Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020/21 NFL Season Journey Video!

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A recap of Tom Brady & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl run!
A lot of footage from plenty of different places so I do recommended keeping an eye on your volume. I tried to level it as much as possible but some videos were very soft compared to others. I hope you can still enjoy! What a year!

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Art Pennesi
Art Pennesi 10 orë më parë
By the end of 2021 Tom Brady surpasses Drew Brees in every category...total passing yards, total passing TD's .
Art Pennesi
Art Pennesi 10 orë më parë
The Bucs better stock up on cannon powder as next year they will be dropping 40 a game. Love to see who they get with the 6 draft picks. This team are the draft kings.
Nam Greenberet
Nam Greenberet Ditë më parë
Max is the worst football analyst and it amazes me how he is allowed to make any predictions. His analysis is based solely on piss poor speculation and hatred of Brady. Can anyone cite me a time when he was ever right. Max Kellerman and Nick Wrong, I mean often wrong Wright and Shannon not so sharp Sharpe do their analytics out of hatred of and desire for Brady to lose. You Tube is the only time I bother to watch all 3 of them just so I can remark on how consistently biased and inaccurate their analysis is. I haven't watched ESPN for at least 10 years because of their leftist views and shitty sports analysts.
David Croteau
David Croteau Ditë më parë
Brady wins 🏆.. don't blame him or me we voted for trump
David Croteau
David Croteau Ditë më parë
Sharon is racist
David Croteau
David Croteau Ditë më parë
Brady saves the nfl again
David Croteau
David Croteau Ditë më parë
An world
David Croteau
David Croteau Ditë më parë
Sharon is racist
Eddie Castaner
Eddie Castaner 2 ditë më parë
0:05 and the Bipolar rain and adhd winter.
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
Shannon sux.... he is so bad for this country
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
If we came together as a country
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
Blm.... an a team won 🏆super bowl 🏈....he are a USA 🇺🇸
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
I was a brady hater .... but he is the goat 🐐
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
But hated even more cuz he is a trump man..45 best ever
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
Shut up Racist Shannon
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
David Croteau
David Croteau 2 ditë më parë
You make the world harder to live in...
StevenF Jaxsen
StevenF Jaxsen 2 ditë më parë
Hahahaha! Always nice to see just how truly mind numbingly ignorant Shannon Sharpe is! Shannon Sharpe is the queen of victim hood mentality and the queen of racist comments! He is the embodiment of what a whinny little bitch really is.
Tom Brady#12 Greatest QB Ever
Tom Brady#12 Greatest QB Ever 3 ditë më parë
charlie olds
charlie olds 4 ditë më parë
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glenn wojcik
glenn wojcik 4 ditë më parë
Second time watching and just as enjoyable.
Sgt Smithers
Sgt Smithers 4 ditë më parë
Bro, great video. I love the opening haters, I giggle watching them.
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 4 ditë më parë
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Rob Robinette
Rob Robinette 4 ditë më parë
KC got embarrassed in the Super Bowl. Absolutely embarrassed.
Rob Robinette
Rob Robinette 4 ditë më parë
Why can't A A Ron win the big game? He and his Packers have been to only one Super Bowl.
pinkfloyd 5 ditë më parë
Dan Orlovsky should play an old punch drunk boxer in a film
tate ohr
tate ohr 5 ditë më parë
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apple apple
apple apple 5 ditë më parë
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Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 5 ditë më parë
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 5 ditë më parë
Look like Belichick has a cheerleader Squad with Kellerman Arco and Nick all rooting Tom Brady down fall
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 5 ditë më parë
Looks like Jameis Winston going to have fun this year looks like he just might has the Bucks number yes if Tom Brady catch another brain fart in Louisiana I guess we know the song
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 5 ditë më parë
Gronk need to take off the ankle weight
Nam Greenberet
Nam Greenberet 6 ditë më parë
Does anyone really think Shannon knows what he's talking about? He is wishy washy as usual. In one breath he says the Bucs defense has holes in it then he says the Bucs has a great defense. In one breath he says Tom didn't have any weapons in NE and slams Brady for not being able to overcome that deficiency, then he says it's a team sport while slamming Brady for not being able to carry a team by himself, then says Brady went to a loaded team and should win because of that and not because of his ability.
Aaron M
Aaron M 6 ditë më parë
What a season. The Buccaneers were the best team after their bye week.
Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago
Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago 6 ditë më parë
Not only are they completely wrong about TBay12, but they are Woke Broke.
Rob Robinette
Rob Robinette 6 ditë më parë
Max's wife must have a thing for Brady for Max to be so consistently wrong about Brady.
Rob Robinette
Rob Robinette 6 ditë më parë
Nice tackle by Godwin in the first game.
Joseph Locricchio
Joseph Locricchio 6 ditë më parë
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TheLincolnrailsplitt 7 ditë më parë
Around 95% of NFL pundits completely beclowned themselves by their terrible predictions and commentary about Tom Brady and the Bucs. Kellermen and the Shannon Sharp's negative assessment of Tom Brady's decision to go to Tampa and his and the Bucs chances all season were awful.
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 7 ditë më parë
Yeah plays we're broke down exactly when he needed a b then
Phuong Tien
Phuong Tien 7 ditë më parë
Shannon sharpe starts the video out a hater!! He doesn't know shit!
QuantumSpin 8 ditë më parë
It has been decades since an intelligent quarterback with the skill set of Tom Brady has been in the NFL. He is able to scan the defenders and determine the flight of the ball to achieve the desired results. He is a walking and talking Intel core i9 processor.
Dingo 8 ditë më parë
that arrogant KC Guy really looks stupid now
Rob Vz
Rob Vz 9 ditë më parë
All these want to be experts, are all haters and could not see how the BUCS DEFENSE was going to dominate the Chiefs.
George Njoroge
George Njoroge 10 ditë më parë
42:45 Original Gangsta.....
John Pandolfino
John Pandolfino 10 ditë më parë
Screw all of you talking puppets......they are going to do it again.....mark my words
David Edbrooke
David Edbrooke 11 ditë më parë
Go skip! Absolutely spot on eh! Lol
Brent Barker
Brent Barker 12 ditë më parë
Shannon is not well
Tom 12 ditë më parë
Go Bucs! Go Tom Brady!
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller 12 ditë më parë
How you gonna let a guy with three fingers pick you off???
Nikki Morris
Nikki Morris 12 ditë më parë
Would be great to include the post SB egg on their face comments from Dull, Wrong, and the others.
Richard Morris
Richard Morris 12 ditë më parë
It wasn't all sunshine & lollipops for Tampa but this season was so gratifying for Bucs fans.lets go!!!!!!!
Anita Dunn
Anita Dunn 13 ditë më parë
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Etan Plan
Etan Plan 13 ditë më parë
It’s hilarious seeing max get more and more pale every time the bucs won a playoff game. You can tell he gets true discomfort from Tom Brady proving him wrong 😂
Etan Plan
Etan Plan 13 ditë më parë
What is this show speak for yourself bullshit? Every episode was this goofball talking shit about the bucs to Marcellus and Wiley just looking at him like “you sure bout that”. Why does one idiot get so much screen time?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 14 ditë më parë
Just waaay too easy for the Bucs....and they're just starting to gel. Imagine how dominate they'll be this season!!! They have the second easiest schedule in the league, I imagine they'll win 13-15 games. The road to the superbowl for the NFC, will go thru Tampa!
IC4c3s Gaming
IC4c3s Gaming 14 ditë më parë
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Will Blood
Will Blood 14 ditë më parë
Max Kellerman is such a joke 🤦🏼‍♂️
Lucky Eddy
Lucky Eddy 14 ditë më parë
So many idiots have jobs have sportscasters in America. This type of stupidity wouldn't fly in any other country.
Igor Yuriychuk
Igor Yuriychuk 15 ditë më parë
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Huseinen Khan
Huseinen Khan 15 ditë më parë
Skip just the Nostradamus of NFL
Renato Saguinsin
Renato Saguinsin 15 ditë më parë
Love it when the haters eat their words. 🐐 rules.
Darleen Ocasio
Darleen Ocasio 15 ditë më parë
lol hater Tampa bay champs
david craine
david craine 15 ditë më parë
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Art Pennesi
Art Pennesi 15 ditë më parë
Shannon Sharpe was completely wrong....Tom Brady wins the Superbowl and wins the MVP in 2021. Shannon don't quit your day job, as Tom feeds off the brady haters, keep up the good work. The only way this gets better is if Edelman retires in the last year of his contract....takes the year to get healthy and signs with the bucs for the 22-23 season, then look out. That will be a hell of a story.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 15 ditë më parë
Remember after the opening day loss to The Saints all the mentally challenged and football illiterates of the world said The Bucs were done ??? R.I.P to all of you idiots (Saints fans, Chiefs fans, Packers fans) and envious journalists of the world 🤣 Brady = GOAT
Mangrove Island
Mangrove Island 16 ditë më parë
Aikman is such a worthless commentator.
Vegeta 16 ditë më parë
they got the entire supeerbowl lineup back for this year. this is going to be wild
IC4c3s Gaming
IC4c3s Gaming 16 ditë më parë
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Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant 16 ditë më parë
The first clip is hilarious and Scotty Miller is a decent reciever
Rudy Gonzalez
Rudy Gonzalez 17 ditë më parë
The bucks won 31 to 9
Adi Lieber
Adi Lieber 17 ditë më parë
all of you brady fans aren’t bucs fans just want to put that out there
Ty E
Ty E 17 ditë më parë
Nick literally said nothing is going to change when the bucs met the saints and now he said the bucs can't duplicate against the packers such a simp bias fool
Marck Brown
Marck Brown 17 ditë më parë
The opening Shannon Sharp speech is hilarious...
Buccaneers Gaming
Buccaneers Gaming 17 ditë më parë
"their is one person you do not bet against and his name is Thomas Edwards Patrick Brady JR"
Angel Manny
Angel Manny 17 ditë më parë
O.J Howard looks like a created player damm just stay healthy Oj you have it all my guy
Fanetø 17 ditë më parë
In the next 20 years number #12 #13 #14 #87 #58 #90 #54 #45 #31 #66 #78 will be retired for the buccaneers
Ruck Fules
Ruck Fules 18 ditë më parë
list them hater: 1)rob parker 2)shannon sharpe (also a jordan hater) 3)nick wright (should be nick wrong)
Antonio Aguilera
Antonio Aguilera 18 ditë më parë
You’re a genius for putting all these ads in this video That you know majority or damn near everybody would watch good marketing scheme buddy
mike lee
mike lee 18 ditë më parë
Long nose don't know what he is talking about
Zack Junop
Zack Junop 18 ditë më parë
Damn listen to Dan Orlovsky breath. Man gets some powerful breathing
Matt HD
Matt HD 18 ditë më parë
TB: Abbreviations for “Tamba Bay”, and “Tom Brady”. It was meant to be kids. Here’s looking at you boys. Let’s go for a second Super Bowl in Tampa Bay 2022.
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 18 ditë më parë
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Poita316 18 ditë më parë
Max, Shannon and the rest should be weighing a ton by now. All the humble pie Brady makes them eat...
Gabriel Tossas
Gabriel Tossas 19 ditë më parë
Boy, Tom it’s getting everyone back plus OJ Howard
donald altman
donald altman 19 ditë më parë
Steven Smith was way off as usual, Glad he got to eat some crow! Now he can go home and tell his Mother about his other Brother
Siretch 19 ditë më parë
590k people watched this 2 hours plus video of a youtuber with only 7.4k subscribers... Brady should run for public office after he retired.
BroSeph 19 ditë më parë
Kansas City Queefs
Don't drink the Kool-Aid
Don't drink the Kool-Aid 20 ditë më parë
Brady = GOAT 🐐🐐💍💍💍💍💍💍💍👑👑
nangraham1 20 ditë më parë
Can someone explain to me if Brady is the goat still playing, how can Mahomes be the greatest now.......he's only won 1 SB at this point and is better then the goat? So he's the new goat. Please. Not buying it
nangraham1 20 ditë më parë
Just shows how little these haters even know about match ups.
deafening_silence 20 ditë më parë
Shannon should be slapped for his hate and ignorance!!!!
unclejohnthezef 20 ditë më parë
Who was this spot on prophet at 52:22?! He said in November (11/9/22) that the saints will dominate the regular season, but Tom Brady and the bucs will dominate the post season...?! Dude!
unclejohnthezef 20 ditë më parë
Brandon Marshall on the money!!!
Rustynail D
Rustynail D 20 ditë më parë
The more I hear from Skip the more empress I am.
Chip Pinion
Chip Pinion 20 ditë më parë
Riva Guy
Riva Guy 20 ditë më parë
How dead on was Skip on this ???
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 20 ditë më parë
Ancho is trash so is Nicky 😂😂😂😂😂
Jen Gable
Jen Gable 20 ditë më parë
The naysayers ! Do ever doubt TB ! He takes this very seriously !!
Plumeria3494 21 ditë më parë
Each post-season predictions by Shannon, Nick, Account, Nick and then the games made me laugh as Bucs proved them wrong. 😆🤣😂😄
Tony Saylor
Tony Saylor 21 ditë më parë
Man that opening by Shannon isn’t aging well
Edward Kitchens
Edward Kitchens 21 ditë më parë
Eat Crow. What a season We Going for 2 🏆 🏆 ✌
cc Yes or No cc
cc Yes or No cc 22 ditë më parë
Those analysts need to be fired 😂 Go Bucs !!!!
S M 22 ditë më parë
Shannon Sharp is old and washed up....move on dude; you're embarassing yourself. As a matter of fact, this applies to all of the doubter. ha ha ha....who has the last laugh now.
Jay Tomson
Jay Tomson 22 ditë më parë
Tom Brady... off-mic to receiver.. listen, if the defense is on your right side I'm throwing left side.. basic sports brilliance.
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