Brian david gilbert
Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97
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attaboy join my patreon to see some behind the scenes of how i made this video: with help ...
Brian David Gilbert Answers 27 Questions
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What's Brian David Gilbert's favorite nail polish? How tall is he? And most importantly, how does he like his eggs? BDG answers ...
that feeling when you bite into a pickle and it's a little squishier than you expected
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we all can relate to this feeling join my patreon: featuring karen han: ...
Brian David Gilbert On Leaving Polygon And His Future Videos - MinnMax Interview
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MinnMax's Ben Hanson interviews Brian David Gilbert about creating videos at Polygon (about Waluigi, Skyrim's books, the Zelda ...
my hair: a comprehensive tutorial
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hello, this is my hair, and this is a video about what i do to it join my patreon: shot by karen ...
have you seen my laptop?
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i procured a hurdy gurdy through mystical means, and i refuse to learn what a laptop is join my patreon: ...
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welcome to the family join my patreon: this is where brian david gilbert is: ...
buy my bed
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just buy my bed join my patreon: this is where brian david gilbert is: ...
polygon's brian david gilbert out of context
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i have been thinking about making this video for a while and now it's here. also, i'll probably make another ones so if there was a ...
Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss
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I earn up to $20k a month while working from home, making my own hours, and being my own boss... and you can, too! I earn up ...
I made a '90s dimension to fully understand Crash Bandicoot | Unraveled
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Brian David Gilbert was too young to play Crash Bandicoot when it came out. But with a little help from his sponsor, he has ...
this video got me a job
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this video got me my job at polygon join my patreon: this is where brian david gilbert is: ...
thumbnail (ft. brian david gilbert)
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brian david gilbert causing mischief for 11 minutes
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once again, the title says it all footage comes from Polygon's Overboard series!
I read every Halo novel and became the Master Chief of loneliness | Unraveled
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On July 30, 2019, Brian David Gilbert set out to read every single Halo novel. He has finally unraveled all of them, but it's come at ...
The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled LIVE at PAX East 2019
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At PAX East 2019, Brian David Gilbert revealed his magnum opus: the perfect PokéRap. It has every Pokémon, is emotionally ...
FULL SONG: The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled BONUS
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For those who want the studio recorded version of The Perfect PokéRap, Brian David Gilbert made this for you. WATCH THE ...
Pokémon Edibility | Unraveled
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For his final Unraveled, Brian David Gilbert unravels Pokémon edibility. Subscribe to our ALpost channel! ...
Smash Bros. owes millions of dollars in OSHA violations | Unraveled
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a ridiculous amount of stages... but are they all death traps? Brian David Gilbert consults the ...
Every Sonic game is blasphemous | Unraveled
Shikime 3,1 mln 2 vjet më parë
You might think Sonic the Hedgehog has a storied history, but Brian David Gilbert is here to unravel why that history is completely ...
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