Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 45 w. Dean Delray

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Bill and Bert prattle with Dean Delray about houses, the great Jeff Scott, and developing Bert's look.
produced by @All Things Comedy and Andrew Themeles (@themeles)
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Evan 6 ditë më parë
Fionn Burke
Fionn Burke 26 ditë më parë
If you close your eyes, Dean kinda sounds like Norm
knight449 29 ditë më parë
I can't believe that they brought up the "Tiger" documentary. I mean, Bill is in the documentary in a short clip and it's not in a nice way.
Trevor Gebhardt
Trevor Gebhardt Muaj më parë
Why didn't All Things Comedy just turn The Grail into a ALpost show?
Baba O'Really
Baba O'Really Muaj më parë
A power couple is when the woman also brings something to the table.
NorthsideJeff Muaj më parë
That was an Excellent Podcast. Dean is so interesting.👍
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz Muaj më parë
yes, dean! Please move to Milwaukee!
h1992 uk
h1992 uk Muaj më parë
bert is the smartest dumbass youd ever meet.
Mark Smolenski
Mark Smolenski Muaj më parë
Bert would be too rough on a Speedmaster, a Seamaster would be better for him.
Levi Hammer
Levi Hammer Muaj më parë
Definitely get an RSD leather jacket. R nine T racer.
em diar
em diar Muaj më parë
$800 per month for insulin tablets????? Holy fuck!!! Great health care system you got there America,
Justin Muaj më parë
i heard ganja is a good for helping with nausea
CJOK Muaj më parë
This is how I see Pryors influence on Bert. I watched a set that Richard Pryor did in a bar early in his career & he was talking about eating his own buggers. Whenever I think about that I now think of Bert too.
Will T
Will T Muaj më parë
Happy to listen but can you figure out a god damn release schedule
mr mambo
mr mambo Muaj më parë
59:00 yall sound like a bunch a hewwers
Zach Yingst
Zach Yingst Muaj më parë
GET BACK IN STUDIO. Bert does 2 bears in studio why can't you guys get in studio
Peez Doc
Peez Doc Muaj më parë
Hey Bill, got a question. Why don't you just use the microphone you use to do the MMP when you do these zoom podcasts? You could probably just use the whole setup and just add a camera. You and Bert are the only 2 podcasters left that don't have a good mic for these zoom podcasts. Just a question/suggestion.
Nick DePaul
Nick DePaul Muaj më parë
Bert should wear a Swatch not Omega.
D. Gaines
D. Gaines Muaj më parë
I love that Bill starts laughing when Bert says "heyyy mannnn"
Delaney Elliott
Delaney Elliott Muaj më parë
Im in nor cal so i dont have to see these idiot liberals.
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza Muaj më parë
I’m digging this episode, first time I hear Dean but definitely looking him up he’s into some cool shit.
Gil Ropte
Gil Ropte Muaj më parë
I love that they didn't even tell bill that he's in the dam documentary that he'll never watch 😆😂🤣 ( gold dinning whores bit )
Ken Muaj më parë
Sports talk is painful. I hope this gets better
Ken Muaj më parë
Sports is like politics . People just repeat what tyr talking heads say. Come on Bill, think deeper
Ed Giammattei
Ed Giammattei Muaj më parë
Brilliant I love this shit
WKLC Rock105
WKLC Rock105 Muaj më parë
Bert "That's Interesting" Chrysler
Jacob Worden
Jacob Worden Muaj më parë
Really? Can't do the whole pod without feeding ur face? Cmon man lol shut it off once I heard It sorry much love guys just keep the food out
Jeremy Barber
Jeremy Barber Muaj më parë
Everyone's dad had that one friend that they thought was just the coolest person in the world....Dean Delray is that dude. Dad- "Hey I'm going to Dean's house, you wanna come?" ....excitedly grabs coat.
Jeremy Barber
Jeremy Barber Muaj më parë
Rick Rouse was my Dean Delray, I'm 46 now and he's like my uncle, still my dad's best friend. Still get excited when I get to see him.
L2thaK Muaj më parë
A brand ambassador for Kool cigarettes? How gnarly
Alan McGowan
Alan McGowan Muaj më parë
I remember Billy Connolly talking about losing the will to live when people start discussing the price of houses. I feel him.
LilGoku Muaj më parë
The relief band thing actually works. My wife got one for seasickness, she suffered from it very badly. Band got rid of entirely while it was on. Could be a placebo, but it works for some people who really suffer.
RANDOM TIRE Muaj më parë
Bill describing drake and DJ Khaled as "The Rapper" and "The arab guy" 😂
jeff barnthouse
jeff barnthouse Muaj më parë
Love dean
Scott S
Scott S Muaj më parë
Dean Delray is about as funny as a wet pile of festering trash. Also, the Beatles are hands down the most overrated band of all time.
Rolando Segovia
Rolando Segovia Muaj më parë
Billy .... The greatest and Dean.... New fav... Bruce is ok too. lol
stefan domeier
stefan domeier Muaj më parë
Man I need some new boots
The Apostrophe Wrecks
The Apostrophe Wrecks Muaj më parë
I legit need Dean to be my stylist too! That was next level!
Andrew James Weber
Andrew James Weber Muaj më parë
Bill cut Dean off when he was about to make a statement about the Strokes. Wish I could have heard what he was going to say. Love this episode.
TheZeleven Muaj më parë
Burr certainly doesnt give a fuck, but i was just checking to see if these were still done on zoom. I will now go re watch the irl episodes
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Muaj më parë
Why do you talk about pictures on a video without showing them?
scott ingram
scott ingram Muaj më parë
I know Bill won't read this but I knew he was talking about Buck Showalter.
Levi Goldsteinbergowitz
Levi Goldsteinbergowitz Muaj më parë
No no california IS fucked, complete restaffing of political leadership and a fiscal audit is the only way nothing less
John Harker
John Harker Muaj më parë
All you need is looks and whole lotta money (Billy Joel)
Colt West
Colt West Muaj më parë
Bill is worried about looking like Ron Howard while rockin' that over-sweatah like the dad on Happy Days
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou Muaj më parë
I love how bill empathizes with tiger woods in the break up story
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou Muaj më parë
I don't know why but everytime bill mentioned Dean delray in the mmp I pictured a black guy
Javier Cruz
Javier Cruz Muaj më parë
Message to Bill (and maybe Burt) California is fucked. Leave now like I did 3 years ago. It's like an old Van Hagar song "Dream Another Dream"
Jon Rodman
Jon Rodman Muaj më parë
Nicks custom boots (hot shots)- Spokane WA - custom built back in 2000 - been fighting fire in them since they custom fit the foot as well as measurements of my calf every few year the lowers have to be rebuilt they keep the uppers
Matthew Vanasse
Matthew Vanasse Muaj më parë
I watched the documentary. He was a pro golfer for life
Matthew Vanasse
Matthew Vanasse Muaj më parë
Bill burr is literally in the tiger woods documentary
thisjigisup Muaj më parë
bill waiting for them to be done talking about motorcycle gloves is the male equivalent of me listening to other women talk about getting their nails and eyebrows done. like .....kay
Chris Gates
Chris Gates Muaj më parë
Dean's fkn rad !
arvin lopez
arvin lopez Muaj më parë
What was the name of the boot maker
Joshua Christensen
Joshua Christensen Muaj më parë
Burt ur netflix is priceless dude glock mags
Jeffrey Labbe
Jeffrey Labbe Muaj më parë
57:00 Billy Boy holding his head with all the weight of a Massachusetts upbringing
david mark
david mark Muaj më parë
These guys explaining the tiger doc was Cringeworthy as hell. I watched it last night and it was mostly great
Sin TheGod
Sin TheGod Muaj më parë
Bruce Kurscher
eddiesoriano5 Muaj më parë
Did Dean say he had Tech N9ne on his podcast?
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
Ravangers Muaj më parë
Bert "I have a little Shitty $5 million dollar house" Kreischer
Six Ply Maple
Six Ply Maple Muaj më parë
Nicotine Valium Vicodin Marijuana Ecstasy & Alcohol... Cocaine!
Gummy McFatstacks
Gummy McFatstacks Muaj më parë
Kah kah kah Co Caine! Kah kah
Gummy McFatstacks
Gummy McFatstacks Muaj më parë
@Kp SA But no mention of the drugs? Of course we all enjoy QOTSA - that goes without saying. What we're all wanting to know is: The drugs! Enjoy them as well? What's music without drugs? Music, still, of course..... 🤠
Kp SA Muaj më parë
I too enjoy QOTSA
Auburn Slim
Auburn Slim Muaj më parë
Delrays podcasts are really good!
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
thank you
mrzipdisk Muaj më parë
This was great. Didn't know about Dean Delray but seems like a great dude.
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
thank you
alright then
alright then Muaj më parë
Dean mentioned people saying there's no comedy and people wouldn't like the podcast, just wanted to say I thought it was a great episode!
alright then
alright then Muaj më parë
@Dean Delray Holy shit! No problem dude lol!
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
thank you
Ashley Romero
Ashley Romero Muaj më parë
Oh man I'd love to see that show from Dean Del Ray! Since it wasn't picked up he should do it rogue on ALpost .
Arthur Philadelpho
Arthur Philadelpho Muaj më parë
Bart never been so quiet
PM Muaj më parë
Dean is such a dude, I love it, old school guy
Adrienne SA
Adrienne SA Muaj më parë
Bill dropping straight facts about those trash documentaries.
Nono Nono
Nono Nono Muaj më parë
Bert is great. No one is flawless. He's a humble guy and he recognizes his mistakes. I think people in the comments are a bit overly critical. I mean Bill came off as an ass here, with both of them telling him there's this great documentary about Tiger Woods and IMMEDIATELY Bill is all "No no this doesn't meet my exact criteria of quality so this is a shit documentary and a good documentary would be like this and that and I won't let you drop a single word about what you watched because I'll interrupt constantly to tell you why it's probably bullshit." Bert and DelRay both were the grown ups here by not insisting, something that Bert btw also does in every other case where Bill shits on his opinion about anything, he knows there's no point in arguing and he doesn't want to get on Bill's bad side over it, but it's Bill's fault. Bert doesn't act like he's always right, quite the opposite. It's Bill who often comes out full of himself with no perspective on how he's coming off, and I say that as someone who considers him his favorite comedian.
MinusTwoTonsils Muaj më parë
Great episode. Dean is always entertaining.
MinusTwoTonsils Muaj më parë
@Dean Delray Anytime, man! Thank you for all the great entertainment. Your podcasts are killer! 🤘🏼
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
thank you
6atlantis Muaj më parë
I’m sorry but sometimes the bitterness in me comes out and I want to lash out at Bert for comparing a 14 million dollar house to a 5 mil house, and then equating a 5 million dollar house to a “regular” house like mine as if having a 5 mil house is living “modestly”. I hate people with money that pretend to appreciate it.
James Kirk
James Kirk Muaj më parë
Straight eye for the straight guy. Still lots of leather.
Crippled Crew
Crippled Crew Muaj më parë
Not everyone’s a fucking sell out like Rogan.
Terron Hefley
Terron Hefley Muaj më parë
My biggest "show biz" moment is I got to do sound for Dean at American Comedy Company in San Diego. Very nice guy, very funny, total pro!
Terron Hefley
Terron Hefley Muaj më parë
@Dean Delray you rock brother🤘! hearing your story gives me some confidence that I didn't start this comedy thing too late. See you like 5 years when I have mastered my craft enough to open for you!
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
you rock my man
Shawn Murtaugh
Shawn Murtaugh Muaj më parë
Gotta love the Bill Bert "Pawd" Cast
MotherAce Muaj më parë
I can think of one reason for the producers declining on that idea! Because its fucking BORING! Worst podcast to date. Nobody cares this much about junk outside of America! Fucking materialists. Throw some of that money away instead. It' adds roughly the same value.
Jye Gavin
Jye Gavin Muaj më parë
Please do this in person again
Tone Star
Tone Star Muaj më parë
Wheres the funny?
Dave Lister
Dave Lister Muaj më parë
Did Maron bail as the guest and suggest a replacement last second?
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help Muaj më parë
Funny gang.
Sean Giere
Sean Giere Muaj më parë
Bill man, that Beatles were never a boy band. They were Lennon's band, a rocknroll band, and they played the rock clubs of Hamburg. The impresario manager Brian Epstein came later.
Joshua Christensen
Joshua Christensen Muaj më parë
Bill burt u guys are savage bill u do not fuck around paper tiger, I'm sorry you feel tht way... Amazing
Jared Dagley
Jared Dagley Muaj më parë
BillDeanBert podcast is where it's at.
DuBs onDrums
DuBs onDrums Muaj më parë
The "arts & crafts movement" in American architecture is beautiful & useful. Frank Lloyd Wright embodied the Western version of feng shui. Utility, flow, function & beauty. His small homes around the Midwest are evident to this concept. Go tour them, it's worth the trip. Craftsmanship at its finest.
Adam D.
Adam D. Muaj më parë
Maybe it's not too late
genghis26 Muaj më parë
Dean's cool af. Thanks for the introduction.
Dean Delray
Dean Delray Muaj më parë
Thank you
BoomBoomLou Muaj më parë
We're all in this together for sure, but Cali is more f*cked than most other states for sure. Those bailing on Cali and moving to Texas are probably going to turn Austin Texas into a dumpster fire as well eventually. You are in a different financial bracket than probably 99% of people watching this as well.
Battingthread Beats
Battingthread Beats Muaj më parë
Dude this was a great episode, please bring Dean on again, and Jim Florentine if possible
Cam Dam
Cam Dam Muaj më parë
Bill burr, knows his sports . Toronto raptors superfan isn't drake it that "Arab guy"...shout out to Nav Bhatia Perfect attendance since 95.
Ken Muaj më parë
He is a repeater
the mental landscape
the mental landscape Muaj më parë
Bert’s makeover was great, save the fact he had no pants..! gloves, check. jacket, check. boots, check. pants, uh-zero percent!!
AnxiousCowboy Muaj më parë
yo as someone who is turning 35 and feeling burnt out-- thanks!
Jeremy Kean
Jeremy Kean Muaj më parë
If it cheers you up a bit, my dad drove a cab till he was 50, living in my aunt's basement. One day, on a jog, he had a revelation, and in like a week he had 2 friends with him in a fucked up old Honda Civic, driving from Toronto to Fort MacMurray. He stayed in a homeless shelter for weeks, driving cab for a bit, and in about 2 months was enrolled in college to learn power engineering. He got his 3rd class certificate, started making 6 figures, and had the skills to work in nuclear power if he wanted. He went from telling me what crack whores smell like when it rains, to how ammonia scrubbers work at Syncrude. He just stopped assuming he couldn't do things based on his age, and it happened to be his only obstacle. Now, I'm definitely not suggesting you work for an oil company, because oil futures went negative this March, and he died of a heart attack. But the moral of the story is try not to count yourself out because of your age. It's a dangerous paper tiger.
Shannon Greenlaw
Shannon Greenlaw Muaj më parë
@BertKreischer I can see your weight loss progress! CONGRATULATIONS!
MrFoodAndDrink Muaj më parë
Love all the Queens of the Stone Age merch lately
D G Muaj më parë
I love you guys but Bill Burr came out as biggest villain on the Tiger documentary and ah go fuck yourself. You guys are great.
Joey Starkk
Joey Starkk Muaj më parë
Dean is a funny MF'er and cool as shit! I gotta start looking up his comedy now.
Xavier Sosa
Xavier Sosa Muaj më parë
I enjoyed Jeff's piano playing intro/outro yall should keepp it
dano alcala'
dano alcala' Muaj më parë
I dig it
G Muaj më parë
Steve-O and Dean NEED to do a podcast together...their vocals are so similar, dean has a little more bass lol
Gabriel Rojas
Gabriel Rojas Muaj më parë
Great episode!
SeztoGaming Muaj më parë
Minnesota > California
alex Brock
alex Brock Muaj më parë
Dean reminds me of that Tom Segura joke. "Been making boots for like 20, 25 years now."
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