Off Road Reverse Trike Raw Time Lapse 1000cc 2 Stroke Full Build

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Grind Hard Plumbing Co

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Start to finish the 1000cc 2stroke Ski-Doo gets turned into a beast of an off roader with ATV tires all around and even a bead lock in the back! This is a full raw time lapse with the original sounds from the build. We wanted to do something special for tis off road build! What do you think of how it turned out?
We are giving away a full Ameribrade grinder set up and have new merch here
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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
Grind Hard Plumbing Co 6 muaj më parë
We are giving away a full Ameribrade grinder set up and have new merch here
Apex Alaska
Apex Alaska 5 ditë më parë
You guys should find a powder coating place near you. It is totally worth it. Take all your parts there, they sandblast them, bake the finish on, and it's done in a couple days.
Boyko Chelikov
Boyko Chelikov 21 ditë më parë
Sper fast
Manhktum Vhgvv
Manhktum Vhgvv 29 ditë më parë
سنفور سياسي ٠
سنفور سياسي ٠ Muaj më parë
@Niina Hetta Hello where are you from
Мадира Аскар
Мадира Аскар Muaj më parë
@x31omega о
Gustavo De Oliveira Nogueira
Gustavo De Oliveira Nogueira 3 orë më parë
Sergej Svoboda
Sergej Svoboda 6 orë më parë
Мох в красной книге а Ты с буксом по лесу😪
ВАСИЛИЙ САМОЙЛОВ 13 orë më parë
Видос где присутствует токарный станок не интересует.
John Skeens
John Skeens 14 orë më parë
Nice work ....
Patrick Prior
Patrick Prior 20 orë më parë
Why did it seem like it ran like shit when it was finished? Awesome build though awesome skills and talent shown!
maRiano polidoRi
maRiano polidoRi 23 orë më parë
dude that things is amazing
wifelikecow Ditë më parë
Absolutely loved it, but the irony is, you've just built a Can-Am Spyder with off-road tires.
Ferna 3 ditë më parë
Mtbrideon 3 ditë më parë
elin gavurunun eli boş rahatlıktan hep bunlar
Luckky Luccianno
Luckky Luccianno 4 ditë më parë
I need this guy in my shop 😃
Luckky Luccianno
Luckky Luccianno 4 ditë më parë
This guy is a beast.
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand 6 ditë më parë
Now I want to see a compilation of all the mistakes. I know you had a couple of "shit I could of swore I measured that" moments.
Dennis Thor Halvorsen
Dennis Thor Halvorsen 8 ditë më parë
Nice build, I would have put dual rear tyres on tho' More traction!!
Aleksander Henning
Aleksander Henning 9 ditë më parë
молодца Золотые руки......
Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson 9 ditë më parë
Meanwhile.... there are pipes rupturing, taps dripping, toilets are backing up! :)
Zane Wellnitz
Zane Wellnitz 10 ditë më parë
I have to say that I do hate the single sided swing arm but, over all I love the execution of this. The design and fabrication is awesome. Keep up the great work brother's.
mike albers
mike albers 11 ditë më parë
I think this is how fast he normally is... and you guys just have to slow all the other videos down...
Paul C.
Paul C. 11 ditë më parë
All I can muster is, WOW!! Great build!
Billy. G
Billy. G 11 ditë më parë
At the end of the video it kinda looks like a Morgan 3 wheeler adapted for motocross !!!.
Jonny Stolpe
Jonny Stolpe 11 ditë më parë
Mad max, eat your heart out !!!!! THIS THING IS LEGIT DOPE ! you sir have a new subscriber 👍👍 Looking forward to seeing your creations in the future .
bigrod0069 11 ditë më parë
That is just awesome shit right their, wow that is amazing, it's love to rip it up with that .. awesome work
Floopy McFloopy-Pants
Floopy McFloopy-Pants 12 ditë më parë
"Hello, 911? Yeah I think there is an illegal level of awesome happening a few hundred yards down the road. Please get Chuck Norris here immediately."
Yakup Kır
Yakup Kır 12 ditë më parë
Dostum biraz yavaşş
Q traffiK
Q traffiK 12 ditë më parë
I realised they made a spider
alex 1
alex 1 12 ditë më parë
killer machine 👍
ScrappyDog Finance
ScrappyDog Finance 12 ditë më parë
Can it be converted back to snowmobile for the winter?
ScrappyDog Finance
ScrappyDog Finance 12 ditë më parë
Really amazing creative fabrication... great the video is played at 2x. really appreciate.All those fancy tools, but no sand or bead blaster for prepping the metal to be painted? Bead blast texture is great...
Willard Brown
Willard Brown 12 ditë më parë work FAST !............ i am most impressed by the OLD SIGN fuel tank !........wb
Craig Braud
Craig Braud 13 ditë më parë
Dude as good as yall are an the great craftsmanship yall have yall should the stuff yall build i no ppl has to love yall builds as much as i do they would buy yall builds in a heart beat keep up the great work i love to see yall do awesome. Stuff🤘🤘🤘
Игорь Э-р
Игорь Э-р 13 ditë më parë
Если я бы так быстро умел двигаться, то тоже смог так сделать 😆👍
Andy Kinney
Andy Kinney 14 ditë më parë
My dad and I did small lawn mower tires on the front. Then one minibike chopper tire in back. So at any time it only take 10 minutes between dry and snow now lol.
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran 14 ditë më parë
Аэролодки Владимир Карлов
Аэролодки Владимир Карлов 14 ditë më parë
...приобретайте наши аэролодки ! )) Российская федерация московское княжество урочище Крестов Брод (телефон есть на канале)
Travis Vincent
Travis Vincent 14 ditë më parë
Snowmobile with tires
Dennis Boye
Dennis Boye 16 ditë më parë
Love it
Kirill Obraztsov
Kirill Obraztsov 16 ditë më parë
looks like the wheel made it worse, less traction. but at least with the rear wheel it can go on roads.
Oleksii Oleksii
Oleksii Oleksii 16 ditë më parë
ну ты чел
Cook Perm
Cook Perm 16 ditë më parë
francisco valenzuela
francisco valenzuela 16 ditë më parë
se llega a escuhar una bujia en corto al final.
Reward Power
Reward Power 17 ditë më parë
Бесполезная работа, бесполезный результат.
Next Adventure
Next Adventure 17 ditë më parë
This is awesome!
Drew P
Drew P 18 ditë më parë
awesome !
bansheebandithot350 18 ditë më parë
Nice work
Zachary Melnyk
Zachary Melnyk 18 ditë më parë
how is it gonna cool?
Евген 18 ditë më parë
Иногда такие глобальные переделки вызывают вопрос, а не проще с нуля собрать подобный аппарат, вместо очень глубокой модернизации?
Пак Евгений
Пак Евгений 19 ditë më parë
Трицикл мощный не проще было купить? Еще и зимой было бы на чем поездить.
Kirk G
Kirk G 19 ditë më parë
Dude’s got skills 👍
Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Evans 20 ditë më parë
.u got good skills to do smetin like that good job.👍
Anass .G
Anass .G 20 ditë më parë
The lack of music is just satisfying
TomyyLee24 20 ditë më parë
Oh this is so needing to be a project now. That is cool as ever
николай знобищев
николай знобищев 20 ditë më parë
К зиме обратно в снегоход превращать будете?
Holden 308
Holden 308 20 ditë më parë
👍👍👍. Dam bloke. U should bottle your skill and sell it. Lol. Well done. 👍
Bartek Cieślik
Bartek Cieślik 20 ditë më parë
The way the tire expanded as he mashed the throttle, you know its gonna be a ripper lol
SullythaGodxx 20 ditë më parë
looks cool the tire flares out when you rev it
Junior Junior
Junior Junior 21 ditë më parë
That conversion is so great and awesome. I take my hat off for this kind of work. Looks like Can-Am Spyder will have competition with an off road model. LOL 😆
Katyusha_Gaming 22 ditë më parë
21:45 did those tiers just get taller and skinner when spinning or is it me?
Manny Gunn
Manny Gunn 22 ditë më parë
Ran better with the traxx rear...
Şekip Koç
Şekip Koç 23 ditë më parë
u can get alsheimer from the aluminum .. but great job
Sergio Neto
Sergio Neto 25 ditë më parë
This bike is very isana
jacob george
jacob george 25 ditë më parë
you dont know how to drift lol
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 26 ditë më parë
What about it over heating
MARK MARK FAZZO 27 ditë më parë
When are you gonna paint the bike?
izzzzzz6 27 ditë më parë
You guys didn;t fuck around on this one! But, pretty lethal if you get pulled into the rear wheel.
chris toering
chris toering 27 ditë më parë
Awesome skill set great job
Антон Каменев
Антон Каменев 27 ditë më parë
Ай молодец адский трицикл❕👍👍👍
George Hirsch - Ibanez
George Hirsch - Ibanez 28 ditë më parë
Thomas S.
Thomas S. 28 ditë më parë
great job !! very good video, and the idea is ideal !!
christopher nichols
christopher nichols 29 ditë më parë
Природа / Nature Relaxing Sounds
Природа / Nature Relaxing Sounds 29 ditë më parë
The way the tire expanded as he mashed the throttle, you know its gonna be a ripper lol)))))))
David Krahn
David Krahn 29 ditë më parë
Now market the kit!
Edward Silva
Edward Silva Muaj më parë
Wire Handmake Keychain Videos of Teaching
Wire Handmake Keychain Videos of Teaching Muaj më parë
very nice
Corey Coker
Corey Coker Muaj më parë
Better yet build a kit and ill buy one!!
Corey Coker
Corey Coker Muaj më parë
Bro how do i get one built thats freaking awsume!!!!
The Old Husky
The Old Husky Muaj më parë
It there is plenty of power. How about convert it in 3 wheel drive?
Joseph Byrd
Joseph Byrd Muaj më parë
Hell yeah! Give'r bud!
Blackscorpion1963 Muaj më parë
Congratulations Grind Hard Plumbing Co your project is a piece of automotive engineering genius make no error. Would so love to see some full power max speed running. I owned a 1981 Suzuki RM 465X back in '84 when I was 21 over here in New Zealand. I swapped my 1979 Honda XR500 for it with a mate - straight swap. My mate blew the '79 Honda XR500 engine going to work not long after the swap while I tall geared the RM 465X for maximum off-road speed runs. I fitted a Boysen reed to smooth out the insane powerband and used BelRay 2 stroke oil [damn expensive even back then in '84]. I wondered bout using alcohol however chose not to as if I mis-calculated the fuel to oil premix ratio and ran it excessively lean - that would have simply melted the top of the piston and I couldn't afford the repairs. Although I had no speedo I believe I got 100mph+ easily. To see pics of my 1981 Suzuki RM 465X and read about my 10 motorcycles I owned from 1981 to 1990 - my final 10th bike has a surprising end click here:
Thunder Nugget
Thunder Nugget Muaj më parë
I thought of this in the 1980's....................*GOD DAMN IT*
Yngve Grønseth
Yngve Grønseth Muaj më parë
Awesome! I'm in a wheelchair after a crash, and this scooter trike bike would have been so cool for people with damaged spine like me. No breake pedal, or fot gear changer. And two stroke 1000ccm engine. Accelrate like a rocket. Even on road, with low profile racing tires, this machine kicks ass. Thank you, for showing us your fantastic work.
Al's Gym & Painting
Al's Gym & Painting Muaj më parë
Amazing fabrication skills.. I would have loved growing up with you guys 👍
Jon Ratzlaff
Jon Ratzlaff Muaj më parë
And that is how the can-am Spyder and Ryker was invented.
L2FlyMN Muaj më parë
How long did it take before you realized the sled track system wouldn’t work without snow for cooling & lubrication? I would assume not more than a few minutes? Cool for when we don’t get snow, & would be more fun than the quad!
Sergio Encinasss
Sergio Encinasss Muaj më parë
puridade1 Muaj më parë
Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes Muaj më parë
could you not take some links out of the chain maybe? to reduce the slack?
Jason Eller
Jason Eller Muaj më parë
Raymond Ashby
Raymond Ashby Muaj më parë
what is point ??
Некий Ниоткуда
Некий Ниоткуда Muaj më parë
Assembled a motorcycle from a snowmobile and winter came))
Danijela Aleksic
Danijela Aleksic Muaj më parë
Zombie King
Zombie King Muaj më parë
Needs a way bigger chain sprocket. For better torque.
Leshii.67 Muaj më parë
Gena Krokodilov
Gena Krokodilov Muaj më parë
Это просто класс! Нет слов.🙂
marcus petford
marcus petford Muaj më parë
And this my friends, is how crop circles are made.
urban vidas
urban vidas Muaj më parë
Ha ha ha, love the utilization of street signs repurposed to fabricate the chassis. "Found in the woods", I've no doubt. ;-) Awesome video. Very impressive, very entertaining!
Cтас55 rus
Cтас55 rus Muaj më parë
С гусянкой лучше но склизам пиз. ец быстро наступит
МИХА МОТО Muaj më parë
Cesar Gomez
Cesar Gomez Muaj më parë
Igor Ivanov
Igor Ivanov Muaj më parë
Посади идиота за руль,он всю траву сорвет в лесу.
Artem Y
Artem Y Muaj më parë
Пока бля делали снег выпал
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