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Fire star
Fire star 11 orë më parë
I couldn't help but smile when I heard babylirious
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 2 ditë më parë
When cartoonz killed Delirious at the end he should have won how did he lose
Undertale Freak
Undertale Freak 3 ditë më parë
Wait did cartoonz kill himself!? 22:31
999 WRLD
999 WRLD 5 ditë më parë
Christopher Colvin
Christopher Colvin 11 ditë më parë
Yo that mod is sick AF.
Yanira Marin
Yanira Marin 12 ditë më parë
Where I can download this mod for among us for pc? please I am your fan number 1 in Bogotá, Colombia
Wēâłthÿ Røâčh
Wēâłthÿ Røâčh 16 ditë më parë
Apparently I’m the KING MF Toonz: We just gone end it right there
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson 18 ditë më parë
look at 22:32 the reason he lost is because he somehow killed himself, look at the animation
Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon 21 ditë më parë
How to get this mod
BOZE_OZZIE_010 23 ditë më parë
That ending was hella SUS
Vampwolf 28
Vampwolf 28 24 ditë më parë
how do i use the mod?
XanthiaNicole55 25 ditë më parë
The animation showed that Toonz killed himself st the end.. am i the only ine who saw this?? 22:31
Gage Ridgeway
Gage Ridgeway 27 ditë më parë
Okay what the f**k is this shit?! 22:32 I can only assume that's a glitch, and if not I dont even f**kin know anymore. But when Cartoonz tried to kill Delirious, it showed him being killed instead and died, But it showed Cartoonz being the killer? WTF?!
Tristen Heisdorffer
Tristen Heisdorffer 27 ditë më parë
This video is basically stonks you get more kills and then you get babys to kill more for you then you repeat
Bibby 29 ditë më parë
Not sure if you already added it but should make it so the Alien can actually see in the dark.
Luna Nulia
Luna Nulia Muaj më parë
is this his official mod for real
AJ Muaj më parë
22:32 well that image is sus
Hayden the Toa
Hayden the Toa Muaj më parë
20:18 this is priceless
Röszler NIkolett
Röszler NIkolett Muaj më parë
escuse me i dont like chest bursters and face huggers soo please delete this :c
Some Gem
Some Gem Muaj më parë
Babylirious is a blessing.
Shami Castillo
Shami Castillo Muaj më parë
BOYY I AM MELTING TO THE DAMN CORE!!! Not only Toons will be called from now on "Uncletoons" but the animation of babylirious and Toons arguing made me scream so hard at how cute that was!
Yellow Mangoo
Yellow Mangoo Muaj më parë
EvilHaribo 101
EvilHaribo 101 Muaj më parë
Instead of watching the video I was just busy making references to the movies
Shane Taffy
Shane Taffy Muaj më parë
Shane Taffy
Shane Taffy Muaj më parë
Wait this is actually a cool ass mod !!!
antonia milton
antonia milton Muaj më parë
They have updated this game very well
xXHamasaki_MasakoXx Muaj më parë
Uncle Toonz!!! 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
LadySif93 Muaj më parë
I love that when toonz does the alien voice he's either stitch or smeagle
hawklebird Muaj më parë
Technically theres 3 aliens on the ship 2 imposter aliens and alien queen
Gemma Lu
Gemma Lu Muaj më parë
looks good
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson Muaj më parë
U should get a predator role
Inlightend godess
Inlightend godess Muaj më parë
As they drag more body's they level up
that kid
that kid Muaj më parë
lokishadownerd Muaj më parë
they almost devolved into Uganda Knuckles a couple times "I think it's unfertilized" "give me a few minutes with it" lol
ninja bro
ninja bro Muaj më parë
Cartoons killed himself
antmanFN Muaj më parë
Who else saw cartoonz kill rolla instead
Ariana Pettiford
Ariana Pettiford Muaj më parë
Cool mod
raven_the_demon 666
raven_the_demon 666 Muaj më parë
I was gone for like a week from ALpost and I missed this?! I love the Alien movies!!!
eile d
eile d Muaj më parë
so the imposters are the predators the aliens are well the aliens and the crewmates are the space marines
Salahuddin Mansour
Salahuddin Mansour Muaj më parë
The ending was amazing
Agus Ojeda
Agus Ojeda Muaj më parë
This mod was so confusing i had to go back to the explanation twice
Szymon Witkowski
Szymon Witkowski Muaj më parë
Yeeet the paper
Nny2005 Muaj më parë
I don't believe for a second Cartoonz came up with this mod... da fug you talking about
Happy Historian
Happy Historian Muaj më parë
I love all the mods and awesome gameplay; however, PLEASE do Caveman mode again.
Brennen Fisher-Merritt
Brennen Fisher-Merritt Muaj më parë
9/10 mod wasn’t called imposter queen
Cbear Muaj më parë
18:34 serious PSA babylirious pooped on Liz Katz's lap, 20:07 Uncle Toonz talking to his niece babylirious so cute
TRIDENT 246 Muaj më parë
Hi Guys, can you kindly check my channel out and give me some feedback, its mainly based around gaming.
robert ybarra
robert ybarra Muaj më parë
I love how Uncle Toonz is so protective of Babylirious
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Muaj më parë
ImaPancake Muaj më parë
Holy shit this mod is rad
Flawless Madness
Flawless Madness Muaj më parë
lil katz so annoying
Xeno 1096
Xeno 1096 Muaj më parë
My name on Among Us is Xeno so I would get voted off so fast in this game mode ;-;
OmegaMations Muaj më parë
20:15 the cutest moment in history!! Talk to Uncle Toonz and the baby talked back so cute!! ☺️😆
Parsa Salimi
Parsa Salimi Muaj më parë
how do u get this mod? i want itttttttt
Carlos Ovalle
Carlos Ovalle Muaj më parë
You should have the ghost chat thingy where impostor could hear the ghost
IceBreakerCE Muaj më parë
Love da mod, I wish playercap and map size were bigger that's a lot of work tho
Mark Hinson
Mark Hinson Muaj më parë
Delirious singing " I'm going to save my friends" CaRtOoNz: What the f*** they just killed each other. Lol.
Levi Xiong
Levi Xiong Muaj më parë
That is such a good mod and I love your videos you make great content 👍♥️
Phoenix LeMaster
Phoenix LeMaster Muaj më parë
Cartoonz I think we all agree we need "Eat my dust!" Jihi merch.
Mickinzy Sions
Mickinzy Sions Muaj më parë
Simon Otori
Simon Otori Muaj më parë
Cartoonz humming the chicken song is contagious for my brain xD
Simon Otori
Simon Otori Muaj më parë
Delirious and cartoonz protecting liz was hilarious xD
Harley England
Harley England Muaj më parë
22:32 toonz killed..himself..?
Anthony Curtis
Anthony Curtis Muaj më parë
He killed himself 22:32
Tabare Pereira
Tabare Pereira Muaj më parë
I love how cartoonz has it where babylerious is purple which is a mix of Liz and delirious’s color
TaWandrea Bland
TaWandrea Bland Muaj më parë
will you play gow 5 with delirious
Tre Dragneel
Tre Dragneel Muaj më parë
Funniest thing is Toons played himself by KILLING himself
ShadowSnake Muaj më parë
Omg delirious at the end. Toons goes "wtf were you the queen?? 0_o" and delirious goes "No, but apparently I'm the mofockin KING 👑"
Katlyn Conway
Katlyn Conway Muaj më parë
Babylirious joining the game is absolutely amazing!!!!!
angelsandfaes Muaj më parë
This mod is as awesome as babllirious. Glad to enjoy them both
Ayden Apicella
Ayden Apicella Muaj më parë
I’m so confused are the aliens and imposters teammates or against eachother
Jay-De Lady Jade
Jay-De Lady Jade Muaj më parë
20:03 poor babylirious lol She sounds so precious
Michael Lance Steenberg
Michael Lance Steenberg Muaj më parë
That ending had me Dying with Laughter over here. 😂😂😂
Kingomi132 Official
Kingomi132 Official Muaj më parë
When cartoons died randomly it showed he killed him self
Blood Thirsty Avengers
Blood Thirsty Avengers Muaj më parë
How the hex did Toonz die at the end? Mod glitch?
Sokka, Wise Oaf
Sokka, Wise Oaf Muaj më parë
Alien Queen mod fits well in Among Us cuz the impostors ARE aliens
Liammations Muaj më parë
Oh my god I hate that stupid sound so much!
Vincent Elai Agosto
Vincent Elai Agosto Muaj më parë
I just watched this on Delirious POV 😂😂 It was very hilarious 😂😂
Silver G Phoenix
Silver G Phoenix Muaj më parë
HI! TOONZ FAN HERE! This video is so gold, not only the awesome new Mod. But also the cute bby Lirious animation. And "Uncle Toonz"? Luv it. Luv ur vids, Keep makin Joy -Mr. Phoenix
Michael Bituin
Michael Bituin Muaj më parë
Months ago: delirious was the one who use to carry babylirious around Now: Liza is now the one who is carrying babylirious My heart ❤😭😭
RetroCrusher Muaj më parë
After the death of his beloved, Delirious went on rampage. He knew Cartoonz was the perpetrator and waited for him to act... As Cartoonz's cooldown ran out, he leapt at Delirious with murderous intent in his eyes! Delirious with the strength of all of his crewmates and his love, Liz, He fought Cartoonz's to the death. Little did Cartoonz know, that he would soon play himself.... The only two remaining on the ship...: Rocky....and Babylirious. 22:33
VVELENA Muaj më parë
Having a Freddy Krueger Mod would be amazing 🤩
Hunter Rivas
Hunter Rivas Muaj më parë
Did anyone else see toonz stab him self in the final animation?
Ribotto Studios
Ribotto Studios Muaj më parë
After seeing that HORRID footage of the dad yelling at his child to "SHUT THE F UP." after his controller broke or some shiz, this was so heartwarming man. Seeing Delirious be calm with a crying baby, and mamalirious be like "talk to uncle toonz" and cartoonz use the crying to create Is cute.
J TK Muaj më parë
do a terminator mod
The Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer Muaj më parë
Is the alien good or bad
frank seden
frank seden Muaj më parë
you should do a predator mod o-o''
Oof W1z
Oof W1z Muaj më parë
He stabbed himself
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Muaj më parë
This isn't your mod this is our mod🇷🇺 said like a true russian
bagel tunes
bagel tunes Muaj më parë
Who's child is this
Jayden Lealiou
Jayden Lealiou Muaj më parë
I think the queen should be able to place eggs anywhere and when a crew mate/imposter walks by a face hugger latches on and after ten seconds they turn into a xeno
Roman Capulus
Roman Capulus Muaj më parë
“No I wasn’t the queen, but apparently I’m the king!”-Delirious
Rellik1974 Muaj më parë
20:07 is a very funny interrogation! 😂
Mike Rule
Mike Rule Muaj më parë
"Uncle Toonz" Im crying 😫🥺
Julius cesar Bello
Julius cesar Bello Muaj më parë
Bruh i saw 2 toonzs in there when kill del and killed yourself
Allison Whittern
Allison Whittern Muaj më parë
I think it would be cool if it was one imp but the queen can see the half of the map that a body is on.
ZER⓿ Muaj më parë
This is literally „Monsters vs Aliens“
Firepheonix_jr Muaj më parë
how do we get the mod that puts the line around our names? or shows the icon of whose talking with the circles? also hope these mods become public
Ben Rose
Ben Rose Muaj më parë
This has to be one of my favorite mods I have seen
Baby JJ
Baby JJ Muaj më parë
Delirious is pissed at 7:14
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