2nd Gen Cummins Pulls 53’ Semi Trailer Through Trails

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Most impressive towing job I’ve ever seen if you ask me 😂😂😂 Not bad really.

Outdoors with O
Outdoors with O Muaj më parë
Imagine seeing your new neighbor doing this the 2nd day they move in
Dave Wright
Dave Wright 5 ditë më parë
Instant best friends
ben creager
ben creager 7 ditë më parë
Id turn my camera on and go join them and add my brilliantly retarded ideas... and I'd be more epic
cleetus mc trash bin
cleetus mc trash bin 9 ditë më parë
LOLMAXGAMER 10 ditë më parë
@Maybe Ben Did It kk
mark osieko
mark osieko 13 ditë më parë
He wont need a chainsaw to fall the trees. He could just run'em over
MARIO 3 orë më parë
I’ll pay 💰 to hang out with you I think it will be worth it 😭👍
Mechanical Trainee
Mechanical Trainee 14 orë më parë
The only thing that can make this video better is by having AOC crying in that glorious exhaust plume. Truly badass video.
Tim Kuhns
Tim Kuhns 14 orë më parë
New season of off road truckers
Logan Beardslee
Logan Beardslee 15 orë më parë
If you can’t dodge it ram it
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 19 orë më parë
Just beat the sh*t out of it with a stick. 😂
Tuff Prince
Tuff Prince Ditë më parë
The drawn sharpie tatoos
Jacob Youngblood
Jacob Youngblood Ditë më parë
I am a second gen owner, and I approve this message.
Kaniksu Mountain Films
Kaniksu Mountain Films Ditë më parë
You have anger problems lol. No hate. You are awesome! Keep on smashing!
Cory Thurston
Cory Thurston Ditë më parë
0:54 You mean blinker fluid?
Remition37 Ditë më parë
imagine taking it on the road
Enrique Palomino
Enrique Palomino Ditë më parë
He actually watched vsauce 🤣
Max Fairy
Max Fairy Ditë më parë
This is perhaps the best thing I’ve ever watched
adriann juarez
adriann juarez Ditë më parë
That disel engine is worth 10 k
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 ditë më parë
RAM should use this as a commercial
Natay Claw
Natay Claw 2 ditë më parë
this looks like something out of snowrunner
Robert Hocker
Robert Hocker 2 ditë më parë
This is the Unimog pulling 1,000 Tons: alpost.info/mine/eZiusWO1opm5Zo0/video
Robert Hocker
Robert Hocker 2 ditë më parë
I got the tractor pull: alpost.info/mine/gt3N2oavpKGbeas/video Here is the other: alpost.info/mine/lsWqyma5rqCyaHU/video Here, he made it ALL of the way: alpost.info/mine/ocXTsamri5mtonk/video This is the unimog pulling 400 plus Tons: alpost.info/mine/pby1uV6So4S6oGw/video
Robert Hocker
Robert Hocker 2 ditë më parë
I would LOVE to see how a Mercedes Benz unimog pulls a tractor pull weight set...the ONLY pull tests:ALpost: alpost.info/mine/c7qorpa3iZimaGQ/video and alpost.info/mine/nNnSv3LNppOcYJs/video
Robert Hocker
Robert Hocker 2 ditë më parë
The Absolutely WORST trails for 4X4 is in North and South Dakota; but, I think you would tear them up...It is incredible how good you drive the trails..You are; probably, the absolutely BEST off road driver worldwide...I would LOVE to see you tst he strongest 4 wheel drive worldwide: The Mercedes Benz Unimog...It has pulled 1 million pounds of train cars and a 747 jet...Easily...I am sure the Mercedes company would let you test one and keep it...
Robert Hocker
Robert Hocker 2 ditë më parë
Hey!!! Can an ATV pull a travel trailer? I always wondered about that
Austin Kopfer
Austin Kopfer 2 ditë më parë
is it a 12 or 24 valve
Hengular Mayengbam
Hengular Mayengbam 2 ditë më parë
Ohhh super track👍 bro look like Hummer H2 💞💞♥️ u can do Hummer offroading
Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner 2 ditë më parë
So do you need a neighbor? Lmao I'm all about it
Craig Haynes
Craig Haynes 3 ditë më parë
I'm not arguing that this is funny and entertaining, im just sad at how much I would love to have a truck like that, and how little he cares about any of the vehicles he owns
Crapenter 3 ditë më parë
I still love the looks of that gen Cummins, I think one of the best lookin trucks dodge has come out with! (Especially after a few light modifications)
Ryderoo _
Ryderoo _ 3 ditë më parë
12:19 wd life advice👑👏🏽
Alex Hdz
Alex Hdz 3 ditë më parë
Need to cut some trees down? Who need a chainsaw, just get yourself a 2nd generation Ram and a big container🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis 3 ditë më parë
6:48 that's a good clip right there
Austin Steenbergen
Austin Steenbergen 3 ditë më parë
rip to all the kids who are still digging to china
Vin Martinez
Vin Martinez 3 ditë më parë
Sink a fishing boat with Hannah and Jeff Barron. The $$ on the merchandise. $99. A tshirt
Who Dis
Who Dis 3 ditë më parë
“Got girls watching’!” 😂🤪
Muhammad ashif N
Muhammad ashif N 3 ditë më parë
മലയാളികൾ വല്ലവരും ഇത് കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ 🤣
Rush1169 3 ditë më parë
Boy what kinda language is that
Persian Wombat
Persian Wombat 3 ditë më parë
Had a nightmare the other night that dodge made my truck
no name
no name 4 ditë më parë
When it's blitz week and you take a short cut.
no name
no name 4 ditë më parë
New way to chop down trees
Zeno 4 ditë më parë
typical southern illinois truck 😂😂😂
Faisal Mr
Faisal Mr 4 ditë më parë
Bro I have one account on Facebook they say I won 20000$ that it real or not I just asking
I dont know a good name
I dont know a good name 4 ditë më parë
he doesn’t do giveaways, so yes, it’s fake
Mantis toboggan
Mantis toboggan 4 ditë më parë
AnotherJoJoFan Ditë më parë
@Rush1169 At least give the kid motivation
Mantis toboggan
Mantis toboggan 3 ditë më parë
@Rush1169 no it’s okay your mom is teaching me
Rush1169 3 ditë më parë
Kid you can’t even drive yet
Dark Beer
Dark Beer 5 ditë më parë
Best dodge cummins commercial you could ever ask for
The Vibes Fam
The Vibes Fam 5 ditë më parë
S/O to the camera man running through the woods behind the trailer lol
Legit Gaming
Legit Gaming 5 ditë më parë
This is me when I play mud runner
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall 5 ditë më parë
Who else was waiting for the trailer to flip
DavGo 5 ditë më parë
DESTRUCTION of a truck, so satisfying to watch !! 😆🤣😈😈
swagger Lord
swagger Lord 5 ditë më parë
He's doing what normal Swift drivers do. LOL
B Flores
B Flores 5 ditë më parë
The paint chips are getting to you Cody🤣😂
pzyqux 5 ditë më parë
He should just get a tank and convert it into a pickup at this point.
alex boller studio
alex boller studio 5 ditë më parë
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson 5 ditë më parë
"OBO. No low balls. I know what I've got😤"
Thomas Zimmerman
Thomas Zimmerman 5 ditë më parë
Starving kids in Africa could've eaten those trees.
Odin Sorgo
Odin Sorgo 5 ditë më parë
Are you serious come pull it out?
Anthony G.A
Anthony G.A 5 ditë më parë
Whistlindiesel should get a job testing new vehicle's! Hopefully Chevy😬😂
tyler bonser
tyler bonser 5 ditë më parë
Didn't this guy use to play on Supernatural?
Jordan Campos Finley
Jordan Campos Finley 6 ditë më parë
I dare u to drive around town like that
David Walker
David Walker 6 ditë më parë
Anger management? shall investigate the humor in this 🤭
69GTOby1 6 ditë më parë
Caution: This vehicle does not make wide turns.
Brutalford 6 ditë më parë
I remember one time they had a Swift driver that drove off of I-40 in Arizona in the middle of the desert and when they asked him what happened he said my GPS told me to turn there no GPS tells you to turn right off of Interstate or the driver that drove on a wooden covered bridge that was built in the fucking 1800s, I was trying to turn around 3 miles on a dirt road....
Brutalford 6 ditë më parë
Dude I love the fact that he knows that Swift is shity and that's exactly what a Swift Driver would say is I didn't see that big giant tree underneath my trailer
Jacob Slaton
Jacob Slaton 6 ditë më parë
He doesn't drive much different than the Swift drivers
michael glover
michael glover 6 ditë më parë
He's still pulling that trailer safer than any Swift driver. 🤔
bobkin611 6 ditë më parë
5:28 did you actually Drive for Swift? Cause if not that was some amazing acting.
bobkin611 6 ditë më parë
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia 6 ditë më parë
When you die doing this (feel like that’s what’s going to happen) you should have your friends and family put you body in the bed of a truck and treat your body like you did the trucks, (trash the truck while you lay back there) not saying out of hatred or spite , I love your videos more like “that’s what he would of wanted” type of thing you know haha one last bang would be badass
Malachi Allred
Malachi Allred 6 ditë më parë
Lol, literally spintires mudrunner the game. haha
Brendan Hillz
Brendan Hillz 6 ditë më parë
He should replant every tree he destroyed 😡
World Wide United
World Wide United 6 ditë më parë
Countersue haha. Guy sold you a piece of shit. Not that im not building a 2nd gen right now but still
World Wide United
World Wide United 6 ditë më parë
Welp i looked at you and thought you were a douche like 5 years ago.. The content is entertaining and i understand now
World Wide United
World Wide United 6 ditë më parë
Lol no problem at all " there should be a can of ether " hahaha
Jase Herrmann
Jase Herrmann 6 ditë më parë
We don’t need semi‘s any more we just need a Dodge! Lol
adam cunliffe
adam cunliffe 6 ditë më parë
Snowrunner IRL
James M
James M 6 ditë më parë
ok. subscribed.
leftfordead 7 ditë më parë
I love when people think they're gonna pull one over on ole Whistlin but he ends up just making them look very stupid and then trashes their pos truck they cherished on youtube lmaoo
Brandon Sieber
Brandon Sieber 7 ditë më parë
I want to have a beer with this man!!! He's a freaking legend!!
johnyvare 7 ditë më parë
tree lives matter, smh, lol
Alex G
Alex G 7 ditë më parë
Damn dude they actually sold you a good truck
beware gravity
beware gravity 7 ditë më parë
I was sitting here all impressed and s*** and then I realized that I see these f****** pulling multi-story trailers filled with cars but then I'm realizing I'm just being a hater so it made me appreciate this s***.
AJ 7 ditë më parë
No joke. Cameraman couldve died like 10 times in this.
Mercedes Fan TV
Mercedes Fan TV 7 ditë më parë
"So how much grease do you put on your 5th Wheel?" Whistlin Diesel: YES
mike 55
mike 55 7 ditë më parë
Now fully load the trailer and do it again
Losito Keys
Losito Keys 7 ditë më parë
That was just another day for the swift trailer
ItzDAW50N 7 ditë më parë
Man I really i wish we could have seen Frank pull that trailer
CasperDaPyro 7 ditë më parë
Wait, hold the fuck up! You came to IL?! Hell yes!!! I used to live not far from Marion IL. Southern Illinois is trash. Glad I don't live there anymore. Central IL is where it's at!
kon4nBMG 7 ditë më parë
My mom says "Go easy on the bumps in the road" WhistlinDiesel: Whaeeet bumps mom?
Abbe() 7 ditë më parë
Lets just say that DURAMAX is doing some kick ass motors! This guy is wrecking everything and still alive somehow. LOL
logtrainzip ftt
logtrainzip ftt 7 ditë më parë
T L 7 ditë më parë
Cool videos have any trucks u want to sell
Richie Pickett
Richie Pickett 7 ditë më parë
Looks like a nice little Sunday drive
Arturo S.
Arturo S. 7 ditë më parë
For sale: 20+ acre forest homestead Trailer and legendary Cummins included
Maksim Z
Maksim Z 7 ditë më parë
и гусениц не хватает) круто
xGUTS 7 ditë më parë
i kinda just feel bad for the trees
dalton skids
dalton skids 7 ditë më parë
this was really impressive
Chris Bruggeman
Chris Bruggeman 8 ditë më parë
Did you take the air breaks off the trailer? Lol
Colton Tucker
Colton Tucker 8 ditë më parë
You need to get the school bus
Ricardo Mcintosh
Ricardo Mcintosh 8 ditë më parë
Bro what’s the address??? I would definitely come for it
Michael J. Penney
Michael J. Penney 8 ditë më parë
That's how the movers got all of my stuff here.
Bert82nd 8 ditë më parë
When you follow GPS.
Jayke 8 ditë më parë
Brad Reid
Brad Reid 8 ditë më parë
That truck is a beast for pulling that trailer like that
Peter Frank
Peter Frank 8 ditë më parë
Marijuana’s Trench is actually in the Atlantic Ocean
Roll The Coal
Roll The Coal 8 ditë më parë
I was gonna offer you 500k for the truck but after watching this video i was gonna offer 3.2 million 😂
I bought an 800hp 2nd Gen to bother innocent people
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