Monologue: From Russia With Yuck | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump's final debate and Rudy Giuliani's scandalous "Borat" cameo.
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brianna holston
brianna holston 19 ditë më parë
lizzo truth hurts
Marie Singing
Marie Singing 26 ditë më parë
TRUMP paid taxes to Russia. TRUMP stayed on POINT because of the mute button. 🙄🙄
Des Prenty
Des Prenty 27 ditë më parë
One hundred forty two Billion to Israel, but the paltry covid relief for the people who paid for that ? Generous to a fault seems the byword now....
Bearly Listening
Bearly Listening 28 ditë më parë
Nice try distracting from the FBI investigation into the Biden family corruption.
Electric Gigolo
Electric Gigolo 28 ditë më parë
"Dam I juast yuck do u Mr Donald?" - Melania
childwaters 28 ditë më parë
"He gets to eat the flies that land on Mike Pence." !!!! that would be Renfrew, not Nosferatu, but it's still a big fat gem.
Amanda Portner
Amanda Portner 29 ditë më parë
We want more content BILL
dbgaming soccer and more!!
dbgaming soccer and more!! 29 ditë më parë
Ok bill so in your mind the Borat story which we can all watch and see clearly nothing happened is real and the NY Post story of hunter crack Biden is fake???????? What happened to you???????? They must pay you a lot of money to sell your soul!!! The old Bill would have been the one guy who talks real about the subject but no we get Rudy is the bad guy!!! So sad but you don't care sitting pretty with your millions on your hill!!!
Ivan Muaj më parë
So ZERO comments about France from famous atheist. what a piece of ...
Wayne Pistella
Wayne Pistella Muaj më parë
One guy I like to kick the s out of! what an a crumb
33ad1 Muaj më parë
This is just a Stupid show by a Stupid Clown named Bill Bozo Maher
Fernando Rock Rodrigues
Fernando Rock Rodrigues Muaj më parë
Who's the lucky cardinal Haha 🤣😂😹😹😂 Laughing until the Messiah comes back
N E 1
N E 1 Muaj më parë
Democrats lost big this month , they are going to get smoked on election day .
Mark of the Sun
Mark of the Sun Muaj më parë
Spend two years in Saigon looking at blownapart bodies and then you get to tell me what you think of me. Otherwise I'm going to vote against you for the rest of Eternity tell me who to vote for now?
Mark of the Sun
Mark of the Sun Muaj më parë
Shut up draft Dodger. How dare you speak to me for the rest of the eternity.
Diana Hill
Diana Hill Muaj më parë
Will Dr. Fauci be on the cover of Time magazine as person of the year, for 2020?
oleole52 Muaj më parë
The festering orange boil on America's ass will be lanced soon.Stand back.
Vin Smith
Vin Smith Muaj më parë
Slimy Maher
meir p.
meir p. Muaj më parë
Not remotely funny
Louis Muaj më parë
Why were you asking Schiff how we're going to make California better when the Dems were the ones who F'd it up!
SierWilliam Muaj më parë
That's what I should have told my mom, No mom, I was just tucking in my shirt like you always tell me to.
L W Muaj më parë
Try not taking the Lord’s name in vain.
Sylvia Shelnutt
Sylvia Shelnutt Muaj më parë
The amount of hate for the right is palpable. Policies, true policies, not just hyperbole is needed so undecideds can make an educated decision.
ExEssex :
ExEssex : Muaj më parë
3:11 The Pope is a religious leader with no actual power who knowingly lies for a living. Nobody should give a rat's ass what he has to say about anything.
Poe try
Poe try Muaj më parë
Old Puttie Pants is preparing for Biden.
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter Muaj më parë
Dump Trump 2020.
CAVÏAR CAVÏAR Muaj më parë
Stephen Corliss
Stephen Corliss Muaj më parë
Donald Trump is the greatest example of the American dream, when even the dumbest moron on the planet does not need to grow up to become president.
Big Mike
Big Mike Muaj më parë
These Trumpkins are so devoted to the orange demi-gourd that they are proving to be worse than sheep, they're lemmings to the slaughter.
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD* Muaj më parë
Listen to Trump's latest speech. He is always out of breath when he speaks. Fat arse. 🤣
Ge Raging
Ge Raging Muaj më parë
TRUMP 57 % BIDEN 42 %… 76,245,066 Views - TRUMP 53 % BIDEN 40 % #Trump Opens Up 12 Point Lead Nationally On #Joe #Biden #Cnn… With #HunterBiden #SexTape #China #Trafalgar #poll #EpochTimes #FoxNews #url #Seo #Vk #Facebook #Zuck #Trump2020 "#Widens" #Lead
Lucius Kan
Lucius Kan Muaj më parë
this guy is a millonare psicho
Jack B
Jack B Muaj më parë
***This Zoom call sponsored by: Chaturbate Jeff Toobin' :
Uncle George
Uncle George Muaj më parë
Hey Bill; He had to shake your hand too!
Vincent Leone
Vincent Leone Muaj më parë
It must be tough on your writers to make Trump the bad one on that debate. All he had to do to win was let Biden try to remember how to put sentences together for 2 minutes straight. Who woulda guessed a mute button on Trump was a blessing in disguise for him. Your own peeps are being attacked in nyc by liberals and you still cant be neutral. comedy needs a resurrection, Id settle for a non prescribed erection
michael grabianowski
michael grabianowski Muaj më parë
Rabid Rudy was just trying to release the bat in his pants and bat her.
ivan manzanares
ivan manzanares Muaj më parë
The roast beef part had me dying.
Dean Susec
Dean Susec Muaj më parë
How unfunny is Bill Maher?
Mark Eldridge
Mark Eldridge Muaj më parë
This idiot🤦‍♂️ almost went 45 seconds without saying “Trump”
EY Muaj më parë
Who’s the lucky cardinal 🤣🤣
Douglas B
Douglas B Muaj më parë
Lol... how much did you pay the 5 people to laugh at every punchline?
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Muaj më parë
Shut up, whiner - tons of people saw how funny this was - but then they are not morons.
Night Knight
Night Knight Muaj më parë
I'm the least racist here...if alone in a room I hire the best people...until they go to prison I'm not in debt...but you can't see my taxes The election is rigged...unless I win That's fake news...unless it's flattering to me Everything is a hoax...unless I tweet it I'm smart...but scholastic transcripts are off limits I have the best words...until I trip over them That's a witch hunt...while I hide my pointy hat I love kids...but I'll put them into cages I demand loyalty...that I give to nobody else I want a fair race...but need voter suppression I'm tough on Russia...but I'm still Putin's puppet I'm a tough guy...that hides in a bunker I'm a patriot...that dodged the draft 5x I'm self-made...who inherited Fred's tax shelter I'm a philanthropist...who steals from charities I'm a leader...who has zero accountability I'm a moral man...who uses hush money payoffs I'm not orange...but permanently impeached Don't hire illegals...unless they work at Mar-a-lago Buy USA made...unless it's sold at my store I screwed up my job...but let me keep it I'm the best president...that's never presidential THIS is the Liar-In-Chief...Agolf Twittler! 🤢🤮😵
Earth Muaj më parë
Canned laughter/ Desperation October Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alan Mundy
Alan Mundy Muaj më parë
Sadly of course Pope Francis remains opposed to gay sex. So according to the Church it's ok to be gay so long as you don't practise it - just like saying it's OK to be Catholic, just so long as you don't practise it.
General Eric
General Eric Muaj më parë
Still unfunny as always sounds like canned laughter or six people in the audience almost as big as Chers gig for Biden.
Mister X
Mister X Muaj më parë
Fox News defends Trump by saying, "It's not a secret bank account. Everybody knows about it now"
JeryLee Wilkes
JeryLee Wilkes Muaj më parë
Brooks .Anderson
Brooks .Anderson Muaj më parë
Rudy was tugging in his shorts.
Michael Parks
Michael Parks Muaj më parë
Blessings to Jeffery Toobin. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 He's "a good man" who "forgot" to keep "business" and "pleasure" on separate PCs/phones. We ALL "do it" - even Mr. Maher...
jerry sims
jerry sims Muaj më parë
DUMP TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!
007kingifrit Muaj më parë
by giving him a second term!
The Electrician
The Electrician Muaj më parë
Trump 2020. Cancel Bill !!!!!!
Glass Refreaction
Glass Refreaction Muaj më parë
A yes, the old withe guy talking about how the old white guy is better thatn the old white guy.
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Muaj më parë
@Glass Refreaction That is not defensiveness, at least not beyond the defense I would give to any unfairly mistreated group. Not that old white guys are mistreated by many, but they clearly are by YOU. In your initial post you mocked Bill for having been born white (not his fault) and long enough ago to be called old, for taking a stance on a race between old white guys - that makes you an idiot racist. If Chris Rock had said the same (and I'd bet he would) you would have STFU! You are a dumbassed racist SOB almost as bad as Trump supporters - congrats on being slightly less deplorable than them.
Glass Refreaction
Glass Refreaction Muaj më parë
@Pat Doyle Such defensiveness, tell me more. Leave aside the love from old white guys.
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Muaj më parë
And what is intrinsically wrong with old white guys? Nothing is wrong with young POC, but we have two old white guys who have the only chance to win. And Bill didn't CHOOSE to be born white or when he was - does that mean his opinion means nothing? Look, you whiney little moron - YOU are why the right gets away with calling the left racists - because YOU are!
Генадий Попов
Генадий Попов Muaj më parë
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Nicholas Powell
Nicholas Powell Muaj më parë
I think you mean microphone to Rudy Giuliani
C. Lynn
C. Lynn Muaj më parë
"...His only compensation is he gets to eat the flies that land on Pence." LOL!
Michael Chabler
Michael Chabler Muaj më parë
The thing about Giuliani is he’s simply getting in trouble for what he did the whole time he was New York’s mayor, despite his attempts to take credit for what happened during his terms.
Anthony Muaj më parë
America, the country that is about to swap a dollar for four quarters and call it change. When will you stop nominating these morons to run your country.
Mike Currie
Mike Currie Muaj më parë
He looked like roast beef
Chrissie Bawn
Chrissie Bawn Muaj më parë
Ron Madsen
Ron Madsen Muaj më parë
Yeah. That must be why FOX wouldn't even touch the story and the "investigative" reporters would not commit their by lines to the story. Psst... your drunk uncle called and wants to take to to the circus.
Arthur Charron
Arthur Charron Muaj më parë
Tony bobulinski
AroundSun Muaj më parë
If taxes were so great why is California the worst state to live in the country? Why do they have 1/3 of all welfare recipients? Why are people fleeing in droves?
Wolf Night
Wolf Night Muaj më parë
j–hope‘s ego
j–hope‘s ego Muaj më parë
Amaury's Crazy Reality Show
Amaury's Crazy Reality Show Muaj më parë
LMAO , Great routine had me in stiches , love his sense of humor . Latinos 4 Trump 2020
Zodiac Muaj më parë
Toobin is dying on the inside with every quip. I love this shit.
Ills Solution
Ills Solution Muaj më parë
RE: comedian Ron White would say, "things that make you go (shivering) blluuuuhhhhh!"
Nat Kam
Nat Kam Muaj më parë
''alien autopsy '' 🤣😆this whole monologue had me in stitches.
John Bee
John Bee Muaj më parë
No comment on the hub-bub over Joe Biden's debate comment on oil? Surprising.
Legendary Item
Legendary Item Muaj më parë
Pretty standard unimaginative stuff from Bill and the team. Can't you do better?
Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy Muaj më parë
Fake comedy.
Foo Farew
Foo Farew Muaj më parë
He was adjusting his mic in his pants. Anyways, why would it be weird if Rudy were to ‘get with’ a 26 year old grown woman in a private room with full consent? The only weird/illegal part would be that it was unknowingly filmed. You can say she was 15, but she wasn’t, and plus Rudy didn’t ‘touch’ her, so wtf is the issue?
Jared Ferguson
Jared Ferguson Muaj më parë
@Foo Farew If you don't see why that's bad optics I guess you won't. It's kinda an if you know, you know sort of thing.
Foo Farew
Foo Farew Muaj më parë
@Jared Ferguson is that all you can say? I love Cohen but I think his interpretation is very wrong on this.
Jared Ferguson
Jared Ferguson Muaj më parë
Have you completely lost your mind?
Glow Singer
Glow Singer Muaj më parë
Rudy Giuliani aka Perverto is 76 years old, was trying to bang a 24 years old, when a man is more than triple the age of a woman, that's lot of Viagra😳
ug9191 Muaj më parë
The pope needs to read the bible.
G Mercer
G Mercer Muaj më parë
Rudy Guiliani sang, “ And when I think about you, I touch myself, “. What a sick pervert doing that in front of a female reporter? Seriously? Then Jeffrey Toobin masterbastes on zoom? These Republicans are disgusting.
G Mercer
G Mercer Muaj më parë
Can’t wait till disaster Trump is removed from office. God help us. Trump wlll pay taxes to a communist government but avoids paying taxes in the U.S.A. Pathetic.
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell Muaj më parë
A lot of Canadians are praying for our neighbours
andrei d
andrei d Muaj më parë
I am a huge bill fan but how tf do you claim to be fair and not mention the hunter biden scandal but do mention trumps bank account...
Corey Perez
Corey Perez Muaj më parë
No trump = no material
Charles1er Smeyers
Charles1er Smeyers Muaj më parë
What is the difference between China and the US of A? in China Trump pays taxes, because China makes him. Vote.
Time Traveler
Time Traveler Muaj më parë
Bill is a spreader of darkness. He hides behind the veil of being a Comedian to spread darkness and division. He is part of the millionaire elite entertainment complex. A true comrade.
Easternsun Muaj më parë
50 former intelligence employees who never personally saw hunters laptop have all said that it was Russian disinformation. Not sure what's more scary , Biden saying this thinking ppl would believe him ,or ppl actually believing him
m r
m r Muaj më parë
U mean he paid extortion money to China
John Duque
John Duque Muaj më parë
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Muaj më parë
I bet bill mar dose everything he can leagaly do to get out of paying taxes
WildwoodClaire1 Muaj më parë
Rudy was just trying to reboot his "hard-drive."
Up Too Late
Up Too Late Muaj më parë
Didn't work. Only thing down there was a floppy
WildwoodClaire1 Muaj më parë
Trump looked like roast beef? Have you seen Mitch McConnell lately? He looks like raw beef that's been lying in the sun for several days. I don't know how they're keeping the flies off of him.
vsboy 25
vsboy 25 Muaj më parë
Bill does make some seriously nasty yet funny as hell jokes
Wally gator
Wally gator Muaj më parë
11 more days till you start crying like little bitches again.
Wally gator
Wally gator Muaj më parë
6 more days
rob munn
rob munn Muaj më parë
Fire to Frankenstein, garlic to Rudy Guliani or being humorous to Bill Maher. You are so droll and predictable. Time to leave the stage old man.
Brandon Orlando
Brandon Orlando Muaj më parë
Its sad to watch a man destroy his career because he has massive Trump Derangement. Bill, save the little integrity you have and admit why you really hate Trump. They really believe you think he is bad for America. I know why you are scared and shame on you for selling your soul. You can also tell us Hugh is you bio dad. Its pretty fucking obvious.
C. Sturgis
C. Sturgis Muaj më parë
Jeffrey Toobin - not at ALL FUNNY.
Tom Stelzer
Tom Stelzer Muaj më parë
Trumps face looked like his undertaker did his make-up for the debate!
Wizard Epps
Wizard Epps Muaj më parë
He had to shake your hand too bill, and you whack it off. Hypocrite.
Home Truths
Home Truths Muaj më parë
I feel sorry for the people who have had to shake Bill Maher's hand because he is the biggest wan**r on tv.
Don Brunton
Don Brunton Muaj më parë
I live in Brazil. I pay taxes here AND in the US. BIG DEAL! At least Trump is not syphoning billions OUT of China like the Biden MAFIA.
Don Brunton
Don Brunton Muaj më parë
@Carlos Reyes How can I defend Trump? How can you even look in the mirror? Demcommies are indeed blind to their own hypocrisy. Truly astonishing. Political discourse is DEAD.
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes Muaj më parë
You are beyond fanatic.the president that constantly attacks China has a bank account there, pays taxes for it and doesn't pay any in the USA. Are you nuts::? How can you defend that?
Shane Michael Boland
Shane Michael Boland Muaj më parë
Yeah funny, yeah definitely unfortunate, definitely unintentional, Let’s talk about something else important. Most of us self love once or twice a week others daily and the rest just lie about it - nothing new to see here. But still funny 👍
President elect, Chatsworth II
President elect, Chatsworth II Muaj më parë
Low info comedy is lame.
Stev3 Muaj më parë
This guy likes kids
Nabil Noble
Nabil Noble Muaj më parë
$750 I pay $15 k every year my income under $100 k
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