Waluigi, Unraveled

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Dear Doug Bowser, I made this video for you. Please make a Waluigi video game.
Best wishes,
Brian David Gilbert
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zardy 2 orë më parë
I think your unironically on to something
Kuro - Kuromi
Kuro - Kuromi 9 orë më parë
13:48 ‘A s h o c k i n g twist that nOBODY has ever done in media before’ this man-
Chendzeea Li
Chendzeea Li 15 orë më parë
The ending....so god damned amazing
Tommy Ross
Tommy Ross 16 orë më parë
BDG you are SUCH a gift to mankind! I hope this comment finds you!!!
Moses Racal
Moses Racal 17 orë më parë
The sheer amount of set-up references before the big reveal is a fucking lot lmao, makes it a great rewatchable vid just to catch those references
Mr. Gigor
Mr. Gigor 18 orë më parë
Dissing my boy luigi You on thin ice son
YuyuLeBrave 18 orë më parë
Aaqib Hassan
Aaqib Hassan Ditë më parë
Is that brian david gilbert?
Milo Snow
Milo Snow 2 ditë më parë
Dr. Luigi and Mr. Waaaaaaah
Taylor Blank
Taylor Blank 2 ditë më parë
At this point, Nintendo either needs to give Waluigi his own game, put him in smash, etc. or canonically kill him off with a death animation and write him out of Nintendo completely.
Dish Wash
Dish Wash 2 ditë më parë
The jagged geese successively post because mint logistically hop like a vigorous dentist. quixotic, lively bengal
Hedge Fund
Hedge Fund 3 ditë më parë
Nintendo should make a rated M Waluigi game where he goes around hustling others for cash, doing drugs, feeling depressed, and seeking redemption from his sins only to come to an ambiguous climax where Waluigi remains woefully unsure of his place in the world.
Like, give me adderall man
Like, give me adderall man 4 ditë më parë
We will never forget how brian david Gilbert made an entire video just to shave his mustache
BOT 1.0
BOT 1.0 4 ditë më parë
He was just looking for a way to shave his mustache without an announcement video.
Ubiquitous Nut
Ubiquitous Nut 4 ditë më parë
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Nah, Luigi and Waluigi
Umi Hoshi
Umi Hoshi 5 ditë më parë
'a shocking twist that no one's ever done in media before!' dr. Henry Jekyll: am I a joke to you?
E S 7 ditë më parë
Clearly why Polygon couldn't afford to keep BDG. What a masterpiece.
Ronan nanoR
Ronan nanoR 7 ditë më parë
So Waluigi is just Luigi's shadow in a Jungian sense?
weird rock
weird rock 7 ditë më parë
When BDG realizes Luigi has a moustache and he didn' t need to shave it: FU-
Elliot Scott
Elliot Scott 8 ditë më parë
this is a gesamtkunstwerk
Liam Fraser
Liam Fraser 8 ditë më parë
This really is Brian's unraveled masterpiece
FailedArtKid 8 ditë më parë
I only just realized that Brian's hatred of Luigi is because he was trying to subtly play Waluigi. I thought he just genuinely hated him
The Pit
The Pit 9 ditë më parë
I think that the Waluigi game needs to be a rhythm game where all the songs are sung by Waluigi himself
liam mcdonagh
liam mcdonagh 9 ditë më parë
Seven minutes into the Ted talk on waluigi and notice I’m not half way done.......good
Richard Dominguez
Richard Dominguez 10 ditë më parë
Honestly, that green shirt looks good on him. Better than the purple
Calico King
Calico King 10 ditë më parë
My mans be looking like Edgar Allan Poe at the end
Abby Morrison
Abby Morrison 11 ditë më parë
I was so upset at him trashing Luigi until he realized he was a Luigi too 😂 been there friend, I relate to that green man heavily.
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Ramirez 11 ditë më parë
Can I just say I appreciate this video
Branch Out Films
Branch Out Films 12 ditë më parë
BDG kill it
Sage Hayward
Sage Hayward 12 ditë më parë
Why is he 10x more bangable without the mustache
Ben Richardson
Ben Richardson 12 ditë më parë
Why is he shiting in Luigi. :(
Sam Flynn
Sam Flynn 12 ditë më parë
Also to add insult to injury he also got the worst property in the monopoly game
Vera Mohi
Vera Mohi 12 ditë më parë
I like waluigi song
Manly Man
Manly Man 12 ditë më parë
Waluigi dating sim
Seth Mojica
Seth Mojica 13 ditë më parë
Don't think we didn't notice the "this video was uploaded to" scroll.
you know
you know 13 ditë më parë
the final of this video its why brian david gilbert should win an oscar
Nop277 13 ditë më parë
forgot one truth about Luigi, he's not afraid of Waluigi
andrea 13 ditë më parë
Anyone remember when this was just uploaded and the entire comment section was only "wah"
citizen kiwi
citizen kiwi 14 ditë më parë
RPG_cheeze x
RPG_cheeze x 14 ditë më parë
wahspect for waluigi
John Wegener
John Wegener 14 ditë më parë
3:53 wait, das illegal
necROMANCEr 14 ditë më parë
frog but in a really big coat
frog but in a really big coat 15 ditë më parë
wow doug bowser has a lot of alternative accounts
Cory Ecker
Cory Ecker 15 ditë më parë
what a luigi.... what a luigi.... wha a luigi.... wa lauigi..... waluigi....
Soggysnacks 15 ditë më parë
Iulian Ion
Iulian Ion 15 ditë më parë
i love his nails and his comedy
Simos Katsiaris
Simos Katsiaris 16 ditë më parë
Waluigi is promoting his self to Nintendo for 16 minutes...
Tyler Joseph Schommer
Tyler Joseph Schommer 16 ditë më parë
Waluigi is a waterbender and yet you didn't mention it.
Cristina 17 ditë më parë
this is a year too late but the partner name for luigi and walugi in mario party is "alter egos". conversely mario and wario DON'T have the same team name. so being tied to one another metaphysically is a waluigi and luigi specific attribute.
Mollie Morgan
Mollie Morgan 17 ditë më parë
i do appreciate that BGD does a gauntlet fold on his shirts, rather than the sin of just rolling them up
short ad
short ad 17 ditë më parë
a mustache, wears purple and loves kicking. I've seen this somewhere.
Leif Helland
Leif Helland 17 ditë më parë
That comma is actually the best thing that has happened in my life.
LGM141 18 ditë më parë
What if Luigi and Waluigi are cousins, that's why the Mario and Waluigi pairing in Mario party has them as Pseudo Bros. because they're almost brothers!
Leandro Tomas Cuadra
Leandro Tomas Cuadra 18 ditë më parë
I've acted in actual productions of Pagliacci, and this is the best use of Vesti la Giubba that I've ever seen.
Bamboo Bhang
Bamboo Bhang 19 ditë më parë
This is film-making
Alexis Ibarra
Alexis Ibarra 19 ditë më parë
are they using Franco Corelli's Vesti la Giubba?
GamerGod 20 ditë më parë
Detective Jeremy “Waluigi” Dubbio is a man who is always on the case, but in the recent months his biggest mystery has been about himself, who or what at he truly is has been in a haze after a minor injury while working as a Private Investigator for the ever-famous Mario Brothers. His cousin, Wario Wario, has not been a big help when it comes to answering the questions on his past so Waluigi knows that he had to do this on his own. With each passing case he seems to learn more and more about his elusive past and what that “minor injury” truly was. Waluigi: Criminal Detective (if you are wondering about the name dubbio is the italian word for question/dubious/discredit/reflection according to google translate, and the name “Jeremy” is used to distance himself from the rest of the Mario/Wario group) so thats the synopsis i made for the hypothetical waluigi game, what do you all think of it
bobygreen8 9 ditë më parë
perfect. i want fanfiction written of this, with multiple endings like brian said, so the fanfiction is like a choose your own adventure book
Abbe Nylund
Abbe Nylund 21 ditë më parë
Mavrick Miller
Mavrick Miller 21 ditë më parë
I don't "like" a lot of videos, but that ending monologue earned it, my goodness.
Adrian 21 ditë më parë
yes please
Design Piggy
Design Piggy 21 ditë më parë
I was hoping Waluigi would sing Unraveled
Iosif Dzhugashvili
Iosif Dzhugashvili 22 ditë më parë
Excuse me Brian, but fuck you. Luigi is the better brother and I will NOT back down about this.
TheKiyokoTek 23 ditë më parë
considering that waluigi is basically always squatting in some way he must have thighs of steel
Dante 23 ditë më parë
At this point Brian had been reading halo novels so I don't blame him for snapping
kyle kyle
kyle kyle 23 ditë më parë
* i don't understand why 'sparky sticker' is so upsetting someone please explain *
Craemerino 23 ditë më parë
omg, I miss Golden Sun
Purple Purple
Purple Purple 24 ditë më parë
the mario version of dr jeckel and mr hyde is my favorite moment in the history of unraveled
Machai Arcanum
Machai Arcanum 24 ditë më parë
Did Doug Bowser own the game before or after Bowser was introduced?
BROmeliad1 24 ditë më parë
This is both super silly and an interesting analysis. Great job.
Anachronity 25 ditë më parë
I actually kinda like that idea not just about Waluigi being an evil alter ego, but that Luigi specifically isn't afraid of him. It implies a sort of unusual heroic quality of confidence, to not be intimidated by someone who is everything that you aren't.
Camillo Spiegelfeld
Camillo Spiegelfeld 25 ditë më parë
GunnerXY -
GunnerXY - 25 ditë më parë
ngl was expecting Waluigi to be singing unravel
Brenna_Boop 26 ditë më parë
His walk is so aggressive at 12:16 😂😂
Reino Pirttijärvi
Reino Pirttijärvi 26 ditë më parë
Fun fact: If you say Wario with a Finnish accent, it spells out as the word "shadow". (Varjo = Shadow)
Moses Moon
Moses Moon 27 ditë më parë
My gawd this was so good
Cody Hergenroeder
Cody Hergenroeder 28 ditë më parë
TheWinterscoming 28 ditë më parë
I honestly don't care about most of this deep lore but somehow the character you have made of an almost lovecraftian researcher who delves too deep into arcane lore surrounding these modern gods until he suffers an existential crisis is just... Amazing
Kuro - Kuromi
Kuro - Kuromi 9 orë më parë
Aaron 29 ditë më parë
BDG: "I don't have an agent" *Well, this aged badly.*
George 4 orë më parë
wait what?
Gabriel Lockwood
Gabriel Lockwood 29 ditë më parë
Waluigi game like "Inside Bowser", but crossed with (Disney's) "Inside Out"...
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan 29 ditë më parë
Waluigi the movie. Rated R
Cooking with Earl
Cooking with Earl Muaj më parë
I love watching the funny man break
OLIBEA Muaj më parë
This video is a masterpiece
OwOmachi Una
OwOmachi Una Muaj më parë
6:45 Don’t mind me, just saving this for later
JasonMelon Gaming
JasonMelon Gaming Muaj më parë
A perfect game to determine Waluigi in would be something like the Yakuza Games a go-getter fighting action RPG with mini-games of sport, mischief and adult activities with changes here and there cause Nintendo
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers Muaj më parë
My favorite part of the video is imagining Brian pitching this idea to his boss
David Ringo
David Ringo Muaj më parë
It has to be in stop motion.
I am Satire
I am Satire Muaj më parë
Brian de-aged like 10 years when he shaved his mustache
Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron Muaj më parë
Who sang this version of Vestí la Giubba?! I don’t need sleep I need ANSWERS
Aaron Finnegan Doyle
Aaron Finnegan Doyle Muaj më parë
I hope it actually happens
Sarah Deel
Sarah Deel Muaj më parë
And the Oscar goes to...
Owain d'Ylisse
Owain d'Ylisse Muaj më parë
This is S-rank content. It was already A+, and then it got even better. Best video I have seen by him so far.
Ernest Ankrom
Ernest Ankrom Muaj më parë
What if waluigis mustache is just one REALLY big and thick hair.
Noah Andreasen
Noah Andreasen Muaj më parë
I just wanna know what The fricking song is
Tom Otero
Tom Otero Muaj më parë
Isn't this literally the premise of Fight Club? Waluigi is Luigi's Tyler Durden.
Kenny Young
Kenny Young Muaj më parë
He did all this as an excuse to shave his mustache.
Joy Rivers
Joy Rivers Muaj më parë
this is a cinematic masterpiece.
YoshiWeegeeFan 56
YoshiWeegeeFan 56 Muaj më parë
Ondra Bergmann
Ondra Bergmann Muaj më parë
Oh WOW, you just went there huh. You just look at that and thought: I can make this go harder than Medusas boyfriend. Like you know whats cool? mystery sad detective, you know whats cooler? Jekyll and Hyde and breaking the 4th wall multiple times. What a roller coaster
naomihowie Muaj më parë
What's the name of the classical song at the end?
Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron Muaj më parë
Vestí la Giubba, no idea who sang it tho
Abhilekh Pandey
Abhilekh Pandey Muaj më parë
Can anyone tell me the name of the opera at 14:50 - 15:00 ?
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