The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show 1-19-2021

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Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 6 ditë më parë
I see y people hate Cory he speak his mind lol they can’t take the heat
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 6 ditë më parë
I’ve had a crush on dee since my father told me I couldn’t have that 1 ice T album in the was that the late 80’s
MANGO ZOO 8 ditë më parë
This is Ghetto childish shix for real, grown man like him talking the way he dose is embarrassing grow up and be humble
Ray Lyle
Ray Lyle 10 ditë më parë
I fuck wit Corey Holcomb comedy but he lame for this shit.
Demon Horton
Demon Horton 11 ditë më parë
Y corey holcomb not taking about his son he didn't have nothing to do with
RubberBand Clan
RubberBand Clan 21 ditë më parë
Milwaukee WI
Lil HomeInvasion
Lil HomeInvasion 21 ditë më parë
Kraig racist
Ray Dannb
Ray Dannb 22 ditë më parë
Absolutely no substance without Zo
Natalie Reynoso
Natalie Reynoso 23 ditë më parë
this shit entertainment
T. Champ
T. Champ 26 ditë më parë
This show use to be it’s all about his feelings!
nick Muaj më parë
The vibe is all wrong now. It's all phoney and fraudulent. A bunch of lackeys being led by a loud mouthed fat kid.
Patrick C
Patrick C Muaj më parë
Lol, does anyone NOT think Corey's a snake after this?! Putting a "friend's" business out on the internet is never acceptable. And continuing to talk behind his back is just some sucka sh*t! That's how you treat a member of your "team"?!
Tywan Washington
Tywan Washington Muaj më parë
What’s good
Dijon Sharpe Network
Dijon Sharpe Network Muaj më parë
Fugazy ain’t nothing common in men world if so ain’t no way you enabling it shut tiring
Black Rivers
Black Rivers Muaj më parë
😀😀🤣🤣🤣 Kevin come get me!!!!
John Bellefeuille
John Bellefeuille Muaj më parë
Put that song back up that was jamming with tim
Black Berry
Black Berry Muaj më parë
World Star brought me here🤷🏿
steven james
steven james Muaj më parë
ZO is a very informative person but you can't be so judgmental if you can't control your self and Rule #1 Never Outshine the Master. This is Cory's show he was plug'n his shit and was interrupted I would have WHEN IN ON YA'LL ASS too
True Native Clothing Store
True Native Clothing Store Muaj më parë
Love the new studio bro, y'all looked real good!
True Native Clothing Store
True Native Clothing Store Muaj më parë
I know what you saying Corey, some folks like to act like they straight up and down but when it comes down to it they're not.. But you're a big man, you're a boss now, you have to let your cast be just that; your cast. You don't have to be personal friends with everyone.
Jayfrmmia Muaj më parë
Dennis Tate
Dennis Tate Muaj më parë
I love the 5150 show i just hope Corey don’t get into it with Kraig.
Glock Boa
Glock Boa Muaj më parë
Comment section goin ku on Corey... Guess what tho? 🗣THIS NIGGA DONT GIVE TWO FUCKS, LET ALONE ONE!!!
Dj Drip
Dj Drip Muaj më parë
When keeping it real goes wrong
Djenne Sirus
Djenne Sirus Muaj më parë
Yo we talking bout 20k yo! 20 fucking thousand dollars! Yall broke niggas got stop acting like 20k is nothing, foh!
AGMC Room 237
AGMC Room 237 Muaj më parë
Kraig looking like star from 2003
Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler Muaj më parë
Corey lame as hell smh
Izaya Howard
Izaya Howard Muaj më parë
I swea Craig&Corey the same nigga lol
Timothy Anthony
Timothy Anthony Muaj më parë
I like Corey but some shit we just don’t do as men and that’s air a Nigga shit out in front of people when you see dat Nigga it’s suppose to be head up and between you and ya mans 💯
cameron .silas
cameron .silas Muaj më parë
Not gonna lie, Corey did Zo dirty. But this show was funny then a mf
wordz on a screen
wordz on a screen Muaj më parë
This n I g g a disrespectful 😷
Chris Hargraves
Chris Hargraves Muaj më parë
West Side
West Side Muaj më parë
Kraig in trouble 🤣
Marquan Bowie
Marquan Bowie Muaj më parë
average niggas talk real niggas don't do that that shit be gossip
r da
r da Muaj më parë
58:07 the camera or set makes Corey looks like he's a midget.
LA Allen
LA Allen Muaj më parë
That intro is messy af but I still laughed tho.
Immortal Music
Immortal Music Muaj më parë
Marcus be trollin with his laughter such a reach laughism.
Keshia Mixon
Keshia Mixon Muaj më parë
This dude a clown that needs to be cancelled his disrespect for blk women and now his friend is awful 🗣️corey the hypocrite
Austin Abanidoni
Austin Abanidoni Muaj më parë
I don’t know how a grown man can fall out with another man and do everything possible to destroy any chances of making up
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Muaj më parë
Bro send for Rob home young brother that got shot and went blind but he's very talented look him up on Facebook bro
Kevin Y. Taylor
Kevin Y. Taylor Muaj më parë
Kingston, Jamaica says fuck zo.
Montrell Brown
Montrell Brown Muaj më parë
I used to like Corey but now I see he a sucka
ryder Huggins
ryder Huggins Muaj më parë
Corey is the worst type of human being a complete narcissist Zoe was right he never accepts accountability when he’s wrong I would hate to work for someone like Corey everyone’s expendable to him and he rules with a iron fist no one should work for Corey I’ve worked for someone like Corey before and I left and when I left my life improved and I started my own business Zoe never go back to Corey his attitude sucks he’s a narcissist and mark my words he’s going to run through employees like water
TrollBoothAttendant faxu
TrollBoothAttendant faxu Muaj më parë
Corey is bitchmade.
Kennie Alston
Kennie Alston Muaj më parë
Corey let it go ....
torrie Watkins
torrie Watkins Muaj më parë
It's the Goofy shirt for me
V Ferg
V Ferg Muaj më parë
I stopped watching the show a minute ago after I seen the sucka shit Corey been doing (gossiping shit, talking shit about ppl n not standing on it, etc) .I’m not surprised this happen at all. he took a low blow with that weakest link comment. Not coo.
reaper status
reaper status Muaj më parë
Corey: I listen to y’all when y’all talk, don’t I? Dee: I think y’all should... Corey:(cuts her off)😅😅😅
Kream Network
Kream Network Muaj më parë
I Got You When I Hit A Lick Tee, where can I get One?
upsettuh Muaj më parë
Zo is not the weakest link.
J wood
J wood Muaj më parë
Corey money slowed down due to covid do now he's acting out on that 20k.
J wood
J wood Muaj më parë
Lost respect for Corey. I stopped watching the show a year ago because Corey seemed to be going in the wrong direction.
Ego Black
Ego Black Muaj më parë
You jog but still fat but you definitely a fraud lol
Ego Black
Ego Black Muaj më parë
Man you a fraud your character prove that you the envious one Corey
Daniel Galea
Daniel Galea Muaj më parë
We don't know the whole story? Why do we know ANY of the story? Is this really about 20k? 20k? Is he your friend or not? 20k small change to a damn friendship. Or was Zo not your friend? Because it sounded like last week he wasn't, rather just a useful asset to "keep around". Even IF Zo ducking it, why you keep bringing him on? You was fine with him ducking it as long as Zo took your side on things and act like a yes man? But if he disagreed with you, that's when him ducking is a problem? Wack.
HK Maccker
HK Maccker Muaj më parë
Y’all too emotional lol this shit was hilarious 😂😂
HK Maccker
HK Maccker Muaj më parë
I need that shirt 😂
soopastarr1 Muaj më parë
Aye Corey, stop bro. You’re wrong for what you did. Fix it or you’re going to ultimately loose. There’s a better way. You looking like a sucka on the cool. Panel don’t enable him. You are undoubtedly one of the funniest comic hands down but there’s a better way homie.
Erik Mason
Erik Mason Muaj më parë
Let me get one of them shirts !? I got you when I hit a lick
egresham1743 Muaj më parë
Corey was right only problem was he held this in for too long. He felt this way about Zo for a while. Zo pissed him off and Corey took the gloves off. And damn Zo late 40's with his house out of order with an advice show. Think about that shit for a second the boy don't even have place to lay his head. He's a young bobby has all the answers about what people should be doing but broke and homeless.
Darkslime063 YT
Darkslime063 YT Muaj më parë
I came from alldef and roast me, Kraig is the funniest one in the show....this show projects Kraig in a different more serious light. Not saying it's bad , it's just unexpected. Kraig usually gives off good vibes, on this show it's the opposite.
Osagie Oviawe
Osagie Oviawe Muaj më parë
Margate park.. head ass Corey!! Tim hardaway, mike Finley.. grow up with you guys. You used to clown us when we was kids. Good days..
Tyrone Muaj më parë
Bird nest didn't land 1 punch
Tyrone Muaj më parë
Bro got a bunch of air punches and caught a quick 20racks
neotenicxr gaming
neotenicxr gaming Muaj më parë
Niggas always fallout over money lol it’s historic
lopsy80 Muaj më parë
What he did and what he's doing in this show was some bitch made shit. He exposed himself as someone who just talk shit with now action. Ain't nobody on that platform safe.
Lajeune Brown
Lajeune Brown Muaj më parë
He gone be talking shit about Marcus 1 day. Nigga act like a female bruh
Belly Don
Belly Don Muaj më parë
Gahhhh Corey you wrong for this bro
Bofficial206 Muaj më parë
D is corny man lol. She really be sacking Corey its pathetic.
msfredachanel Muaj më parë
Don’t ever tell Corey your business...ever. If y’all fall out he gone tell it. Period
John The Baptist Jr.
John The Baptist Jr. Muaj më parë
Why at 26:03 I just realized he had that shirt on, wtf is wrong with Mr. Holecomb 🤣😄
DJ Wav Lynx
DJ Wav Lynx Muaj më parë
Quincy E
Quincy E Muaj më parë
None of you niggas sitting beside Corey defended Zo, fuck all tree of yall.
Iunderstan Photography
Iunderstan Photography Muaj më parë
I'm so disappointed, Its like I know these people personally We are acting like Corey disrespected his good friend Zo, but actually, Corey stopped considering Zo a friend when he was "ducking" the lawyers calls (we don't know why). He let this grow and fester until it became toxic and just unleashed this on Zo in front of us all. Fellas, don't do this to your friends. Today, if you feel if you been wronged or have wronged a friend, talk to them and resolve it today, or stop talking to them
NoCanDo 1
NoCanDo 1 Muaj më parë
Rent is hard to come up with Corey right. Shit get it how you live
Ra UKL Muaj më parë
Fake ass news set....
Ra UKL Muaj më parë
This is what happens when Z-List celebrity think their important.
BEEZY 064 Muaj më parë
So you spent a whole episode on that shit? Cornball ass
Devon Dale
Devon Dale Muaj më parë
Dee gone snap one day watch lol
Devon Dale
Devon Dale Muaj më parë
you shouldve went to him. you have a hard time with your emotions man smh
blackmaxwell Muaj më parë
Corey haters. Zoe got his channel, right? Move over there and be out. Shit seem simple to me.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Muaj më parë
True Colors Shown
kindra somone
kindra somone Muaj më parë
So is that after the show coming out on my birthday I hope he said something nice and apologizes for clear it up for so I can better understand why did it come out the way it came out
kindra somone
kindra somone Muaj më parë
Okay I know I'm super late first of all I never been a fan of if you want what it was I want to Willie Williams Show Corey and Zo going back and forth guess I'll find out about show and I watch the show I do not like what Cory was doing never seeing or hearing or anything with the show I know Corey is a comedian I never ready for the super funny but I'm not like a huge fan he just needs to apologize because his feeling he he thought you cared about you as a friend as a person and then you told him that you only have to see if he intelligent but he's weak
estark07 Muaj më parë
I see he still talking about Zo. Grow up
Kermit Frog
Kermit Frog Muaj më parë
I think the Tee-shirt is telling the tale more than the commentary...
legend 1090
legend 1090 Muaj më parë
This shit lame asf.. Clowning ya day one cause he finally stood up to you and your double standard ways.. And Darlene ain't shit either cause u was a main ingredient how the disagreement started in the first place when he lowkey tried to take up for yo ass.. I'm gone
Quis Muaj më parë
That's why you NEVER owe another man! Zo just have him the one up
There’s a WHOLE HEAP of dislikes on this video.
Zachary Jackson
Zachary Jackson Muaj më parë
🤣🤣🤣 classic
Cali Touring
Cali Touring Muaj më parë
Comment section got a lot of average and common niggas in it. Get out y’all feelings
melvynwanderson Muaj më parë
I'm glad I watched the Kraig Facts episode this week Corey was on and this episode, I stand corrected, MUCH RESPECT Corey !!! I'm back with you My Man !!!
AyeYoMikeY Muaj më parë
Honestly Speaking
Honestly Speaking Muaj më parë
I pray Zo gets great opportunities and become very successful after this clown cory tried to shit on the man.
KinggBrandon Smith
KinggBrandon Smith Muaj më parë
Shoutout to Zo, but y’all peep Corey shirt 🤣🤣
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Muaj më parë
Bruh i cried at the song😂😂😂i fw corey
brandon strother
brandon strother Muaj më parë
This nigga done sold out lls smh
Loso Jacobs
Loso Jacobs Muaj më parë
Fix it corey
OGCtv ogctv
OGCtv ogctv Muaj më parë
Petty bs why was Corey egging zo when aries spears was on and then making fun of it at the end still and mad he had to pay its his show thats what bosses do why he blaming zo for he could of ended the show early and handled it differently
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake Muaj më parë
You didn’t expose Zo .... man stop It! Stay away from men like this .... what happen to wisdom.
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