musical musings on words you gave me

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Daniel Thrasher

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Alexander Trevino
Alexander Trevino 2 orë më parë
GiebeChiepke 2 orë më parë
aaahhhhheee 1:26
HRDY.BunDimUn42 2 orë më parë
as a representative of the Italian culture and community, I feel deeply offended and fascinated at the same time by the song "egregious"
Austin newbury
Austin newbury 4 orë më parë
ooh that's ooh that's ooh. - Daniel Thrasher 2021 (4:53)
SILENT _256 5 orë më parë
With the food wars anime i wish they actually would have used that song
Sketch Fox
Sketch Fox 6 orë më parë
MeLonCollEh ...?..😀........?🙁.................😐
Jane Isklar
Jane Isklar 6 orë më parë
puppy was every alt-j song ever.
Cade Candee
Cade Candee 9 orë më parë
Isaac Levitt
Isaac Levitt 10 orë më parë
these vids really have that Charlie from IASIP vibes
TemmiePlays 14 orë më parë
the wobbling part legit sounds like the music whenever you use one of the gels in portal 2 lmao
Tigs777 Online
Tigs777 Online 15 orë më parë
i know i’m a month late to the party but at 3:22 for some reason his singing reminds me of (bohemian rap city by Queen and the keyboard reminds me of strawberry fields by the beatles)
Drew Higbeavlogs
Drew Higbeavlogs 19 orë më parë
Dude... this guy is the next Jim Carrey 1:37
LeiaTheDog 2849
LeiaTheDog 2849 19 orë më parë
The one for wobbling sounded a lot like the Stranger Things intro to me
Henry Jankowski
Henry Jankowski 20 orë më parë
Scrumptious sounded like money for nothing
NML 20 orë më parë
Apple JuiceAnimatics
Apple JuiceAnimatics 22 orë më parë
I would have said some random stuff like: defenestrate (it means to throw someone out a window) or maybe Viscus (it means thick)
Kenton the Knight
Kenton the Knight Ditë më parë
Icy F
Icy F Ditë më parë
I love this
Javert Boudreau
Javert Boudreau Ditë më parë
dude took a single letter and composed an anime closing song, what the hell.
Travis MacFarlane
Travis MacFarlane Ditë më parë
the last song/word thing was so good
Sidney Vieau
Sidney Vieau Ditë më parë
Guilherme Augusto
Guilherme Augusto Ditë më parë
Why the cozy one resembled me of Rach 2?
John Garcia
John Garcia Ditë më parë
What he played for wobbling would be great for a lofi
TheHarmonizer Ditë më parë
Here is a word: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Yes, it’s a real word
Anthony Baskette
Anthony Baskette Ditë më parë
Let me hear that FONK!!!!!
clay pot
clay pot Ditë më parë
0:55 well we had 2 very different ideas
FireStriker Ditë më parë
2:30 it's giving me jump from van halen vibes
romane fesser
romane fesser 2 ditë më parë
daft punk vibe on puppy ;) i like it
buerger3 2 ditë më parë
1:13 Woah hold your horses. That sounded alot like the Warner Brothers Home Video Intro. Lawyers at WB: $$$
Lujain Sahel
Lujain Sahel 2 ditë më parë
0:35 This brings me so much joy I-
Catt the Carrot
Catt the Carrot 2 ditë më parë
I want a full version of egregious
Spicy_ Armadillo_
Spicy_ Armadillo_ 2 ditë më parë
The wobbling song sounds like when your foot falls asleep
legendgamerpro Ven
legendgamerpro Ven 2 ditë më parë
1:39 It looks like someone is talking so funny XD
Potatoons 2 ditë më parë
wobbling sounded like a vsauce song
ClarksHere 912
ClarksHere 912 2 ditë më parë
Melancholy sounds to much like victory and death from clone wars season 7
Gudarz Davar
Gudarz Davar 2 ditë më parë
you know Daniel's vibin', when he makes the bad smell face.
E.L 2.0
E.L 2.0 3 ditë më parë
Whoa cozy, investments and puppy are very high ❤️🇫🇷
E.L 2.0
E.L 2.0 3 ditë më parë
Whoa investment so underatble
Oh Hi
Oh Hi 3 ditë më parë
this is my study music
Noam Araky Cohen
Noam Araky Cohen 3 ditë më parë
Noice 👌
Preston Botik
Preston Botik 3 ditë më parë
Daniel: *casually throws in a food wars reference* Me: This man is cultured
Hitha Chitlur
Hitha Chitlur 3 ditë më parë
im in love with egregious
Dominic Muresan
Dominic Muresan 3 ditë më parë
Rip headphone users
David van den Bos
David van den Bos 3 ditë më parë
Shonun GAMER
Shonun GAMER 3 ditë më parë
"a" music was like an anime music 0:56
Genevieve Appnel
Genevieve Appnel 3 ditë më parë
1:45 My sleep paralysis demon.
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert 3 ditë më parë
Investment and the one after sound like original doom music
Olive_Oliverx 3 ditë më parë
1:26 i was not expecting that
RudeOnion 3 ditë më parë
I feel like we need a full version of cozy, a and maybe even scrumptious
MainIOS126 3 ditë më parë
Mothuzad 3 ditë më parë
"milk" *grabs his shirt* 🧐
Nicola Walsh
Nicola Walsh 3 ditë më parë
Is it just me or do any of you want a full video of the investment tune. Daniel please make that happen
Anabella Santana
Anabella Santana 3 ditë më parë
I really loved a, you should create something inspired in that. Sending love from Uruguay 🇺🇾❤️
Haydn Schlinger
Haydn Schlinger 3 ditë më parë
The reason i am here 2:50
Sans Skeleton
Sans Skeleton 3 ditë më parë
0:53 bruh
DiscoDumpTruck 4 ditë më parë
I legit listen to wobbling while doing homework.
Blue Slime
Blue Slime 4 ditë më parë
I need a full song for scrumptious. That was soooooo fonky chonky I need it!
Drawasaurus Productions
Drawasaurus Productions 4 ditë më parë
okay, the "a" and "puppy" ones were actually amazing
josstheb0ss234 4 ditë më parë
432 Dislikes are from the innocent victims. I am not innocent
Amy Moore
Amy Moore 4 ditë më parë
Kineela 4 ditë më parë
I honestly need more of that "fashion". That "I don't think sooooooo" hit me too hard.
CookieBJ 3 ditë më parë
Uncle Han
Uncle Han 4 ditë më parë
I love that at the end of the last song he just gets hyphy
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 4 ditë më parë
I was vibing to "investment".
Jules Cole
Jules Cole 4 ditë më parë
Please do this again, it was wonderful.
Classic Dannyboy
Classic Dannyboy 4 ditë më parë
1:26 playback speed 0.25x
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 4 ditë më parë
3:02 damn that eye contact
Leslye G. Puebla
Leslye G. Puebla 4 ditë më parë
i think i like the fashion and scumptious ones best...
Peter Bain
Peter Bain 4 ditë më parë
Why was investment almost jump by van halen
Dangerous Bro Joe
Dangerous Bro Joe 5 ditë më parë
Hot Take: Wobbling and Pharmaceutical could swap titles and still make sense
submarine cholo
submarine cholo 5 ditë më parë
Word "a" Daniel: writes an OST for an anime that doesn't exist
Henry Davis
Henry Davis 5 ditë më parë
i guess Santa coming is what gives the elf on the shelf its magical power
Samuel Fowler
Samuel Fowler 5 ditë më parë
4:13 he sounds like a Fallen/Eliksni from Destiny 2
Northeast Regional Productions
Northeast Regional Productions 5 ditë më parë
*a* *11 year old me has seen food wars, but i only wachted 10 episodes before I went back to boruto*
PanPasowiec 5 ditë më parë
yip is kinda distracting
All Cats Are Beautiful
All Cats Are Beautiful 5 ditë më parë
Wonder what Quarantine or Covid Would be?
Trillee 5 ditë më parë
One second in cozy i thougt u were playing the minecraft theme Sweden
{ neteaz }
{ neteaz } 5 ditë më parë
I’m not following you because I don’t have Twitter
glowingrubes x
glowingrubes x 5 ditë më parë
me really enjoying the video: sees obamas tweet: this has just got 10 times better omg
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon 5 ditë më parë
2:05 - 2:27, this is just way to beautiful lol.
ironicGlowstonEGeneticS 5 ditë më parë
A few of these were bops though. Dude don't tempt me to download Twitter and make an account
deluxe video
deluxe video 5 ditë më parë
More. We want more.
José Kaleb López Morales
José Kaleb López Morales 5 ditë më parë
2:40 i thought rocky was gonna punch him in the face
N.Con 5 ditë më parë
Pierre Music
Pierre Music 5 ditë më parë
Please make Cozy a single. I would buy that
Jink 5 ditë më parë
Ltagames 5 ditë më parë
I have a word for you :pain
Emily Martin
Emily Martin 5 ditë më parë
" oh, you think your outfit is better than mine... Į đœñþ ţhįňķ §œőøöõôóò
Surferkidgaming 5 ditë më parë
TheSynthisis 5 ditë më parë
Had no idea the word investment could get me thinking about Zoo Race.
Jek Porkins
Jek Porkins 5 ditë më parë
Daniel is the ultimate embodiment of a chaotic neutral pianist.
Ian Stapp
Ian Stapp 5 ditë më parë
Daniel: references Food Wars Me: I see we have a man of culture
Atoms of Stardust
Atoms of Stardust 6 ditë më parë
I'd really wanna see "Cozy" to become a finished song, it was actually nice, I'd listen to that for sure :)
Grimm 6 ditë më parë
0:53 I’m pretty sure that was the distraction dance theme from Henry stickmin....
Kate vlroux
Kate vlroux 6 ditë më parë
No one gonna talk about the casual Barack Obama at 2:29? Kay, imma head out
Somebody Putsomething
Somebody Putsomething 6 ditë më parë
0:40 me in the toilet thinking of space👀😅
Isabela LL
Isabela LL 6 ditë më parë
Please put these on spotify
Autxmn Vibz
Autxmn Vibz 6 ditë më parë
Has this dude been on bgt/agt? (Britain's/America's got talent) IF NOT HE NEEDS TO.
Brayden Douglas
Brayden Douglas 6 ditë më parë
That was actually so fucking scrumptious
BS_KI 6 ditë më parë
1:15 Warner Brothers theme anyone?
SassberrySnap 6 ditë më parë
musical nonsense for you to vibe to
Daniel Thrasher
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