Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm going on another adventure to try and find great, affordable makeup! After my testing TJ MAXX makeup video, I've gotten so many requests to try Dollar Tree makeup so here we are! I haven't been to a Dollar Tree in years so I didn't know what to expect! The Yelp reviews were scary but does the makeup work??? Watch and find out the REAL truth...
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Dominique Abell
Dominique Abell 6 orë më parë
I'm freaking dying cashier warns against the bathrooms diseases
Mia Guerrero-Dagnino
Mia Guerrero-Dagnino 11 orë më parë
I love his mirrror
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson 20 orë më parë
but afterwards i loved it
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson 20 orë më parë
when i was 5 i had the same eye shadow the la colors one it doesnt work well
Aspendo 22 orë më parë
Since i dont really like harsh highlighter on me, i barely put some on my cheek bones and nose to make the shimmer more subtle.
Cara Reiser
Cara Reiser Ditë më parë
I can’t breathe 🤣 that girl was really showing out jumping on the door and all lmaooo
Anna Wiegert
Anna Wiegert Ditë më parë
Hi Everyone❤️🥰😍
Thatcrazyperson1 2 ditë më parë
They be having good food tho 😋 at dollar tree
BTSBANGTANBABIES Oop 2 ditë më parë
One time i went to the dollar tree to buy erasers for my school and when i was in class i got a wiff of the erasers it smelt like chemicals omg i went home with a headache
Princess plays Royal
Princess plays Royal 2 ditë më parë
I have a dollar store he has a dollar tree ;-;
Maui Diy
Maui Diy 3 ditë më parë
Put a finger down but im not telling u what it is for until the end... Put a finger down if u are in to make up Put a finger down if u are a girl Put a finger down if you are a boy Put a finger down if u are non binary Put 2 fingers down if you are a human If you put 3 or more fingers down...... ... you dont need to worry about were Jeffreys eyebrows are at
Its_ Annie
Its_ Annie 3 ditë më parë
It’s cute tho lowkey
Taninn Sheikh
Taninn Sheikh 4 ditë më parë
i need a fuckey wuckey
Stormy XxRoblox•
Stormy XxRoblox• 4 ditë më parë
If I saw Jeffre one day I would be like bitch-
renshoodies 4 ditë më parë
Y’all really still watch him.. ew.. I never liked him, I clicked on the video bc it was in my recommendations.. y’all are just as gross as he is for still supporting him.
hadi Ansaryp
hadi Ansaryp 4 ditë më parë
Your make up is different from other you tuber
Blair Davis
Blair Davis 4 ditë më parë
Showing up to work...ready to suck. - jeffree star lol
cool_kid plays
cool_kid plays 4 ditë më parë
Andrea Troiano
Andrea Troiano 4 ditë më parë
How come you don’t like eye brows You would-look stunning with them
SamAsm 5 ditë më parë
Jeffrey Starr circa 2018 is really good-looking. Like a giant elf.
LL 5 ditë më parë
That dollar tree is a thousand times nicer than the one where I live
Clover Harriott
Clover Harriott 7 ditë më parë
Why do you buy an ovulation test?😣😳
sgt fluffy
sgt fluffy 7 ditë më parë
There goes Jeffree Star huffing mascara again...... It's such a terrible habit LMAO
sgt fluffy
sgt fluffy 7 ditë më parë
I love Dollar tree for makeup but I never wear it for what it's supposed to be used for. And that's the key. I'll use some of their eyeshadow for faux liner if I'm doing that they have this highlighting contour stick that makes fabulous lipstick and all that other stuff I don't think I have ever used Dollar tree makeup for its intended purpose nor will I. Oh and some of the liquids and creams I'll actually open and let sit out so that they can dry up a little bit and thicken. It's like a whole chemistry thing. And those pregnancy tests and ovulation tests work. In fact those specific pregnancy tests at Dollar tree actually are more sensitive than some of the expensive ones. I knew I was pregnant like 10 days after I had because a faint line showed up and now I have a 4-month-old son
Najeebullh Gaming
Najeebullh Gaming 8 ditë më parë
So she’s like at least it worked lol
Carol Vargas
Carol Vargas 10 ditë më parë
The fact that he genuinely asks his fans how they are doing when he’s taking pics with them is and is actually present when their talking to him it’s so sweet
Caroline 10 ditë më parë
Looking good
Reegan Casavant
Reegan Casavant 10 ditë më parë
the reason the milk was on the shelf was because it was powdered milk, yes that’s a thing
katarina lindgren
katarina lindgren 10 ditë më parë
Someone here in 2021
Fat ass bitch Thiccc
Fat ass bitch Thiccc 10 ditë më parë
The milk on the shelf is the milk we get at school
Hadeel Al_Sudani
Hadeel Al_Sudani 11 ditë më parë
Did you try 5and five and below before?
Tommy Mateo
Tommy Mateo 11 ditë më parë
we stan Stevie.
dipper 11 ditë më parë
lol i get all my makeup at walmart
Jackie DeHaan
Jackie DeHaan 11 ditë më parë
You Always make me laugh 😂 I swear if I’m ever in a funky mood I just watch your channel. I ♥️Your brushes BTW💖
Tople Girls
Tople Girls 12 ditë më parë
I was just at dollar tree and I’m doing a full face of make up from there
Kat kat
Kat kat 12 ditë më parë
I Freaking LOVE THIS
Marijuana Girl
Marijuana Girl 12 ditë më parë
Finally ❤️
Pure peppered Chicken relish
Pure peppered Chicken relish 13 ditë më parë
The dollar tree is my favorite store
Marilyn Gonzalez asmr
Marilyn Gonzalez asmr 13 ditë më parë
idohugs 13 ditë më parë
Carrie Adcock
Carrie Adcock 14 ditë më parë
OK SO~ That cashier, her cat ears? ON POINT. Gimme that number boo. ;)
Carrie Adcock
Carrie Adcock 14 ditë më parë
SIIIIGHHH.... Honestly yo, I miss this ship. :(
barbara daoud
barbara daoud 14 ditë më parë
Jeffree : “we have some good jems in there”. Shopping at the dollar tree. Jems ? Euuhhhm ok
Shogun Hiro
Shogun Hiro 14 ditë më parë
"Roses are red" Violets are blue Haters will hate that's why they're still poor... Jeffree be like "bitch please"...Love his enthusiasm...
Shogun Hiro
Shogun Hiro 14 ditë më parë
For me, the more I watch Jeffree's channel the more I like him/her... He's a very down to earth person just love him no matter what hatters may say...
Jeniushka Cruz
Jeniushka Cruz 14 ditë më parë
You should do a challenge when you do half of your face with liquid make up and the other half with powder make up
Kay durrr
Kay durrr 16 ditë më parë
omg how he slammed the laptop jesus
Nekoalexki Z
Nekoalexki Z 16 ditë më parë
Recommendation hello?
Thalia Hendricks
Thalia Hendricks 16 ditë më parë
Love you Jeffrey
Thalia Hendricks
Thalia Hendricks 16 ditë më parë
Yes Queen I'm praying for you to grow your family
danika dyer
danika dyer 16 ditë më parë
why tf was he hating on dollar store? like you get what you pay for.
Yeetnorfleet 52
Yeetnorfleet 52 17 ditë më parë
they do have lashes Jeff
Brook Liv
Brook Liv 17 ditë më parë
Lmao info how that dollar tree is so big
eternally grateful seas
eternally grateful seas 17 ditë më parë
Love dollar tree
Crafts with Me
Crafts with Me 17 ditë më parë
I wanna know what happend with him and James ???? You don’t need to answer if not wanted
Noah123 _
Noah123 _ 18 ditë më parë
It was powdered milk
• haven •
• haven • 18 ditë më parë
Jeffree: using dollar store makeup for the first time Me: having 60% of my makeup from the dollar store 💀
Angelina Courtney
Angelina Courtney 19 ditë më parë
In Greece they have shelf milk, it’s a real thing, but my opinion it taste funny
StrawberryRose 19 ditë më parë
You are glowing again
Kalee Stilson
Kalee Stilson 19 ditë më parë
TJ max is not that bad
Dive N Thrive
Dive N Thrive 20 ditë më parë
When you have time for a meet and greet in the dollar tree checkout line
legacy __Raz
legacy __Raz 21 ditë më parë
Hey yo is all these stores like for broke people according to this guy
Mr. M.
Mr. M. 21 ditë më parë
If I were rich I would have told the cashier to ring everyone up in the line without stopping and ring me up last and I would have paid for everything. Who knows? Maybe he did that.
Wrigley Cute
Wrigley Cute 22 ditë më parë
Jeffrey)” what is that pool here for” Me) “that’s how you get things down that is too high”
Quanh Võ
Quanh Võ 22 ditë më parë
9 Jg
elissa Abdallas
elissa Abdallas 22 ditë më parë
why do you say poop whres
Teriani Worthington
Teriani Worthington 22 ditë më parë
Jeffre is just too nice
Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton 23 ditë më parë
Their customer service is poor I guess you can get something for a good deal like if you want to buy some bottled water or soda on your own to go it’s a dollar but they’re always in shit hole shopping centers I guess if you were truly down on your luck it’sI did get a nice phone case for my iPhone but that’s about it like I said maybe if you need to stop and get water or something like that at dollar tree whatever
Vicki C
Vicki C 23 ditë më parë
“This brand can’t have three shades “This brand has 3 shades”
Life with Eva Grande
Life with Eva Grande 25 ditë më parë
Jeffree: Finds a Brocken eyeshadow and then finds a non broken one and then chucks it in the cart. Me: finds a broken one to try and get it for 50 cents and if not then lightly sets it in cart 🛒
SWSimpson 25 ditë më parë
Boxed milk is NOT regular milk, it does not have to be refrigerated. Some big grocery stores carry boxed milk, and a doctor recommended it to me years ago... I forget why... I bought it at Rock-N-Roll Ralph's on Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, part of the KROGER grocery chain.
Debony Zerbian
Debony Zerbian 26 ditë më parë
I dont wanna sound like a hater. Im a very bug advocate for the LBGTQ community, but I question gender cause I know he is a male and identifies as a male, but he explained that he gets a period. So im just curious. Cause either would be amazing.
Jennie _Thecat
Jennie _Thecat 27 ditë më parë
dollar tree is good when it comes to balloons and party supplies but like it''s still cheap material like sis no
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 27 ditë më parë
I have one of those rainbow things! 😭😂 9:25
Vaporous Skies
Vaporous Skies 28 ditë më parë
Y’all look so cute together :(
Vaporous Skies
Vaporous Skies 28 ditë më parë
Omg how lazy can you get to not clean a bathroom 🚽
123422120 28 ditë më parë
Jeffre: it looks very wet Me: Miss gurl you just sprayed water on
Avery's kingdom with friends
Avery's kingdom with friends 28 ditë më parë
I love when u said We're going to Disney land then said I WISH
Avery's kingdom with friends
Avery's kingdom with friends 28 ditë më parë
I love when u said We're going to Disney land then said I WISH
kelly Maguire
kelly Maguire 28 ditë më parë
Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂 hi Jeffrey sweetie I know you're a good guy and you're special if you are out there please contact me I need a friend
lizz and bree for ever
lizz and bree for ever 28 ditë më parë
Nate is so cool
lizz and bree for ever
lizz and bree for ever 28 ditë më parë
I hate how you say bad words but i love your eyes
Ria Miesner
Ria Miesner 28 ditë më parë
I always love how Jeffrey throws everything in the cart 😂
i like turtles
i like turtles 29 ditë më parë
jeffree:this eyeshadows...yea thats already broken so lets get a non-broken one also jeffree: *yeet the not broken eyeshadows*
Artemis Dreemurr
Artemis Dreemurr 29 ditë më parë
The highlighter I’m living for! I want to find hay one soooo bad
Kaylynn Picard
Kaylynn Picard 29 ditë më parë
Why did you have to add "first time"...
_desislava_ilieva_ Muaj më parë
This mirror iss 😍😍😍 i can’t find it..
Kivah MCGHIE Muaj më parë
Hey baby like awwww 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Mader Khalifs
Mader Khalifs Muaj më parë
Is that yo bf?
kayden elissa
kayden elissa Muaj më parë
for anyone wondering about the milk that is normal too. i know normally people see milk in the fridge but the milk shown in the video was boxed milk. it’s real milk just they took something out of it so it won’t go bad when it’s not refrigerated !! my mom buys it and it is real milk just a little thinner than gallon milk !
Amanda Seigler
Amanda Seigler Muaj më parë
Helllooo!! I'm a new subscriber!! And I must say I'm in love already!
Amy Hayden
Amy Hayden Muaj më parë
Are you a boy
Afiah Mascall
Afiah Mascall Muaj më parë
I literally have that same bruush
Ashayla Thomas
Ashayla Thomas Muaj më parë
I don't know if I'm the only one who clicked this video just to give it a "thumbs down"
Alissa Harper
Alissa Harper Muaj më parë
Don't mind me over here watching jeffrey at 3 o'clock in the morning with my last brain cell
valeria lopez
valeria lopez Muaj më parë
"love you " "pray for me"
Aleksandra Jadwiga
Aleksandra Jadwiga Muaj më parë
Hang on sis.... He CaN gEt PrEgNaNt?!! 🤔
ENOKI 19 ditë më parë
@Aleksandra Jadwiga yes! Jeffree *can* get pregnant! He did a medical procedure for his reproductive organs some years ago. He talked about it in an old video
Aleksandra Jadwiga
Aleksandra Jadwiga 26 ditë më parë
@Angelica Leon same
Angelica Leon
Angelica Leon 26 ditë më parë
im confused💀
Claire Stumpf
Claire Stumpf Muaj më parë
i hate when you say a min but i love you
Daisy Vazquez
Daisy Vazquez Muaj më parë
6:22 when nate said love you dude after jeffree said love you baby 💀 i’m sorry i can’t
L Turner
L Turner Muaj më parë
This is hilarious!! Thanks Jeffree! Love from the UK!
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