our neighbors son who was driving one of my sons 2 seater gocart. The neighbors son screams throttle won't stop. Right before I yell shut it off. My son reaches over and turns the switch off. After I fixed the throttle cable. The neighbors son wanted to go again. I was kinda messaging a friend while my kids was watching the video. My other son goes hey dad what kinda smart car is that. I backed up the video. And I never seem one like that. It's like a mini smart car go cart the red one with the red full body on it.
john beach
john beach 9 muaj më parë
Paul Harkey
Paul Harkey 9 muaj më parë
What size is that Yamaha BW?
Phillip Mountain Man
Phillip Mountain Man 9 muaj më parë
Cool shirt! You need 4-wheeler tires for the yard cart.
Walt Walt
Walt Walt 9 muaj më parë
Where in Tennessee is this junkyard?
Teddy Smith
Teddy Smith 9 muaj më parë
The silver fox is sweet
dtalon92 9 muaj më parë
The Lonny-cam verifies the suspension is "for looks, only".
Dave & son's adventures
Dave & son's adventures 9 muaj më parë
Awesome video fellas!! Thx
Nicholas Cervone
Nicholas Cervone 9 muaj më parë
Richard Werling
Richard Werling 9 muaj më parë
lol...ride em' cowboy!
Nate Lloyd
Nate Lloyd 9 muaj më parë
Man wish I could ride with y’all! I just got a manco scorpion kart for free and got a running 16hp v twin for it for $50! Definitely a budget build! Lol
Derek Hott
Derek Hott 9 muaj më parë
I had buy tires, I mean they dumbjack shot holes in them,lol, so the entire build has been a budget, but a new seat and new tires are a must, I am on Facebook look me up, Derek Hott, I'm wearing a red toboggan sitting with my son in the pic, maybe if we close enough and the Rona goes away we can get our carts together n ride if ya got a place for them
Derek Hott
Derek Hott 9 muaj më parë
My budget build was 150$ cart come with a 13hp titan 5 powerwasher motor, they never got it going so they sat it in a junk pile and shot bullets at it, I bought it, fiddled a bit and the motor runs great, only thing I have buy for the whole build is a seat, I bought clutch, and I set up the throttle on the motor, but I am finishing the seat and some welds before i take her for a spin
web homemade projects
web homemade projects 9 muaj më parë
Im building a go kart like urs. Can wait Intel it's done. What sproket u using
shawnkiller90 9 muaj më parë
We use those mowers (not any more we have J. Deere's now) For mowing greens or tee boxes sometimes..If you take care of them, those Jacobsens will last a long ass time. + Red Beard's Garage
poorpeasantking 9 muaj më parë
I wish gopowersports sold that minibike shirt in fat guy sizes.
Jordan Fiorenza
Jordan Fiorenza 9 muaj më parë
What set up is on that f150???
Stephen Hatgis
Stephen Hatgis 9 muaj më parë
that is so cool! You and Cars n Cameras setting up a race! Cant wait to see the race. Put a single seat centered and some shocks.
Donald Duncan
Donald Duncan 9 muaj më parë
Does that scrap yard ship i need moped bike parts and plastic for Chinese
Caz something
Caz something 9 muaj më parë
I have a manco 710 e looks just about the same but its red lol this is my favorite build lol mine has alot of the same issues you guys have. Ditched the 9hp sub engine and got a electric start 13hp, bigger cvt pulleys and added 2004 mazda 3 seatsand seat belts to replace the rotted seat. Cant wait for the next episode!
Atomix 9 muaj më parë
those poor poor rear swingarm engines 😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Paquin
John Paquin 9 muaj më parë
You could at least wash the dirt off befor you put this together
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford 9 muaj më parë
LoL , that's some awesome stuff right there.
ken johnson
ken johnson 9 muaj më parë
Since removing my governor i no longer have constipation problems :P
Rod Swim
Rod Swim 9 muaj më parë
Lonnie's got a death wish!
mickey asbill
mickey asbill 9 muaj më parë
Great 👍 video
kenneth runion
kenneth runion 9 muaj më parë
I think i have the frame you need lm only about 10 miles from you but dont now how to get in touch with you
Nicholas schackai
Nicholas schackai 9 muaj më parë
Love the Mancos!
OMAR JDM 9 muaj më parë
you talk a lot, little video, and too many ads
Red Beard's Garage
Red Beard's Garage 9 muaj më parë
Stan Lucas
Stan Lucas 9 muaj më parë
How about a how to on installing a deadman switch so you can shut it off a little easier and faster? Great video, keep em coming RBG
300zxdriver 9 muaj më parë
That’s not keeping to the 150 dollar guidelines. Not even close.
Red Beard's Garage
Red Beard's Garage 9 muaj më parë
No one did
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 9 muaj më parë
I got the same go kart. How many hp that 225 have? Been thinking about putting a 420 on mine.
Shark Bait
Shark Bait 9 muaj më parë
Tillotson 225 is rated at 17 horsepower. But, especially when paired with a Juggernaut driver, it will rev way higher than any big block.
slimy elbow
slimy elbow 9 muaj më parë
I recommend that. I put a gx390 on mine. It is amazing.
joseph cretella
joseph cretella 9 muaj më parë
6 thumbs downs?!?!?! All my youtube gokart "Heroes" in one spot! The video we needed.
nashguy207 9 muaj më parë
Kamikaze Ronny !!!
Beau D
Beau D 9 muaj më parë
Hahaha!! That was hilarious! Luv the channel! Watchn outta Sand Springs Oklahoma!
Rebel Rider
Rebel Rider 9 muaj më parë
Get that 3 wheeler
Humble Hillbilly
Humble Hillbilly 9 muaj më parë
This had me crackin the hell up y’all rock man! 🤘🏻🇺🇸👊🏻
Johnny Merritt
Johnny Merritt 9 muaj më parë
It's funny guys post to add a dream about when those last night
Where Eagles Soar Kenny Vance
Where Eagles Soar Kenny Vance 9 muaj më parë
Can't wait to see all you guys together having a blast.
Lee Paulin
Lee Paulin 9 muaj më parë
Nice having Lonnie on!
David Jessee
David Jessee 9 muaj më parë
Why is so much danger so funny?😆
Jasmany Amaro
Jasmany Amaro 9 muaj më parë
This has to be the funniest video of 2020
D Bree
D Bree 9 muaj më parë
safety????? ...... who needs it..... helmet???? never heard of it LOLOL epic video guys
Dave Glitch Hare
Dave Glitch Hare 9 muaj më parë
To my favorite go-kart/buggy channel: Thank y'all for helping majorly to keep our sport alive and hopefully growing.
Xtremely Entertained
Xtremely Entertained 9 muaj më parë
Boogity Boogity Boogity, lets go racin boys!!!
TFMakes 9 muaj më parë
Deathwish kart version 🤷🏻‍♂️
The UnSeEn
The UnSeEn 9 muaj më parë
Definitely digging that Manco Silver Fox!
Sam’s Garage
Sam’s Garage 9 muaj më parë
The race is on 🏁
coby roberds
coby roberds 9 muaj më parë
Is it bad if you only clicked on this video because of the word died
THOMAS K 9 muaj më parë
Just remind Lonnie the Lord didn't give him a spirit of fear , but maybe a spirit of "oh crap " .. lol. , I have had something similar happen on dirt bike a long time ago so I can relate though God Bless 🙏
Bob's Barn Workshop
Bob's Barn Workshop 9 muaj më parë
At about 5:15 you show a cart which is exactly the same one I bought and modified to a single seater and added the 18hp DuroMax engine on!
Jubilee Fan
Jubilee Fan 9 muaj më parë
Great start to the work week. :)
kmart014 9 muaj më parë
When is the race?
The Newman's
The Newman's 9 muaj më parë
Needed this video. Thank you, guys!
geoffreyjones2000 9 muaj më parë
I think that I bruised my eye sockets watching
Derek Gillum
Derek Gillum 9 muaj më parë
Just custom build a cart.
Abraham 9 muaj më parë
Can you give me a go kart engine for my go-kart 212
Wilsooonnn C
Wilsooonnn C 9 muaj më parë
If only the world worked like this lmaooo
Skott LeFever
Skott LeFever 9 muaj më parë
Abraham Peshko good luck smh
Abraham 9 muaj më parë
@Dr.steve stein thanks but I am trying to get a mod 212
Dr.steve stein
Dr.steve stein 9 muaj më parë
Harbor freight sells em cheap. Predator 212, less than $100
exiled 50
exiled 50 9 muaj më parë
Yesss finally
knockout champ56
knockout champ56 9 muaj më parë
I wish we had a junk yard like that
Hoopla 9 muaj më parë
is it a small engine salvage yard?
westleybates 20
westleybates 20 9 muaj më parë
same wish there was one near me like that
Bobv177 9 muaj më parë
@knockout champ56 better than mine
knockout champ56
knockout champ56 9 muaj më parë
@Jose Pena our junk yards only have old Big Bears, Old 350 Honda Foreman's, Honda fourtrax and a couple Yamaha Timberwolves. That just about sums it up
knockout champ56
knockout champ56 9 muaj më parë
@Bobv177 all of our sell old 4 wheelers. No carts and mini bikes
ʌVє 9 muaj më parë
Greatest crossover event since Cleetus raced Finnegan! About time. Thank you.
Ryan Nitoi
Ryan Nitoi 9 muaj më parë
What funny is I just watched that video right before this one.
SEND IT ! 9 muaj më parë
Abraham 9 muaj më parë
Thank you for the video RBG
Jake Ruppert
Jake Ruppert 9 muaj më parë
first like
Asept0lin 9 muaj më parë
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