Man Got Catfished - TLC #14

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¡•Savanna x Hatsuky•¿
¡•Savanna x Hatsuky•¿ 28 minuta më parë
The intro is really really really cool! Hahaha i love the intro XD And i love you 7u7👌
Darius Kaimanu
Darius Kaimanu 56 minuta më parë
stop the cap aladdin
Lka YouTube
Lka YouTube Orë më parë
where is some minecraft
FlipperFire boi
FlipperFire boi 2 orë më parë
Why did you make her look like one of those thumbs from spy kids in the thumbnail??? lmao
GUA 145
GUA 145 2 orë më parë
she constantly talks like an upset teacher to her husband
Vlone Trooper
Vlone Trooper 2 orë më parë
Ight im done watching this fucking nast 🤢 Imma go watch sum anime now to clense myself
lambent123 3 orë më parë
@12.15 "Laura, she looks a little bit different." He doesn't care. He wants to come to America.
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 3 orë më parë
Him: This is what I feel. I want to do jiggy-jiggy real quick. His wife: 😖
Seth Eskivias
Seth Eskivias 3 orë më parë
In mi contri vi call dis ladi like da eskank. Yea eskank. No good no good. This is hurrible!
OriginGeostorm 3 orë më parë
Wyd is your intro
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 4 orë më parë
9 days might be less, but remember, Anna wanted to marry Prince Hans the night she met him!
Khaith Salt
Khaith Salt 4 orë më parë
everytime I watch these things, its always "why?!!!" ughhh
Secret Name
Secret Name 4 orë më parë
I searched vajayjay and I regretted it
TheZoneRanger 4 orë më parë
Ok this dude based and Redpilled as fuck. But this woman is the complete opposite. We have one culture that's actually pretty grounded in values and family, and the other culture, is just a narcissistic festival
kevFML 4 orë më parë
my boy speed ran a marige
Aelan Kim
Aelan Kim 5 orë më parë
"Will you be my husband" Aladdin "Yes...." (awkward silence)
I:I Pancake I:I
I:I Pancake I:I 5 orë më parë
"I wanna jiggy jiggy" LMAO
Hour Hour
Hour Hour 5 orë më parë
*she wearing a wedding dress * *not a dinosaur costume *
ッyoitzpat 6 orë më parë
michaela menzel
michaela menzel 6 orë më parë
arii 6 orë më parë
HAHAHAHAH A A A wut the fuk
Stephanie Lorello
Stephanie Lorello 6 orë më parë
Dude that’s not her son bahahaha lmao
c.o. d.n
c.o. d.n 7 orë më parë
wow and they say america has no culture...?What is this pewds what happened to being proud of where u came from rude discrace to home land
Devin Leary
Devin Leary 7 orë më parë
I wonder if this is a direct reflection of how he feels about himself
Nolana BluesBewitch
Nolana BluesBewitch 7 orë më parë
Honey 50 year olds rarely have children naturally
Nolana BluesBewitch
Nolana BluesBewitch 8 orë më parë
It does happen that people accuse you of cheating because they do or have cheated because I’ve experienced it. But I have accused my ex of cheating but he actually was. I had proof his mistress was sending me pics and his being a horrible bully that I actually stayed off of social media for a long time.
Nolana BluesBewitch
Nolana BluesBewitch 8 orë më parë
He just waxed his NOSE!! Aaaa dude!
Nolana BluesBewitch
Nolana BluesBewitch 8 orë më parë
Aaaaaghi looove this intro!! So cute
Your Announcer
Your Announcer 8 orë më parë
Aladdin took the job at Hollywood
Goyard 8 orë më parë
she's Canadian
adriana aranda
adriana aranda 8 orë më parë
Lmao shes NOT from America she said "originally im from Ontario" that's canada 😂🤣😂🤣
DAVID THE BEAST 8 orë më parë
That's in America if you didn't know.
Amanda Uhrig
Amanda Uhrig 8 orë më parë
"you're American nothing else matters" Well I'm glad you missed that she's Canadian because we don't claim her xD
8 46
8 46 9 orë më parë
the Qatar passport is much better than the USA passport I just discovered that so why the hell did he marry her lmao
Sic Parvis Magna
Sic Parvis Magna 9 orë më parë
"The comforts that we have in America" *shows him eating half a grilled cheese sandwich*
brandon conover
brandon conover 9 orë më parë
wtf was that sneeze face
Anita Cameron
Anita Cameron 9 orë më parë
where can i buy that thors hammer
Pinku Pet
Pinku Pet 10 orë më parë
The problem is coming
Kelvin Ghost light
Kelvin Ghost light 10 orë më parë
This dude says ya know all the time that it’s funny
Alyssa Hawkins
Alyssa Hawkins 10 orë më parë
Bless you
Zamjamザムザム 10 orë më parë
Fffffffff why the heck the title is man who got catfish 😹
T_Rache 11 orë më parë
You also catfish with your thumbnails.
Sketfuk Ass
Sketfuk Ass 11 orë më parë
I have that fidget spinner
Bdjdj Jdjf
Bdjdj Jdjf 12 orë më parë
Urusla be dragning Aladdin away from Jiggy jiggy Jasmine
PhoenixRy 12 orë më parë
the fact that i was concentrating on the hammer pewds kept playing with the whole damn time makes the video more stupid
afwdawd awdwadw
afwdawd awdwadw 13 orë më parë
i dont understand, this guy is way way out of her league, she is old and ugly while this guy is quite handsome and fit also rich.
Sizifus 13 orë më parë
Aladdin looks 10 times better than me at my best and he went after this american hot dog. This is insanity
Turiayah Boateng
Turiayah Boateng 14 orë më parë
Aladdin is so sweet ,cute and such a respectful man Thank the lord he divorced her she was so impatient and just wanted more from him he deserves better :) xx As a 14 year old girl Iv'e learnt a lot from this video so thx xxx
some weeb
some weeb 14 orë më parë
I swear that intro looks like if a fleshlike got it’s skin ripped off
Ajiden Jamir
Ajiden Jamir 14 orë më parë
The intro keeps on getting better and better
nico.nation 15 orë më parë
I cant get over how he doesn’t see what a waste this crap is for him spent thousands of dollars on a wedding then divorces
Aaron O brien
Aaron O brien 15 orë më parë
Pewds hates Americans I love it
Jess Corrine
Jess Corrine 15 orë më parë
Toronto, Canada is not part of the US....
Emma_Climaton UwU
Emma_Climaton UwU 15 orë më parë
jIgGy JiGgY
Elri 15 orë më parë
Daniel Madsen
Daniel Madsen 16 orë më parë
Can someone tell me what pewds has in his hands and where i can buy it
YOSEF GOON08  يوسف غون
YOSEF GOON08 يوسف غون 16 orë më parë
كأنو مشتكينك كتااار 😂😂😂💙 مبرووك تابع منشان تصير 300 مليون
Mãhoumãd Ali
Mãhoumãd Ali 16 orë më parë
for some reason my play speed was at 0.25 and wondered why your intro was slow
Torpal tsu
Torpal tsu 17 orë më parë
That pewds has
Torpal tsu
Torpal tsu 17 orë më parë
Bruuuuuhh I want the Thor hammer thingy
youngboy 17 orë më parë
My man just pulled out a uno reverse card
Ruth Clarkhuffv
Ruth Clarkhuffv 18 orë më parë
“He doesn’t look too bad.” Bro I hope he finds someone who will appreciate him. He’s a real cutie and he seems very kind.
AceThyme 4181530
AceThyme 4181530 19 orë më parë
Put that on the back of the Christmas tree
GrumpyPants Playz
GrumpyPants Playz 20 orë më parë
ok but where do i get the hammer?
Gorgi Tv
Gorgi Tv 21 orë më parë
MY MAN you motivated me to start recording again 👍👍 if u guys want to help me drop a susbcribe and a like love u all stay safe
Risma Aulia
Risma Aulia 21 orë më parë
I play this video my nephew suddenly appear behind me he thought I watch cocomelon
Mohammed X Cobra
Mohammed X Cobra 21 orë më parë
These ppl are dum dum
Iz 22 orë më parë
Grey area here, but it's common cultural practice to marry a lady for a couple of days to have sexual relationship under the sanctity of "marriage"
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas 23 orë më parë
if she lost like 50 pounds she would be hot for a older lady
Katie Minicucci
Katie Minicucci Ditë më parë
7:20 no no no.. we Americans don’t claim her. We’ll let the Canadians take this one
Elri 15 orë më parë
As a Canadian we don't claim😭
fala7i tech
fala7i tech Ditë më parë
I don't think he knows Toronto is in Canada and not America.
Thu Moi
Thu Moi Ditë më parë
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Kazually Keziah
Kazually Keziah Ditë më parë
To be fair, some places in America are COMPLETELY different than others. If you're from LA you're basically from a different country than people in the midwest haha
Levi Hodge
Levi Hodge Ditë më parë
So, according to the story, I think that this episode would be some sort of "happy dream" of an delusional pewds who is completely alone and immerse in insanity. Here he has a great time with all his friends, but it's just a dream/vivid memory.
hailey quackson
hailey quackson Ditë më parë
Sara & Sasha
Sara & Sasha Ditë më parë
imagine Aladin got married to the wedding dress girl
Daniel? Ditë më parë
what is the thing he spins on his desk
Szabolcs varga
Szabolcs varga Ditë më parë
if age is just a number then sister just a word
Top Quark
Top Quark Ditë më parë
Pewdiepie doesn't realize that America has many regions with many different cultures. Plus, she said she's Canadian.
Holly Olsen
Holly Olsen Ditë më parë
So who's the ugly one? Wow how is this dweeb not cancelled??
AAO Tube
AAO Tube Ditë më parë
I didn't laugh, until the hit on the head
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Ditë më parë
The guy is super attractive and has money. She is totally taking advantage.
Nikhlodeon _
Nikhlodeon _ Ditë më parë
6:10 look how the turntables felix..........
Nixie ~ ♡ ~
Nixie ~ ♡ ~ Ditë më parë
WOoowww 💞🧚🏻‍♀️🎇
petiboi Ditë më parë
bless you bro
Sydney Stevens
Sydney Stevens Ditë më parë
7:19 but she's not 😂 she's canadian
Omar Saavedra
Omar Saavedra Ditë më parë
Sweden too scared to go to war
XyiChannel Ditë më parë
I wish I can have husband like him.
oh hello
oh hello Ditë më parë
God the intro scared me
Registered NooB
Registered NooB Ditë më parë
He never even mentions green card. Despite of how weird it may be, it sounds like he was genuinely in love with her. Her insecurities and jealousy were just to much.
Mila Cruz
Mila Cruz Ditë më parë
Hell no. She looks 60
L R Ditë më parë
"He doesn’t look too bad"...if that's "not too bad" I wanna be ugly.
Christian Fatouros
Christian Fatouros Ditë më parë
that lady gives Toronto a bad name which is where I live now she makes me feel ashamed
Foolgazy Ditë më parë
So glad u skipped
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Ditë më parë
She is a top shelf narcissist
Tomash Studio
Tomash Studio Ditë më parë
Love how she slammed her ipad like its a laptop. 20:05
Ziggy Zwane
Ziggy Zwane Ditë më parë
dollar store nick jonas needs help
Anglia Love
Anglia Love Ditë më parë
This is y America is seen as shit😑✋
MetalikStatik Ditë më parë
Americans always talk about what state they are from because a lot of the time people will judge you based on what state you are from, I'm from washington state and live in Texas now. While in southern states people don't really care what state you're from people in western or eastern states often ask about where you're from if you have even the slightest southern accent.
Vincis 2008
Vincis 2008 Ditë më parë
I love that Felix has a golden thor hammer and is just playing whit it. I WANT ONE!!!!!!
Electra Konstantinidou
Electra Konstantinidou Ditë më parë
Electra Konstantinidou
Electra Konstantinidou Ditë më parë
Make the stupid feeling that it is called love...
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